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The Wizarding Tale by precious92
Chapter 11 : Revelations
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Chapter 11

The headmaster’s pacing was making Scorpius irritated. And, it wasn’t the only thing that was getting on his nerves; Potter wasn’t making anything easier by making rude comments about Sheherazade; Rose decided to ignore him completely and quietly listen to her cousin’s lecture. 

 “I will not say ‘I told you so’. No actually I will, just to make sure it gets into your bloody head. So that you don’t make these mistakes again,” scolded Albus, to Rose.
 “I didn’t know her intention was to harm me,” said an exasperated Rose.
 “Well -“began Potter.
 “Potter, I swear if you say anything else, I will not hesitate to glue your mouth,” gritted Scorpius.

 Albus finally discovered common sense and shut up. Through all this Rose stared at her hands, wonder what games fate was playing with her.

 She woke up three days after the attack. According to Albus, her body had gone through severe shock that could have killed her, but because Harry found her and was able to remove the locket from her, she was saved.
When Harry visited Rose in the infirmary, Rose gushed over him for saving her from death. Harry reassured her that he wasn’t trying to be a hero, all the while blushing beet red. At that precise time, Scorpius came. Of course, Rose scolded Scorpius for being so rude as to hit the boy who saved her. Scorpius defended himself by saying that he was misled by Harry’s appearance into believing that he was a good-for-nothing lad. Harry looked offended and Rose asked Madam Yaakov to throw Scorpius out of the infirmary.

After that Professor Thorne arrived to inform her that as soon as she is well enough to walk, she must report to the Headmaster’s Office. And so she did. She recounted her side of the story, leaving out the bits about Scorpius. After that whatever happened, happened in a blur of seconds; Scorpius, Albus and Harry were immediately summoned to the Office. Of course, Albus and Harry were allowed to leave, after Professor Adrastos realized they couldn’t have been the suspect, but Albus volunteered to stay.  Then Rose had to retell the story to both Albus and Scorpius. Both boys had opposite reactions when Rose told them Sheherazade was the one who gave her the locket; Scorpius denied of Sheherazade committing such atrocity, while Albus had complete faith in her to execute such evil crimes. And now they were waiting for Professor Thorne to escort Sheherazade to the Office.
The door to the Office opened as Sheherazade walked in. Her hair was back to its usual tied up state. She gave a nervous look at Scorpius as she sat down opposite Rose. Behind her, Professor Longbottom and Professor Thorne stood in front of the door like bodyguards.

“Good Evening Miss Layl,” began Professor Adrastos. Then he surveyed the foursome.  “It seems as if you four are destined to be involved in serious matters at this school. This, of course, isn’t the first time you were brought to this office.”
The Headmaster walked back to his seat and gave them his full and serious attention.

“I am not happy with the way things are going on in the school. Wizards and witches around the world are in assumption that, since the previous war, Hogwarts is in a safe and secure state.  If you all can remember, you were brought in this Office for the first time because of an incident that occurred in the Forest. I am sorry to say that the mystery of the night still remains a mystery, even after five years have passed.”

He paused and opened a little ornate chest. From inside the chest he pulled out a long silver chain with a rectangular locket hanging at the end of the chain.

“Miss Layl do you recognize this?” asked Adrastos, gesturing to the locket.

Sheherazade, along with Albus and Scorpius leaned a bit to get a closer.

“Well...” began Sheherazade, looking at the locket with a frown.

When Scorpius saw the glimpse of the ruby rose, he exclaimed without thinking, “Oi! That’s mine!”

Everyone stared at him.

“It was supposed to be a Valentine’s Day present for... “began Scorpius. He frowned at the locket, then finally said, “.... my mum.”

Of course, he was lying. He bought it especially for Rose. The petals are supposed to change colour according to the person’s mood. Because it was made for Rose, it will only work on her.
“You bought this necklace for your mum?” asked Albus.

“Yes, Potter. Is so hard to believe that I would buy a gift for my mum?”

“No, but I was thinking that you are trying to cover up for the real culprit,” said Albus, eyeing Sheherazade.

“Shut up, Potter,” barked Sheherazade.

Before Albus could come back with a reply, Professor Adrastos commanded, “Miss Layl, calm yourself. Mr. Potter, please refrain from placing biased accusations.”

Both Sheherazade and Albus were suddenly very interested in their hands.

“You didn’t answer me, Miss Layl,” commented Professor Adrastos.

Sheherazade looked at the headmaster and said, “Yes, I can recognize it. Score, showed it me a while back. But it went missing last month.”

“See!” snarled Albus.

“Mr. Potter, please!” warned Professor Adrastos.  “Miss Layl, what you are telling me is that the locket was stolen?”
“I dunno,” mumbled Sheherazade.

Adrastos sighed. “Where were you on February 14th?”

“She was with me,” interjected Scorpius.

“The whole day?”

“No.” This time Sheherazade replied. “I was with him, but then, later I went to the library to study.”

“Why weren’t you in Hogsmeade?”

“I don’t think that is a relevant question, Professor,” interrupted Scorpius.

“Stop defending her, Malfoy. You know, she tried to kill Rose before,” snapped Albus.

“Albus! Stop it,” whispered Rose, pulling him down.

“Please continue, Miss Layl,” said Professor Adrastos, ignoring the interruption.

Sheherazade, who was looking daggers at Albus, said, “I don’t have the permission to go to Hogsmeade.”

Scorpius shut his eyes in defeat as he heard the Professor ask, “Your parents did not give you permission to go to Hogsmeade?”

“No, my parent did not give me permission to go to Hogsmeade.”

“Oh, I see,” was Professor Adrastos’ reply. “Miss Layl, are you telling me that you did not go to Hogsmeade and give Miss Weasley this locket, as a means to kill her?”
“Yes, I am saying exactly that,” said Sheherazade, firmly.

“Al right.”

“Wait!” yelled Albus. “That’s it!? She says ‘no’ and you believe her?!”

“Yes, Mr. Potter. I do, because I am an accomplished Legimens.” His statement was met by a shocked silence.

“And Miss Layl is an Occlumens as well as a Legimens. But she chose to open her mind for me. To show me that she was speaking the truth.”

More shocked silence.

“How do you know she is revealing everything to you?” asked Albus.

“Because she isn’t strong enough to withhold my power. She is a learned Occlumens. She probably learnt it from Mr. Malfoy. She isn’t strong enough to yet have complete control over Occlumency.”

 Adrastos got up and starting pacing again. 

 “Sebastian, were there any ingredients missing from your collection?” asked Adrastos, suddenly.

 “I haven’t checked, Headmaster,” replied Thorne.

 “Please do,” ordered Adrastos.

 As Thorne left, Professor Longbottom looked at the Headmaster and said, “What are you getting at, Headmaster?”

 “Miss Weasley claims that she saw Miss Layl at Hogsmeade, and Miss Layl denied of being present at Hogsmeade that day. The only conclusion I can come to is that someone was impersonating Miss Layl to get her in trouble, Neville.”
 Everyone stared at him in shock, again.

 “You may take leave, students,” said Adrastos, finally.

One by one, they stood up and walked to the door.

“Mr. Malfoy, if you wish you could take your locket. We have examined it and could not find any curse bound to it,” said Adrastos.

Rose paused and looked at Professor Adrastos dangling the locket.

“It’s alright. I don’t have any use of it now,” grumbled Scorpius, before scurrying off.

Finally, when everyone was gone, Rose gathered her courage and walked back up to the Professor. The Headmaster noticing her asked, “Miss Weasley. Do you need anything?”

She gulped and asked, “Actually, I was wondering if I could take the locket, since Scorpius has no use of it. It would be a good reminder of the turmoil I went through last week.”
The Headmaster looked at her closely and said, “Normally a person would want to forget this sort of thing.”

Rose felt a little let down by his comment, but she insisted anyway, “Yes, well, I do believe I am far more than normal. And I don’t believe in forgetting any part of my life. Bad memories are for our learning, is what I believe.”
The Headmaster sighed, and said, “Very well, then. You may take the locket with you.”

“Thank you, Professor.” With that she ran out of the Office door, praying that she would never have to come back. As she ran she didn’t notice a certain someone waiting for her outside.
Scorpius, who stayed behind primarily to walk and talk to Rose, ran after the sprinting figure.


As Rose walked down a deserted corridor she felt Scorpius’ presence close, very close, behind her. No one else was in the corridor. Just her and Scorpius.

  Rose kept on walking, waiting for Scorpius to do something. All the while, her heart was beating fast and hard like the wings of a dragon.
 “Rose,” whispered Scorpius. 

 Not knowing what to do, she kept on walking. Scorpius caught her by the arm, and pulled her into a vacant classroom. He slammed the door shut, then let go of her.
 Rose moved away from him, and made a huge distance between them. Scorpius on the other hand, had his back to her as he leaned his head against the door.
 “What are you doing, Scorpius?” pleaded Rose. “Already, we are in such trouble.”

 Scorpius turned around and stared at Rose.

 “How are you, Rose?” asked Scorpius, as he took a few steps closer to her.
 “I’m fine,” replied Rose, shortly. 

 “Did you know I visited you every night, waiting for you to wake up?” He took a few more steps and the distance between them shortened.
Scorpius leaned closer to Rose, and then pushed her against the wall. Rose gasped.

“Please, Scorpius. Anyone could enter and see us here,” pleaded Rose.
“The door is locked, “replied Scorpius.
“Loreli will find out.”
“Let her.”
“You don’t mean that.”
“Yes I do.”
“She could hurt us.”
After she said that, Scorpius took a step back.

“No. She could hurt you,” growled Scorpius, combing through his hair in frustration. “That’s the problem Rose. I want to be with you, but being with you means hurting you. No matter what Adrastos thinks, I know Loreli is behind all this.”

Rose stood against the wall and stared a conflicted and frustrated Scorpius. He was completely out of his elements. Gone was the charismatic, cold and mischievous Malfoy. He was now mad with aggravation.
He stepped closer to Rose, until their lips were almost touching.

“What is happening?” whispered Scorpius, his voice breaking. “Why can’t I brush off my feelings for you, even after you crushed my heart? Why do I not care that you are a Gryffindor and, above all, a Weasley?”

Scorpius touched her lips with his, very lightly. From that first contact, Rose lost control. Scorpius, who did not anticipate a response, was surprised when Rose wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him towards her. This time, Scorpius lost composure. All the anger and frustration that was buried inside him were let out and their kiss turned passionate.

In that few moments of their lives that seemed like years to them they forgot everything; they forgot that they were Slytherin and Gryffindor; they forgot that they were Malfoy and Weasley; they forgot Sheherazade, Albus, the Headmaster; and they forgot Loreli.

That was a mistake, of course. But who could blame them? After years and years of denying each other, rejecting each other and torturing each other, who blame them for spending a tiny moment of their lives in this vacant, empty and deserted classroom.

Clearly, the locked door could easily be opened with a simple ‘Alohomora’. But it didn’t. For the first time fate was on their side and let them be....


“I have to go.”

Rose, who was resting her head on Scorpius’s shoulder, sat up. Scorpius caught her arms and said, “Don’t.”

“Stop being silly. By now Albus and my cousins would have noticed that I’m not there,” pleaded Rose.

“Rose, the moment you get out of that door, we will be brought back to hard core reality.”

“Well, we have to face it one day, anyways.”

Scorpius paused before replying. He had a huge frown on his face, while he was thinking; but Rose could see every conflicting emotion, that went with his thoughts, clearly on his face. He did nothing to hide these feelings; and because of that her heart went out for him.

But Rose knew the consequences of being caught, especially by a student. She could not let that happen. She could not betray her family, or even, let him betray his. Yet she could stand to see Scorpius upset, either.  So she got up and walked to the door, without even looking back at Scorpius.

“Don’t Rose,” commanded Scorpius.

Rose kept on walking. Why was he being so difficult?, she asked herself. When she reached the door to open it. As soon as she did, she heard Scorpius yell ‘Colloportus’ .

 Okay, now that is enough, thought Rose. She took out her wand and shouted, “ALOHOMORA!”. But as soon as the door was swung open, it shut with a bang. Rose turned around to see a very determined Scorpius with his wand pointed at the door.

 “Please Scorpius, let me go!” begged Rose. But Scorpius would not budge. Just then there was a loud knock on the door.

 “Whoever is in there, stop making such a ruckus! I could hear u from the end of the hallway, you arse!” yelled a very distinct voice.
 Both Rose and Scorpius froze. 

 “Alohomora!” yelled the voice.

 The door swung open to reveal Sheherazade. After recognizing the occupants of the room, she said, “Scorpius, so you are in here. I was wondering where disappeared.”
 Before Scorpius could say anything, Rose said, “By, Scorpius.”

 She exited the door leaving Scorpius and Sheherazade behind.


 “Score, Wait,” Sheherazade yelled after Scorpius. “I need to talk to you.”
 “Zade, you attack Rose,” said Scorpius with finality.
 “Yeah, I know. But you need to know why.”
 “I don’t think so.” Scorpius started sprinted, trying to get as much distance as possible from Sheherazade. What does a person do when your best friend tries to kill the girl you like?
 “I am going to run away, Score.”

 Her last statement stopped him. He backtracked to her and said, “WHAT?!”

 Before replying, Sheherazade  eyed behind her for eavesdroppers, pulled Scorpius back inside the classroom and shut the door.

 “So here’s the thing: Loreli is possessing me. She has been for a long time. I attacked Rose the last time because I was possessed. Literally.  Everything I did in Hogsmeade was because I was under her influence. Merlin knows how many other evil things she made me do.” She stopped to see Scorpius’ reaction, but all he did was frown at the floor in deep thought; so she continued, “At first I had no idea that she was doing it. Then slowly began to realize that the reason I had so many blanks in my memory was because I was not myself for those time. I am not stronger than her, and I am losing control of myself, Score. Before she figures out more things about me, I have to run away and go into hiding and-”

 “Hang on, how can she be stronger than you when she is so bad at spell work. She can’t even pull off a decent Summoning Charm.”

  Sheherazade gave a cruel laugh and said, “You think she would use ‘petty wand waving’ to control me? Where have you been living? She uses her kind of magic.”
 “How come you didn’t tell me that before?”

 “It was too risky. But now I don’t care. I am going into hiding. I am going to find Maman and go somewhere far away.”

 Scorpius has known Sheherazade since their first day at school. They have been together through thick and thin. She was there for him when Grandfather died. He has been there for her when she finally admitted that her mother had disappeared, in their fourth year; but never had she looked more distraught in her life. Seeing his best friend like this for the first time is scary.

 He went over to her and pulled her to a chair. Then, he took another chair and sat down right in front of her.

 “Zade, calm down. We can figure this out. You don’t have to run away. ... Maybe we can tell Professor Adrastos. Zade, maybe it’s time he know. He probably put a stop to it-”

 “NO!” exclaimed Sheherazade, standing up. “Scorpius! He could never control Loreli! He never had control of her in the first place! He can’t do anything!”

  “Okay, okay,” said Scorpius, trying to calm her down. “Then, I’ll think of something else.”

Scorpius looked at his friend straight in the eye and said, “Zade, promise me that you will never think of running away! Promise me!”

 Sheherazade gazed at Scorpius for a while, then said, “I promise.”

 Scorpius sighed in relieved, then relaxed into his chair. “Don’t worry. I’ll think of something.”

 Sheherazade kept on gazing at Scorpius and thought, I’m sorry Score, but I’ll have to break that promise someday...


A/N; Hope you guys are enjoying the story so far. this is probably the longest chapter! took time cus I had the end of year exams and all.

Please review and tell me what you liked about the story and what you didn't!

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