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Change of Heart by 19 whitehorse
Chapter 2 : Theme Park and Meeting the Dreaded
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A/N Sorry for the late update...the queue was closed for the last harry potter movie, I'm so excited! Anyway here is the second chapter. Enjoy:)




Caitlynn P.O.V


I looked at my watch for the umpteenth time. He was late. I knew I should not have trusted him to come. I mean I have absolutely no idea whether his outburst was that big of a secret and it’s not like I understood what he was saying, though from the look on his face I could see that he did not want to say any of it. I sighed exasperatedly. That bastard. He has no idea how much of an embarrassment it would cause me if I turned up without a date.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw him stroll across the busy road. He sneered arrogantly at me, his hands stuffed in his pockets, as if he was doing me a great honour by simply showing up.


“You’re late” I snapped at him.


“I am doing you a great honour by showing up” he drawled.


Look at that. I am psychic, I can read his mind. Yeah me! (note the sarcasm)


I breathed deeply to make sure I didn’t beat the shit out of him. My yoga teacher who is very hot by the way, he has really long hair that he keeps in a ponytail, which always manages to look better than mine, which is totally unfair considering that he is a guy and he doesn’t need such perfect hair, and black almond eyes that are so gorgeous it just makes you swoon. It’s the only reason I am still doing yoga every week, I mean would you pass an opportunity to stare at a half naked man with the most perfect abs and his arms…sigh and I just got completely side tracked. My point is he thinks I have anger management problems.


HA, wonder where he got that ludicrous idea from.


Shame he doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together.


Don’t you ever wonder why a lot of hot guys are either complete assholes or completely brain dead? Yeah because see….


“No offense but you are such a bitch,” he interrupted my fantasizing of hot males.


Wait a sec, he didn’t just… did he just call me… Wow.


“Okay you know what… just because you say no offense before an offensive sentence, it doesn’t make it not offensive. I mean, no offense but you’re an ugly bastard.”


Well that was quite good, if I do say so myself.


“Did you just congratulate yourself?” Draco asked incredulously.




“Nooooo, where did you get the idea from. No one does that,” I said rolling my eyes. “Why do you?”


“No, I am asking because I just heard you congratulate yourself.”


“Well I didn’t.”


“I’m just asking because you said…”


“Do you congratulate yourself?”


“No, I’m just saying that...”


“Well then stop saying that you do!”







“Okay look, lets start over. My name is Caitlynn but people usually call me Cat” I politely introduced myself. After all he was an essential part of my plan. MUHAHAHAHA. Must keep him polite and decently happy.




I nodded. See, we can have a civilized conversation without biting each other’s head off if we try. 


“What’s your real name though, you know, for reference. Obviously I’ll still call you by your nickname.” I looked at him expectantly


“That is my real name” he said in a clipped voice, livid.




My bad.


I snickered. He glowered at me which only made me laugh more.


“I’m sorry” I wheezed between my laughter. “Were your parents high when they named you? I mean Draco. As in the Dragon? Can it get any worse?” 


“I’d rather be called Draco than be a slutty whore who can’t even get a guy without threatening them.” 



What a rude thing to say Draco.


Wow, did I just reprimand him, inside my head?


Maybe I am a little weird but in my defense my mum used to drop me a lot when I was a kid.


On my head.




This ear splitting shriek was followed by a bone crushing sensation. Confused I tried to make sense of what was going on.


A pixie-like face with short hair loomed in front of me.


Oh, my friend was hugging me. I get it.


“OMG it’s so good to see you, it has been waayyy too long” she continued in a high pitched voice. 


I turned around and was greeted by my friends who I haven’t seen since the end of term. 


“It’s so nice to see you all” I smiled.


“Who’s your friend?” Rob asked. 


“This is my boyfriend, Drake” I declared putting my hand on his chest.


I’m not going to call him Draco ‘cause that is just embarrassing for the both of us so…




He is fit


I can feel his tense muscles through his shirt. You would never have guessed that he was hiding such an amazing body behind those clothes. I was rubbing my hand on his chest admiringly when I noticed that everyone was staring at me feeling him up.




This is awkward.


I looked at Draco but he didn’t even notice. Instead he asked,


“Aren’t you going to introduce me to…them?” Draco said pointing to “them”. 


Patience. I was getting to it.


And couldn’t he have just called them “your friends” or at least “these people”?


I swear this guy practices being rude. He probably sits in front of his bathroom mirror and imagines different ways to be rude to people.


“I’ll introduce you to my friends now,” I said emphasize the word “friends”. I was very tempted to give a definition of the word.


“This is Rob” I said pointing at the brown haired, medium built boy on my left. I turned to the right.




I felt a touch of jealousy at the blonde beauty casually eyeing Draco.


“You’ve already kinda met Addison” I nodded towards the small pixie like girl.


“Everyone calls me Addy” she said cheerfully, extending her hand.


“Hello,” Draco said in a stiff voice as he shook her hand.


“And finally, Chase.”


“Hello” Chase responded to my introduction. I felt my heart twist at the sound of his voice. I looked up at him and noticed that he had a new haircut. He was looking as good looking as ever.


Yeah, I have a crush on my best friend.


Don’t laugh, you would too if he was your best friend.


And anyway, one day he is going to realize how much he loves me and we are going to get married, have twelve children and like happily ever after.


But he needs a little help so I have prepared a master plan called Help-best-friend-Chase-realise-he-loves-me-so-that-we-can-get-married-and-have-twelve-children-and-live-happily-ever-after. I know, not a very original name but as long as the plan is genius then who cares about the name. And for this I need Draco to act as a boyfriend and make him jealous. Smart eh?


“Okay then. Let’s not wait around ‘til dusk and get going. I absolutely love theme parks, don’t you?” Abby said skipping to the ticket counter without waiting for a reply. As everyone followed her I felt someone tug my sleeve.


“Listen to me” I heard Draco’s voice in my ear. “I don’t care what your problem is and why you need me to act as your boyfriend, or want to know anymore about your weird ass friends so I will stick along for the day but then I need you to swear you won’t tell anyone about what I said yesterday and we will never see each other again. Deal?”


I nodded.


“Well all I need you to do is act as my proper boyfriend for the day which you are not doing a very good job at, but the way, because the truth is..”


“As I said” he interrupted “I don’t care about your love life as long as you promise to never, ever utter a word to anyone.”


“If you play your part well then fine, whatever.”


He glared at me.


“I swear that I will never tell anyone about your huge, life changing secret,” I droned raising my hand in mock salute.


“Fine” he snapped






Must he always have the last word? Honestly. How immature.


I took his hand and he flinched. Before you get the wrong impression, may I say that I am honestly not that gross.


I was going to saunter to my friends and excuse myself as if Draco and I were having a moment wink wink, but I had to practically drag Draco to my friends and he was looking as pissed off as ever so I decided to not say anything.


God, I hope he is not considering a career in acting because he is, to put it mildly, completely crap at it.


“Where are we going first?” I asked abandoning trying to make Draco act as my boyfriend.


“Silver Star, obviously, Cat” said Abby “It’s our tradition, we always go on that one first, remember?”


“I know that, I was just checking” I smiled sweetly. 


Draco snorted. “Yeah riiight


I stomped on his foot and he winced.


“Shall we go then?” I proposed as Addy looked at me weirdly.


We all strolled around the theme park, looking at the map and checking directions. You’d think that we’d know where it is considering it is “our tradition” but we got lost a few times. The place is quite big. Draco and I had one conversation during the entire time we were lost, or as Addy put it, “discovering new places”. Draco was being all grumpy as usual so I said that he should cheer up. He then told me to leave him alone (not in those words but the vocabulary he used was a little inappropriate). Affronted and honestly a little pissed I told him that he was going to go prematurely grey. The conversation proceeded by him telling me that it was none of my business when Rob interrupted us by casually mentioning that it might be my business if we got married. Now both of us are in a bad mood and Draco is giving me the silent treatment. He obviously has the mentality of a five year old which was something I had discovered when we first met but I had conveniently forgotten about it until now. 


Finally we got to the queue for Silver Star. 


So now we are all standing in the queue.


And no one’s talking.


This isn’t awkward at all.


Trying to start a conversation I said,


“We have to wait about two hours.”


“Are you kidding me!? Why the hell do I have to wait two bloody hours?!” Draco exclaimed.


“Are you talking to me now?”


“No, I’m talking to the ceiling,” he replied sarcastically.


I looked at him confused.


“There is no ceiling.”


“THAT’S MY POINT!” he yelled at me.


It was a joke. Gee, and he says I have anger management problems.


“Chillax. All the rides have a long queue but it’s worth it in the end.” 


“Really?” he said doubtfully.


I looked at him incredulously.


He looked at me darkly then muttered under his breath, “Why would I have ridden a muggle contraption.”


What the hell is a muggle? It sounds like mug or smuggle or mugged but I have never heard of that word before. I don’t think it exists.


And I am not saying that because I am stuck up know-it-all who thinks she knows all the words in the English vocabulary.


But I really do doubt “muggle” is a word.


I worry about his sanity.


Or my hearing.


“Sooo, Drake, Cat, how did you guys meet?” asked Rob cutting off our conversation or fight or whatever we were having.


“Actually we met while I was working at my part time job.”




Let us omit the detail that it was yesterday.


“I was pushing the trolley when I tripped and he caught me by my waist before I fell.” I continued.




That could only happen by accident and he would probably drop me as soon as he realized what he was doing.


“Then he helped me carry the packages like a perfect gentleman” I crooned adoringly.


Definitely false.


I cannot imagine a single scenario in which that could possibly happen.


Now that I think about it Draco is a complete and utter bastard sent straight from the pits of hell.


So since I could not tell the truth about him I continued sprouting lies about Draco, as he stood there stonily, looking a little grey. I wasn’t sure whether that was his natural skin color or if he was feeling sick.


Not that I cared.


“NEXT” someone bellowed. Excitedly, I followed the crowd and got onto the very front seat, next to Draco. 


“Shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit” Draco muttered looking as if he was going to shit himself. 


I think he might be scared.


No duh Caitlynn.


Wow I just talked to myself.


Actually my own head practically called me stupid.


Well how should I have known that Draco was scared of roller coasters? 




“I knew I should I have brought my wand. How can I trust these muggles not to kill me?” 


Um Draco dear, wands don’t exist and muggle isn’t a word.


Great now I’m talking to myself.


I am such a loser.


The carriage started moving upwards. “Bloody hell” he said petrified.


The seats stopped at the top of the roller coaster then suddenly dipped vertically. I yelled from the adrenaline as I felt my stomach in my throat at the falling sensation. It continued to throw me from side to side until the last dip where the carriage stopped abruptly throwing me forward in my seat. The safety bars slowly came off. I realized that Draco had not uttered a single sound during the whole ride. 


Maybe he fainted.


That would be kind of funny.


Or maybe… he’s dead. But I mustn’t put my hopes up.


I snapped my fingers in his face. He blinked.


“I am never doing that again” he gasped clutching his sides.


Well I guess he isn’t dead.




Draco almost ran towards the exit sign and I followed laughing at his discomfort. Suddenly he stopped and I bumped into him.


“What the hell” I muttered rubbing my forehead. 


I looked at what had caused him to stop so abruptly to notice a short girl with an arrogant sneer, practically identical to the one Draco showed me when we first met.


“Draco, what are you doing here?” she said in a sickly sweet voice.


“I could ask you the same thing, Pansy Parkinson.”




Amazing, Atrocious, funny, embarrassing to even be caught reading?? Feedback pls and rate and review :)

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