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Hidden Away by Skyler315
Chapter 6 : Revealing the story
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 Over the next week, I learned and observed many interesting things. First of all, I learned that it was very hard to get people to shut up about my little stunt at the tryouts. By the time I had finished with my shower that night, practically the whole school knew. Which, for the record, is not a very good way of blending in at a new school. Pretty much every time I entered a room, people would stare at me. I also learned that all the Potters/ Weaselys were very close to each other. They would all eat a meal together once a week too, and catch up with each other. I thought this was very nice, although it did make me miss my brother a lot. The Marauders all became brothers to me, and they were almost always by my side, except when we were in class. All my teachers were amazed at my ability with wandless and wordless magic, and my skill at the magical levels at which they taught. Although, it really wasn’t very hard when I had learned all the stuff at least four years before. I had also found a room that James called the Room of Requirement. The room granted you anything you wanted besides food, but that was easy enough since I also knew where the kitchens were. But I now went every day to keep training for the WDB. Just because I was in hiding didn’t mean I could get lazy. Although that only let me do weights, and practice my muggle fighting. I couldn’t work on my wizarding training because I didn’t have anyone to duel, battle, or shoot random curses at me to test my reflexes.  I also learned a lot about my new friends.

Rose Weasely was fun, but also quite serious about her schoolwork. She was the only one besides Lily who could really keep the entire family in check. She was very talented with magic, and was quite smart, but she was also a major Quidditch fan. Even though she didn’t play, she was always in the stands cheering on the players for Gryffindor, and she even sometimes commentated. Rose was quite pretty, she had red hair and hazel eyes, and freckles dotted her face, although she was not the type of red head were there isn’t a single spot not occupied by a freckle. She just had a little dusting of them.

Dom Weasely was a whole different story all together. She was part veela, making her absolutely gorgeous. She was somewhat of a player as far a girls go, although she was nowhere near a slut. She just thought that girls should be able to have as much fun as boys did, and she practiced what she preached. There was just no other way to put it. Dom was really good at quidditch as she was a chaser on the team, and even though she was part veela, she was not afraid to get down and dirty. Overall, surprisingly, she was a little bit more a tom boy. She didn’t put too much work into her appearance as she was gorgeous no matter what, but she never spent hours getting ready for anything except for dances. (We had very late night talks in the dorms, that’s where I found out most of this information.)

Louis Weasely, Dom’s little brother, was very interesting. He was also part veela, obviously, and was pretty bloody gorgeous if I do say so myself. Even though he was a fifth year, he was extremely toned, and looked like a blonde Greek god or something. He didn’t pay quidditch because his mother had banned him because his grades last year weren’t the best and she wanted him to focus more on his O.W.L.S. It turns out that I took his spot on the team, not that I necessarily took it, more liked replaced it, but whatever.

Hugo Weasely, Rose’s little brother was also quite interesting. He was a little bit more quiet than the rest of the Wotter clan. He was also in fifth year, and was best friends with Lily and Louis. They were all pretty popular, and hung out with each other most of the time. Hugo, also somewhat shy and timid, was absolutely brilliant. He took after his mum, as did Rose, but he was more focus on the academic side of things than sports. 

Lily Potter was absolutely one of a kind. She was sweet and caring, but she also had a temper that lived up to both her mother and grandmother’s names, and lungs that could rival a banshee. She didn’t usually get too mad at people outside of her family, but if she ever did, I believe that they had a right to fear for their lives. All of Lily’s family were used to her threats by now, although she was still quite scary. Lily was an amazing seeker, taking after both her father and grandfather. She had a great personality, and was very humorous as well. She enjoyed playing pranks on people almost as much as her brother did, but she would do it a little bit more subtly.  She was also very pretty, with deep auburn hair, streaked with black, and emerald green eyes. She looked like a perfect mix of her mother and father.

Albus Potter was also becoming one of my best friends over the short week I had been at Hogwarts. Even though he was in Slytherin, he was very nice and smart. I had heard a lot of stories about Slytherin’s being stuck up evil beings, but after my first lesson that I was paired up with Al, we just sort of clicked. Apart from the Marauders, he was my favorite person to be with. He was also very handsome, and he looked almost like an exact replica of his father at his age, but without the glasses to hide his emerald green eyes. He had untamable messy black hair, which I thought was kind of cute, but annoyed him to no end. Albus was quite smart, and had a depth about him that most boys his age lacked. He wasn’t like emotional or anything, but he wasn’t afraid to show emotion or talk about things that were very deep. He was like another brother to me, and we grew closer as each day passed. All was also in sixth year, and had the same classes as me because he was planning on becoming an auror so we had quite a few classes together meaning we got to talk and hang out a lot. Albus was also on the Slytherin quidditch team, in fact, he was the captain. He was a chaser, just like James, and he was also quite good.

Scorpius Malfoy was Albus’ best friend. He was also a Slytherin, and was similar to Al in that he was not the usual Slytherin stereo-type. He was polite, although also quite the player, and had a love interest in Rose, although Rose did not return his sentiments. He was good looking,  and very toned, just like most of the Wotter’s because they all played quidditch, even if they weren’t on a team. Scorpius was a Seeker on the Slytherin quidditch team, and was good enough to even rival Lily. He was funny, and nice, and overall was very fun to be around.

Roxanne Weasely was Fred’s twin sister, and was like him in more ways than you could count. She was mischievous, gorgeous, a tom boy, and a very good beater. She was also very pretty with the Weasely red hair and hazel eyes. She was sensitive when she had to be, but mostly, she was just one of the guys.

Lucy and Molly were both interesting, and nice, although they were nothing compared to the rest of their family. They were smart and studious, constantly at their studies, although much more alive and fun than their father, Percy. I didn’t really spend much time with them, so I didn’t know them very much, or much about them for that matter.

Then, there were the Marauders. Let’s start with James Potter. First off, he was gorgeous, just like Al. He took after his father, although he got his mother’s hazel eyes, which were speckled with emerald green. He was tall and muscular, and was in great shape from quidditch. He was hilarious, and loved to prank people, and had a great since of humor. He was a leader, and the school worshiped him. Of course, he loved every minute of it, and was somewhat arrogant because of that. But with all that said and done, he was amazing. He was like a big brother to me, protecting me like Michael could no longer do. It made me happy that he came so closely to filling the brotherly position in my life, although no one could ever replace Michael.

Fred Weasely was almost exactly like James in his sense of humor and in his tendencies. They were both players, loved to play pranks, and loved being around people. They also protected their family, even if that meant that none of their girl siblings or cousins could have dates except for Dom because it was very hard to control her. Fred was very handsome as well, and had tanned skin with dark red hair.

Dylan Cross was very studious, although he also loved a good prank. He was a little bit more respectful than the other boys, but was still outgoing and lovable. He was quite handsome as well with a toned body even though he didn’t play quidditch. He wanted to be a healer one day, so he focused a lot more on his studies than the other boys. 

Matt Parker was a little less on the bright side, but that was okay because he was lovable anyways. He was also quite cute just like the rest of the boys, but was a little bit more laid back when he did things with them. He came up with many great pranks,  but most of the ideas were just brainstorming that happened to be brilliant. He was a pureblood, but had no prejudices about muggle borns, it just meant he didn’t know a lot about the muggle world. So, in all actuality, he wasn’t actually on the slow side, he just didn’t know about things he wasn’t really used to in his world.  He was only  clueless when it came down to emotions, and knowing when to stop talking about things. But, guess that was just a gene that missed him in the gene pool. 

The last thing that I learned was that the DADA teacher was the Potter’s godbrother, Teddy Lupin. He was married to Victorie, Dom’s sister, and used to be and auror. I had actually done a mission with him a couple years back, but of course he didn’t remember me, because not only had I been a lot younger, but I looked quite different. He had quite the previous year after doing it for six years because he had married Vic, and she didn’t want him in that much danger. So this year he came to Hogwarts to be a DADA teacher. He was actually a very cool teacher and very close to his family, but I figured I could trust him to keep a secret from his family. All I had to do was see how much I thought I could trust him, because I really needed to start training again.


It was my second Friday since I had arrived at Hogwarts, and I was in DADA with the seventh years.  

“Alright class, wands out, books away.” Instructed Lupin. We all did as we were told, although all I had to do was put my books away.

“Today we will be working on our patronus. Can any of you already cast a fully formed patronus?” I along with three other people in the class raised out hands, including James and Fred. “Very good. Now would you all like to come up to the front of the class and demonstrate for us? Miss Clark, how about you go first?” I did as I was told and walked up to the front of the class. I turned around and lazily waved my hand. My phoenix appeared in front of me, the class watching in awe as it gracefully swooped around the room before coming down in a steep dive. I waved my hand again and it disappeared, right before if would have made contact with a desk.

“Very good Miss Clark, very good indeed. That is an interesting patronus form you have there, only the pure of heart can have pheonix’s as their patronus.”

That took the breath out of me. I had only had one other person say that to me, and that was my mother, the day before she died. We had been reading a story where the character had had a phoenix as their patronus and I had told her mine would be one day because phoenixes were my favorite animal. She had laughed her tinkling laugh and hugged me tightly telling me it would be one of the proudest days of her life if my patronus was a phoenix because to have a phoenix you had to have a pure heart. It was a year after she had died and I was eight years old did I manage to cast my first patronus. I had cried for hours that night because my mother was no longer there to tell me how proud she was of me that I had managed to make my patronus a phoenix.

I nodded my head blinking back tears as I took my seat at the back of the room again. All the Marauder’s eyes were on me since I shared this class with them. I slowly shook my head at them, silently telling them not to ask. A look of understanding shot through James’ eyes as he gave me a sympathetic smile before heading up to the front of the class to cast his patronus. It turns out James’ was also a stag, which was only fitting as that was his father’s and grandfather’s patronus as well. Next a boy in the class named Troy Garabellabs went to the front and cast his leopard patronus. Lastly Fred went up and cast his patronus. His was an ostrich, which made the entire class burst out laughing. I noted that I was the only one that didn’t have to say the spell out loud, let alone shout it like Troy had to.

Professor Lupin went up to the front of the room and continued teaching after congratulating those of us who were able to cast our patronuses. He then had everybody practicing casting them until it was time for dismissal.

“Coming, Skyler?” James asked as he finished packing up his bag.

“Yeah, just give me a moment. I have to talk to Teddy really quickly, and then I will be out.”

“Okay,” he nodded as he turned to go, but not before giving me a questioning look. Once the entire class had filed out, I went up to Lupin’s desk and waited for him to turn around.

“Miss Clark, what a surprise! Is there something that I can help you with?”

I smiled before responding.

“Teddy, I think we went over this when James introduced us. When there is no class going on you call me Skyler and I call you Teddy. But, yes, there is something you can help me with.”

“And what might that be?”

“Sir, I can trust you, right?” I asked, suddenly becoming very serious.

“Of course! You have my word.”

“If I told you something, you would keep it a secret, and never speak of it to anyone, not even your family? It would be kept strictly confidential?”  

“Well, that depends on what it is. If it is something terribly bad, or something that puts you in danger, than I could never agree to such a thing.”

“Well, I don’t know if you would consider it bad or not. I highly doubt it, but if it makes you feel better, McGonagall knows, and she is fine with it.”

“In that case, I suppose I can agree to your proposition. Although, I would assume that you would want this to be private?”

“Of course, Professor. No one must know right now except for McGonagall.”

“Well, in that case, why don’t you come back here around five, after lessons. Because in about thirty seconds students will be arriving for class.” He added with a wink.

“Thank you, Professor. See you at five!” I called back as I exited the room. Sure enough as I exited, I passed the first student heading into his class. Exactly thirty seconds from when Teddy had said they would show up. That man was good, I had to give him that.


I showed up to lunch with Al and Scorpius. We had just come from potions and I was starving!

“How about you come eat with us slimy Slytherins today?” Scorpius asked with a smirk on his face.

“I’d like that. Lead the way, Sire!” I uttered back with an old English accent. Al and Scorp laughed and started leading the way to the Slytherin table. On the way though, we were intercepted by James and Fred.

“Hey, lil bro!” James said as he ruffled Al’s hair. Al just gave him a bemused look and raised one eyebrow.

“Now, I know that you didn’t just suddenly make time to come ruffle my hair up, so what’s the real reason you’re here?” Al asked.

“Always assuming an ulterior motive!” James said looking mock appalled.  Al just raised his eyebrow again and James sighed.

“Fine! I came over here to tell Skyler we had practice at 5:30 tonight.”

“Umm…about that. I have a meeting with Teddy tonight at five, and I’m not quite sure when that will end. But the second it does, I promise I will book my arse down to the pitch! I’m sorry!”

James just shook his head sadly before smirking. You know, that was one thing that I noticed about James. Most of the Potters/Weaselys actually. They mostly smirked or grinned, but I had yet to see one of the boys full out smile yet.

“That’s fine, Sky. Just make sure you are down there as soon as you can. Later!”

Surprisingly, no one questioned me about what my meeting with Teddy was actually about. This was a relief to me, because I really didn’t feel like coming up with a cover story. The rest of lunch passed with a lot of small talk and joking with the boys. Then suddenly, classes were over for the day, and it was time for my meeting with Teddy.


I knocked on the door of Teddy’s office before entering. Inside he had set up a table that had tea and a couple of biscuits on it. Teddy was behind his desk with his reading glasses on, probably grading essays.

“I figured you might want something to eat since this will cut into your dinner, and I heard James was making you go to quidditch practice again tonight. What, is that the fourth this week? He must really want to win the cup this year. I’ve heard you are actually a pretty amazing player as well. That must help him a lot in reaching that goal.” Teddy said from behind his desk as he stood up and started walking toward the table.

“Actually, that kind of ties in to what I want to tell you. Now, the reasons that I chose to tell you this is that not only are you the DADA teacher, but you were also an auror for six years. Now, before I tell you anymore, I need your word once again that you will tell no one of this, and never talk to anyone about it except for me and McGonagall.”

“I promise, Skyler. Now, I have a feeling that this is going to take a long explanation, so please sit down.” He motioned for me to sit, and once I had, I decided to start my story.

“To start out with, how much do you remember about the Wizarding Defense of Britain for your auror training?”

“A lot, actually. But I am not supposed to talk about the WDB, how do you know about it? People aren’t supposed to unless they are aurors.”

“Unless they are aurors, or a part of it, mind you. Ever heard of the Elite Team?”

“Yes…they are the top most ranking agents they have. They have all been trained from a young age, and go on the most dangerous missions. But they are also kept secret from the outside world. How do you know of them? I only know because I went on a mission with them once.”

“When you went on a mission with them, do you remember a small brown haired, brown eyed girl?”

“Yes, although I can’t remember her name. I think I mostly worked with her brother. What does that have anything to do with it?”

“That has something to do with it because that little girl’s name was Skyler Marie Clark. And you worked with my brother. I have been on the E.T. since I was seven. My parents were the best agents, and some of the best wizards the world had ever seen. They had been on the E.T. together but when I was six they went on a mission. They were supposed to return for my seventh birthday, but when they never came, we got a call saying that they had been murdered by an organization called Command. I can quite honestly say that that was the worst birthday in my life. But anyway, my brother Michael and I got offered positions on the team. I’ve trained every day since then, and I’ve been on about seventy two missions in the past nine years.  Apparently I’m in a lot of danger at the moment, so they sent me here for the year to stay hidden. They changed my appearance, gave me a legend (a background story), and told me to keep training. They told me it was just because some people were looking for me because I am very powerful, but I know a lot more than they think I do. It turns out, they want me dead because I am the most powerful witch to ever exist because my parents were both so powerful. Not only can I do it all wandlessly, but I have three times the power of a normal wizard. And the ‘they’ that wants me dead is Command.  Command also has another reason to want me dead, which is that I might have killed many of their agents. It wasn’t willingly, mind you, but that doesn’t change anything to them. A couple months ago, right after I turned 16, they held me hostage for a month before I finally escaped. They had tortured me every day for information that I never gave them, and had to kill ten of their top agents to escape. When I made it back to the WBD, I was in very bad mental  health because of the long extents of the Cruciatus curse, and other means of torture, and was barely conscious. They restored me back to my previous health, and decided to ship me off here.

 Now, this is where you come in. I’ve found the Room of Requirement so I can still continue my training. You know, the basic things you would have to do, running, weights, muggle fighting. But I don’t have anyone to duel, or test my reflexes by randomly shooting curses at me. I need to stay at the top of my game, and not get rusty. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to help me train. Whether you just want to do drills you would do as an auror, and randomly shoot hexes at me and things like that, that would be wonderful. So what do you say?”

Teddy looked at me for a long time, studying me. It was hard to read his expression. It was a mix of awe, respect, and confusion.

“I’ll do it, but I want to talk to McGonagall first. And also, how did the quidditch tie into that?” He added with a smirk.

“Right. On to the fun parts of my life. Quidditch was all the boys favorite past times, and we played it almost every day for hours on end. Some of the greatest quidditch players ever would come and play with us sometimes too! Of course, they would always erase their memories afterwards, but atleast I learned from the best! But that is also why my magic is so good as well. They’ve been teaching me since I was seven, and no one approved of selling me a wand that young, and since no other wand worked for me, they taught me wandless magic.”

“I see. Now, anything else that I should know about before we start training?”

“Well, I don’t know how much this would affect anything, but I also am an animagus. I turn into a phoenix.”

“That’s incredible! I’ve never heard of one so young!"

"Yeah, well, once again it wasn't willingly. I actually had to become an animagus to escape from the enemy one time. If I wasn't one, I would be dead right now."

"Well, I would continue this conversation, but look at the time! Off you go!”

And with that, I left the room and headed down to the quidditch pitch, only two minutes late.


So I hope you all liked this chapter. I wanted it to give some more depth to the characters, and I hope I did that okay. I also wanted to explain a little bit more of Skyler’s story so I figured one of the best ways to do that was to have her explain it to another character. I also wanted to give her more depth, and make her not seem so perfect. You will find out more of her flaws later, don’t worry! She is just good at hiding things. Anywho, hope you liked it! It would mean the world to me if you read and reviewed! Love you all!!! And by the way, over 600 reads so far! Yay!!!



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