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Life, Love, & Berries by xXMissGrangerXx
Chapter 12 : James POtter, the OTHER nuiscance
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Chapter 12.


“Tom, are you ready to go?” I said, as I sat on the couch with Bonnie, flicking through random channels on the TV till we settled for something with some cartoon characters and tried our hardest to concentrate on the screen.


“Almost!” He called back from his room, as we heard shuffling and crashes as Tom grabbed a few stuff to put in his bag for Hogwarts.


I sank my body in the sofa, hoping to just be swallowed entirely by it, and hope to never see anyone again.


But if course it doesn’t work like that.


Stupid fates.


I heard a ding dong on the front of the flat and immediately removed Bonnie from my lap, placing her back on the sofa before darting for the front door.


I opened it rather carelessly, slamming it back to the wall, so it creaked forward a tiny bit, and saw McGonagall standing there in long blue robes, giving a pleasant smile. I plastered a weak one onto my own face, and without a word, gestured towards Tom who was now coming out of his bedroom with all his stuff.


“Right then. All set?” She said to Tom, who nodded. “Ok then. Berry , in the morning I shall pick you up here, with Bonnelyn, who will have to spend the days in my office.”


I gave her an expression of concern. What the hell is Bonnie going to do in the Headmistress’s office for a day, apart from destroy the place?

“Er, miss..” I began but she cut me off, instantly understanding my line of thought.

“Don’t fear. I am a witch Miss West, I know how to entertain a child without her bothering me endlessly.” She said with a little smile. I nodded, and waved goodbye to Tom, and giving him a little hug before he left with the Professor.


As soon as the door closed, I tucked Bonnie into her bed, collapsed onto the sofa, and began to screech.



“Mom! Tom bit me!” I called angrily as I stormed down the stairs to the kitchen, with a wailing ten year old behind me, screeching to the heavens it wasn’t his fault, and trying to get to the kitchen first.


But I wasn’t going to let him.


“Move Berry !” He shouted, as I thundered down a set of stairs and he started looking for spaces to get past.


“No! Mum, Tommy bitt me!” I squealed as I pounded onto the wooden floor of the hallway, darting off to the kitchen.


But I stopped. The door was closed and I heard shouting voices. And they weren’t my brother’s…..


Tom stopped to, crouched down by me, trying to look through the key hole, but I got there first, telling him to shove it. Our mother spoke.


“John, I don’t care, what you say.” She said in a vicious tone I’d never heard her use before. I shuddered. “Don’t deny it, something fishy is going on!”


What? She sounds all cross about some… Grown ups, I will never understand them…


“Look.” My dad sighed. “Isabelle, there is nothing for you to be concerned about-“




I flinched in shock.


Oooh. Go mum. She used the full name tactic. I guess I must rub off on her. She is so lucky to have me as her daughter...


“But there isn’t! Your just blinded by suspicion-“


“ENOUGH. Enough with your contradicting me. Now, explain this; if there’s nothing going on, then how would you like to explain why you get back now everyday from work two hours later.”




“Explain then, why last Saturday you just went ‘missing’ for a whole four hours.”




I don’t like this. I started to itch.


“Explain,” She said, her voice deepening in anger. “why your getting some mysterious calls or being shut up in your office, refusing to inform us of what you were doing.”


A cold silence hung in the room.


“And explain this John. Why you were gone for three days and told us it was an emergency work meeting to Australia . Explain why you haven’t properly seen and helped out with the kids for months! Explain why…why I don’t think I can trust you anymore.”


My mother’s voice sounded close to tears. I looked to my brother nervously, who looked just as bloody hell as confused as I was.


“Explain why, why I don’t know if I even love you anymore John.”


And with that I heard my mother’s weeping as she stormed out the room heading for the door…


The door.


“Tom quick! Budge!” I said, as I shoved him in the cloak cupboard, and practically jumped on top of him, hiding under blankets just so our mother wouldn’t see us as she walked away from the husband that was so clearly cheating on her.


Then I heard the door ring…what? That doesn’t make sense…




Shizzle. McGonagall’s already here!


At the speed of light I whipped off my pajamas and threw on the first thing I could find, random shorts and a ghastly pink T-shirt I would never wear in public.


I rubbed my hand on my forehead as I grabbed a jumper, threw it on as I raced to the door and swung it open looking rather dishevelled.


“Hi.” I said lamely. McGonagall stood there, eyeing me up and down with a troubled expression.


“Good heavens girl! You can’t go to school dressed like that! Get on you uniform!”




I gave a sheepish face, opening my mouth to say something in my defense, but decided against it giving a weak smile before darting off to my room.


I yanked open a draw so hard that it came entirely out and fell onto my poor little toes. I tried to stop myself from shrieking in pain and picked up the drawer, and with all my might threw it onto the bed.


I sighed, flexing my arms and shoulders a bit before I rummaged through the draw, and finally found my school shirt, tie, skirt, tights, and cloak. I went to the door of my bedroom, on my way to change in the bathroom, but I decided I better not risk meeting with McGonagall again in case…um…just in case.


So I changed there in front of little sleeping Bonnie. Scarring her for life. Ah well.


When I was dressed and ready I ran out again but was soon just shoved back in to wake Bonnie.


And waking Bonnie is not a nice job.


I looked left and right with a bitter expression as realisation came to me that now Bonnie’s nightmare days had ended, I would have to be doing this everyday, alone. I know, right? Her nightmare mornings are better than her normal mornings.


Isn’t that worrying?


I shrugged her awake, ignoring her squeals and cries of protest and dressed her in some fairy costume (don’t look at me like that!) and shoved her out into the main room.




I actually couldn’t see her, till something moved in the corner of my eye and it was McGonagall’s head turning round to me as she sat on the sofa.


“Oh! We’re all ready to go then?” She asked and I gave another sheepish look.


“Um…er…Professor. I have a confession.” I said looking at the floor. I didn’t see her but I could tell she would be raising her eyebrows. “Er…I woke up two minutes ago. Can I brush my teeth?”

McGonagall must have been feeling extra nice today because she let me brush my teeth.


After that I quickly looked at myself in the mirror.


I looked half asleep.


I scratched my cheek in concern and then did something I’ve never done before. Ok, before you start being all evil and criticizing and stuff, you have to hear me out. The only reason I did it because, the thought of going back to school was petrifying. I had been scared all week since, since it happened, and the last thing I wanted to do was have to explain to my friends. And I was nervous, scared, and left in the dark. Lets just say anxiety can make people to pretty crazy stuff.


So I did the dreaded act. I put on mascara.


How sinful.



I walked out the room, refreshed and in regret of my most evil actions that had recently taken place.


Now are we ready?” McGonagall said looking rather grumpy as she took Bonnie and I side-along apparition.


& then BAM. We were in the Headmistress’s office at Hogwarts. Fear crept into my mind as the thoughts about seeing my friends ran into my head.


And when McGonagall set me lose into the school, I didn’t know what to do, where to go, or how to hide.


I spun in a circle on my feet, eyes scanning desperately for another option but the common room. She had informed me the time was 8.30, when everyone was having breakfast.


But sure as hell I wasn’t going to have breakfast. Yeah, that would be interesting. I’d just walk in there, dandy as ever as everyone stared at me like I’d risen from the dead or something equally frightening. Then I’d sit with my friends, get bombarded with questions, hugs and tears and all I would be able to do cry.


Cry, in front of my friends? Yeah, fat chance I would choose this option.


So instead I roamed about the school, stressing over whether I should go back to my dormitory and sort things out as everyone ate breakfast. I went through the pros and cons of this idea.


The pros would be that:

I’d get my books.

I’d drop of all my other stuff.

I’d be able to rub off this stupid make up.


The Cons however, outmatched the pros:

I’d get even more freaked.

I can’t do it.

It’s too risky.

There’s bound to be someone in the dormitory.

There’s bound to be someone in the common room.


I’d say the last three were all the same thing.


Oh would you SHUT UP ALREADY?!


Thank you.


I pressed my hands on my forehead, in utter confusion of what to do. Even if I saw my friends, I don’t think I could…even speak to them at all. Speak to them without bursting into tears, speak to them without damaging something just to make myself feel better, speak to them without spilling out all my pain and misery right in front of their innocent eyes.


The only thing I didn’t assume as I thought in dread in that corridor when Luiza bumped into me, was that I’d just throw up.


“ BERRY ! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?” She shrieked at me and I started panting in fear having just puked on the floor.


“ BERRY ! Berry Berry Berry Berry Berry Berry Berry Berry we-“


But I didn’t hear the rest of it. Because I ran for my life. Ran away, screeching in terror, because I was too terrified to speak to my own, best, friend.


What the hell Berry? You just vomited and then ran away from Luiza? What the hell is going on?


I just ignored the other voice in my head and made a sprint like a mad woman to my first lesson, Muggle Studies.


I waited in the loos for 10 minutes so it was impossible for the teacher not to have arrived yet so know one could start talking to me. Fortunatley, only one of my friend s was in that class. But it was Rose. And Rose, is just Rose, it was her nature to bombard me with questions till I died flat on the ground of heart failure.


When the clock said 9:09, I left the loos, trembling in fear as I walked across the hall to the opposite classroom. I swallowed hard, rubbed my eyes for the tears that were bound to fall anytime soon, and creaked open the door, to see the whole class, and Professor Motley stare at me.


I froze. The teacher, unlike the eager students, was blind to the fact I had been missing for three days and looked just a little grumpy as he spoke.


“Your late! Minus five house points! Now go sit down.”


In silence, I did as I was told, refusing to look up from the ground and into the bulging eyes of Rose that with just a look could communicate five thousand questions toward me.


“As I was saying, today…”


I couldn’t hear one word the teacher was saying, because the thoughts in my head were too loud. It was like first day of primary school again, sitting there, alone, isolated on the desk, and completely and utterly terrified of what to do. I felt my cheeks burning as I kept my head down on the desk with my hair covering my face from anyone else’s view.


When the lesson ended, I was the first to leave, sprinting out the door before Rose could so much as close her textbook. I know I got weird stares, but to be honest, I really could care less.


I sprinted off to…oh my shizzles. Charms? I’d be next to Teri and Al?! SHIT! I started shaking in fear of what to do. Should I ditch? Just for once?


No, if your gonna ditch, ditch Dark arts where ALL your friends are going to be there. I actually wanted to cry. How was I going to be able to sit next to Teri and Al? What would I say? WHAT WOULD I SAY??


Oh merlin, I’ve really gotta calm down. But really, how am I going to possibly do this?




Fine then. We’re not on speaking terms.


I decided to use the same tactic as before, entering the classroom late. I dumped my bag onto the flooded floor, not caring that the thing would get soaked.

I didn’t think I’d be able to leave the bathroom.


I can’t do this.


I stood in the bathroom, shuddering, as I forced both my hands further down into the edges of the sink, gripping it tightly.


How the hell am I going to do this?


I entered the lesson, 10 minutes late again, and sat down on my seat after being yelled at by Flitwick Junior, all the while not letting my face visible to a single soul in the room. When I took my seat after a minute of a boring lecture from the teacher I chanced a look behind me.


To my relief, yet at the same time disappointment, Al wasn’t there. But it was too late, after viewing my face to the class for a split second, Teri had set eyes upon me.


This is so not what I wanted.


I mentally groaned and sure enough the furious kicking under the table began, along with flying paper notes at my head and mutual screams from the tall girl.


Should I ignore it?


Should I speak but not tell her?


Should I do anything at all?


Naturally, my pathetic self chose the latter and just sat there with my head slamming the desk in frustration.










“ Berry !” Teri whispered angrily as she gave a hard kick in the shins that I could not just ignore.


“What?” I said. What the hell am I doing? I of all people should be allowed to know this!!


I turned and saw her expression, bewildered, angry, and completely in disbelief I was alive.


“Don’t you ‘what’ me, where the hell have you been? AND WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU WERAING MASCARA?!” She shout-whispered to me.


Mental slap in the face. This really isn’t going well. And this was the first and the last time that Flitwick Junior saved my life.


“Porfirio! Do be quiet in my lessons! Minus five points from Gryffindor!”




As that lesson ended I sprinted equally as fast as last time, but this time, well, lets just say Teri is more athletic than Rose.


“Oi! BERRY WEST DON’T YOU DARE RUN AWAY FROM ME!” She screeched down the corridor as I desperately rounded a corner and jumped into a broom cupboard.

And for once it was empty? Wow, Merlin is on my side today! Well...actually, not really, Merlin’s a manwhore due to the luck he gives to me in these past days.


My ragged breath echoed through the tight space. My heart was pulsing so fast that when I heard Teri rampaging down the very corridor, I had to try with all my might to stop my sounds of breathing. I heard someone come close to the door for a few seconds.


“Nah, she can’t be in there. Berry is too awful at hiding, I would hear her as she mucked up the whole cupboard.”

HEY! You may not think I’m here and stuff but I STILL, HAVE, FEELINGS!


When I heard the footsteps trail away and got out, ready to find out the next lesson….oh no. Never have I hated those two words.


Free Period.


So I decided to stay in that broom cupboard, my body squashed in odd positions for half an hour when a shelf fell on my head and I couldn’t take it anymore.


I climbed out with my hair dishevelled to see a group of staring first years.


“Shoo! SHOO!” I cried at them, and they sprinted away. I sighed and fell to the floor in a jumble.


If Teri and Rose both knew I was back, it would have spread between Gryffindor like wildfire. I pouted and opened up my scrunched up timetable and scanned for the next lesson.




NO NO NO! Then I have to sit with Al! No please no, please. I felt like crying. I moped down the corridor in a solemn silence and dragged my self up the spiral stairs.


Ok. Now what am I going to do? Professor Brown is bound to make us to some group work and then I’m stuck! Why is this happening to me? Why am I frightened of my own friends? I can’t do this forever!


But I just have to do it till the end of the week. Because otherwise I won’t be able to cope.


It’s Tuesday now. And I have to wait till Friday till we all take the train home.

Oh my God.

The train home.


What am I going to say to my friends when I’m staying in some miserable place in Hogsmeade?


I can’t worry about that now. I just can’t. When I reached the top of the ladder, I flipped open the door, deciding to come early this time rather than losing even more house points.


Luckily, Al wasn’t here yet. I breathed a sigh and went over to my table and sat down with my dripping bag on my lap as my eyes kept darting from the trap door and Brown’s office.


Professor Brown entered the room, seconds before Al did, and I couldn’t help but sigh in satisfaction yet terror grew inside me at the same time when I saw his face. When his eyes met with mine he looked shocked, and they grew wide in disbelief and he practically ran to our table.


I can’t do this.


“Now pupils, we shall be doing the same work as what we were doing in the previous lesson. Teacups! Now, start to work immediately in your pairs.”



I gulped as Al slung the bag down in the table and began talking rapidly.


“Shit, Berry . Your back! Where have you been? What’s been happening? You scared us all! We thought you died. You’ve been missing whole days! The whole school has been talking about you. What’s going on? I Still can't believe this! Your back!!”



" i'm not."


"Did you just, genuinely, say that? You literally, just said to me, that your not back. "


I nodded.


"Oh come ON! please give me some credit.."


I couldn’t take it anymore. I cocked my head to the side, picked up my quill, and purposefully dropped it on the ground and spoke completely dead panned.


“Oh. My. God. I just dropped my quill.” And with that I dived under the table with no plans to go back up.


“ Berry ! What the hell are you doing? Get up!” Al said stubbornly.


“NO!” I whisper-shouted.


“ Berry . Come on! Don’t you dare do that to me! You owe us a load of answers!”


“NO!” I said again, angrily, and stabbed him in the shins with my quill for good measure.


“OUCH! Get out of there Berry , Professor Brown’s coming!!”


At that I immediately cocked my head out from the dark blue tablecloth and looked around urgently to see the Professor was on the other side of the room, talking to some Ravenclaw boys, and I had been fooled.


I sneered at Potter’s smirk. “You evil bint.”


And with that I hid under the table again. Al began to nudge me with his foot, gently at first until he began kicking my back quite hard.

“Would you stop that?” I hissed up at him.


“Would you come up now?!” He replied with equal anger. I rolled my eyes.


“Er, No.” I said, stating the obvious.


“Get out!” He said reaching his arms down to tickle me. Now this is just plain mean. He knows I’m ticklish, so why use it against me?!


“No!” I shrieked up at him.


“Yes!” He shouted down to me.


“Mr. Potter! What on earth is the problem?!” Someone demanded.


Uh oh. That’d be Professor Brown.


Yeah…um, I’m just going slowly go back up to my seat.

“Um…” Al said.

Useless I say, useless.


“Miss West! What are you doing under the table!”



Ok, so maybe I’m a little bit useless now, but what can I do?!



“Minus 20 house points!”




“No Buts! Now sit properly, on your chair, you haven’t even touched the teacup!”


“But Professor-“




“But technically I'm not under the table anymore..."


"Why can’t you just give me a detention?!” I screamed in frustration at her. I immediatley regretted it. 


I know you all think I’m nuts right now, but anything to get out of here, anything to get away from….from Al.


“Miss West! Are implying that you would like a detention?”


The whole room looked at me. Al was staring at me, awaiting my answer. They all were. I felt tears form my eyes.


I didn’t want to be here. I didn’t want to be near anyone. I didn’t want anyone to be here, except my mom.


“Yes.” I pleaded. She gave a bizarre look.


“Miss West, that’s insane!” She said, trying to laugh it off.


“Professor. The question please, Why won’t you?”


There was a heavy silence in the room, everyone staring at me, like I’d turned into a lizard or something. She looked at me nervously.


“You know very well Miss West, under the circumstances we you are in, you are not allowed a detention.”


Shit. Everyone stared at me in confusion, and I felt the heat of rumours in the air, already rising. How could she do this to me? The last thing, I needed, was more damn questions!


I saw the questioning look in Al’s eyes. He didn’t understand. No one would. But that wouldn’t mean they couldn’t guess or assume. This was all going so wrong, so incredibly, impossibly wrong.


How could one spell cause so much damage to my life?


It changed everything.


My vision became misty.


Oh no. Berry . You can’t do this. You can’t cry in front of everyone. You cannot Berry!


I need to get out of here. Fast. So I ran out the room as fast I could screaming in pleasure, yet despair : “I can do all I want and you can’t threaten me with detention! So ha you witch!”


Ok, so maybe the last thing wasn’t necessary, but hey she is a witch. A double meaning thing right?


I sprinted down the corridor, back to my broom cupboard, and watched the clock tick till lunch.


Why is everything so rushed? So complicated? So…hard?




I rushed into the Great Hall, swung my bag so it skidded under the table, and jumped onto the bench.


“ Berry ’s back.” I said as I sat down along with Rose, Scorpius, Luiza and Fred, who sat opposite, with me alone next to Teri and James.


“I know!” Rose, Luiza, and Teri all said at the same time. The other three guys rolled their eyes.


“What do you know? What do you know!” Rose squealed.


“We have to tell each other everything on the subject!” Teri said as the three girls started hyperventilating in excitement. We boys were too cool for that kind of thing, but listened in anyway. Rose and I shared a knowing look, we weren’t going to tell our secret just yet.


“Ok,” Luiza began. “So basically, I was walking down the corridor this morning, and I bumped into her! Then she went absolutely pale and threw up on the floor!” Rose cringed. This was worse than we thought.


“OMG!” Teri said, and then started her gossip maniac attack thing where she does goes crazy, and talks really fast like someone’s about to die or something. “Oh my god, she came in like really late to Charms, and then like, I started you know, mutually screaming at her, she buried her face in her hair so I couldn’t see her! And I tossed her notes and everything! She wouldn’t speak! And the strangest thing? SHE WAS WEARING MASCARA! WHAT COULD THIS MEAN?! Then, afterwards, I chased her down the corridor, but she disappeared! And I was like, No! You little bitch, HOW COULD SHE RUN AWAY FROM ME?!”


We all leaned away from Teri a bit as she burst in fits of laughter.


“You remind me so much of Berry sometimes its scary.” I said. She rolled her eyes and laughed more. It was now Rose’s turn to talk.


“Well I saw her in Muggles Studies.” Rose said calmly, looking very concerned, as if something was troubling her mind. Luiza gestured for her to continue. Rose just sat there limply.


Scorpius rolled his eyes at the whole drama and began to stuff his face with pudding.


“What? And that’s it?!” Luiza started screeching at an alarmed looking Rose. “We chased her, and screamed at her, and you just saw her and nothing?!”


This was not going to end well. But because I’m a nice guy, I decided to save Rose’s neck by changing the subject to my information.


“Well guys, I saw her in Divination where we have to sit together. I asked her what the hell was going on, and then she hid under the table! And then Professor Brown came over and usually, that’s should terrify the shits outta Berry , but instead she begged for a dention? It was so fucked up! Anyway, and then, the weirdest thing, was that, the Professor said she wasn’t allowed a detention!” I said, completley confusing myself even more after actually reciting my information.


Rose started tapping her thumbs nervously on the table, and everyone, except Teri who was looking at the doors, turned to Rose expectantly, waiting for answer.


“Jeez, Rose! Speak woman!” Luiza demanded in her vicious ways. Fred soothed her by stroking her hair.


It really didn’t seem to be working.


The spotlight was still on Rose and she was getting rather uncomfortable. “Um…well, I dunno. Professor Brown is a horrible woman and she’s so…ew.”


“You only hate her cause she used to date your dad.” James said as he shoved a whole sausage down his throat as if he didn’t care.


“That is not true James!” Rose squealed pathetically. She looked at me for help, but I kinda just shrugged with a bit of a smirk which left her angry.


“Oh shizzles, SHE’S THERE!”


We all turned to where Teri was pointing and saw a brunette head peer round the door, so obviously checking to see if we were here, when her golden and green swirly eyes turned on us, a group of hyperactive squealing girls and some rather alarmed teenage boys. The expression on her face turned from sour to absolutely terrified. Her eyes bulged and then she sprinted away.


Our little clan immediately stood up.


“NO DON’T YOU DARE RUN AWAY FROM ME!” Luiza yelled like a war cry, before adding, “WE MUST HUNT HER DOWN!”


So Luiza, as the bizarrely scary child she is, ran away, screeching out of the hall, holding a knife with a sausage at the end, followed by Teri and Rose who were just running as if there lives depended on it.


Us four boys got up and, being the skilled people we are, planned before we attacked.




You can really see the effort I put in here.


“Ok, Berry can’t survive without food for this long. She’s like addicted to the stuff. She eats far too much yet still has a body like that.”


After James little announcement, I shoved into him.


“What?” He said looking at me accusingly. I raised my eyebrows.


“Ew.” I said. Then Scorpius spoke.


“So basically, Al, what James meant by that is Berry will be off to the kitchens as soon as her greedy stomach commands her too. So, James, you go that way. We’ll take the corridors. And Fred, try find the girls and whatever trouble they are up to. They can be a little dim at their…times of stress.”


We all nodded, and Scorpius and I darted off down the corridors, the last members to leave the um…war like clan who I just realised had been stared at by all the children in the great hall, who were now sitting, forks untouched, and gaping like little fish children.



Oh well.


We rounded a bend before hurtling down a load of steps, and continuing down another bright corridor.


“When did you seem to care about Berry so much?” I said panting, not being able to possibly resist a smirk. I mean, it was true, Scorpius hated the girl with an intense passion.


“I don’t. This just seems to fun to miss out on.”

He had a point. I shrugged and he laughed, and we continued racing without another word.


We came to one of many corridors, deep in the castle, that lead to the kitchens, and as we were moving so fast, we had to skid to a stop, right outside the fruit painting, which resulted with the two of us crashing into four other forms.



And then just…“MY FOOT!”


We have such a variety of colourful swear words, don’t you think? Apart from Teri who, um…just had three fully grown boys stand on her foot.


“Sorry.” James said, as he had landed on top of her completely.

“S’alright babes.” She said. Yeah, Teri’s just the cool kinda person that says that.


I rolled my eyes. Those two always flirted with each other, it was getting ridiculous. It was the longest James shad ever taken to ask a girl that he liked, out.


“Fred. I thought you were getting the other girls. And you brought Jake instead?!” Scorpius asked, completely confused.


“I couldn’t find the girls! I bumped into Jake on my way here, and so I told him what was going on.” Fred said, breathing heavily.


“Well I’m here! I think I count as a girl!” Teri said, clearly annoyed.


“So…where are the other girls then?”


Then we heard some shouts from behind the painting. We all pressed our ears to it to hear, but we couldn’t really make out words apart from endless shrieking, in an American accent….


“Guys. You know you can just open the painting.” Teri said. The five of us turned to her sheepishly.


“We knew that.” I said, tickled the pear in the painting, and we walked in.


There was a colossal swarm of houselves who all stood nervously, in front of two figures, one who looked nervous and shaky, and the other who was shrieking hysterically.


“ BERRY KAYLA WEST I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW! WHERE THE FUCKING HELL ARE YOU?!” Boomed the American voice, who I now recognised to be Luiza’s.


“Oh my God.” Teri said shaking her head at the scary, short, aggressive girl.

“She’s scaring the house elves…” I said tutting as I walked towards her and dragged her away.


James, who visited here the most, had made lots of friends with the houselves, went up to a few of them, and spoke gently.


“Hey guys! Sorry about her!” He whispered as if they were children. “Have you seen a girl come in here?! Brown hair? Freckles?”


“Master Potter! Yes, Nellie has seen a girl with brown hair come in here! She’s hiding in the store cupboard!” The small, dainty elf said whole-heartedly, pointing to a massive round door in the corner of the busy kitchens.


“Thanks Nellie.” James said, and we all charged towards the door.


“It’s locked!” Jake said, banging his fists against it.


“ Berry open up!” Fred said.


“We know your in there!” I said. I mean, what would it hurt to just see us?


“ Berry open the door or you’ll be sorry! I’ve got a wand!” Scorpius said.


“Wow, Scorp. Cause now you sound so powerful.” Teri said sarcastically, smiling.




“Luiza, your going to deafen the houselves.” Fred said. Luiza gave him a glare, before showing a big toothy smile towards her boyfriend.


“ Berry , get out here now or I will rape you.” James said threateningly. We heard a shriek from the cupboard. We all turned to James with freaked out expressions. Then he whispered to all of us. “This one always works.”


“WHY ARE YOU ALL SUCH STUPID PEOPLE?! Berry ’s right, if retards could fly, our common room would be an airport-” Rose said dramatically. That’s what berry said? She dissed her own house?


“Ooh my holy merlin.” I interrupted her, gawping at Rose.


“-What.” She snapped, flicking her red hair round to me.


“Rose, I think that was the biggest insult you ever managed!” I said, awe-struck. Luiza giggled, and Teri put an arm round Rose, to comfort her.


“As I was saying,” She continued in a dangerous voice. “Your wizards, you can surely unlock a door, we learnt this in first year.”




“Oh.” We all said, dumbfounded. She rolled her eyes at us, and raised her wand.




The door opened and eigth fully grown people trampled into the room together.


Naturally, it ended up like sticky crap.

Mixed with glue.


And maybe some nutella.




(I was joking guys. What’s that? You don’t believe me? Well, go away then.)


A/N- hey guys. Sorry this was a bit of a boring chapter. I was trying to give the impression that Berry’s life was pretty rushed right now, and I think I have to say, I didn’t get finished where I wanted to : ( A penny for your thoughts? :D xx


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