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Daddy's ittle girl by Siriuslover177
Chapter 1 : Daddy's Little Girl
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Daddy's Little Girl-

He drops his suitcase by the door

As Lily walked slowly to the common room of her house she heard the endless screaming that had been going through her house non-stop for the whole summer. Her dad, Harry has been taunting her mother Ginny about leaving for days.

She knows her daddy won't be back anymore

For weeks now she’s known her father would be leaving them. But it hasn’t made it any easier. In fact it never makes it easy. The thought of not having him in the house has made her cry for days on end. She hasn’t had one night without tears for days now.

She drags her feet across the floor

She knew nothing she could say would make him stay, but she needed to try. She needed him, she could not survive without him in her life

Tryin' to hold back time, to keep him holdin' on

‘If I could just keep him here for a couple more minutes he might come to him senses’ She thought to herself, desperately, even though she knew it was too good to be true.

And she says, "Daddy, Daddy, don't leave

“Please, please don’t leave me now. I need you here with me. I cannot live without you” She whispered as tears streamed down her face.

I'll do anything to keep you

Anything, you name it. I will do anything to keep you here where I can see you every day. Where I can hug you and kiss you. So when I need something I can ask you. So you can give me advice on things mum knows nothing about.

Right here with me

Please, if not for mum for me. I need you with me, in this house. Right here, close by.

Can't you see how much I need you?

I know nothing. Mum can only teach me so much. Who is going to help me with things that mum knows nothing about? I have no one but you and mum. What will I do without you? I need you.

Daddy, Daddy, don't leave

Don’t leave me, please.

Mommy's sayin' things she don't mean

Mum doesn’t hate you! She loves you, and you love her. She doesn’t want you to leave. We all need you here. Just give her a minute and she will cool down. She wants you here, in your home. We still wants to talk to you. No, she doesn’t want you to stay away from us kids. She doesn’t want you to die. She need you just as much as I need you. She loves you, remember that.

She don't know what she's talkin' about

In the morning she will feel bad about this. She is just hurt. She loves you, you know that, right? You need to know that. She is lying. You know how she is. She is just angry with herself. She loves you. Don’t leave.

Somebody hear me out

There is no one to talk to, no one but you! Please, just listen to me. We all need you here. Not just me, not just mum. Albus and James as well. You cannot leave us, not like this. Not this soon.

Father, listen

Just listen to what I am saying, please. Just stay a little while longer.

Tell him that he's got a home
And he don't have to go

Mum, tell him he need to stay here. There is nowhere but here. This is his home, his only home. Tell him to stay with us, with me! He doesn’t have to leave. Tell him you love him, tell him this is just a joke. You love him, don’t you?

Father, save him

Don’t let him do this. He will be lost without us. He needs us just as much as we need him. He needs protection. He needs your love!

I would do anything in return
I'll clean my room, try hard in school
I'll be good, I promise You
Father, Father, I pray to You"

I will do anything for you. Just stay here. I will do anything I can to make you proud. Tell me what to do and I’ll do it. Just don’t leave. I will follow all your rules. I will stay away from boys, I will get good grades, and I will get in no trouble at all. All for you, just stay here.

Now she hasn't slept in weeks

Rose walked back into St Mungos Hospital. She had been here no-stop sense she got home from Hogwarts. Every night she has been on her dads’ side. Ron has been sick for months now. Her eyes have closed, only, when exhaustion took over.

She don't wanna close her eyes
'Cause she's scared that he'll leave

When she slept she was terrified of waking up with her dad gone. Living in constant fear, scared that she will spend his last moments sleeping. She needed to be by him, she felt like she had to be by his side. He needed to be healthy again. She needed to stay strong. No sleeping, no crying, no worries.
Be brave.
Be a Gryffindor

They tried just about everything

The healers have gave him every potion, put every spell on him that they would think would help. He stayed in a state of which he could hardly function. They’ve just about given up.

But it's gettin' harder now for him to breathe

They don’t believe he will get better. They think he’ll continue to just get worse and worse until finally, he’ll be gone. He will leave the world forever.

And she say, "Daddy, Daddy don't leave

You can’t leave me. Not like this. You’ve been through so much, wars, fights, and injuries. You need to fight this. Please. We need you.

I'll do anything to keep you
Right here with me

I will drop out of school. I won’t go back, I will stay here and make sure you are safe. You need to survive this, for me, please? You need to stay with me. I need you.

Can't you see how much I need you?

I need your jokes, your stupidity, your overly protectiveness. I need you in my life to remind me to stay safe. I need you more then you know.

Daddy, Daddy, don't leave

You cannot die, you can’t leave me now. Not when I haven’t even really grown up yet.

The doctors are sayin' things they don't mean
They don't know what they're talkin' about

They know you will survive. They are just trying to trick you. They know you will survive this. You wont die. You will prove them all wrong. Stay brave, be a Gryffindor. I will do it for you. I will hold back my tears. I will smile and make you laugh. I will help you.

Somebody hear me out

“Mum, Hugo, listen to me. We need to stay strong for dad. We need to help him fight this. He needs our help.” She sobbed at her mother and brother.

Father, listen

You will survive. You won’t die on me. You need to stay strong.

Tell him that he's got a home

You can come home when your healthy. That will be fun, wont it? You haven’t been outside in months. It will be really cool. You’ll love the hot summer air.

And he don't have to go

You are needed here. You can stay. You just need to fight it! You can leave later, when you are older. Just stay here right now.

Father, save him

“Save him! Do anything, just don’t let him die!” She screamed to a healer.

I would do anything in return

Anything, anything at all. Just stay alive, for me?

I'll clean my room, try hard in school
I'll be good, I promise you
Father, Father, I pray to you

Please, just stay alive. Don’t leave me now. I’ll do it all. Just survive this.

Please don't let him go, I'm beggin' You so

“Mum, tell him to stay!” Lily screamed to her mother as her father opened the door.

Let him open eyes, need a little more time

“Don’t lose hope now, he will get healthier. Don’t let him die” Rose whispered to the healer.

To tell him that I love him more
Than anything in the world, it's daddy little girl

“Daddy, don’t leave us, we need you here. I love you too much” Lily went and hugged her father.
“Daddy, you cannot let it beat you. I love you, please don’t leave me.” Rose murmured kissing her dads forehead.

"Father, listen
Tell him that he's got a home
And he don't have to go
Father, save him
I would do anything in return

“Just don’t leave. I will do anything for you”

I'll clean my room, try hard in school
I'll be good, I promise You
Father, Father"

“I promise, I will do anything for you. Just don’t leave.”

She was daddy's little girl

“You will always be my little girl” Their dads whispered.

As their fathers left forever one thing was on their minds. ‘I am sorry, I had to leave you. You will always be your daddy’s little girl”

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