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It's all about Confidence by Loving_Sirius_4eva
Chapter 1 : At the End Confidence Approaches you.
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It’s all About Confidence

Chapter 1 – At the end the Confidence approaches you.

‘You’re not one of them” her words lingered in my mind ever since she spoke them.

I was returning back to Hogwarts to complete seventh year once and for all. Because of her I made my own choice and brought up all the courage I had to deny the proposal for Parkinson. I did get a lot of shoutings and beating from my father but the encouragement I got from my mother was enough to bear it.

I wanted to finish school and graduate and become someone else. I didn’t want to be known as a former deatheater or be known as my father. All these years I was brought by his false footsteps but this year I will do everything to mend them and I shall start with her, Hermione Granger.

I stood on Platform 9 and 3/4 and stared at the Hogwarts express. A fresh new year I thought.

My mother had dropped me off at the station. Watching her hold in her tears I smiled down at her. “Don’t worry mum. I’ll be fine.” I tried convincing her for the past few days that I will manage to cope but she didn’t believe my words. 

“Take care of yourself. Owl me if you need to talk to someone.” I nodded and gave her a reassuring smile. “I heard Blaise will be attending seventh year too.” She said while wiping every drop that fell.

“Yeah, he’s probably on his way.” I gave her my last hug before taking my steps towards the train. “See ya mum.” I waved back at her.

Just as I was about to board on someone called out to me. “Draco” I recognised it immediately.

“Blaise, long time.” I turned to face him. He was smiling back at me.

“I heard you were coming so I insisted my parents sent me too. How could you have a year without me.” He joked.

“I honestly don’t know.” I replied sarcastically.

I walked down the corridor looking for and empty compartment, with Blaise walking and greeting unknown people behind me.

When I was about to enter one compartment, I looked up to meet those warm brown, chocolate eyes which belonged to Hermione. She smiled at me softly and walked into the compartment directly opposite from mine. She as usual was carrying a book in her hands.

“I heard you denied Pansy’s proposal” the word Pansy and proposal made me snap out form my thoughts. I placed my luggage above and took a seat near the door.

“Yeah” I found my eyes wandering towards Grangers compartment every now and then. I couldn’t help but notice that she was sitting alone.

“Why” Blaise interrupted again.

“She was being a…” I didn’t really finish the sentence when I saw Pansy across the corridor facing this direction with another slytherine.

“Bitch, tell me about it.” Blaise finished for me.

“I guess you can say that but you know she’s not my type and she is kind of desperate, if you notice.” I replied thoughtfully.

“Not your type. Huh. Well if I was observant enough I would say you have an eye on Granger.” Blaise accused.


“Trust me mate, I have no problem with blood status anymore. That was just a load of shit that we were brought up with.”

“Me too but it is not like that. Can I ask what made you change your mind about blood status?” I asked curiously.

“Well over the holidays I came across a girl” I knew it was going to be because of a girl. “And well, she was the sweetest girl who actually understood me. Later I found out that she was a muggle so I’m like, screw it if she is, who really cares.” He ended with a smile.

I saw Weaslette (Ginny) pass my compartment to Grangers one. Just when I brought my eyes back to our door Pansy walked in. “Drakie, daddy told me you cancelled the wedding. Why? We are meant to be together.” I stared at her with disgust.

“Zabini” she nodded her head.

“Parkinson, nice to see you are back to. What brings you back?” Blaise asked.

“My Drakie Pie” She replied.

She came over and placed herself on the seat next to me. She placed her hands on top of mine and started blabbering again. “I know you only rejected the proposal so you could finish your studies here at Hogwarts.” She paused for a second. “I came to tell you that I don’t mind if we will get married after this year.” she smiled and sent shivers down my spine.

I glanced at Blaise who looked amused by all of this. I sent him a glare and faced back to Pansy. I firstly pulled back my hands from her sweaty grip and placed them deep into my pockets.

“No, Pansy. I rejected because I simply didn’t want to marry you. I don’t even know you that well. Forget about a marriage. I don’t like you.” I told her the truth. I said it like an explanation not harshly.

“You don’t understand Drakie-poo, we are meant to be.” She frowned and crossed her arms over her chest.

“No. What is meant to be is me not marrying you Pansy. You may leave now.” Something behind her grabbed my attention. Granger was looking at me laughing as if she knew the whole situation.

Knowing her she must have known I declined the proposal from Pansy since the decline was the top story on the Front page and she most likely read the Daily prophet every day.

She smiled and looked back at her book. I couldn’t help notice her smile. It was so genuine and real unlike Pansy. It showed her personal traits. She was always sweet and kind and I misjudged her all these years because she was muggle born.

Pansy caught my attention back again. “What are you looking at? That filthy mudblood over there.” I glared at her while she continued. “I can’t believe after everything she can still step on this train without Weasly and Potter.”

“Don’t call her that Pansy” I growled.

“Why not? That is what she is. What has gotten in you Draco?” she glared back.

“Nothing has and you have no right in calling someone what they’re not.” I stared out the window not wanting to meet her gaze.

“Why are you sticking up to that filth?” I felt my neck crack when I turned my head to face her. “She’s cursed you hasn’t she. No wonder you are acting like that. She placed a love potion on my Drakie. That is why you decline the proposal” I was looking at the biggest idiot in the world. What the hell was she thinking?

“No she hasn’t cursed me or placed a love potion Pansy! I declined your proposal because you’re a fucked up bitch that won’t bloody hell stay away from me. Right now you are the only filth I see so get out of my sight” I growled. Blaise raised his eyebrows and smirked at me.

Pansy got up and squealed at me with her hands in the air. “You don’t mean that. I will come back when you’re in your senses.” And with that she turned and leaved banging the door open.

She glared and pushed Hermione who just walked out of her door. I got up and walked to her slightly nervous.

“Sorry about that she just can’t accept the truth.” I helped her up to her feet.

She smiled and thanked me. “That’s what I thought. It’s all over the Prophet.”

“Yeah I really don’t like her and I want to make my own decisions.” I smiled back at her. This probably the first time I’ve talked to her without using the word mud… well you know and not want to kill her.

“Draco” Blaise called.

“Coming” I called back. Way to ruin the moment.

“Well, nice to see the new you Draco.” With that she smirked and walked back to her compartment. I looked down and felt the blood rise to my cheeks.

I returned to my compartment to find Blaise lying down. “Well that was interesting.” He commented.

My head shot up. “What was?”

“You and… Pansy” he smirked.

“Yeah she can’t get over that someone as gorgeous as me is denying her.” I really had no interest of her right now.

“Also you and Granger.” He sat up now. 

“What about her?” I asked.

“Nothing just the fact you keep staring at her and you also kept on defending her when Pansy criticized her.”

“Just take it this way. The reason I am like this back on my two feet is really because of her.” He looked at me with a confused expression on his face. “I can’t exactly remember it perfectly but I’ll try. During the battle you know how I changed sides’ halfway right.” He nodded. “Well I was fighting Bellatrix and Hermione was next to me fighting a deatheater.”

Flash back         

There were spells flying everywhere in every direction.  I was trying to block Bellatrix’s spells. “Why change sides Draco? You know the consequences now, don’t you?” she snarled then laughed.

“It’s worth it when you look at who you were siding from my side. They were useless” I shot another spell the continued. “Demented people who guided me the incorrect way and you were the main reason I left. You are weak. All you do is tag behind Voldemort like a lost puppy” I shouted on top of the noise.

I saw Hermione glance at me for a second and I swear I saw her smiling.

“How dare you speak his name, you blood-traitor.” She screeched.

“Protego” Hermione yelled. I watched the spell Bellatrix shot hit the shield and bounce off. I couldn’t believe she had saved me.

She returned to the deatheater and knocked him out. I watched her and before I knew she turned to me and looked behind me with a scared look on her.

I turned to see Bellatrix with a wand facing me and smirking. “Avada…” but before she finished it I was pushed to the ground. “Kadavra.” It went straight past where I originally stood and hit the back of a deatheater.      

I saw Weasly’s mum come up and attack Bellatrix with spells until she finished her off.

I looked up to see Hermione on top of me. She got up and held her hand for me to take. I was thinking about it when she grabbed my hand and dragged me inside.

“Umm... Thanks Granger. I owe you my life.” I said awkwardly.

“Anytime, Malfoy.” I looked up in surprise. She was smiling back at me.

“Why?” I asked. It was confusing for me to accept the fact that she saved my life,

“I know you’re not one of them”

“You don’t know anything” I retorted icily at her. She did wince slightly but continued.

“I do know, you’ve been forced to do these horrible things to just keep your family safe but it’s all over now. You were never one of them…”

“I was made one.” I pulled back my sleeve and showed her the horrendous mark. No sign of shock took over her calmness.

“You may have that but it still doesn’t make you one. You need to be evil and cruel to be it but you aren’t. Take my word or not but you should really stand up for yourself and make your own choices now. Voldemort is now dead, taking this as a chance to start new.” I concentrated on what she was saying. “I need to go now and see if everyone is ok”

I looked up in her eyes and saw hope and warmth. She took my hand in both of hers and repeated “You’re not one of them.” She walked away from me and left me thinking.

End of Flashback

“So you see just by saying that gave me hope, to be a better person than my father ever was.” I concluded.

“Wow, didn’t take Granger for a considerate one.” Blaise said after a long pause.

“Well, she’s called the brightest witch of our age for a reason.” I smiled and turned to take a look at her.

“Well what did your father say when you disobeyed his order.” He asked.

“I got a few shouts and a few beatings but it was the best decision I ever made.”

“Yeah, it was Draco. I’m glad you disobeyed him. He really deserves it” he smirked “no offense.” He added.

I laughed “none taken.” He joined in too.

“Well I need to go catch up with some Slytherine friends so I’ll be taking of now.”

I watched him leave the compartment. I looked back at Hermione and saw her reading again. I took a proper look at her. She seemed more in shape after the holidays and her clothes were more feminine.

Her eyes were so attractive. They were a nice chocolate brown that stood out from her. Her bushy hair was much more tamed than last year. Her soft curls sat gently on her shoulders.

Her lips were appealing. Slightly pink, it looked so soft and warm. It turned into a wide smile showing all her teeth. I couldn’t help but smile back. She seemed more attractive when she smiled and her laughter made my heart stop. It was the most significant sound I’ve heard.

I never did notice how she looked. Muggle-born or not she was still perfect. All I wanted to do was apologise for my past years mistake. Especially to her since I hurt her most by calling her a mudblood for these past years. 

I sat in my compartment now deciding ways to walk in her compartment and apologise. But how? I mean it would seem odd if I barged in and said ‘I’m sorry’.

Maybe I should buy her some chocolates then give them to her. No to strange and she’ll think I’m up to something.

Fake a fall. No way.

Send an owl. Too creepy.

Nothing at all. Forget it maybe next time.

I grabbed my uniform from my bag and walked to the toilets.

On the way out I saw Pansy standing there. “Drake…” she started.

“Forget it Pansy” I walked past her and saw Hermione still wearing casual clothes. I knocked and walked in. “You might want to change to your school robes Hermione, we’re almost there.” It felt strange when I said her name. Like a good way.

I looked at her to see her staring at me with wide eyes. “I saw you by yourself other than Weaslette. Where are Potter and Weasly?” I asked.

“Oh they didn’t want to continue seventh year but I did.” She answered. “Well you may sit if you want” she offered.

“Thanks” I took a seat in front of her.

“I’ll go change” I nodded. The moment she left I started thinking. I can’t believe I came here without myself really knowing. Well how should I say it?

“Got changed already?” Blaise asked.

I looked up to see him there with his hands on either side of the door. “Yeah, I thought you went so I decided to too.” He nodded and left to change.

“Just tell her” I said to myself.  Just as I said that I heard someone cough.

It was Weasly.  “Tell her what?” she asked.

“Hi.” I greeted. She stared at me and sighed.

“Hey Malfoy. What brings you here.” She asked. I’ll apologise to her first.

“Well, all I wanted to say is that I’m really sorry about the damage and pain I have caused to you and Potter for the past years. Just understand that I really had no say. It was either do it or die.” I really didn’t want to get any more specific than that because I won’t be able to hold it in. The thoughts were too painful.

I looked at her to see her mouth open and eyes wide. “Is it really that hard to believe I’m apologising?” all I received was a nod until she snapped out of it.

“Apology accepted, I won’t be able to understand what you went through but I can understand that you had no choice, really.”

“Thanks Ginny” she smiled. There was a short pause before she spoke again.

“Do you have a thing for Hermione?” I shot my head up. “Don’t deny it because I can see it in your eyes Draco.”

“Why do people keep saying that?” I forgot I asked out loud.

“Because it’s true.” She laughed and walked out.

I closed my eyes and thought about what did say. Did I have a crush on Hermione?

My eyes flew open at the sound of the compartment door moving. “Hey”

“Hi, while you were gone I met Ginny.” I informed.

“Ginny. What did you say?” she asked.

“I apologised to her about all the things I’ve done to her and Potty.” I said slowly.

“And” she was probably waiting for her friend’s reaction.

“She forgave me. Which brings me back? I need to tell you something.” I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. Will she accept it?

I felt her hands on my folded ones. “Say it Draco. Have confidence” I opened my eyes and let it all out.

“I am very sorry Hermione Granger. For all the things I’ve done to you in the past. I don’t expect you to forgive me but I want you to know that I do regret calling you names. You have shown me what life should be like and showed me the way to start it again.” I paused for a while. “Those words you said to me on the day of the battle got me thinking.” I looked up to see her eyes having a glazy thick watery layer.

“I don’t deserve to be pressured to be someone I don’t want to be. I went through a lot since I was born whether it was beatings, shoutings or demands but no one ever told me I had a choice. I sit her Hermione hoping for you to give me a chance to prove myself to you. Do you accept my apology?”

She looked right into my eyes and smiled. “I believe every person has a chance to prove themselves right. I didn’t tell you that on the day of the battle because you changed sides. No, I told you because in every single school day I looked at you and believed in you. I had hoped that one day you will stand up for yourself and face your father and it came true.”

I smiled at her. “I forgive you Draco but time will assure me fully.”

“You don’t know how long I wanted to say that to you.” I laughed and saw her smiling too. “I guess you are right Hermione. All I need is a little bit of confidence.”  I smiled and looked out the window to see us approaching Hogwarts.

“Yes a little confidence”


4 Years Later

It’s been exactly four years since that day on the train and I am so happy I had made the decision on starting fresh.

In that year Hermione and I got made Head girl and head Boy. We were given task to do together and we really enjoyed it. She gave me a chance, which made everyone else give me a chance.

Further in the year I realised I was having feelings for Hermione.  I wanted her and me to be more than friends. I built courage and asked her out to Hogsmead, which she agreed to. Later at the Hogsmead trip we had our first kiss it was amazing.

When my lips met hers it so soft and warm and the feeling were just unimaginably. Our relationship between us became stronger each year.

Hermione decided to tell Potter and Weasly which at first they reacted badly but with Ginny and Hermione both asking for them to give me a chance, they finally agreed.

When we left Hogwarts we both bought a flat which was perfect. We moved in together and felt happy. She became a healer and I continued my father’s business. Speaking of my family my mother was so proud of me when I brought Hermione to the Manor, as for my father he made sure he was on his best behaviour.

Then it was my turn to visit her family. They lived in a small cottage house where it seemed to me very cosy. Her parents were so loving towards me and proud that Hermione found a boy like me.

I love Hermione to the deepest pit of my heart and I will never stop loving her. That’s why today it is going to be a special day. The ring I had bought was an oval shaped ring covered with round diamonds. Engraved around was ‘forever yours, Draco’. I just hoped she liked it.

It’s been exactly four years since that train ride. Hermione and I are at Harry’s and Ginny’s place for dinner. It is just a get together. Neville, Luna, Ron and Lavender are here too.

Harry got married to Ginny so he has had experience. That’s why Harry helped me with it so I am counting that it will work.

“Draco, here’s the plan.” Harry said. “We ask Hermione to get the door. We all walk to the living room. You stand behind her by time she’ll get the box on the porch. She’ll turn then you start.”

“Yeh. I can’t do this.”

“Yes you can and like Hermione has always told you confidence is the key.”

“Thanks Harry” I told him.

“No Problem.”  Take a deep breath Draco. You have been waiting for this day forever. When Ginny goes then you prepare.

“Hey, are you ok?” Hermione came looking worriedly.

“Yeah I’m fine” I reassured her and kissed her on the forehead. I smiled at her, I’m definitely doing this. I want to spend the rest of my life with Hermione who cares for me officially making her mine forever.

“Guys come on its dinner time” Crap it’s getting closer. Harry smiled then nodded.

The bell rang and Harry called “Hermione could you get that.”

“Sure” The moment she walked from my side harry turned off the lights leaving the candles to shine the room. I stood a few steps behind Hermione. “Open” she read the box. She gasped then slowly turned around. “Draco” It all happened to quickly but I knew what to do.

“Hermione ever since that day on the train four years ago I have been blessed with luck. When we became friends it was the best moment of my life but I felt like I wanted more. I felt like I wanted you to be more than just a friend to me. When I became your boyfriend I was so honoured, I never imagined myself being with a girl like you who cares so much for me. I always wonder everyday what I have done to deserve you. In the past four years I’ve learnt so much about you and loved you so much. I really can’t stand the thought of leaving you.” I paused and walked forward talking the ring box from her hands.

“Hermione Jean Granger I promise to love you forever will you marry me?” I was now on one knee holding the box towards her.

There were a few tears on her cheek.

She stood there speechless until she smiled down at me and whispered. “Yes”

I took hold of the ring and placed it on third finger on her left hand. ”Thank you”

I got up and pulled her into a kiss. This was the way we were meant to be together forever.

“Congratulations” they all screamed. Hermione smiled and blushed leaning her head against my chest.

I leaned down and whispered into her ear “I have Confidence”

Authors Note: Hope you liked it. I might be planning on making a sequel it’s all about Love which will include the Wedding. 

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It's all about Confidence : At the End Confidence Approaches you.


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