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Harry Potter and the New Lord by rhysus2008
Chapter 9 : Bill's Displeasure
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Chapter Nine
Bill's Displeasure

‘I think that’s everything.’ Ginny smiled, placing her last suitcase on the floor and sitting on the chair in the sitting room of Grimmauld Place, exhausted.

Harry laughed. It was close to midnight, and they’d spent the last three hours or so moving Ginny into his house. He could have easily waited until the next day, but Ginny was adamant that she move in that night and so they did it. Harry looked around the sitting room. It looked no different, it just was full of Ginny’s stuff. Six suitcases, and four boxes. Harry didn’t realise Ginny had so many possessions. He sat down next to her.

‘We’ll start unpacking tomorrow, it’s getting late.’ Harry said. She smiled and grabbed his hand firmly.

‘I’m so glad we’ve moved in together. I thought it would take ages for this to happen!’ Ginny couldn’t get the smile off her face. ‘I love you so much, Harry.’

‘I love you too, Ginny.’ Harry reassured her, ‘More than anything...’

There was a silence. Harry used this silence to think about the overwhelming day he’d had. The Quidditch World Cup match, the date at Lobsters and Gobsters, the proposal, Ginny accepting, The Weasley’s being happy for them, and Ginny moving in... He could hardly believe it had all happened in one day. Harry felt the grin he had whenever he was near Ginny come back and it as usual wouldn’t go away. He turned to look at her, and she had fallen asleep on his shoulder.

Harry gently moved away so that Ginny’s head rested on the settee. He kissed her on the forehead and put a blanket over her. He then jumped on the settee opposite and rested his head and before he knew it, he’d fallen asleep himself, into one of the best night’s sleep of his whole life.


The next week of Auror training was some of the best lessons Harry had ever been in. He seemed to pick up everything first time and was pulling off everything perfectly at an exceptionally good rate. He had no idea whether this was because he was just getting better or because he was in one of the best moods he’d ever been in.

The following Saturday, Hermione and Ron once again came over to Grimmauld Place to listen to the Quidditch.

‘...And the result from earlier today, for those who missed it, was a Bulgaria win over USA 400-150.’ Called Walton from the wireless.

‘I’m telling you, Bulgaria are gonna be tough to top.’ Ron said to the group, ‘It’s pretty much a guarantee they’ll score big in alot of their matches, so if we want any chance of qualifying for the finals, we really need to step it up a notch.’

‘I have a feeling we’re gonna win big today.’ Harry beamed. ‘I mean, after the hammering Canada took last week, their confidence will be shot and we can take advantage of that.’

‘...And the game is about to begin, so I’ll hand you over to our commentator for all of the World Cup games, Mr Ludo Bagman!’ Walton said.

The voice of Ludo Bagman boomed through the wireless, ‘Welcome to the second United Kingdom game of the 1999 World Cup. A disappointing loss to Ireland last weekend has made this match a must win if we want a shot at the finals.’

‘He’s right, you know.’ Ron said, seriously.

‘And the game kicks off with the Quaffle thrown into the air and it’s picked up by Frank, the British chaser. He’s going through that team like there’s no tomorrow, he passes to Trump and in mere seconds, United Kingdom have a ten point lead.’ Bagman commentated.

‘That’s right, boys!’ Ron shouted. Hermione rolled her eyes while Ginny and Harry grinned.

‘...Edwards comes back to the centre after making it 20-0 to the UK, but Canada got one right back thanks to Dolton! 20-10.’ Bagman called.

While Canada may have got one back, they became the dominated team in the match and twenty minutes later, the score stood at 40-20. And then...

‘Stone has seen the Snitch! Stone is going for the Snitch!’ Bagman screamed. The Canadian Seeker had apparently seen the Snitch and was chasing it quickly.

‘Come on, Williams! You can beat him!’ Ron yelled at the wireless, as if the team could hear him.

‘...And Stone is within an inch of the Snitch – but look at that, Stone didn’t see Fortune hit that bludger as he was too busy going for the Snitch! Stone is out of action, so to speak, and Williams has progressed to the Snitch – and he’s got it! UK win! The final score is 190-20!’ Ludo Bagman announced.

Ron jumped into the air, throwing a celebratory fist into the air. Harry also celebrated the victory. Ron sat back down, red as a beetroot and happy as can be.

‘We DESTROYED them.’ Ron grinned, ‘We’re only ten points behind Bulgaria and a hundred points behind USA.’

‘That’s true but Bulgaria have only played one match. If they get a big win in the game in hand, they’ll be back on top.’ Hermione pointed out. Ron looked at her blankly.

‘Are you purposely trying to make us look bad?’ He said, half-seriously.

‘Oh, shut up, Ronald. I have every confidence we can finish top.’ Hermione snapped back.

‘You should – Wood is brilliant in goal. He did great today!’ Ron replied.

‘Yeah, he did.’ Harry agreed. He turned off the wireless. ‘Ron, didn’t you say your Mum was making us dinner?’

‘Yeah, she is. She wants us over there by five.’ Ron said, checking his watch, ‘It’s almost five now, do you wanna head over?’

‘Sure, let’s go.’ Harry replied, and Ron and Hermione grabbed a handful of Floo Powder each and stepped into the fireplace. Ron called out, ‘The Burrow!’ and he and Hermione dropped the powder. The flames burned green and in a flash, Ron and Hermione were gone.

‘Come on.’ Harry said to Ginny, grabbing a bit of Floo Powder himself. Ginny took some too and he grabbed her hand, called ‘The Burrow!’ as well and they both dropped the powder, disappearing into the green flames. Harry saw Grimmauld Place disappearing and The Burrow reappear in its place.

‘Hello!’ The familiar voice of Mrs Weasley boomed around the room before Harry could even find her. She ran up to him and pulled him into the usual Weasley hug, and then hugged her daughter.

‘How have you been? How’s the house? Have you eaten well? How is Kreacher?’ Mrs Weasley bombarded them with questions, and Harry chuckled.

‘We’re fine, Mrs Weasley.’ He replied. ‘Kreacher is fine too, although I hardly give him any orders any more. I let him do his own thing and he’s been away lately.’

‘Away?’ Mrs Weasley questioned.

‘Yeah. I think his mother is ill... he said something about checking on her.’

‘Do you think its reasonable to let him go away like that?’ Mrs Weasley asked.

‘I think so. He certainly wouldn’t go on his own, so I ordered him to do what he really wanted. He decided to see his mother. But I can call him back at any time, it’s not much of a problem.’ Harry explained, ‘How are you all?’

‘Well, it’s certainly strange having Ginny not living here anymore.’ Mr Weasley answered.

‘Yeah, it’s alot quieter.’ George joked.

‘Oh, shut it.’ Ginny snapped playfully.

Harry didn’t have to wait long, and ten minutes after they arrived, Bill also arrived and before he knew it, dinner was ready. Mrs Weasley called the whole family around the table. She then waved her wand and all of her cooked food transported on to the empty plates on the table.

Soon enough, the family begun to eat, helping themselves to whatever they wished. Bill had been distant, though. He was playing with his food rather than eating it and so Harry decided to question him.

‘Is everything OK with you, Bill?’ Harry asked. Bill looked like Harry had broken a train of thought and looked up suddenly.

‘Uh... yeah, everything’s fine.’ Bill replied, although Harry wasn’t convinced. Apparently, neither was Mrs Weasley.

‘What’s wrong, love?’ Mrs Weasley asked. Bill sighed.

‘I’m not allowed to go back to Egypt.’ Bill said.

‘Why?’ Hermione inquired.

‘Turns out there was a monstrous implosion of a tomb. The tomb was near the site I was working at. It’s not been deemed safe for exploration.’ Bill explained.

‘Do they know what caused the implosion?’ Asked Harry curiously.

‘They don’t know exactly what. I bet it has something to do with the murder of Adam Akil though.’ Bill suggested.

‘How long will you be out of work?’ Ron asked.

‘Dunno. It’s gonna take a few weeks maybe to clear all of the tomb damage. I didn’t even know there was a tomb around the area of the implosion.’ Bill answered.

‘I’m sure you’ll be back in Egypt in no time, dear.’ Mrs Weasley reassured, ‘But I can’t complain! I’m enjoying having you all here!’

‘As we all are.’ Mr Weasley agreed.

‘Well, I’ll tell you what – I have some news that’ll cheer you all up.’ Harry said. The table went quiet.

‘What is it, Harry?’ Hermione asked.

Harry rummaged his pockets and pulled out twelve pieces of paper. It was only until he placed them on the table that the rest of the family realised it was not pieces of paper, but tickets.

‘I’ve bought tickets for everyone for the Quidditch World Cup Final.’ Harry beamed.

Nearly everyone on the table had their mouths open. There was complete silence.

‘Blood hell, mate – how much did this cost you?’ Ron blurted out.

‘About 144 galleons.’ Harry replied. He found it quite amusing as the already shocked faces on the table became more prominent.

‘B-But ... 144 galleons?!’ Mrs Weasley squealed. Harry sighed.

‘Don’t bother, Mrs Weasley. I don’t want to hear how I spent too much on you. You guys are the closest thing I have to a family, soon, you WILL be my family.’ Harry said, holding Ginny’s hand with her engagement ring twinkling. ‘And I wanted to do something to say thanks... for taking me in, I guess.’

‘Wow...’ Mr Weasley said, ‘I’m speechless.’

‘We can’t thank you enough, Harry.’ Mrs Weasley said.

‘This is an amazing gift.’ Bill agreed, ‘I’ll be sure to pay you some of the - ’

‘Don’t be stupid.’ Harry interrupted. ‘You’re not paying me anything. You guys took me in. I’ve got the best friends in the world, Mr and Mrs Weasley, you’re like the parents I never had, I have a woman who I love more than anything. This is, like you said Bill, a gift. So just take them and shut up.’

Harry grinned; and the rest of the family each took a ticket happily. They thanked Harry in turn. Harry heard the words ‘amazing’ and ‘incredible’ being used to describe him, but he was just happy to pay back the Weasley’s somehow.

‘What are those two tickets for?’ Ron asked, as everyone had a ticket and there were still two spare.

‘They are for Teddy and Andromeda.’ Harry said and Mrs Weasley beamed.

‘You really are a magnificent person, Mr Potter.’ She said, in a matter-of-factly tone, ‘Thank you ever so much.’

‘It’s fine.’ Harry grinned, ‘Stop thanking me, please.’

The rest of the dinner was full of excited chatter about the finals of the Quidditch World Cup. Ron was now more adamant than ever to support the UK as, ‘If he was going to a final, he wanted to make damn sure his country was playing in it.’

Later in the evening, after a few celebratory drinks, each of the family began to call it a night. Bill and Fleur returned to Shell Cottage and George returned to the flat above his shop. Finally, Harry and Ginny bid their goodbyes and returned to Grimmauld Place.

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