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Salt Rocks by javct
Chapter 9 : Magus Ignis
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  thanks to Mazipan at the-dark-arts for the amazing chapter Image


“Cough it up Draco!”


“You still owe me £100!”


“No, I payed you back!”


“Guys! Calm down I own Mayfair!” Dorian said with authority in his voice.


“Well, I own Oxford,” Jane pipped in.


Hermione raised an eyebrow at Draco and reluctantly, he handed over the money into Hermione’s sweaty palms.


“Thank you,” She said sweetly.


The four friends stayed up all night playing Monopoly. Dorian came first, Hermione a close second and Jane and Draco tied last.




Hermione tossed and turned in her bed for several hours that night. No matter how hard she tried she just couldn't sleep.


Around three in the morning Hermione heard some commotion in the room across from hers.


“That’s Dorian room.” She whispered to herself.

Clambering out of bed, Hermione silently grabbed her wand and cast a disillusion charm over herself.


Opening the door Hermione peeked her head in, the room was a mess, books, paper, clothes, photos and bed sheets covered the floor and Dorian was in the middle of the room, scrambling through sheets of papers swearing loudly

“Shit, I know I left it here somewhere,”


“Well, find it then Magus Ignis, you can’t let Dominus down again,” A voice behind Hermione said in an ominous tone. Spinning around, Hermione came face-to-face with a beautiful woman, she had long, jet black hair, flawless skin and purple eyes.


She’s in the mirror Hermione realised with a jolt.


“I know Ciara, but someone took it!” Dorian roared, picking up his chair and throwing it half way across the room.


Ciara let out a shrill laugh, her purple eyes look hazardous.


Magus Ignis, calm down,” Ciara said.


“No! I will not calm down! I have a mission to fulfill and I need my insigne!” Dorian yelled.


Magus Ignis? Never heard of that before’ Hermione thought to herself, racking her brains trying to think of what language it was.


“Listen Magus Ignis, The Dominus gave you strict instructions, it should all be over by now!” Ciara said, pacing back and forth in the mirror, obviously irritated with Dorian.


“I’m not going to stuff this mission up too. The Lamia is already walking on thin ice, I would have had the mission finished as soon as the Lamia got here but the Veneficus has been watching me like a hawk,” Dorian picked up a knife that was lying precariously on the vanity and threw it at Ciara and the mirror.


“Be gone!” He ordered and in a puff of black smoke, Ciara vanished.


Dorian swore several more times and began kicking things around the room. Taking this as her time to leave, Hermione spun around on her heels and ran silently to her room. Flinging herself on her bed she couldn’t get Draco’s warning out of her head:


“Dorian was looking for you,” Draco said, walking at the same pace as Hermione.

“What did he want?” She snapped.


“I don’t know, he just wanted to know where you are. Listen Granger, there’s something funny about that Muggle, stay away from him,” Draco turned dead serious.


“Why? You afraid I might taint the wizarding blood more?” She said.


“Hermione I’m serious. The way he looks at you, there’s just something not right about him,” 


“Malfoy, you are more of a threat to me than Dorian ever will be.”







A/N: I'm sorry this chapter is so short but there you go! Hope you like it :)

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