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Violent Delights by javct
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Nobody ever said if the muggleborn registration act stopped. Did they? Everyone just assumed that all was well.

Well, here’s the hard truth: Bellatrix Lestrange took over the ministry; torturing every poor muggleborn to death. The Muggleborn registration act grew firmer and even the Purebloods were afraid of Bellatrix, the new Minister of Magic.


The rainy poured down on the window pane. Draco was flipping absent mindly through his book, not really taking in anything, he just needed to clear his mind. Just when it seemed that Draco had finally cleared his mind, his doorbell rang. Draco stood to his feet and opened the door.

Someone stood in front of him that he didn’t expect. Her hair clung to her body, she looked so defeated and weak. Her bones were on the outside looking in and she looked like she was going to collapse.

“Hermione?” Draco asked, afraid to touch her.

“Draco, please help me,” Hermione mummered before she fainted on his doorstep; the rain pouring down on her.

Draco didn’t wait a second; he grabbed Hermione and heaved her inside; gently putting her down on his bed.

He darkened the room and locked all the doors. Bellatrix wouldn’t find this muggleborn. He waited by her side for 2 days; not eating, sleeping or drinking. Just watching her. She looked beautiful even if she was weak.

“Ron?” She mummered in her sleep, “Don’t go,” It almost sounded like she was dreaming of a memory. She then started screaming.

“I didn’t take anything!” She screamed, her mudblood scar starting to bleed again.
Draco knew that scream; he was there when it happened. She was dreaming about Bellatrix torturing her. The screaming got louder and louder until she woke herself up, jolting out of bed.

“Woah calm down Hermione, I’m not going to hurt you,” Draco soothed, stroking her hair.

“Draco,” Hermione sobbed, putting her head on his shoulders, sobbing quietly. Draco just put his arm over her shoulder and pulled her in closer, him squeezing onto the bed.

“I’m scared Draco,” Hermione whispered.

“I know Love, but you’re with me now, you’re safe,” Draco said. Hermione fell asleep in Draco’s arms.


“Good morning Draco,” Hermione said cheerfully. She had been living with Draco for almost a year now. Even as the Dark Side grew stronger, Hermione knew she was safe.

“Morning Hermione,” Draco said, folding The Daily Prophet in half and placing it on the table. Buttering a piece of toast, Draco watched Hermione sit down.

“Sleep well?” He asked

“Better, the nightmares are getting better,” Hermione replied.

“Any news from Harry? Have they found him yet?” By ‘they’ Hermione meant the ministry and the reformed Death Eaters. Ever since Harry had killed Voldermort in the Great Battle he had gone into hiding with Ron. Not even Hermione knew where they were.
Draco shook his head sadly, wincing in pain.

“It’s hurting again isn’t it?” Hermione asked, indicating to the Dark Mark that was on his wrist.

“Yeah,” He stated not wanting to elaborate on the subject.
Hermione reached for the Prophet and began to read.

Dolores Jane Umbridge announced Headmaster of Hogwarts. More on page 12

“What!” Hermione screamed.

“Keep reading, it gets worse,” Hermione obeyed Draco and flipped straight over to page 12 where a huge picture of Umbridge was, a large pink bow in her hair and the classic Umbridge smirk on her face.

Minister Of Magic Bellatrix Lestrange appointed Dolores Jane Umbridge as Headmaster of Hogwarts after assessments were made that newly retired Minevera McGonigall was no longer fit to teach the students of Hogwarts.
“I shall have order back into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,” Dolores Umbridge said, “the traditions of Hogwarts must be upheld and I shall vow that all students shall get a proper education,”
All the teachers have been replaced. The new potions teacher Lucuis Malfoy has stated that only the purebloods shall learn the perfection of potions.

“Does she think she is doing the world a favor?” Hermione spat; throwing the Prophet in the fire.

“She’s a witch with no conscience Mione, she’s only doing what Voldermort would have done,” Draco said eating toast.

“You’re defending her?” Hermione screamed standing up.

“Where are you going?” Draco asked.

“Out for a walk,” She flung the door open and welcomed the clean French air.

“Hermione come-,” Draco called back, but all he received was a door slam that caused the grandfather clock to chime even though it was only 8:25.

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Violent Delights: Chapter 1


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