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Ignorance Is Bliss by pandaluv410
Chapter 1 : A Loving family Moment
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I have started completely over! As I believe I can do way better than what I done in the past! Here we go! Chapter one, again, better written and edited! Please review~




I sighed quietly as I stared down at the red brick flooring of platform nine and three quarters with my dark blue eyes, they reminded me of the color of the ocean at night with it deep blue that almost looked black, as I waited for the nasty comments from my parents to start; as well as the praising of my two perfect siblings as they once again compared me to their pureblooded glory and action. “You are not to hang out with any of those mudblood, half-breeds, and bloodtraitors at that school this year Annabelle” spoke my father’s harsh, deep voice at last.


“Do not embarrass us anymore you filthy child!” My mother spoke as well, her dark and slightly hoarse voice just as harsh as my fathers, with no ounce of love in it when directed at me. “You have already been a humiliation to Sebastian these last five years, shaming the Lowell name with your disgrace! I will not have you dishonor Darlene as well with your repulsive actions and views!” There was an underline threat in her voice.


I glance up briefly through my uncontrollable, curly deep red hair at my sister. Darlene had the same blue eyes that I held; eyes, which unfortunately, the Lowell family was known for. She stared straight ahead, not even sparing me a glance. I could detect a hint of malice and amusement in the dark depths, she enjoyed the offensive comments my parents were directing at me. My sister was the perfect doll for my mother and father. She loved the fact that that I was treated so horribly, like an outcast, as it allowed the attention that I should have had as the eldest daughter to be placed on her. She was the perfect, pureblooded daughter that received all the praise and attention, getting anything she wanted from my parents.


“Yes, mother” I answered in my soft quiet voice, bringing my eyes back to stare at the floor. I just wanted to get onto the train and away from them as soon as possible; where once at Hogwarts, I wouldn’t have to see them for a whole year before I was once again forced to return to them for summer vacation. I knew I wouldn't listen to the threats they posed every single year, I never have and never will care for their pureblooded mess. It wasn’t like I ever actually associated with anyone outside classes and school work at any rate. I knew I wouldn't even come in contact with my brother Sebastian or my sister Darlene unless we passed each other in the hall. Even then I knew my brother would ignore me for I wasn't even worth the dirt at the bottom of his shoes, I had no other reasons to believe my sister would respond any different to me than he had these last five years.


I liked being ignored. I liked the fact that even teachers and others, even those in my own house and year, hardly knew my name. No attention was ever brought to someone that anyone scarcely noticed was there. No friends and attention just made my life easier.


“You had better listen to me girl!” my mother’s sharp voice spoke again, breaking me out of my ravine, “Darlene will tell me every time you step out of line. Everything you do that not only reflects ill on her or Sebastian, but the Lowell family as well, will be reported back to me and then your father and I will take appropriate action.” My eyes locked with the slightly lighter blue of my mother’s eyes, still filled with hate while they stared at me; a cruel, sadistic smile was on her face as well. Her eyes turned to focus on my sister, a proud look in her eyes but no love. Truthfully I didn’t believe my parents were capable of it. “You’ll keep me well informed, won’t you dear?”


I couldn’t help but to look at my sister when she was addressed by my mother. Darlene’s face now had a small, little sadistic smirk that reminded me too much of my mother’s. For just an eleven year old she was already quite malicious, she was even worse than my brother was at her age. I had tried to help her though, make her understand things my way, that not everything that my parents spoke was true or right. I had tried and failed many times. I could no longer help her when as she sought was the darkness and cruelty my parents spoke of; the evil my parents worshiped to their very core. “Of course, mother” She answered in her excessively sweet voice as she moved a few blonde strands of hair from her pale face and blue eyes, maliciousness intent flashed briefly in my direction, “everything.”


She was the perfect doll.


It took all of my self-control not to roll my eyes at my sister and mother; I could really care less what they thought. I had not cared about blood status since before I had come to Hogwarts and was sorted into my house. Even before coming to school I felt different than the rest of my family. I only needed to make it through the next two years of school and this following summer and I would never have to see any of them again. It couldn’t come quick enough in my opinion.

“Now get out of my presence.” My mother finally spoke the only words I was waiting for. I picked up my trunk, happy to finally be allowed out of their attendance, and boarded the train. Never looking back at them as I was finally on the way to what was truly the only home I had ever known or felt any love from; Hogwarts.     



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