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MoonFlower by Invisible_Prongs
Chapter 1 : Selene Flora
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“Sirius, oh, Sirius,” calls a female’s voice

I get up from the couch in the common room. I hear someone on the stairs and I follow the footsteps. I rake my hand through my hair and I hear giggling. I get to the dorm door and I hear the giggling from with in. I open the door and see Selena Flora.

“You took long enough,” she says with a wicked grin.

I am stunned on the spot at the sight of her. She is lying on my bed with very little on. I see a white silk robe on the floor. I smile and look at her. I look at her white blonde hair that frames her face and her deep blue eyes. They glisten off the moonlight and I feel my heart beat quicken as my eyes travel to her body. She is in nothing but a white lacy bra and underwear. I suck in a breath as she gets to her feet and comes towards me. The way the moon glistens off of her and makes her skin sparkle becoming more alluring. She is in front of me and I am unable to blink. I look at her lips and they look soft. They look as soft as two clouds of pink. I feel her hand trace the side of my face. I was so feathery light that I just noticed it.

“Are you okay?” she asks as she loosens my tie and takes it then drops it on the floor.

“Selena?” I say huskily.

She giggles and brushes her lips on mine. I place my hand on the side of her face and am about to kiss her.




“Padfoot, it time to get up,” calls James loudly through my curtains,

I open my eyes and groan.

“I hate you, Prongs,” I say opening the curtains

“You were having the Moonflower Dream again,” says James with a grin.

“Yeah, and you ruined it,” I say as I get out of bed.

I pick up articles of clothing that make up a uniform and head to the bathroom.

“Dream, so good you need a cold shower,” I hear James call

“Shut it, Prongs,” I yell back.

I go into the bathroom and turn on the shower on Cold. I strip my boxers and step in. I only leave it cold for a few minute and then turn the water to hot. I get done with a shower and dry off. I pull on my school uniform and then fix my hair to sit just so. I walk out and James is still laughing.

“I said, shut it or I’ll tell lily you have a pair of her panties,” I say

“I do not,” he says going red

“Really, Prongs,” says Remus

“Moony, I think he doth protest too much,” I say as I exit the dorm.

I walk into the common room and out the portrait hole. I am halfway to the great hall and I notice Selena in front of me. I walk quicker so I am up next to her.

“Hey Moonflower,” I smile

“Hey Black,” she says

The way she said my last name changed. It was less anger and there was a different emotion. I would bet most of my money on love but I won’t say it out loud.

“Did you need something?” she asks

“Um…yeah,” I say looking at her

“What might that be?” she asks

“You, me, astronomy tower, and midnight,” I say

“Why would I waste my time with you?” she asks

“Moonflower, you know you want me. Under all the ice is a heart that only beats for me,” I say with a grin.

“Really,” she says coming toward me and I step backwards as she does this. My back hit’s the wall and my eyes widen as she takes out her wand then point it at me.

“Now Selena, you don’t have to do this,” I say and lean forward kiss her lips

“Oh but I do black. You stepped over the line, temperantia virga,” she growls

I feel my back, butt, back of the legs and arms stick to the wall and she smiles.

“Now that you are stuck,” she smile then knees me three times.

“…that…was … unnecessary,” I gasp

“It will teach you to beware in the future. See you black,” she says.

I watch her hips sashay down the corridor and out of sight. I hang there for 5 minutes before the guys catch up.

“Padfoot, you kissed her,” says James

“Prongs, I don’t see you kissing Evans,” I say

“He is also not stuck to the wall,” says Remus

“Moony, let me down,” I say

“Alright, what spell did she use?” he asks

“Temperantia Virga,” I reply

He does the counter and I fall flat on my face. I groan and lay there a few minutes.

“Any day now,” says James

“You try getting kneed three times,” I say

“She…” James couldn’t finish

I get up and mock storm off. I hear the guys catch up to me.

“So, what was it like?” ask James

“Better than the dream,” I say

We had breakfast and James got dejected by Lily. We get to our first class and I pick a seat behind her. Selene’s blond hair shimmered in the sun light. It is really warm in there to begin with and now it is warmer for her just being in the room. Professor Binns floats though the chalkboard and starts talking about boring blah blah stuff. I slowly drift to sleep from the mono tone of Binns voice to the warmth of the room.




“An empty classroom really, Selene,” I smile

“Well, it is empty and kind of dirty. We are going to do something dirty,” says Selene

We enter the classroom and she starts undoing my tie. I smile as I work on her shirt buttons. She basically pulls my shirt apart and my breath catches at the white lacey bra. I feel her fiddling with my belt and I unzip the side of her skirt.

“I love you Sirius,” she says as she starts sucking on my neck.

“I love you, Moonflower,” I smile

I pull her face to mine and I start snogging her. I walk her backwards to the professor’s desk. I wrap my arms around her.




“PADFOOT, WAKE UP!” says a voice that sounds like James’s.

I wake up and come face to face with James. I fall back wards and then flee the room. I make my way to the kitchens before I drop to the floor. I am panting and I smack myself a few times.

“She is messing with my head,” I growl

I tickle the pear and enter the kitchens. I am instantly greeted by the house elves.

“How can Jazzie help you?” asks Jazzie the house elf

“Um… a big piece of chocolate cake and a glass of milk,” I say

“Jazzie gets it,” says Jazzie and disappears.

She returns in a shortly with both. I take the fork and shovel some of the cake in my mouth. I finish the cake and down some of the milk. I walk out of the kitchen just as the bell rings and I walk quicker through the halls. I am about to enter when I feel a hand on my shoulder. I look to see who it is and it is James.

“What with the getaway?” says James

“Don’t, Please,” I beg

“She has a hold on you. It is really bad. You make James look like he is somewhat sane,” says Remus

“I know and it is aggravating. She is in all my dreams,” I say walking away from the portrait and toward the Room of Requirements.

“You were trying to snog me mate,” says James

“There is something worse,” I say pacing and thinking I need a place to talk with my friends and something to forget.

The door appears and I open the door and enter. The boys follow me in and the room looks like the common room but has bottles of fire whiskey.

“What is worse, Padfoot?” asks Remus

“Well, Moony. In the dream I had in class I told Selene I loved her,” I say

“That is bad?” asks Peter

“Yes, it is that might mean I actually love her,” I say picking up a bottle.

“So you are basically Prongs with Evans only with Selene,” says Remus

“I am not as pathetic as he is,” I say opening a bottle and downing some.

“I am not pathetic. At least I don’t try and kiss my best mate,” he shot back

“Not from what you did to peter,” I say making a face.

I down some more of the bottle.

“His kind of gots you there Prongs,” says Peter making a face of disgust.

I chuckle and down the last of the bottle.

“So what are you going to do?” Remus asks

“Confront her. Snog her and then die,” I say as I open another bottle and down it.

“Pads, slow down,” says James taking the bottle that was still half full from me.

“Guys, I just thought of something,” I say

“What?” asks Peter

I sprint from the room and go down different hall. I spot her in the corner alone.

“Selene,” I say sitting next to her

“Yes?” she says

“Give me a chance,” I say

“Sure,” she says

“Fine… you said sure,” I say confused

“The truth is… I like you a lot,” she says

I pinch myself and say, “Ow.”

“Why did you pinch yourself?” she asks

“Making sure I am not hallucinating or sleeping,” I reply

Ha, take that James, I think.


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