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Sunshine by prettywishes
Chapter 1 : Sunshine
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A/N: So I just randomly wrote this tonight, and I know its sort of weird and strange, and doesn't have much of a plot or anything I really liked it so I thought I would share it with you all. Let me know what you think! 


 The sky was bright and the air was crisp and from where she sat with Frank and her sweet baby Neville the world was golden. There was a butterfly and she laughed as the baby reached his hands out to grab it, silly baby didn’t realize that he couldn’t reach it. He began to cry, big wet tears spilling out of his eyes that Alice completely understood, it wasn’t very nice of that butterfly to just fly away.

“You are my sunshine.” Alice sang softly, her words causing the baby to relax and her husband to smile. She smiled too because she had to be the luckiest woman in the world, spending the day at the park with her two favorite boys.


Still. The woman begged her body to stay still, begged her mind to return to sleep. As long as she was asleep everything would be okay, as long as her mind was still and blank nothing bad would happen.

“Alice, wake up.”

She groaned, knowing that it would be impossible to ignore the voice now.  It was too late to go back to chasing the butterflies on her picnic with Frank, too late to go back to singing her song to Neville.


Sitting up in bed the woman suddenly looked around, startled as to why she wasn’t at her picnic but in some strange room. Glancing around she searched for her baby, her sweet baby Neville, but he was nowhere in sight. All she could find was  her Frank, her sleeping Frank, and the woman who made her leave her sweet baby to come to this awful place.

“Where’s Neville?” Alice demanded, ignoring the look on the woman’s face. She seemed stressed, tried of the question and she didn’t understand why. Why didn’t this woman want to help her find her baby, why did she just want to take her away from her sweet baby boy? “You took him didn’t you?” She argued, knowing that it had to be the reason. Anger filled her; she wasn’t going to let anyone take away her sunshine.

“Neville is at school Alice; he can’t come visit you today.” The woman replied, but her words weren’t going to trick Alice. Neville was a baby, her sweet baby boy who she loved to giggle, and her baby wasn’t off at school, people didn’t send little babies off to school. Frantically pushing her covers out of the way she tried to untangle her feet from the sheets, knowing that she needed to get away from this evil woman so that she could find her Neville.

“Frank! Frank! They took our Neville.” Alice shouted, noting that she wasn’t in the white room with the bright lights anymore, but back at her house. Even though she didn’t remember getting there for a moment she relaxed, glad to see that she was back home, until she realized that home wasn’t a safe place to be. They were coming and they were going to take her baby if she didn’t stop them.

Run. Alice knew that running was all she could do, running away to save the day and see her sweet baby boy. But they were coming, coming faster than she ever could have thought. Her eyes grew tears because now she knew what was going to happen, she knew that they were going to get to her and she would never know if her sweet baby was okay.

“Please don’t hurt me!” She cried, stopping suddenly and throwing her hand in front of her face. No one listened; they came and used their magic to take her from her living room back to the white room with the bright lights that Alice hated. They muttered things about how everything was going to be okay, but everything wasn’t okay because she had never gotten to see her Neville. They never let her get to her Neville.

“You’re safe here.” The woman soothed, clearly trying to stop the wracking sobs that had appeared from nowhere. All Alice could do was shake her head, shake, shake, shake, and maybe if she could shake it hard enough she could escape from this prison where they held her. The prison where they took her away from her sweet baby Neville who laughed when she sang the sunshine song and replaced it with a nightmare. A nightmare that she feared would never end. 

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