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Rebel in love by RegulusSiriusGirl
Chapter 31 : Caps, Rings, I Do's, Dances, and Do Not Disturbs and Oh yeah the Epilogue to Hogwarts
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"I can't believe its graduation already," Ami said quietly, "this is the last time, we'll sit together, all of us, beside the lake".


I leaned against James and sighed, Ami was right, after this our real life began. I won't be waking up surrounded by my friends, I wouldn't have the House Elf's making me meals, no more sneaking into the kitchens for a snack, no more Room of Requirement .... no more Hogwarts.


We had no more classes, we just spent out days milling about, Scorpius and Rose, Tia and Albus, Devon and Joey, Ami and Matt, James and I and .... Lucas. Okay, I have to admit, I wasn't that angry anymore, since I got back with James I had pretty much been Santa Claus on crack, so we decided to put everything behind us, James had forgiven him and soon they were sharing rude jokes again. Clean slate. New slate.


"I don't wanna leave," I said softly. James wrapped his arms around me and kissed the side of my head.


"Tell me about it," Devon murmured, "we're never gonna have this kind of life again".


"Unless we become teachers" Joey said absent-mindly, we all looked at each other and then burst out laughing.


"Oh, yeah, because we have stuff to teach people," Scorpius snorted, Rose was lying next to him and dug him with her elbow, "what was that for?" he asked, rolling onto his side.

"Speak for yourself, I have lots to teach," she said, "I was the head of the-"


"Duelling club captain since second year" we all finished for her.


"Oh shut up, the lot of you" she said, blushing, Scorpius just grinned and nuzzled into her shoulder.


"So, what are we going to do then when we graduate people?" Lucas said, he was leaning against a tree, writing a letter (yet another one) to my newly found cousin India.


"Quidditch," James and Devon said at the same time.


"Yeah, like we didn't see that one coming" I rolled my eyes, James grinned and dug his fingers into my sides slightly making me squeal.


"How about you Matt?" Lucas asked, eyebrow raised, "not tempted by Quidditch?".


"I was only in it for the fun and the fame and the babes," he winked, Ami turned around and raised an eyebrow, "you are my babes, babe" he said kissing the side of her head gently.


"Not sure you should of used the plural sense mate," Joey laughed.


"How about you Tia?" I asked, "what are your plans?".


"Well," she said, looking up from her daisy chain, "actually I want to be an Auror".


I think I could safely speak for everyone when I said, 'Oh My Merlin!'. Tia is the sweetest thing alive! Seriously, she could get away with anything I'm sure, even if there were a hundred witnesses, they'd all be like, "No, that couldn't of been Tia, she's too sweet".


"Really?" Ami asked, trying not to show her surprise.


"Yeah, I think it is a fulfilling job with lots of oppertunities" she glanced at us all and smirked, "gotcha, I'm only joking, I still want to be an Unspeakable".


I let out a breath, "Thank god" I said, "I can breathe again".


"What you wanting to do darling?" Tia asked Albus, who was sitting opposite her, waiting for his daisy chain.


"Not sure, but Auror was a thought" he said, watching Tia tie the daisy chain around his wrist, he gave it a smile "so replacing my watch".


"Dude, that is so gay" James snorted, "you wouldn't catch me wearing a flower bracelet".


"Thats right" I nodded, I reached down, "you get a daisy tiara", I put it on his head and he gave me a look, "you look so pretty" I smiled at him and patted his cheek.


"Woah, who's that pretty lady" Joey winked at him.


"Yeah, ooh la la" Matt wriggled his eyebrows.


"Such a lovely lady boy" Lucas laughed.


"Shut up," James said, hugging me closer, "your lucky I love you so much, Halliwell".


The girls and I giggled as the boys continued making comments to James, who started hamming it up. Just then Dominique and Lily came down to join us.


"Hey Graduaters" Lily said smiling, plopping down next to Albus and Tia, "nervous?".


"Only two more hours untill you leave Hogwarts" Dom said, sitting next to Ami and Matt, "I can't believe it".


"I can," Lily said grinning, "no more brothers to annoy me," Albus elbowed her and she retaliated with a quickly delivered noogie.


"You'll miss us 'sis" James said smiling, "I'm too awesome to not miss".


"I'll miss Rose more," she said, nodding to her, "she's like my sister," she glanced at Dom, "as well as Dominique".

"Damn right" Dom said, smiling sweetly, "you can't not include me".


Rose smiled, "I'll miss you too Lil's".


"We all will" I said, James hugged me tighter, "especially your big brother".


"Course I will" he said in a serious tone.


We all stayed silent, not knowing what else to say.


"I want a daisy chain," Lucas suddenly said, "it's graduation I need one!".


"Me too!" Joey said louder, "we can't leave without one,".


"Theres none here," Albus said quickly, "we should go find some".


"Agreed" Matt said and they all got up together at the same time, leaving quickly to go and 'find daisies'. We all stared after them and then burst out laughing.

"Daisy chains my ass," Devon giggled.


"Yeah, they're away to cry" I said, "it's actually dead cute".


"Isn't it," Tia smiled.


"My man stays strong," Rose said, winking at Scorpius who grinned back.


"Yeah, if I want to cry then I'll cry" Scorpius said, he glanced at me, "though I wouldn't say no to a daisy tiara?".





Graduation, I really couldn't believe it. As I got ready into my black gown with the Gryffindor crest, which I had worn proudly for seven years and cap with a golden tassle, thats when it hit me ...


I was leaving Hogwarts...


I couldn't help but get a lump in my throat, no more would I wake up next to my girlfriends, no more will we sit next to each other in the Great Hall, no more will I go and visit Rover in the Owlery, no more Boat House, no more Lake and feeding the Giant Squid, no more Room of Requirement. No more.


Now, I'd start to live my life, and the best bit? I get to start it with James. My boyfriend.


"I can't believe its over," Rose said, gently stroking the four poster bed that she had been sleeping in for the past seven years, "someone else will be staying here, and it won't be me".


"I know," Devon glanced around, "so many happy memories here".


"Some bad ones too," Ami said glancing at hers, and I knew she was thinking about when she and Matt had split up for a short while and she was depressed.


"But we beat them," Tia smiled sadly, "just like we always do".


We all stayed silent and mulled over the fact that this was it (I still can't believe it!). I remembered the first night I stayed here, I was only friends with Tia and we started playing 'Would You Rather?' and then Devon joined in, then Ami and Rose (who were already friends) joined in and that was what cemented our friendships, and that night I gained four best friends.

"Right now, would you rather be eating Flobberworm slime or licking a hairy mans back"


"Oh Alix, you are disgusting," Rose sighed.


"Oh come on, in first year we were all coming out with worst ones" I laughed.


Devon thought for a minute, "I'd take the Flobberwom slime".


"Me too," Ami agreed, "can't stand hairy backs".


"Oh they're both as bad as each other" Tia shuddered, "but I'd rather the hairy back".


"Eww Tia!" Ami cried out, "thats disgusting".


"What?" she said widening her eyes, "do you know what is actually in Flobberworm slime?".


"But you might get a hair stuck in your-"

Tia squealed "Ami shut up!" she threw a pillow at her, "it's not like we actually have to do it!".


"Dog pile!" I shouted, and jumped on top of Tia on the bed, she started to giggle and began to tickle my sides.


"Ah! Tia!" I giggled helplessly, "quit it!".


Rose, Ami and Devon all looked at each other and then gave me a smirk, "Tickle time!" they all shouted and ran over to join in the tickling.


"No!" I shrieked, wriggling around but unable to escape the tickling, "please, haha, we're gonna be late!".


They relented and we all shared a smile to each other. "I'm gonna miss this" I said, welling up. We weren't going to be with each other everyday, we'd be lucky to see each other a lot. Albus and Tia have applied to Merlin University, where they would stay. Ami and Matt already had a flat in London, Rose would be staying at her parents for a little longer. Devon's parents had saved up so she had a flat all furninshed waiting for her in Glasgow.


As for me, well, I hadn't figured that out yet.


"Me too," Rose said, her voice was wavering, "I love you girls".


"Group hug babes," Devon smiled, even she was tearing up.


We all just gripped each other, all four of us. Hugging tightly, not wanting to let go but sadly, we had too.




"Michael Aaronson, Hufflepuff"


We all clapped as we watched Michael go up and recieve his diploma and shake hands with Headmistress McGonnagal.


I was sitting with the rest of the H's, luckily for me, Matt was next to me, so I had someone to sit with while I waited.


"I can't believe seven years has gone by so fast" he said.


"Tell me about it, we're not gonna be Potion buddies anymore" I whispered sadly.


"And thats a bad thing?" he said out of the corner of his mouth, smirking.


"Oh shut up" I said quietly, trying not to smile.

"Lucas Brenner, Gryffindor!"


I joined in the clapping half-heartedly, I still didn't know how I felt about Lucas. On one hand, he was funny, he cared about me, he was there for me. But then, I nearly lost James because of him.


We clapped our way through the names, even cheering, especially when it was a Gryffindor. We got lucky, usually Graduation took place in the Great Hall but since it was a gorgeous day, McGonnagal decided to host it outside in the glorious sunshine.

I was too absorbed into thinking how freaked out I was untill I heard-

"Alixia Halliwell, Gryffindor"


I started to shake and nervously smiled as I made my way up to the small stand, I walked up while thinking, 'Don't trip, don't trip' but luckily I didn't. I walked up to Headmistress McGonnagal who smiled at me and wished me luck in my future life, and handed me my diploma.


I smiled at her and thanked her for putting up with me for seven years. Glancing around, I beamed when I saw Mum, Dad, Uncle Ricky and Grandpa Jack, as well as Aunt Ardelia, India and Alfie, cheering crazily.


I waved at them and then walked off, I saw Mum edging away and head towards where the newly graduated went to stand. I ran towards her and hugged her, "I am so proud of you, baby girl" she whispered, hugging me closer.


"I can't believe it's over," I said, starting to cry again, "I know how you felt".

"Had to happen sometime darling," she pulled back and wiped my tears away, "I love you".


"Love you too Mum,".


"I'll see you later," she said still grinning, "enjoy it baby".


I turned and watched her leave and then I smiled when I saw Matt going up for his diploma and then wave to his parents and big sister. He also looked over to Ami and winked at her, I heard her shout out "I love you!".


He came over to me, grinning from ear to ear, "We've graduated!" he said, giving me a hug. Over his shoulder I saw Lucas come over, smiling just as big.

"All downhill from here mate," he said, giving him that awkward hug guys give each other.


"Congratulations Lucas," I said nicely as possible (hey, clean slate, not completely forgiven yet) "good luck in life".


"You too Halliwell, you wonderful troll" he said smiling slightly, I felt my mouth twitch at my old nickname, he held out his hand, "heres to an awesome life for you and James".


I shook his hand and gave him a small smile, then we turned around, waiting for the rest of the group. The I's graduated so did the J's, K's, L's.


"Scorpius Malfoy, Slytherin"


I cheered as I did for the other guys and we all grinned at him as he walked over to us, after accepting his diploma. "Merlin, surprised my Mum didn't run up on stage" he said, "she looked ready too".


I laughed, "That would of been cute".


The graduation continued till the P's. Albus and then James.


"Albus Potter, Slytherin and Quidditch Captain", there was a roar from the crowd as they watched one of the Potter children graduate. There was also an almighty yell from the Potter/Weasley clan who (obviously) all came, and then there were flashes as they took lots of pictures.


Albus grinned and gave them a wave, I think he definetly took after his Dad, Albus never liked being the centre of attention. He joined us and gave us a big grin.

"Merlin, that was awful" he laughed, hugging me tightly, "glad its over".


"Tell me about it," Matt said, shaking hands with him.


"I wonder what James is going to do," Lucas chuckled, "we all know he loves the limelight".


I nodded, "God help us all".


"James Potter, Gryffindor and Quidditch Captain", again another roar and yell from the crowd, James accepted his diploma, and shook hands. He turned to the crowd and gave an elaborate curtesy and bow rolled into one, and proceeded to blow kisses to the crowd.


"Look at him lapping it up" Albus shook his head, "you'll have your hands full with that one Alix".


"Especially if you have kids," Matt laughed.

"Oh don't remind me," I joked, hopefully, in the far-far future, if I ever did have kids, then they wouldn't be little James Sirius Potter Mini-me's.


"And the crowd goes wild for Potter!" We saw James come towards us, "Merlin, that was exhilirating wasn't it?".


"For some," I rolled my eyes but gave him a sweet kiss.

"We did it 'bro" Albus said, slinging an arm around his shoulders, "we came, we saw, we conquered Hogwarts".


"We sure did, made Gryffindor and Slytherin the most wanted to be in Houses" he winked.


"What are you two like?" I shook my head smiling, "they'll be fan girls crying their eyes out now that you two are leaving".


James came over and hugged me tight, swaying me from side to side, "I don't need them, got my number one girl right here".


He slid an arm around my waist as we watched the rest of our year graduate, I couldn't help but want my girlies to be graduated though it would be a while as they were down in the alphabet.


The next one for our group was Joey (or Joseph Samuel) so Devon would be graduating soon. Her Mum and Dad were sitting near the front, absolutely buzzing but her Mum was crying quietly into a hankerchief as it was her only child, her baby girl, all grown up.

"Devon Thomas, Gryffindor"


I whooped along with the crowd and clapped hard, for one of my best friends. Devon came up and accepted it, and then held it up and waved to her parents who stood up and cheered even louder for her. I smiled as she came over and then hugged her tight, "I can't believe it," she said into my shoulder, "we've graduated babe".


"Tell me about it," I said, my cheeks hurting, "love yah".


"Love yah too," Devon winked and turned to the boys, "congratulations guys".


They smiled and said it back and we all turned waiting for the rest of the girls. Rose, then Tia and then finally Ami.


"Paul Toop, Slytherin"


"Stanley Vivers, Hufflepuff"


"Letita Vorten, Ravenclaw"


"Rose Weasley, Gryffindor"


Another monumentus cheer from the crowd as Rose gracefully walked up and accepted her diploma, she then turned to her family and beamed at them, "THATS MY ROSIE!" we heard Ron shout, I saw Rose blushing as she came towards us.


"He just had to do that, didn't he" she said, smiling slightly as she rubbed her eye. I laughed, and hugged her tight.


"I thought it was cute".


"Me too," Devon said hugging her as soon as I had let go.


"Didn't happen to you," she laughed, "but I suppose it was expected".


"Hey, babe" Scorpius smiled, and pulled her in for a kiss, "I'm so proud of you".


"Back atcha, Mister" she smiled, and kissed him again.


"Your gonna miss Tia if you keep eating each other" Devon laughed.


"Time for that later" James said, "I can control myself, unlike yourselves".


"Yeah, sure you can," Rose rolled her eyes but smiled, "come on, Tia's next".


Tia, as per usual, looked gorgeous in the sunshine, all that meditating must work. Her face was serene and her smile amazing as she got the diploma. Her parents clapped along and I even saw her religeous father grin as she walked away.


"I graduated," she skipped up to me, "yay!".


"Me too," I grinned and hugged her tight, she had been my best friend since I was eleven, and now here we were, 17 year olds who had just graduated.


Albus came up and hugged her from behind, "Hey, you" he kissed the side of her head.


"Hey," she said smiling.


"Oh look Ami's up, last one" Rose squealed, "then we'll all be graduated".


"Ami Wood, Gryffindor"


I saw Yasmine and Oliver both stand and clap loudly and start to whistle, Ami smiled from ear to ear and waved at them, before walking off and running up to us. "I just graduated!" she cried out, "Wooo!".


Rose got the first hug and then we all hugged together, "We all survived Hogwarts" I said, "we should so get a medal".


"We got diplomas" Devon pointed out.


"Spose that will do".


Ami went over to Matt and gave him a big hug and long kiss. James came over and hugged me again, "Well, the Fat Lady's singing" he said softly, kissing my forehead.

"Hopefully not," I smiled, but I knew what he was meaning, we had all graduated, Hogwarts door had shut and now we had to go out and open some new doors.


We all stood and respectively clapped and cheered the rest of the year and after the last person (Nile Zabini, Slytherin) was called, we all had to stand in front of the platform.


"And now ladies and gentlemen, please give a round of applause for this years graduating class" Headmistress McGonnagal said, "on the count of three, one, two, three".


As the crowd began to cheer us all, we all took our caps off and threw them into the air. As they fell down, fireworks started with sparklers and confetti, James grabbed me and gave me a passionate kiss, I grabbed his collar and smiled against his lips.


"I love you," I whispered, James grinned back at me and then kissed me again.





The French castle in which Victoire and Teddy were getting married in was beautiful, Chateau L'Île mystérieuse. Gold and silver were the main colours and it was very tasteful and elegant. Definetly Fleur's choosing.


As I sat next to James, Albus and Tia and watched as Victoire and Teddy say their vows, I couldn't help but wonder if that would ever be me, walking down the aisle, saying vows and exchanging vows.


Hopefully, one day.


"I now pronounce you, husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride".


Teddy grinned widely at Victoire before pulling her into a romantic kiss, bending her slightly. We all stood up and clapped loudly, saying our congratulations as they walked back down. Bill and Fleur walking behind them, along with Dominique and Lily and Louis. We followed them out to the adjoining room where the reception was being held.

"Can I have the bride and groom, for the first dance?" the Announcer asked loudly.


Teddy took Victoires hand and kissed it as they headed to the middle of the floor. I stood with James as Albus introduced Tia to his family, "Can't believe they're married now" James said, getting two glasses of champagne of off a floating tray and passing me one, "we all thought Teddy wouldn't do it".


"Really?" I said, watching as they swayed together to their first dance.


"Yeah, he kept bottling out," James snorted.


"Seems to run in your family," I said, my smile teasing, "you and Albus bottling out on asking out me and Tia".


"But we got you in the end," James said playfully, he drank the rest of his champagne, "fancy a dance?".

I smiled and downed my glass, "Absolutely".


James spun me around as we began to dance, and I leaned into him, "Can you believe that we're together?" I asked him, leaning my head on his chest.


He rested his chin on top of my head, "Nope, but I am so happy that we are," he kissed the top of my head, "and I have the rest of my life to prove it".


I looked up at him and saw the sincereity in his eyes, "I love you" I said.


"Love you too babe" he said.


"Hey, keep it decent," I glanced behind me and smiled when I saw my Mum and Dad dancing together next to us. Mum was wearing her deep purple dress with sparkling jewels at her clevage and a matching glittery necklace. Dad was looking extremely dapper in his tux.


"Aye aye, captain" James said, "your little girl is safe with me". I cuddled into him and smiled at my Dad.


"Oh ignore him," Mum said, winking at us, "he's always been overprotective, toodles" she waltzed him away.


"You heard the man, keep it decent" I said mock-frowning at him, "or my Dad will kick your ass".


"Oh no doubt," James pulled me closer and nibbled on my ear, "but I can't be expected to behave when you look like that".


I smiled and closed my eyes, he had a point, I had saved up for a beautiful dress, it was gold with a splash of very very pale pink, with jewels sprinkled along the strapless top.


Oh yeah, I just oozed awesomeness. I glanced over and smiled when I saw Uncle Ricky dancing with Amy Crighton, the Healer at St. Mungo's. Dad and Mum were happily dancing to the soft jazz, and Tia and Albus were kissing softly while swaying to the music.


"So you like my dress?" I asked, smiling with an eyebrow raised.


James smiled, "You look ah-may-zing" he said kissing my nose, "and the dress is stunning".


"I think it'd look better on the floor of your bedroom" I said biting my lip.


James eyes widened, "What?".


"Oh and don't worry about making it special," I kissed his jaw, smiling at his surprised face, "I've already set it up for the perfect night,".


James smiled, "Are you sure?".


I winked and took his hand leading him to the staircase, "Positive".


James pulled me into his side tightly, "The Do-not disturb sign will be on the door tonight".


I giggled, "Your right about that,".


"Love you Alix,"


"I love you too James".


And I will for all eternity.



T H E     E N D




Well, oh my god! It's finished, it's actually finished!!!!!!

Thanks for everyone who took the time to read and review and generally stick with Alix and co. through all of this, big thanks to-

















Kathryn Potter

ema nikadee






flying rabbit


Princess of Paris





Harry and Ginny



love your heart

Rowen Raven


Zoe Lovegood






marauders girl11






who have reviewed and to all the people who read and to all the people who will read my first ever completed story, big, mucho, enormaus love to you all, you all rock!!! :D :D <3


But don't worry this isn't the last of Alix and co. Rebel in Law the sequel is being written as you read this.


Mucho Loveo!! Thanks for taking the time to read :D

RsG xOxO

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