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Harry Potter and The Powers of Old by _Harry_Potter_
Chapter 3 : The Legion
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When Harry awoke, he stared down at the beauty figure of his naked wife, sleeping peacefully and quietly. He smiled and pulled on some loose fitting robes, grabbed his wand and made his leave of his bedroom.

He quickly paid a visit to Hedwig, his oldest friend and now his son's pet before making his way to the kitchen. However, on his way he stopped as he saw a light flickering in the main library.

Harry slowly made his way into the library and saw the small delicate figure slumped over a desk, books scattered around her with parchment screwed up into balls and thrown into the bin beside the desk.

As Harry reached the table, he peered down at the page filled parchment on the table, the title of the page simple 'The Legion'. Harry picked it up and began reading.

The Legion would be formed under the supreme command of General Harry Potter with Colonel Alastair Moody second in command. The total number of forces required would be five thousand.

The aims of this Legion would be to continue enemy infiltration while holding an elite front line force to create individual war zones in the British effort to remove enemy states from risk of British losses. With current estimations, around one hundred personnel will be required per enemy state leaving, on estimations, four thousand five hundred troops to enter further tasks of the Legion.

Further tasks of the Legion would be to hold searching squads in the aim to hunt down key enemies for purposes of capture or assassination. With the elite forces in place within the Legion, entire battles can be fought and won, making the British war effort quicker and effective.

The possible downfalls to the Legion is the ability to gain the required forces for General Potter's strict requirements. The frontline forces in the main army cannot afford to lose four thousand or more troops of elites.

General Potter deserves to be in a deeper war effort and not doing the basics, something that could be done by someone else.

"I am so sorry, General," announced Natalie immediately, jumping to her feet. "Forgive me for opening my thoughts, please disregard all that is wrote."

"You haven't added all the correct details," stated Harry, handing Natalie the parchment back. "Get your quill, where it states Moody is second in command, you need to add our third in command."

"So sorry, sir. Third in command is ..."

"Lieutenant Natalie Hayworth."


"You have been an exceptional member of my squadron from the start," stated Harry formally. "You have produced another fantastic idea that will develop this war effort tenfold. You are formally a Lieutenant of the British Army, your superiors are all Colonels, Generals and the Minister himself. You will only ever take orders from the Minister, myself or Colonel Alastair Moody when he is representing me."

Natalie stared back at Harry in complete and utter shock, she slowly scrawled the final part of the sentence, her own name listed with two of the greatest leaders in British history.

"For now, please take this to the Ministry and request one hundred mixed personnel to form five further groups as we have now. Plus request two thousand standard Aurors, one hundred Unspeakables, one Hundred Strategists, one hundred Healers and the remaining to be general workers," ordered Harry, flicking his wand and producing a sealed document for the Ministry. "I will deal with the remaining two thousand."


Harry found himself in the centre of the woodland circling his house, his aura making leaves and twigs stir elegantly around him, dancing amidst the feeling of true power.

It was not long until shadows were found slowly creeping into the enclosure, their forms slowly taking form into that of a majestic, deadly looking warriors ... Hunters.

"Good morning, my friends. I trust that you are all well," said Harry formally. "Could the Chief Hunter please step forward?"

There was quick and immediate movement as a Hunter stepped out from the crowd and knelt before Harry, waiting for his orders.

"I trust that you have all trained yourselves adequately?"

"We have, master."

"Then I order you to formulate two thousand Hunters to operate under my control by the 15th January where they will take part in the war on Britain's side," said Harry clearly, looking around at the amazed stares he was receiving. "Is there a problem?"

"We will not serve wizard," said the Chief instantly, remaining in his knelt position. "We are not servants of our enemies."

"Am I therefore an enemy and not a friend?"

"With all respect, master, you are different," responded the Chief instantly.

"They are my people, my kin and I will always fight for them. You will show them as much respect as you show me and you will obey the orders I give to you," snapped Harry angrily. "You will have your chance to kill wizards, do not worry. Our enemies are those you will be killing, all of them wizarding."

"As you with, master," said the Chief obediently. "We will keep the present protections you have ordered in place and I will produce two thousand Hunters by 15th January. Where would you have us positioned?"

"You are to position yourselves in your normal habitat until I order you elsewhere. You, my friend, are to come to my offices within the Ministry on the 15th."


Harry had to admit that taking this vacation time felt exceptionally good. He was able to unload a lot of stress and pressure and simply do what he wanted.

He found himself contemplating the lifestyles of those he considered 'normal' would be busy working or having to deal with some problem or another in their life. Yet he stood there, immensely rich and with the entire world at his disposal. He had the ability to chase any hobby he wanted, start any business he wanted or simply do nothing for the rest of his life.

However Harry was not content with doing nothing. He would not care how much money he had or how much in his life could be done at a moment's notice. He wanted excitement in his life, he wanted goals and hobbies but he could not deny that a less violent and less responsible life would be extremely appreciated.

He found himself in his immense gardens, where Neville had finally completed the age old request of supplying Harry with as many of the world's plants as possible, no matter their cost, rarity or danger.

He entered one of the ten large greenhouses lining his gardens and found that Neville had installed many different plants, all segregated by their type and sanctioned from each other to help prevent the plants mixing.

As he strolled through the greenhouse he couldn't name even twenty of the hundreds before him. Since Harry's knowledge had grown, he had naturally picked up on many plants, especially when he gained all of Dumbledore's knowledge in their reunification. However it was now proven that not even Dumbledore knew all that was before him.

He was happy, staring at the odd, wonderful and boring looking plants around him. They all had magical properties whether they were for potions, poisons, healing or any of their other possibilities. He knew he had not mastered all there was to know and that pleased him more than anything.

His immortality gave him endless life and endless time to pursue and master all he could. He had once decided that plants would be a way forward for him and from seeing all before him, he definitely agreed to himself that he must pursue it and it would be an insult to the wizarding world if he overlooked it.

As he strolled to the end of the greenhouse he noticed that an enclosure had been created. It was not a building but it was a magically constructed, natural environment. It was entirely built on the grass with the trees forming perfect walls and shelter.

It was a reasonably warm day, even in winter and so the trees had opened up to let the light in but he could see the trees moving to close when particularly moist winds flew by. It was an immensely beautiful and natural study area, filled with bookcases built into the trees and comfortable seating areas on the ground, in piles of leaves.

He picked up a book at random and immediately understood it to be the study area for his plants, including their uses. The place was so naturally preserved that it seemed no modern technology had been implemented.

He sunk into a pile of leaves and discovered it was firmly structured into a comfortable seat, moulding to his body and giving him perfect support. He began reading the book he had picked up and ignored the time flying past.

"Sweetheart, I've been looking everywhere for you," came a gentle feminine voice from the greenhouses. "It's almost two in the morning."

"Wow. I've been immersed in this book and environment all day long. Plants may seem boring but they are truly fascinating magical aspects in our world," said Harry, standing and putting the book back and turning to face Hermione. "Did you know that there's a plant that turns your tongue blue when you smell its scent?"

"No I didn't, how unusual," said Hermione, chuckling slightly and allowing Harry to wrap his arms around her. "For what purpose does that serve?"

"Oh it doesn't, it's just an unusual, rather curious plant that has no explanation," replied Harry, grinning broadly and kissing Hermione tenderly. "This is the life for me. No worries, no risks, purely luxury and fulfilling. I wish it could be like this forever."

"It could, you just won't allow it."

There was silence between the couple, as they stood holding each other. Harry was deep in thought and bliss. He had the most beautiful, most amazing thing in his arms, the one thing that warmed him from head to toe and the only thing that could create such a pleasurable feeling within - his love.

"Sweetheart, can we go inside?"

"I am so sorry, course we can. I was again just lost in the moment," said Harry happily, taking her hand and guiding the way through to the greenhouse and back to their house. "I'm sorry I cannot live this life with you, Hermione. I wish I could but the world suffers every moment I do not take a role."

"I know, but maybe that's something you need to release also. The world will go on with or without you, it's not your responsibility to ensure it goes the way the world prefers."


The week to come continued to be a freedom filled week for Harry. There were no problems or outside world when he did as he chose to do. He felt guilty that he rarely thought of the war effort or the things his fellow people were being put through, but then he remembered what Hermione had told him - it was not his responsibility.

One afternoon he was sat in his living room, immersed in a new book he had never read about historical wars and battles, all wizarding. Remus was sat across from him, a book open on his chest but his head against the seat, his eyes closed in relaxation with the warmth of the fire roaring over each other them.

"Remus, what would the world be like without me in it today? Disregarding Voldemort, just if I vanished today," said Harry absentmindedly, looking at the pages but not reading as he awaited Remus' response.

Remus didn't open his eyes but his head was processing Harry's question immediately. He knew why Harry was asking, it was the endless desire for the life he deserved more than anyone but also failed to obtain.

"If you vanished today, all the evil we are facing now would go on an immediate offensive. They would not be considering the retaliation from you or the question of; where is Potter?" responded Remus honestly, opening his eyes and observing Harry for his reaction.

"But if I was not to vanish but simply not take part in anything remotely responsible. Our enemies would know I'm still around and to them I could come back at any moment. Do you think I make the difference between victory and defeat?"


Harry immediately shot his gaze to Remus, scrutinizing him for any sense of a lie or deceit. He trusted Remus but his natural instinct was impossible to overcome. He waited for Remus to continue, with an explanation.

"While I believe that with your involvement things can be incredibly easy to accomplish, I do not think you are required. Our power is now better than it ever has been, with or without you. I think we have the ability to defeat all opposition and we're constantly improving our power and intelligence," commented Remus, his eyes focused on the flames of the fire. "However, that is not taking into account the risks you yourself can and have put this world into."

"You mean with my desire to expand my knowledge and you are referring to Grindelwald?"

"Yes. Without Grindelwald released under your influence, we would not be at war. We would only be tackling the stray Death Eaters who are constantly looking for ways to overpower us and of course ways to bring back Voldemort," replied Remus bluntly. "You got rid of Voldemort but gave us Grindelwald, a far more intelligent and less impulsive opponent. I think you are required for those major threats, which are extremely unlikely to happen."

"So if there was no Grindelwald, I would not be required?" continued Harry, sitting up in his seat slightly. "And thus I would only be required if there was another evil wizard rising that was as strong or stronger than both Voldemort or Grindelwald?"

Remus turned to Harry once more, trying to understand why these questions were coming at him. He closed his book and sat at the edge of his seat, moving towards Harry slightly.

"We do not need you on a daily basis, Harry," explained Remus gently. "While it improves our success and makes things far easier, we do not require it. Your involvement in this war effort is like using the killing curse to get rid of a fly - overkill and unnecessary. Do not get me wrong, if during the war effort, Grindelwald was uncovered then yes, we would most definitely require you to finish the job. Why the sudden wave of questions?"

"I cannot deny that this lifestyle is overwhelmingly attractive for me. If I am not required on a daily basis, then why am I so actively involved in this war?"

"Because you feel guilty for being the cause of it."


Harry woke and immediately began his days desire - to stroll his grounds while reading. With a book he had yet to complete, a book on wizarding wars and battles, he began strolling through his beautiful gardens, all maintained by the four permanently hired gardeners that were part of the Potter Family household staff.

He was in bliss with his gardens and felt glorious. Though they were in the thick of winter, his gardens had an air of warmth, the fields of grass and trees were coated thickly in snow. He allowed himself to glide through in no particular order.

It took him three hours to complete the book he read, a highly detailed and fulfilling book focusing on many wizarding wars and battles through the ages. He was particular impressed with the era when the British Empire was at its most dominant. A century of complete unrivalled supremacy had allowed the wizarding communities to evolve and flourish, but also to begin their own imperialistic conquests. Ideologies, teachings and methods were at the core of the wars - all wanting their own wizarding lifestyles to be the dominating method in the world.

He had found that there were three wizarding communities that became the most dominant force in the world, spreading their methods, teachings and ideologies across the globe and creating the modern day lifestyles of wizarding kind.

Britain naturally was one of them, being the dominant force with quarter of the world in its Empire. Britain focused on expansionism within their lives and knowledge, while focusing on growing to be a modern civilisation. It's main ideology was to be civilised with one another, while ensuring growth and prosperity was unrivalled.

France, being a large power as well, had its own type of wizarding community in place. While it often copied the British way, it always had its own spin and with the French it was to try do what others did and more, but to be exclusively with the French. Harry was reminded of the Beauxbatons in his fourth year - elegant, fantastic wizarding people and yet were entirely focused within themselves.

The third and final type was not widely known or acknowledged in the western world. However the east had great numbers of wizarding kind and had their own styles. They do not feel the need to impose their abilities on other places around the world but it was undeniable - they were advanced in what they wanted to do, even if it was different to the rest.

Harry entered his house, stamping off his snow covered feet and placing his finished book gently on a table. He moved through the house, unaware of where everyone were but quickly found a cluster of people in front of the fire in a sitting room to the east wing.

"Ah Harry, been looking for you everywhere mate," said Ron instantly, jumping from his chair and clamping a hand around Harry's shoulders. "I have arranged a wizarding poker game, do you mind if we do it here?"

"Course not. Who is playing?"

"Mostly businessman. It's a no limit high stakes game, all here have come with deep pockets my friend. Care to join us?"

"I've never played, I somehow know the game inside out though. I suspect Dumbledore is an avid player. Sure I'll play," said Harry cheerfully, stepping forward into the room while his staff began creating them a table in the corner of the room. "So, what exactly is the difference between wizarding and Muggle poker?"

"Nothing really. All the rules and hands are the same, as are the cards. The exception is that it's impossible to see another's cards unless they intentionally reveal them and they deal themselves," said an elderly man, bowing gently in front of Harry and holding his monocle in place. "Harold Samson, my Lord. Owner and founder of Samson Industries."

"Ah the large real estate and construction company? Nice to meet you, sir," gestured Harry, shaking the man's hand. "Gentleman, shall we adjoin to the table?"

They all circled the table and took their seats, a total of seven including Harry, Ron and Remus. Harry's staff got them all a drink and waited on hand for any other requests as the cards were dealt and the games begun.

Harry immediately folded, getting an awful hand that he'd only get somewhere with if he bluffed. Ron was in, as was Remus and one other and so the hand continued.

"Ten thousand," said Ron calmly, allowing a stack of chips to fly into the middle of the table immediately.

"We are wasting no time getting to the real games it seems," said Remus happily, calling Ron's bet. "Marcus, action to you."

"Too rich too soon for me," said Marcus, the aged gentleman who folded his hand.

The game continued, with Ron and Remus staying in until the river. They were staring at each other, trying to get a read on the other, the pot size already to a level of a small fortune.

"All in, two hundred thousand," said Remus after a moments contemplation, all of his stacks moving to the centre instantly.

Ron called instantly, his cards turning to reveal their value. With a grin Ron watch as the chips immediately moved in front of him, gaining almost a million Galleons in one hand.

"Full house, aces and nines," he said, chuckling slightly as Remus was cleared out. "Sorry mate."

"No apologies needed, good bloody hand. I've think I've learned my lesson in playing poker, I won't be rebuying," said Remus happily, taking his drink and staying to watch.

The cards were dealt once more and this time Harry felt strong, gaining two aces, the strongest hand to start out with. Ron who had gained a large amount of money was eager to continue aggressively and was also in, followed by the all but one remaining.

The flop came and an ace followed by two three's, giving Harry an exceptionally strong hand, one he could not see himself folding. He just hoped that some of his opponents had a two or an ace to make them feel strong.

"Fifty thousand," said Harry softly, smiling slightly but not so much to appear overly confident.

"You must have an exceptionally nice hand, Lord Potter," said Harold quietly, looking at his cards and contemplating. "Or you're bluffing of course. I call."

As the flop came there was a loud frantic noise coming from out in the hallway, hurried voices and urgent shuffling could be heard. Harry placed his cards flat on the table and stood, wondering what the cause of commotion was about.

"Lord Potter, action is to you," said Marcus impatiently.

At that moment the door burst open and in came Tonks, her expression nothing less than desperate. She scanned the room and found Harry, who was stood staring at her in expectation.

"Harry, it's happening. The four mothers are going into labour, we've taken them to St Mungo's now where they're all in the same room," said Tonks, leaving the room instantly to collect some items for each of the mothers.

"Gentlemen, I must leave this game. Consider this a fold from me, but I assure you, I'd have won," said Harry, slightly smiling in joy. "I am to gain four children this day, I thank you for coming but I must leave."

Harry grabbed his cloak instantly and disapparating without warning. Remus and Ron were also getting out of their chairs, donning their cloaks.

"We must also leave gentlemen," said Remus politely. "I apologise for this abrupt department. You're welcome to continue with the game between yourself or we can arrange for this to be rescheduled at a later date."

Remus and Ron disapparating to St Mungo's instantly. They stared around the waiting room, it was overly crowded. There were figures from the press trying to work all of their charms to be taken to the room of the four mothers.

They both made their way through the crowds and were welcomed by the hospital staff who directed them to the room. Outside were two Order members and also two of Harry's Hunters, guarding the entrance by any kind of intruder.

As they entered they could see a large collection of nurses and doctors hurrying around, fetching the doctors tools and equipment and preparing the four mothers for the birth of their child.

Harry was with Hermione, holding her hand and whispering to her gently. The three other mothers were ignored by Harry, but there was an air of acceptance since he could not be in more than one place.

Ron joined his family beside Ginny's bed while Remus joined Tonks and Moody beside Samantha and Cho. It was evident that both Samantha and Cho were hoping Harry would come over to them, their eyes were consistently moving towards him.

"He appreciates this girls, he really does," said Tonks gently, holding both the young women's hands. "But he can only be with one of you and as you know, Hermione is his love."

Thank you all for your patience with me! I understand that the delay in posting an updated chapter has been excessively long! I apologise for it but after writing for this many years, the lack of motivation and inspiration has hit home. That being said, I might reread all the books which will get me more into the writing of my Harry Potter stories.

I have begun the next chapter on this story and hope to have it out shortly.

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