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Lord Voldemort's Niece by just_wondering
Chapter 1 : Platform 9 and 3/4
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- Mrs. Gaunt. – the doctor passed the newborn to the exhausted mother. The baby was crying and seemed to be so vulnerable in her hands. But one day she would be a great wizard. The woman secretly hoped that she would be mighty and dark witch just like her own cousin- The Great Lord Voldemort. “After all you two share the same blood line.” – she thought, while hugging her daughter.

The father, desandent of the Black family, stood apart. He couldn’t understand mother’s affection as he was raised strictly and without love. His daughter would be raised the same way. She, like him and her mother, would marry a pureblood. Because it would be a shame to break the line for some feelings. Generations back their ancestors had made sacrifices in the name of the pure blood. He married for the good name of his wife and she- for his money. But these are their own motives. The main reason has always been the blood. Yes, that would be her name. “Pure blood.”

- We’ll call her Catheline. – he came forward and the mother turned around. It seemed as if she hadn’t noticed him until now.

She nodded, a sign that she accepted his decision.

- It means pure blood. – he added and the woman smiled understandingly.

- She is desandent of the great Salazar Slytherin and niece of You-know-who, do you think, that..? – he interrupted her thoughts:

- We will see. I really hope so. – he looked at the child as if the could determine her life path.


- The Malfoys are coming to dinner. – Black announced as soon as he got back.

- Malfoy? Draco and Astoria? – the mistress asked, who was cleaning the dishes and cooking dinner with magic.

- And their son.

- Oh. – the woman looked interested and turned around to face her husband, leaving the household.

- Scorpius. He’s the same age as Catheline.

- Oh. – the mother repeated and smiled conspiratorially. Her thoughts reached her husbands mind. “Malfoy is a good match, yeah.”

Catheline was thought her whole life that she was worthier than the others because of the bloodline. Gaunt, the family of Salazar Slytherin and Voldemort, and Black, maybe the most famous wizard family after her mother’s defined her as “the purest and the darkest witch”.

- You are our hope, sweethy. – anytime her mother said that, she meant that she wants Catheline to become the heiress of Lord Voldemort. And, to be honest, the whole world was afraid of that.

There was never love in their relationship. Though her mother spoke tenderly, she never feeled compasion. She just hoped for a self-brighter future. And that future could be provided by Catheline.

The girl was thought to despise everyone, who had no pure blood and especially the Weasley’s. She knew they were traitors and after the marriage of Ron Weasley with a mudblood, she had absolutely no business with them at all. Her father thought her this way, who raised her strictly.

Because of all that Catheline had no friends. Everyone avoided her and feared her and she had learned to hate them, though she knew not the reason for that. Her only companion was Scorpius Malfoy- only he was worthy of communicating with her.


- Hey cousins! – James Sirius pushed the door and went inside, followed by his brother, Albus Severus, his sister, Lily Luna, and, of course, his parents.

In a moment Rose and Hugo Weasley came and the older ones weren’t far behind.

The cousins hugged and then greeted the adults- Harry and Ginny Potter and Ron and Hermione Weasley.

The children ran out in the big yard and grabbed a broomstick. Then they stepped it over with one leg and a moment later were in the sky.

The adults sat down at a table and Hermione made some coffee. Through the window they could see the kids split into two teams. Rose was the only one that didn’t play. She didn’t like Quidditch.

- Did you hear- Ron reduced his voice as if there was someone who could give him out. – about Catheline Black?

- Is she a niece of Sirius or something? – Harry, as always, seemed to have failed to read the morning newspaper. He heard this name for the first time, but the family name was well-known to him.

- No, she is the niece of You-know-who.

The news shocked Harry, who thought that this whole ended 19 years ago. Hermione sensed that he got the news wrong and said:

- She is a child, Harry. There is no evidence that she will become a dark wizard. – her hand was streched forward.

- The kids in the neighbourhood are afraid of her. – Ron came forward.

- Ron, her mother is Gaunt and her father is Black. If it was you.. – she didn’t finish because Harry interrupted her:

- Gaunt? – he knew that Voldemort’s mother was Gaunt.

- Yes. – Hermione thought for a while. – I suppose that Morfin Gaunt, who is the brother of Merope Gaunt, Voldemort’s mother, is grandfather of Catheline. And Black… I don’t know. There must be some affinity with Sirius.

- Gaunt and Black. – Harry shook his head.

- Pure blood. – Ginny said.

- She is a kid. And will go to Hogwarts. – Hermione didn’t back down. – And there..

- That’s the place from where a lot of dark wizards came out, Hermione. – her husband said.

- That means nothing! – she raised her voice.

- Let’s not argue. – Ginny offered. – It’s pointless. We’ll know in September anyway.

- September? That means she’s the same age as Albus and Rose. – Harry was worried.

- Yes.

- So what? Don’t you remember what prejudices there were against Harry? Now you are the same. – she folded her hands.

- I don’t have any prejudices, Hermione. – Ron didn’t share her opinion. – I’m just saying that we should keep that in mind.


At the platform the kids were waiting unpatiently and a bit scared their journey. Albus couldn’t stop asking his mother where the Weasleys are, it was very important for him that he and Rose entered the train together. Ron’s and Hermione’s family didn’t let them down and they turned on time. As they gathered the conversation between the youngest began. Lily and Hugo joked Albus and Rose that they’ll end up being in Slytherin, the greatest fear of the young Potter. James had disappeared, but, if he was here, he would have taken part in the joke.

- Hey look. – Ron pointed at his right. Harry turned around and saw Draco Malfoy with his wife and son. The kid was the very image of his father- blond hair and blue eyes.

As they talked, Harry turned around again and saw a little girl right next to Scorpius Malfoy. She had black-as-night hair and wore diligent, probably costly mantle. In the next moment she turned around and Harry could examine her. Her pale skin gave her a mysterious image. Her blue eyes ran like a knife in Harry’s heart. He knew that look.

Harry bowed down and returned into the conversation.

This time James told how Teddy Lupin was snogging their cousin Victorie.

- I think it’s time to go now. – Ginny told them and hugged their children and kissed them on the cheek. James hugged his father and jumped in the train.

Harry turned around again and saw the girl leaving along with Scorpius Malfoy. Draco and Astoria stood proudly and happily and next to them stood the family, that Harry was interested in. The father reminded a bit Sirius’es brother- Regulus Black and the mother had some features of Voldemort including the colour of the eyes. They seemed as normal parents just a bit wealthier, that you could tell from the clothes. But the look on Catheline Black’s face wasn’t the same that Harry saw on that woman’s face. As she looked proudly, but at the same time he could tell how weak she was, in her daugher’s eyes Harry could see power and confidence. 

Turning around again Harry met his sons eyes, in which Harry could see embarrassment:

- What if I’m in Slytherin?

Harry reassured his son, he told him about Snape, who was also in Slytherin and about the Hat, that let him choose Griffindor. Albus was the first to hear that story.

Now reassured, he came in, together with Rose and the two waved to their siblings until the train left.

- Everything’s gonna be alright. – muttered Ginny.

- I know it will be.

He turned around for a last time but Malfoy and Black had left.

- What’s wrong, Harry? – Ginny asked, who still held her daughter’s hand. Harry turned to her and answered:

- Nothing.

She knew immediatelly who he saw but nodded. They couldn’t afford to scare unnecessarily the little Lily Luna.

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