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Beyond Help by BlackRain
Chapter 5 : Under serious attack
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Hey~. I own nothing.


Chapter image by Smile@TDA.


Mama, we all go to hell.
Mama, we all go to hell.
It's really quite pleasant
Except for the smell.


My Chemical Romance - Mama.

I swear to God if this tunnel won’t end soon I’m going to kill somebody. And you know who.


“Are you sure this is the right tunnel?” Emer asked Danny as she tried to straighten her back, but hit her head on the low ceiling. Her black hair was full of dust.


“How many tunnels there can be in Hogwarts?” Danny laughed. Not that many, we’re just in a bloody castle after all.


Another sleepless night.


I hate my life.


I bet you’ve heard it a million times, right?


Deal with it.


My black pants were dirty, there were cobwebs on them. Disgusting. My strawberry blonde hair was messy and fell in the eyes.


James always joked that I always had to look perfect. Combed hair, clean clothes. I wonder what he would say now if he saw me like this.


The past few days, James and I became quite good friends. Well, friends was the wrong word… But we were something. Obviously I was still strongly disliked by Dominique. And Fred Weasley, with whom I never had a conversation, seemed to hate me. Actually, every student of the house of Gryffindor looked at me skeptically. But at least, I could have a decent conversation with James, understand what kind of a man he was, and collect the information I needed. And believe me he’s a tough nut.


The first born of The Chosen One. A teenager who has a lot of money, loves partying, has a lot of friends… Or as he told me ‘People who pretend to be his friends.’ Whose words made me blush. I’m another liar in his life.


One minute he’s cheerful and pleasant. The next, he’s arrogant, angry, teasing. His opinion and moods change more often than Andie’s when she’s PMS’ing. And I can tell you that Andie isn’t a very well-educated and sensible young adult.


 “Uuuuh! I got gunk in my hair!” Andie growled. Want to know why in Merlin’s knickers we are crawling in a little tunnel? Danny and Andie got this amazing idea for a prank. Sarcasm here, people. They thought it would be fun to find where House Elves sleep and scare the shit out of them. So for the third night in a row I haven’t slept like a proper human being.


“HA! I was right. Tunnel is getting bigger.” Danny was particularly mad about this prank.


“Huzzah!” Andie… well she was always mad about everything.


The tunnel itself was rounded, with crumbly dirt walls that had roots sticking out all over the place. I shuddered as I thought of how many disgusting bugs there were likely to be down here. But Danny was right. It was getting bigger and cleaner. But still there was only for one person. Now we were almost able to stand.


“I see little doors!” Danny said, “Little doors for little elves!”


“Where? I can’t see them.” Eric tried to look past Danny. It was a ridiculous sight of him hunched against the roof of the tunnel, dirt falling through his blond hair. Eric hit his head at the roof and dust with dirt started falling on us.


“Dammit, Eric!” Emer coughed.


Danny opened the little door and he jumped out of the tunnel, dragging us with him. With a loud sound we hit the ground. It seemed that the tunnel was above this that room we had fallen in. Our little doors were well hidden in the ceiling. We found ourselves in a small common room. It quiet reminded me of the Ravenclaw common room. But this place was in dungeons.


I stood up and cleaned the dirt of me. “I don’t see any house elves.” I hissed at Danny.


“Ah, there’s another door. Go check it out. Maybe they are there.”


I went across the room to the door. They were made from an oak. Huge doors. Beautiful. Not something elfish.


“Oh, and take this mask. For the affect.” I caught a plain black skiing mask and putted it on. Only now I noticed that the room was full of books and it was neat. There was a pile of dirt on the ground where we fell. This room definitely didn’t remind of a place where elves should live. Danny’s and Emer’s elf loved dark, small places. This room looked like it was fit for a human. For a nerdy, anti-social person. Damn, I love it here.


I opened the oak doors and faced… a monster. A creature in pink bathrobe, a green facial mask and hair curlers. The creature looked at me with it’s black eyes. Firm lips parted for a gasp. Firm lips, dark eyes, dark hair?




With that realization I started screaming and my Transfiguration professor joined me.




There are some moments in life when you just know: no matter what you do, no matter what you say, you are still completely, thoroughly unquestionably… screwed.


“WHAT ARE YOU?!” The professor screamed… People, friends, lovers. This is one of those moments.


There is only one thing to do in a situation like this:




And that was exactly what I did.

“What is going on?” Eric asked.


“RUN!” I screamed and we ran out.


I wasn’t really into sports, but I liked running sometimes. This summer I used to run every morning and now I was grateful for it. We ran and ran. Our professor’s banshee scream was still echoing in the halls. We could hear footsteps, someone was coming after us. Probably prefects and teachers who were on duty tonight.


I sprinted down the empty corridor. All I could focus on was running, not stopping, one foot in front of the other. Never daring to stop. You think I should be used to this kind of situation. I never am.


“I can’t run anymore!” Andie hissed holding her hand to her side.


“Let’s scatter!” Emer suggested and we started running into different directions, halls.


I ran for few more minutes then stopped. I was in first floor, far, far away from Ravenclaw tower. I cursed my stupidity. Why didn’t I run to the Tower? Quietly I started walking to my common room. The side of the castle where I was, was empty. Probably all the professors were in the dungeons.


Suddenly, I heard footsteps coming my way. I tugged the skiing mask into my robes, took off my jacket, ruffled my hair. I decided to pretend like I woke up and went to the kitchens to get a hot glass of milk. Or maybe I was supposed to be released from Hospital Wing only in morning, but I couldn’t sleep there so I was going to my dorm? Yes!


The footsteps where getting closer, the person was just around the corner. It was Filch. Crap. The guy was so freaking old, he should have retired. Or died. And I didn’t understand what he was doing in a school if he hates kids that much.


“Aha! I’ve got ya!” He said as he grabbed my arm.


“What the hell? Let me go you pervert!” I screamed and he released me.


“I-I …You…!” He was speechless. Probably for the first time in his life he was called a pervert. By a student.


“What are you doing here?! It’s after curfew!” He finally barked.


“Well duh! I have a permission.” I waived my Charms paper to his face. Maybe it was a good thing he didn’t retire. He’s as blind as a bat.


“Fine, get out of my site.” He barked again.


I started to happily walk away. What an idiot. I laughed.


“What did you just say?!”


Opps… Did I said that out loud? I started running from him. If Quidditch would be played while running, I’d be the best player ever.


My sides were aching. I ran.


I was all sweaty. I still ran.


I was very thirsty. And I ran.


I didn’t know where I was. But I still- I got dragged into a small broom closet.


My God! I was just simply running for my life when suddenly broom closet’s door opened and a pair of arms dragged me inside.


Inside it was well lit. It was a normal broom closet. With brooms and other cleaning supplies. And it was disgusting. And it smelled funny too (I swear that caretaker spends more time terrifying the students than actually getting any care-taking done.)


What was not normal about it was the fact that there were five very unhappy looking Slytherin students. I recognized Alex Zabini, his best mate Finn MacDougal. Other three were not Seventh Years. But their faces… I knew I know them… I knew I should know them.


“Debbie,” Alex grinned at me. I could just punch him and go to my bed… But I bet it’s a crime to punch someone as hot as Alexander Zabini. I could just say I high-fived his face…


I raised my right hand to punch him, I mean to high-five his face – when I felt someone’s tight grip on it.


“Oh no. Bad Ravenclaw. Bad.” Someone’s hot breath was on my neck. The voice was so full malice… It was scary. I was brave for a Ravenclaw. I was cunning for a Ravenclaw. I was evil for a Ravenclaw. But who could be more cunning and more evil than a true Sytherin?


I turned to see that evil bastard who caught my hand. I didn’t recognize him. He had black hair, brown eyes. Probably was a Sixth Year. “Who the fuck are you?” I spat. Ravenclaws too could do cocky.


“Ace, let her go.” Alex ordered and the boy listened. “Deborah.” Alex, who seemed to be the leader of this weird group, rolled my name in his mouth. He was probably enjoying himself. He finally got an Illegal cornered. And not just any Illegal - me. The one who always said no to his stupid ideas. I always used my charm on Slytherins, but now I was just too gross and tired.


“Deeeeebooooraaah.” Alex again just said my name.


“What, what? Just spit it out, Slytherin, I have no time for this-” I waived my hands around, “This idiocy.” I spat and made Alex laugh.


“Always bossing people around, Mint? That’s not always charming.” Bossing… Bossy. Was I bossing Slytherins around? I didn’t feel like I could do it. Right now I was just tired and maybe even scared.




“What?! I’m rapidly losing interest here,” I growled, Alex smiled even more. “Please just spit out whatever you have to say and get out of my life. And that is it with you and broom closets?!”


There was a long, tense, moment where we just stared at each other.


“You know Finn,” Alex gestured lazily to his best mate, a Seventh Year boy with dirty blonde hair. “And you already pissed off Ace,” Ace smiled at me. His smile made me shiver. He was attractive… But he was more scary than attractive. “The guy here is Aaron,” the smallest boy of the group nodded, “And this is Jagger.” The boy was probably just a Fifth Year, but he was big… He would have been a perfect Beater… He raised his fat eyebrow to nearly the start of his hairline which made his eye ball nearly pop out.


It was actually really scary.


That guy always made that face when he was playing-


“Debbie, can you guess how many people are missing our little meeting?” Alex leaned against the door. So my exit was blocked.


“Two.” I looked Alex in the eyes, hoping I was wrong. Alex smiled and nodded, his eyes never left my face. A perfect predator. So I guessed right. The missing people were Slytherin Team’s Captain and star Chaser Scorpious Malfoy and his best mate and Seeker, Oscar Burke. Two people who didn’t want us messing with Quidditch.


“Listen, Alex,” I leaned next to him, smiling. “The Illegals agreed to ummm have fun with Quidditch. We’ll talk in morning, kay?” I tried to open the doors, but Alex stopped me.


“Debbie, fun is not enough.” His voice was dark just like Ace’s was. His eyes were so dark, the abyss. They were cold and I felt his grip on my hand. It hurt.


He wasn’t happy. Having fun meant messing around a little bit. Nothing serious. Why? Because Scorpius didn’t agree.


“Get your Captain to agree and it will be more than just a little bit of fun. Scorpius will tell on us. And that is not good. I bet even you and your monkeys understand that.” I would have tried to hiss, but I was too tired for that. I pulled my wand out. “Move, Alex. For your own sake.” He grimaced. He was not happy. Well screw him. My bed needs me.


“We’re not done, Ravenclaw.” I heard Ace yell after me.


“Will we ever be done, Slytherin?” I muttered as I walked to my dorm.




It became a tradition for me to eat dinner with the Gryffindors. At first maybe it was… disgusting, boring, painful, a headache. A punishment. But after few weeks it became enjoyable. It was fun to tease Lily about Jake, how their gazes met while eating. How her lips parted and were shaped as an ‘o’, how his eyes grew huge. And how their surprise of catching each others gazes turned into big happy smiles. They were disgustingly in love.


It was fun to debate with Rose and Albus about different things, like why Professor Bletchley wore a blue sweater today. Believe me, we had a lot of why’s. We crack ourselves all the time.


It was fun to piss of Dominique.


It was fun to boss around Anthony, who seemed to do my every bidding.


It was fun to chat with James.


It was not funny how these people made me feel.


I started to see that they are not that arrogant. Yes, they were used to bossing people around, to be the center of attention. But they could be simple. Simple and cute. Even Dominique.


I remember Emer told me not to ruin everything with sentimentality. Uh, I’m too soft. Helping two love birds out was starting to make me soft… Ew.


“Deborah, you seriously need some sleep. You looked like you were ran over by a truck.” Or maybe I wasn’t turning soft. Nope. No way. Not with her around.


“Lily, all this time you were dreamingly looking at Jake, letting your soup get cold.” I sipped my coffee.


“I was not.” Lily started playing with her long red hair. It was a sing that she was nervous.


“Yes, yes you were.”


“I was not. I have no dreamy look!”


“You were. And you have. A special look for Jake only.” Disgusting if you ask me. Fifteen and already in love.


“Be quiet! James can show up any second now!” Lily looked around, her eyes narrowed. “If he knew about this…”


“If I knew about what, baby sis?” Lily jumped in her seat and gave a weird frightened sound. James was behind me. I felt his arm go around my shoulders as he sat down next to me. He smiled and drew me closer to himself. Anthony made Lily move so he could sit next to me as well. His arm was around my shoulders too. Both of them were cold, their hair messier than usual. They probably were flying.


“I was sitting there, you arsehole!” Lily hissed.


“And now you’re not.” Anthony winked at her.


“Jaaaaaaaaaames! Make him move!” I sighed as Lily whined. That was the thing I hated about her. Spoiled. Always wanting everything to go the way she wants. It was the same with everything in their family; they all had to be winners. The best. It was probably the only reason why I still had to pretend to be their friends.


 “Sorry, Lils,” James took my chocolate cookie out of my hands and put it into his mouth. “You said it yourself, you’re a big girl. And big girls don’t cry.” Anthony laughed at that.


“Hey! You stole my cookie! Now I’m about to cry!” I said as their laughter died. I tried to look very sad while I started at my dark blue nails.


“James! She’s about to cry!” Anthony sounded outraged.


“Oh my! Is she?” James joined the act. “Are you, Debbie darling?” He stroked my cheek. Close. Too close. But I still nodded.


“I know a perfect cure from crying, Debbie darling!” With those words James started tickling me and Anthony joined in. Twenty fingers were on my body, running down my sides, counting my ribs.


Ooooooh my Gooood! Stop it! Ahhhh!” I laughed. I was cornered! “It tickles! I’m dying!” I laughed and tried to get away. My feet were kicking the table.


“Oh look Fred. Free porn.” James and Anthony stopped tickling me. My face was all red from the laughter, but I still turned around to glare at Dominique.


Dominique looked perfect as always. Untouchable, sugary sweet exterior. And yet that temper was terrifying.


“At least someone is getting some sex. Unlike you. You need to let all that stress away, Dom. Don’t be jealous.” Anthony snickered. He was tickling a sleeping dragon and he was not afraid…


“Of you? Never, you disgusting pig.” Dominique shot back.


“As much as I’d love to hear about my cousin’s sex life, let’s not do it in front of little kids. We need an age limit.” James laughed. It was admirable how he was lazily sitting at the table, his dark hair ruffled and unruly, lips pulled into a devilish grin, and his legs stretched out languidly before him and he still looked superior against Dominique. It was true, James Potter could do whatever the wanted.


“Besides Dom, you should have sex only with the guy you love and who loves you.” James smiled lazily, not caring that his cousin’s face was turning an interesting shade of purple (mauve, maybe?).


I grinned, pretending I didn’t hear a long zombie like ‘yeeeeees’ that came out of Lily.


“And what about you, James? Do those girls love you?” Dominique spat darkly. Ah… All those stories about James Potter’s love life may be true.


James, completely unfazed by the fact that his cousin currently resembled a very bloodthirsty, very pissed off Hungarian Horntail, smiled. It was like walking to him. He was capable of pissing her off so easily. I was jealous of that.


“Oh Debbie darling here loves me.” He grabbed a muffin from off the table and shoved it in this mouth.


“WHAT?!” I spat my coffee out of my mouth as I heard what James said. I didn’t hear James laugh, but I felt him laughing. His body was trembling as he quietly chuckled.


“To be honest James, I don’t think anyone’s as capable as loving you as much as yourself.” Fred snickered. Today he was on Dominique’s side.


“Miss Weasley, Mister Weasley, Mister Potter, Miss Mint, Mister Diaz. It would be nice if you didn’t start a scene here. Sit down Miss Weasley, Mister Weasley.” I jumped as I heard that voice.


Oh Merlin. She had definitely heard the whole conversation between James and Dominique. She knows about my sex life – McGonagall thinks she knows about my sex life…




“Headmistress, I don’t love James, I love coffee! But it doesn’t mean that I do it with coffee. Oh my God, with that logic it’s logical that he does it with his hands. And that just wouldn’t be cool because his left arm his around my shoulders…” Shut up. Deborah, shut up. You’re talking complete crap. I nodded, grinning like an idiot. The whole Hall was quiet.


“Miss Mint… I just asked you not to make a scene…” McGonagall shook her head as she made her way to the Professor table.


Awesome. That’s why my mother got me tested if I was sane…


James and Anthony laughed… And laughed. And laughed. I personally did not find it funny.


You see I have paranoia. McGonagall was the Illegals biggest enemy. She was the justice of Hogwarts. The God of Hogwarts. The Inquisitor. And we wanted to be the devil, Lucifer… The problem was that the woman was as scary as Lucifer himself. She was Hogwarts, no – the magical worlds Chuck Norris, if you know what I mean…


And you didn’t want to screw with her…


“Oh look. I hate this part.” Anthony said as I was getting up. It was my time to run.


“Yes, yes Anthony you are right.” James agreed.


“What, what is wrong? What part?” I asked annoyed.


“Every time you make a fool out of yourself you run away.” Anthony said as he… Oooh. Well maybe he’s not an idiot after all.


“Really? I never noticed.” I grinned sheepishly. “James, we’re doing our project after you eat?”


“Nope. Sorry Deb. I got Quidditch practice. We have to get to the pitch faster than those crazy girls.”


“Seriously? Crazy girls? Like fangirls?” I asked and James nodded. “That’s pretty weird – and when I say something’s weird, you know it’s serious.”


“What can we do? Girls love us.” Anthony laughed.




While James was sweating in the Quidditch pitch I sat happily in the Library, working on our essay. I sat in the farthest and the darkest corner of the Library. Dark and antisocial. Oh the way I like it. I narrowed my eyes as I saw Joy walk in with Agatha and Xavier. Xavier was Joy’s boyfriend. Interesting guy. He was a snob, a true Ravencalw though, and looked down on anybody who wasn’t as smart as him (which would be… wait for it… everyone other than Xavier). Though, it was impossible to look down on Joy. You know what they say ‘if you can’t beat them – join them’. And that was what Xavier did.


“For what would you sell your soul?” I jumped in surprise as I felt someone’s hot breath on my skin. The person smelled like cotton candy. I looked around, but no one was standing next to me, everyone was occupied with reading… Library was for reading and not for selling your soul. Yup, it’s definitely not a place to have a chat with the good old Lucifer. Once again I looked around the library and returned my gaze to my Charms essay.


“I know, I know. It’s a hard decision. It took me a while to answer it. But my question was not ‘how much’, but ‘for what’”. I yelped in surprise as I again heard that voice, male voice. I lifted my gaze and found a boy sitting on my table, eating cotton candy.


Well, a boy was an incorrect word. The probably was fifteen, with messy- really messy- crazy dark hair. I mean a girl could walk around with hair that long and not look like a boy. He had a long nose, and his face was all sticky from the pink cotton candy.


I could feel my eyes poop out from their eye sockets. The boy grinned at me, showing his white, sharp teeth. And his eyes… they were so dark… The devil finally came to collect my soul.


Again, the boy smiled, showing more of his scary looking teeth. I winced.


“Are… are you a House Elf?” I said, but it probably sounded more like a high-pitched squeak.


“No, no, no! I’m Ian Gray, m’lady! From the noble house of Hufflepuff.” I freaking knew the Hufflepuff was a freak show… At least I knew he was human, and humans I can hex.


“Well then Ian Gray of the noble house of Hufflepuff, get out of my sight. Do I look like I work at hells reception?” I gave the boy one of my best glares.


For a moment his face showed no emotion. It was blank. It was funny actually, his tanned face, his long nose…his small lips. It all looked funny. And then he broke laughing. He laughed… With his hand slapping his knee, I could see tears collecting in his eyes. There were three things wrong with this scene:

1.We were in a Library.

2.I gave him a death glare and not said a stupid joke about three drunk wizards.

3.His laughter sounded like a pig’s squeak.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?” Madame’s Prince stopped that creature’s laughter.


“The Cerber is coming. RUN!” Boy yelled, took me by the hand and dragged out of the Library. I would have been taller than him even if I wasn’t in my heels. It was uncomfortable to run, but the brat was strong even if he didn’t look like it. My blue skirt was probably showing my butt and I left my bag in the Library.


He ran dragged me along. The corridors were full of students, they all gaped at me, being dragged and all. I saw a Seventh Year Hufflepuff student, Andie’s dorm-mate. Her name was Keiko, or Aiko, or something like that. I mouthed her ‘Help’, but she just stared at me, her eyes wide.


“Let me go!” I screamed, but he didn’t let me go. Until we reached an empty corridor.


“Who the hell do you think you are? Do you know who I am?!” I screamed at him and placed my wand at his throat. I was furious. All the blood from my body probably went up straight to my face.


For a moment the boy’s face was all blank. And then he started laughing, AGAIN. He didn’t care that my wand was pressing hard into his skin. He didn’t care that at moments he was suffocating because of the position of my wand. He just laughed. I stared at him in shock. I bet if I Avada Kedavra’ed him, his dead body would still laugh… It was that fucked up.


“That. Was. Fucking. Incredible! We out ran the Cerber!” He laughed.


I wanted to pull out every single hair in my head. “What, do you think you’re playing Dungeons & Dragons?!”


He stopped laughing and looked at me weirdly “What is that? It sounds fun! We have to try it, Deborah!” He took my hand into his, still not caring about my wand.


“Are you stalking me?” I asked, yanking my hand out of his grasp.


“Oh, I know everything about the Illegals! I know that you hired Peeves to stick gum in the keyholes of the Slytherin Seventh-Year boys’ dorm this morning, how Lysander Scarmander made a bet with you this morning that if he doesn’t sleep for 72 hours you’ll help him with his little pranks, how Lily Potter asked your help with her man problems, why your best friend is a boy and not a girl, that Scorpious Malfoy is dying for-”


“What was the last one?” I asked, my face white.


“Oooh it’s a good one, Scorpious Malfoy is dying for-“


“No, not that one, you idiot!”


Ian grinned “Oooh, well it’s not a big secret. Family problems.” This kid was even stalking my FREAKING FAMILY!


“Just tell me one good reason why I shouldn’t hex you.”


Ian grinned even more. “If you do hex me- I don’t say it wouldn’t be awesome, get hexed by an Illegal- but if you do hex me, I’ll tell everyone that you’re sabotaging the Quidditch games and I’d tell Lily’s Five Month old secret. And I know your motto ‘Our client’s names and deeds stay hidden. For a price.’” He was really happy, he was crazy about us. “I want to be an Illegal!” Ian chirped happily.


“No way.” I said as I put my wand back to its rightful place. I turned away. I have to go back to the Library to get my stuff back.


“But why nooot?” Ian whinned like a little girl.


I turned to face him, my professional smile on, “First of all: you’re a freak. Second of all: The Illegals is a sacred thing to us. We’d better burn down than let some kind of freak in.”


“But I’m not some kind of a freak! I am Ian!”


“Yes, our local Hufflepuff freak. Ian, just get out of my sight.” Before I do something very, very bad. Maybe I was being the bad guy, destroying a little boy’s dream of money making and pranking, but we dream so others could destroy our dreams. That kid is about to find out life is no fair.


I went back to the Library and took my things. Agatha was trying to hold her laughter. Joy and Xavier gave her an outraged looks. This is a library! Yes, well I can’t blame Agatha for laughing. If I saw scene of a girl being dragged out of library by a little crazy looking skinny boy… I would be dying out of laughter too.


With my head down I went to the Charms classroom where I had to meet James.


He was already there.


“You’re late. You’re never late.” He grinned, his feet on the table, hair dank like he just had a shower.


“I really thought you’d be captured by those fangirls.” I said as my shoved his feet off the table and sat next to him. I wanted to tie my hair into a ponytail, but James stopped me.


He stood up in front of me, his brown hair sticking out in every possible direction (he looked like he had spent the day poking his finger into an electrical outlet), and his hands shoved into his pockets.


“You look better this way.” He smiled.


“Hmm,” I said.


“Hmm?” asked James, eyeing me with amusement.




The third ‘hmm’ hadn’t come from either of us.


We both turned to the door and saw that little crazy Hufflepuff boy leaning against the closed door.


“Debbie would be beautiful even bold!” He declared.


I need a shotgun.


Dear Santa,

I’ve been a very bad girl. But I want- no I need a shotgun for this Christmas. I’ve been stalked too much these days.


 Debbie. X0X0.


And they say I’m spoiled.


I stared at my new stalker. Then I looked at James. He was looking weirdly at Ian, obviously not liking him. He grinned and shrugged. Then he looked right at me, the side of his narrow mouth quirked in amusement.


“Deb, why is that little freak standing there and giving you complements?” Whoever created the question ‘why’ should rot in hell.


“I’m not a freak, sir! I’m Deborah’s friend!” Ian squeaked, he was really annoyed by James mocking approach. Ian’s eyes were glowing with maniac excitement.


“Ian, we are not friends, or have you forgotten?” I said carefully. That kid was crazy and he needed to be treated with care.


“Ah, and I was afraid that freak was your friend. That would be no good for Lily.” James smiled mockingly at Ian.


“I’m so happy I fit your standards, James. Because you are so perfect.” I muttered still glaring at Ian, whose face was blank. I knew that expression was not a good sign.


“Ah, the flattery your sweet lips doth tell is music to mine ears!” James declared, and I laughed.


Ian now was truly angry. I think he has a crush on me. Oh fuck me…Wait… No, unfuck me!!!


“Deborah, you’re a bad, bad girl. I know that you know what I know and that I will tell.” James stared at Ian lazily, but I guess soon Ian will be very sorry. And what is it with people blackmailing me. I’m supposed to do the blackmail…


I sighed, knowing I’m not going to get anywhere with nice approach. I think it’s time to put on my bitching cap. It always helps!


“Ian, get the hell out of here, or you’ll wake up tomorrow with snakes for hair and an extra pair of arms.”


“That might be nice, an extra pair of arms.” Ian said.


“Not if they’re growing out of your…” I paused and smiled at him, not without malice. “Neck.”


“Yikes,” said James mildly. “Or maybe I’ll just hex him right now, get on with this Hufflepuff nonsense.” James smirked (his facial expression of choice), and drew his wand out.


 “Okay! No need, James! Ian here volunteered to help at the catholic abortion centre and he needs to be going right now.”


“What is catholic?” Ian asked, but with one movement of my wand I opened the doors and kicked Ian out.


“I hope your other friends are not like that freak.” James had his arrogant, mocking smile back on.


“Oh, you have to meet my friends. You’ll love them.” Only Eric will probably punch you for that arrogance.


Hello again. Summer is...summer-ish! Like it's suposed to be!

I hope you liked this chapter. What do you think about Ian? Creepy?

And here's a preview of the next chapter.


“YEAH,” Eric answered for me, grinning “Kill Potter."

I growled “We’re not getting people killed, so just give up, okay?”


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