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The Not-So-Golden Trio by shatter
Chapter 1 : Prologue: Eggs and Dribble
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Disclaimer: JK Rowling is a genius, and i am not.

Terry Boot.
I bloody love you.

I remember the first time I saw her. Well, it wasn’t the first time – in fact I’d seen her about a thousand times before, but this was the first time I’d actually seen her. It was at breakfast; Anthony and Michael were sitting on both of my sides, rambling on about their holidays, under the assumption that I was listening to them when she walked into the Great Hall.

I remember the cornflakes and milk dribbling down my chin as I stared at Lisa Turpin with a dumbfound expression; she’d really grown up over the summer. Her hair was longer and even more golden, while her uniform was filled out in all the right places.

To be blunt, after six years of growing up, Lisa Turpin was hot.

“Er, Terry,” Anthony nudged me with his eyebrows raised, “You’ve got something on your face.”

“Actually,” Michael leaned closer, “It looks like you threw up in your mouth and some of it dribbled down your chin.”

I shot them both a glare before wiping the cornflake/milk away with my sleave before turning back to my not-so-subtle staring at Lisa Turpin.

“What are you looking at?” Anthony asked curiously

“Lisa Turpin,” I grunt, “She’s really done some growing up this summer.”

“Blimey,” Michael breathes when he catches sight of her, “Merlin, she has."

I shot him a dirty look, “I call dibs!”

Micheal slumped back into his seat and focused his vision on the egg in front of him. I watched as Lisa made her way over to the Ravenclaw table, golden hair swinging as she talked with Padma Patil, and plonked herself down just a few seats across from us.

I turned to Anthony with wide eyes and whispered, “Dude! She’s sitting just over there!”

“Talk to her then.” Anthony stupidly said

I gave him a disbelieving, ‘how-did-you-get-put-into-Ravenclaw’ look before responding, “Now why would I do that?”

Anthony sighs and places down the jam he was spreading on his toast, “To engage in conversation, to get to know her better, so I can find out if you’re only being a shallow twat or if you actually have the possibility of developing feelings for her.”

I roll my eyes at him and mutter, “Merlin, you’re stupid.”

“Merlin was one of the greatest wizards, according to my chocolate frog card.” Michael frowns in the other seat next to me

“No,” I hissed, “I was talking about Anthony being stupid.”

“Then why did you say Merlin?” Michael asked in genuine confusion

“Because – oh, just never mind.” I said hurriedly, not wanting Lisa to overhear the idiotic conversation

There was a sigh coming from Anthony’s direction and I couldn’t blame him. Anthony was probably the most intelligent and polite out of our trio. The teachers often gushed over his manners and grades, McGonagall in particular, as he never failed to receive outstanding’s in all of his subjects. Despite being such a fantastic student, Anthony was a bit of a failure when it came to social achievements. In fact, Anthony, Michael and I were all social outcasts without a hope of making friends outside our very small circle.

“Why don’t you just talk to her?” Michael asked when he caught me staring at Lisa once again

I shot him the same look I had given Anthony when he had suggested the idea, “Because girls like that don’t engage in conversation with people like me.”

“Well, you are quite correct on that.” Michael pondered, while chewing his egg, which was currently spewing out of his mouth as he spoke

Anthony rolled his eyes, “Lisa is a decent human being, she won’t brush you off if you start some casual small talk.”

“Anthony my friend,” I said smugly as I placed a hand on his shoulder, “I believe you don’t know anything about girls.”

Anthony’s eyebrows furrowed, while I distantly heard Michael spit out his egg and start howling with laughter, “Well that’s a bit rich coming from you Terry, you’ve never had a girlfriend either.”

I huffed, “Yes, well…” Before turning back to my cereal silently

“In fact,” Anthony continues despite my hint to drop the conversation, scratching his chin as he did so, “None of us have.”

“We’re not really the most popular of blokes you see.” Michael added

“That’s a bit of an understatement.” I mumble as I notice how isolated we seem to be from the other students sitting at the table

Anthony waves his right hand dismissively, “What I’m trying to say is that we need girlfriends.”

“I agree,” Michael pipes up, “But why the sudden rush, Anthony? I thought you were one of those people who felt that love, emotional value and complete utter rubbish like that was important in a relationship.”

Anthony let out a shallow sigh, “My mum thinks I’m gay.”

There was a strange silence where both Michael and I gawked at each other.

“I’m sorry, what?” I asked

“Mum thinks I’m gay.” Anthony repeated with his head in his hands, making his response slightly muffled

There was another strange silence, which was broken by Michael this time, “Are you?”

“What!” Anthony raised his head, giving Michael a disbelieving look, “No! Just because I don’t like to discuss Hermione Granger’s rack with you does not mean I’m gay!”

“Psssht,” Micheal puffed, little bits of egg flying out of his mouth as he did so, “That was one time.”

“We’re getting off topic.” I offered quietly

Anthony gave me a nod, “Yes, well what I’m trying to say is that I need mum off my back, Terry pretty much salivates whenever Lisa’s name is mentioned and you, Michael, well you’re just desperate.”

“I’m not that desperate.” Michael says in an attempt to reassure his ego, “I’m just not very selective.”

I snorted into my cereal, “That’s why you’re so fond of your right hand then?”

Michael gives me a wallop across the back of the head as I continue to laugh, “Oh c’mon Michael, don’t be such a wet blanket!”

“Me?” He chuckles, “I think you mean Anthony.”

Anthony gives us a very stern look, which really works in our favour. Anthony always tried to keep us in line and get us out of trouble, which always seemed to backfire. The only time Anthony ever seemed to relax was when he had his camera out, snapping photos like he was a bloody photographer at a wedding or something. Speaking of which, the camera was currently slung around his shoulder, the leather band making indentations into his uniform.

“Oh, I’m not that bad.” He muses hopefully

Michael and I exchange a glance.

“No, of course not Anthony.” I reply with a hint of sarcasm lingering in my voice

“I’m loosing brain cells just from sitting near you.” Anthony responds rather coldly

I shrugged, “I’d offer you some of mine but I think they’re already gone.”

“Plus you can’t really transplant brain cells…” Michael mutters looking thoughtful

Both Anthony and I send him a silencing look before backtracking to the previous conversation we were having before, “We’ll have girlfriends by the end of this year.” I say confidently

“Isn’t that wishful thinking?” Anthony interrupts

I ignore him and carry on, “I’ll be with Lisa Turpin and you – well, who really cares who you two end up with?”

Anthony rolls his eyes at me, “Just bloody talk to her already.”

“Fine!” I cry throwing my hands up into the air

I turn in Lisa’s direction, my heartbeat increasing before I spoke, “Lisa, may you please pass me the jam?”

She looked up at me, green eyes catching the sunlight before a very smug smile crept up onto her face, “Jam like the stuff that’s in front of Anthony?”


Oh shit.

A/N: Oh Terry. These have probably got to be the most underrated and unappreciated characters, which is why i'm kind of in love with the three nerds. Nevertheless, i have big plans for these three. Also! I'm a girl and i've never actually written in a boy's POV before, so feel free to give me a couple of pointers!

Please do review and give me your opinion, i'll be grateful forever!

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The Not-So-Golden Trio: Prologue: Eggs and Dribble


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