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For The First Time by imaginary lines
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four
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“No, James.”




“God, Fred, do you think just because I said no to James means I’ll say yes to you?”

Fred thought about that for a moment before smiling at the brunette in front of him. “Maybe you have a thing for gingers, love.” Kara rolled her eyes before focusing on the book in her hand. While she actually adored playing Quidditch, she did not want to play and be bossed around by her best mate. No, it was not on her things to do.

“Why don’t you just as Lily? Or Rose?” Kara mumbled, pausing for a moment to take notes about what she was reading. James huffed.

“You don’t think we didn’t try that? Lily said something about how her ex-boyfriend was on the team. I didn’t even know she was dating! And Rose said something about how she has to focus on school because N.E.W.T.S is next year.”

Kara tilted her head, studying the boy in front of her before her gaze went to Fred. “Bridget?” she asked.

Fred snorted. “She’s afraid of heights, something she forgot to mention until five minutes ago.”

She shrugged, pausing to take another note for the Potion’s essay she would have to write later. “What do I get out of it?”

Fred and James glanced at each other, not quite sure what to say. There was really nothing they could give Kara that she wouldn’t be able to get by not playing Quidditch. “A cookie?”

The brunette shook her head before turning and smirking an evil smirk at the two. “Nope. How about I never have to run laps?”

Before James could protest, Fred answered. “Deal! Practice is tomorrow.” With that, Fred sprinted out of the common room to go find his lovely Bridget. James continued to glare at her.

“His name is Drake McCoy.”

James blinked. “The keeper?”

Kara nodded. “Yeah, the bloke your sister dated. They dated for about four months before he cheated on her with Alicia Doolittle…Michelle told me last year, and considering Lily and Drake snogged all the time, it wasn’t hard to figure out.”

He blinked again and Kara sighed before looking back at the Potion’s book. “Isn’t Alicia one of Lily’s best friends?” Kara nodded, hoping that James realized that the two really weren’t all that close anymore. A moment later, his face turned red and he stood up, making his way towards his keeper.


Yawning, Kara glared at James, not believing she was up before twelve during the week. It was mad. She shoved a piece of toast in her mouth, chewing while she watched James mumble to himself. And people thought she was mad.

Every once in a while, Kara would understand a word or two that he was mumbling. Those two words were probably also the most awkward words in the sentence. Her favorites, so far, were ‘muffins’, ‘death’ and ‘red fire ball’. While she wasn’t looking forward to be bossed around by her best mate, she knew there was nothing else she could do about it. Quidditch was fun, and she was helping out.

She suddenly felt an arm wrap around her shoulder and she turned, her brown eyes taking in the attractive male next to her. His shaggy brown/blond hair swept out of his eyes and his green eyes were on her. “Ready for your first Quidditch practice?” Aaron Gracey asked, smiling at her.

Butterflies bloomed in her stomach and she gave him a small smile. “Nervous, but I suppose that’s completely normal for the first time.”

Aaron nodded. “You the new chaser?” She nodded “I’m one of the other chasers. It’s you, me and James as the chasers. Albus Potter is the seeker, and Fred Weasley and Malcom Doolitle are the beaters. Drake McCoy is supposed to be the keeper, but James said something about replacing him or something, so we’ll see.”

Kara nodded and gave a small smile. “Thanks. I just feel like that awkward new kid on the first day of school,”

He laughed and removed his arm from her shoulders. “Nothing to worry about. James and Fred like you, which means that the rest of us just have to like you.” She laughed and nudged his shoulder.

“Thanks. People have to like me to suck up to the captain.”

“Pretty much.”

Kara rolled her eyes and the two continued their way towards the field, already wondering if she was going to actually enjoy being on the team. Aaron was absolutely attractive and friendly, and actually seemed interested in her as a human being.

James turned around and opened his mouth to say something before closing it and turning around again. Kara’s eyebrows met together and she looked at Aaron, who shrugged in response. Maybe Quidditch was going to be more difficult then she originally thought.

And then it stopped being fun. There was a log in the middle of the field, and of course, Kara didn’t notice it. The fall was practically in slow motion and she could see everything going downhill. Even Aaron trying to reach out and grab her was in complete slow motion, but not fast enough.

There was a slam on the ground and an exaggerated scream from Kara. “IT HURTS. I SEE THE LIGHT. OH GOD, AM I BLEEDING? WHY DO THE GOOD DIE YOUNG? TELL SNICKERS I’LL MISS HER…” and more exaggerated lines like that. James glared at her.

“Don’t be such a drama queen.”

Kara blinked and glared at him. “Coming from the guy who cries whenever Henry Freeman dies in the movie Love me like a Lovesong.”

“THAT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE A SECRET.” He screeched and she grinned at him. James’s face turned bright red and he was glaring at her.

Yup, Quidditch was going to be one hell of a sport this year.


“How was practice?” Michelle asked later that afternoon and Kara grinned.

“It was so much fun. I think I’m really going to enjoy it.”

Moments later, James entered the common room and everyone got quiet. He was covered from head to toe in mud, a little blood staining his practice robe and his broom had a random stain of orange at it. Only Rachel walked up to him.

“Oh Jamesy, what happened?” James blinked and turned to look at Kara.

“That demon child happened. I’m going to go kill myself now.” With that, he made his way towards his dorm, Rachel following him. The common room remained quiet until Rachel came back downstairs and made her way over towards Kara.

“If he kills himself, his death is on your shoulders, you evil girl.”

Kara blinked. “Don’t get your panties in a twist. He’s only being dramatic for the attention. So I made him accidentally fall off the broom, he didn’t get hurt. And he deserved it.”

Rachel and Michelle blinked. “I’m hungry!” she said, before getting up and skipping out of the porthole, waving goodbye to the onlookers of the situation.

A quiet murmur started and then James came back down, hushing everyone again. “YOU CAN ALL GO BACK TO YOUR KNITTING NOW,” he screeched, before slamming the porthole behind him.

“Drama queens,” a first year mumbled and everyone chuckled. Yes, yes they were.  

reviews are love, and i don't own the title of 'love you like a lovesong'. that belongs to selena gomez and i used the title for a sappy movie. yup. reviews. and if you have any suggestions to make the story better, that would be awesomesauce too!

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