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Forgiveness by nitenel
Chapter 4 : Harry & Ginny
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A/N: Apologies for the wait for the next chap of this. Snape/Lily part 2 is still in the works.

The Battle was over. The surviving Death Eaters had been captured and were under guard.

Harry slept for a full day before getting up at dawn. As he came too he was aware of a red headed girl staring at him. “Ginny?”

The girl bit her lip. “Yes?”

Harry sat up in the bed and grabbed for his glasses on the bedside table. “It’s been a while.”

“It has,” she said simply.

“How long have I been sleeping?” he asked.

“A day,” Ginny answered.

He gaped at her. “Have you been here the entire time?”

“We’ve been taking turns,” she said, pointing at the bed next to his where Kreacher was sleeping peacefully. “You hungry?”

“No,” Harry replied, standing up, “I could use a walk though.”

He made his way to the door. “Coming?”

Ginny smiled and nodded. They made their way down into the common room and out the door. Ron and Hermione were sitting on the couch, his arm around her.

“Hello,” Harry said, smiling slightly.

Hermione jumped up and ran over. “Harry! Are you okay?”

“I’ll be okay,” he said.

Ron joined Hermione and nodded to Harry. He looked suspiciously at Ginny and turned back to Harry. “Don’t hurt her.”

Harry raised his eyebrows and glanced at Ginny. She was glaring at Ron angrily. Before anything could happen he changed the subject. “So you two are officially together now?”

They glanced at each other and blushed. Harry grinned widely at them before Ginny pushed him out of the common room.

He followed her down the winding staircases, self conscious of all the stares he was getting. Ginny ignored them, too focused on where she was going.

Finally, they reached the tree that had been there hideout in his sixth year and her fifth year. It seemed like a lifetime ago.

“Harry,” murmured Ginny, turning around suddenly.

“Ginny,” said Harry tentatively, “I want to say that –“

She interrupted him by putting up her hand. “You hurt me Harry.”

He nodded slowly. “I know and –“

She interrupted him again. “You left me.”

“And I’m –“

“And now you’ve come back. Expecting forgiveness,” she said.

“Yes I know –“

“I’ve thought about you a lot, Harry,” said Ginny quietly. “When I was being tortured, I thought of you. They tortured me because they thought I knew where you were.”

“But you didn’t.”

Ginny rolled her eyes and said dryly, “Well spotted. But that’s beside the point.”

“I love you,” said Harry suddenly.

“And then you come back and – wait what?” said Ginny, her eyes confused.

“I love you,” repeated Harry more confidently.

“You love me,” said Ginny taken aback.

“I guess there weren’t any pretty veelas after all,” murmured Harry softly.

“I guess there weren’t any,” said Ginny quietly.

Harry leaned down to kiss her but she backed up and hit him on the shoulder. “Harry! I’m not done talking to you!”

He stood back up. “I’m sorry.”

“You should be,” said Ginny icily. “Here I am, trying to have a heart to heart and you try to kiss me.”

“My heart wants yours,” Harry pointed out. “Doesn’t that make it a heart to heart?”

Ginny’s eyes softened. “In a way.”

“So therefore I can kiss you right?” said Harry alluringly.

Sighing, Ginny said, “I suppose you could then.”

Harry leaned down again and kissed her on the lips. All too soon Ginny pulled back, smiling slightly.

“Can I take that as an apology accepted then?” whispered Harry.

“I suppose you can,” Ginny whispered back before leaning up to kiss him again.

A/N: Well that was the corniest thing I’ve ever written. I might go vomit. But my thoughts don’t matter. What are yours?

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