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Riddles and Romance by silvergreen
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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Chapter 3

’Lisbon. It must be Lisbon,’ Nils-Malfoy claimed. ’The Portuguese capital city has a river and the trams are yellow.’

Hermione shook her head.

’I’m not so sure,’ she scowled. ’Look at these pictures of the Hungarian capital city, Budapest. The Royal Palace looks like the one in our photo, in the background. The River Danube flows through the city and the colour of the trams is yellow.’

Nils-Malfoy started to get impatient. He had been sitting in the library for an hour with the Mudblood polluting his air space and they didn’t even know where to start the journey.

He sighed and looked at the back of the photograph. It was empty.

’Aparecium,’ he pointed his wand at it though he didn’t really expect anything to happen.

A moment later, Dumbledore’s letters, written in invisible ink, appeared one by one.


A pearl divided into two

boiling hot medicine underneath for you

the Little Princess’ colours are gold and brown

the key fits in a lock in the medieval town.


’The answer must be in the poem,’ Hermione whispered thrilled and looked into the boy’s turquoise blue eyes admiringly.

’A pearl divided into two…’ Nils-Malfoy read aloud.

’Budapest is called the Pearl of the Danube,’ Hermione remembered.

’Divided into two by the River Danube,’ Nils-Malfoy continued. ’But what the hell is that boiling hot medicine underneath?’

’Underneath…’ Hermione wondered. ’What can be found under the city of Budapest?’

’A cave system?’ Nils-Malfoy guessed.

’Boiling… What substance can be boiling hot?’

’Polyjuice potion. Fish soup. Mulled wine. Lava,’ Nils-Malfoy listed.

’Lava,’ Hermione liked the idea first. ’But why whould it be called medicine?’ She shook her head.

Nils-Malfoy was getting bored.

’Okay, I’ll give up for now. I’m so tired of it all. During dinner we’ll discuss how to go on but now I’ll have a hot and refreshing shower.’ He stood up.

’A hot and refreshing shower,’ Hermione repeated slowly, unaware of the fact she ran her eyes over his body.

It didn’t escape Malfoy’s attention.

’I see the idea turned you on but it won’t be part of the pairwork,’ he sneered.

But Hermione didn’t pay attention to the style so uncharacteristic of the Norwegian. There was something more important on her mind.

’A hot and invigorating shower to energize your body… To revitalise your senses…’ Hermione whispered hoarsely.

’What’s that? A shower gel advertisement?’ Malfoy frowned though he found these words sound somewhat erotic from the girl’s mouth.

’WATER, Nils, the hot medicine underneath is water. Hot thermal water. Budapest has more than a hundred medicinal springs under its territory where millions of gallons of thermal water rise to the surface each day!’ She pointed at a sentence in a guide book triumphantly.

He felt disappointed. Firstly, because it hadn’t been him to find the answer, secondly, because his theory that Granger craved to have a shower with him had turned out to be wrong. It hurt both his pride and his vanity.

’And what about that Little Princess?’ He barked.

’I haven’t got a clue,’ Hermione shook her head.

’Okay. See you in the Great Hall,’ he growled and walked out of the library, leaving Hermione behind a great pile of books.

End of Chapter 3


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Riddles and Romance: Chapter 3


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