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My Life. My Love by HP_pencil
Chapter 8 : Library Surprises
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, everything you recognise belongs to J.K Rowling.



Hermione was in the Gryffindor Common Room with Neville, Paravti and Lavender; all three girls were completing essays. Hermione putting finishing touches to her Ancient Runes homework, Neville struggling with his Charms homework whilst the other two girls were bent over a map for their Divination’s homework.

Parvati threw her quill down and yawned. “I’m so bloody tired. All the teachers keep throwing 4 foot long essays at us, it’s so unfair!”

Lavender tapped her friend’s shoulder. “Look! My horoscope says I’m going to meet a boy soon!”

Hermione had to force herself not to snort at that, she thought Divination was a stupid subject and Professor Trelawney was an old fraud!

“Hermione…can you help me with this?” Neville asked shyly, pushing his Charms homework in her direction slightly. A patient smile lit her face and she set out to help Neville.

Parvati shook her head at Lavender. “Show me later, dinner is in 5 minutes,” she turned to Hermione and Neville. “Want to come and eat with us?”

Neville eagerly put his quill down and beamed at her. “Sure! I’m starving,” he turned to look at Hermione. “You coming?”

Hermione hesitated, she would have accepted but she knew very well that Ron would also be there.

“I’m okay for now, but you go down Neville.”

He shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “But, I’ve barely seen you at dinner. Ginny, Harry and Ron are worried. You have to eat something.”

“It’s honestly fine; I’ll get something at the kitchen later if I get hungry. I have to put some finishing touches on some Head’s stuff anyway.”

“Okay,” Neville said warily. “I’ll see you later.”

Neville joined the two girls as they made their way to the Great Hall; Hermione had been desperately trying to avoid that place because Ron was certain to be there. He loved food since he grew up with Mrs. Weasley who cooked some of the finest dishes in her tiny but pleasant kitchen!

It had been 2 weeks since their argument in Potions, 2 weeks of avoiding each other. Yet, he hadn’t even bothered to apologise. Harry would spend time with her but he always had to go to Ron. Harry balanced out the time he spent with Hermione and with Ron, so that neither would feel like he was choosing one over the other, so Hermione had been spending more time with Luna and Neville or alone in the Library or elsewhere.

In short, 2 weeks of being lonely because Ron didn’t have the guts to apologise! She couldn’t ask Harry or Ginny to take sides, Harry was best friends with Ron too and Ginny was Ron’s sister. So she had decided that it was better if she had just stayed out of the way, it caused less conflict this way.

“Hello Madame Pince.” Hermione smiled at the old librarian. Madame Pince had been extremely lenient with Hermione since her first year, allowing her to take books out for a longer period of time and allowed Hermione to stay at the Library a little over closing time.

Hermione breathed in the lovely smell of books; the musty smell brought an odd sense of comfort within her. She trekked to her private corner, sat down on a chair and pulled out her copy of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ from her school bag.  She gave a small smile as she flicked through the familiar pages of her favourite romance novel. She should have been reading in her own Common Room but she was in no mood to deal with Cormac and his ego.


Draco was headed to the Great Hall with Blaise and Crabbe when he saw Pansy Parkinson with Daphne Greengrass skipping down the hall for dinner. He stopped dead in his tracks. Eating with Pansy and Daphne was like being in the middle of two baboons arguing. They would talk nonstop and their voice would get higher and higher as they kept on talking till it was shrill and Draco’s ears were ringing. He couldn’t believe he’d missed before the school year began; maybe he had been going mad from being alone at the Manor.

“Shit. Er you guys go ahead. I just lost my appetite.”

Crabbe hungrily licked his lips as the enticing smell of food filled his pig like nostrils. “Suit yourself Malfoy.” He hurried into the Great Hall, Draco smirked to himself. The three meals during the day held in the Great Hall were when he saw Crabbe and Goyle move the fastest to get to any place. Food was a high motivator for them.

Blaise turned to his blonde haired friend. “You sure you don’t want to have dinner with us?”

Draco scowled. “I’d rather eat dirt than sit on a table with Pansy fucking Parkinson!”

“Alright mucker, I’ll see you in the Common Room later.”

Draco sighed and yawned as he walked down the corridor, he frowned when he heard clumsy shuffling and giggles behind him. He looked over his shoulder subtly and saw at least 5 girls hiding around the corner, one peeking in on him. The one peeking was a third year Slytherin girl.

He raised an eyebrow. Great, I have a pack of girls following me. Where the bloody hell can I go that they won’t follow me or know I’m there in the first place?

The spot at the Lake was tempting but Draco was being extremely lazy and couldn’t be asked to go that far, an idea popped into his mind.

The Library. For some reason, people thought he was dumb and incapable of learning almost. It was quite the opposite actually, Draco was rather intelligent. His father made him take private tuition lessons during the Summer Holidays, for a Malfoy to be stupid was almost a sin in Lucius’ eyes. Draco excelled in all his subjects but he didn’t boast about his achievements and of course, he wasn’t as clever as Hermione Granger but he wasn’t far behind.

Hermione Granger...that was a name he had refused to think about for the past two weeks. He almost slapped himself for letting himself think of her now; he’d been doing quite well. Draco was supposed to be ignoring her and he was quite successful. He hadn’t even insulted her, if they passed in the hallway then he would force his eyes to stay looking ahead but he could her feel her confused brown orbs watching him intently.

She must be incredibly puzzled over his behaviour; he must look like he had a severe problem with mood swings with the way he’d been acting lately. One minute he was teasing and joking with her, the other minute he’s being rude and cruel to her and then the next he’s acting as if Hermione didn’t exist. He felt guilty every time she looked at him but he couldn’t do anything, a Malfoy was simply not to associate with anyone who’s not a Pureblood. Hermione was considered an abomination in his world, even if he didn’t necessarily think that way. He was protecting her and even then he shouldn’t be doing that.


Draco looked up into the very brown eyes that he’d just been thinking about; he almost recoiled from Hermione in pure shock. She was sitting in the same isle he’d found her the night before the Potion’s presentations 2 weeks ago.


How could he forget? He was avoiding Pansy and the stalker girls but the one girl he was truly avoiding was right in front of him, he’d walked straight to her. Of course Hermione Granger would be in the Library.

Draco literally had stop bite his cheeks to keep himself from smiling at her appearance. Her uniform was immaculate which was so very different from his scruffy attire. Her shirt was tucked into her black skirt which reached her knees, her legs were covered with her black tights and she wore her oversized Gryffindor robes which drowned her petite body.


Draco wasn’t too shocked at that thought, if she was covered in her large and unflattering robes then he found that it made ignoring her easier. She wasn’t tempting then...

“What?” he retorted.

She titled her head adorably, her soft curls framing her face. She noticed that he looked rather agitated, like being near her seemed to make him nervous.

Well, that makes two of us.

She hadn’t spoken to him since the Potion’s presentations 2 weeks ago, he’d just left without saying a word that lesson and he ignored her. Even in class. She didn’t speak to him and he barely looked her way, it was odd to now hear his snide voice.

“What are you doing here? Isn’t it dinner time? Shouldn’t you be at the Great Hall?” Hermione asked in a hurried voice.

Draco raised an eyebrow. “Are we playing 20 questions?”

Hermione blushed, she didn’t mean to ask so many questions she was just a curious person.

“And to answer the question about dinner time, yes, it is. So I’ll ask you something, what are you doing here?”

Hermione cleared her throat and stood her ground. “I asked that question first Malfoy, so I think it should only be fair that you answer it first.”

Draco laughed; he hadn’t expected that at all. He should have known she wouldn’t let her guard down that easy. Also, it kind of bothered him that she was the only girl that hadn’t fallen for his charm and good looks…and money. At one point it took a serious blow to his ego, that someone like Hermione didn’t want him like other girls. Hell…even some guys wanted Draco.

“My, my Granger. Someone’s in a bad mood.”

“Well you came in here muttering to yourself about god knows what disrupting my silence, so I figured you were lost.”

“Lost?” he repeated, perplexed.

She smirked, making Draco gulp. She looked so damn good when she smirked!

“This is the Library Malfoy, I’m surprised you even know about this place exists. Actually, I’m surprised you could read at all. I was beginning to think that the two oafs you hang around with were rubbing off on you.”

The two ‘oafs’ being Crabbe and Goyle, but it was unfair to belittle him so. Hermione knew that he was intelligent, she’d read his report and he’d mentioned that he read Muggle novels at the Lake. He also implied he’d read ‘Hamlet’ by Shakespeare, that was no easy feat.

Draco gritted his teeth. “Watch it Granger, we’re alone and there’s no one to stop me if I feel like whipping out my wand and hexing you. I haven’t forgiven you for sending that bloody flying rat into my room at midnight for some index cards.”

Hermione giggled softly at the memory, it was way past curfew and she didn’t intend on traipsing around the castle to give him index cards so she sent it by owl instead. Besides, she didn’t want another detention!

“Ooh! I’m trembling in my shoes,” she taunted with a smile. Hermione caught him grinning widely but he quickly masked it, she frowned slightly at that. “So, does this mean you’re talking to me now?”

Draco was caught off guard. “Huh?”

“Are you done ignoring me?”

“Huh?” Draco repeated stupidly. What was it about Hermione that reduced him into a incoherent mumbling fool? He never acted like this in front of a girl, especially Muggle-borns like Hermione. He always had plenty to say to her in the past, why couldn’t he say anything now?

What is a bloke supposed to say to that?!

“Are you sure you read?” Hermione asked with humorous tone. “You’re vocabulary seems really limited.”

“I was never ignoring you, Granger,” Draco lied smoothly.

Hermione snorted. “Please don’t insult my intelligence, you were ignoring me. What I don’t get is you were happily pissing me off before our presentation and right after it you acted as if I didn’t even exist!”

“You know for a supposedly clever Witch, you’re not very clever. I was going back to the way we were, Granger. And from what I remember, we weren’t exactly chummy with each other in the past,” Draco retorted in a hiss.

Times such as this is when Draco really wished Hermione wasn’t clever, she made it so much harder for him. He had to make sure that he was convincing at all times but apparently, he wasn’t.

Hermione frowned and put her hands on her hips. “Wow Malfoy, you’re so funny I’m practically dying with laughter,” she said so sarcastically that Ginny would have been proud. “And we were never like this before!”

“What are you talking about?! We were exactly like this!” Draco snapped. He made sure to keep his voice down, his annoying fan girls were still out there.

“We were not! You wouldn’t let me pass down the hallway without shouting something horrible at me, or getting one of your baboons to knock me over so everyone can laugh at me when Ron or Harry weren’t nearby. Now…it’s like I don’t exist but you sat here 2 weeks ago spilling your heart out about how you were too weak to-…”

She gasped when Draco advanced towards her. His arms formed a cage around her her back was pinned against the wall, her breath hitched in her throat. She tried to control her breathing but she found herself not breathing instead which made her dizzy, and fainting in front of Malfoy was something Hermione did not want to do.

“I wasn’t spilling my heart out to you, and if you think that me telling you a mere snippet of my life was an act of me wanting to have anything to do with you then you’re wrong,” he hissed, his warm breath fanning over her face.

She gulped as she was forced to stare into his eyes. They were so guarded that she couldn’t quite read what he was really thinking. However there was one emotion that would have been evident to anyone. Fear.

What does Malfoy fear?

Draco almost whimpered when he saw the fear flicker in her face, he’d done it again. He’d upset her, what was wrong with him?! Why did he always lose it?! Why did she have to make it so much harder for him to ignore her, he was trying to save her from all the drama and she was literally asking for it!

He guessed it was the Gryffindor in her. All the bloody Gryffindor’s were reckless.

He dropped his arms back to his side and backed away quickly. “Please Granger…just leave me alone.”

Hermione’s breath caught in her throat as she detected a tone of desperation in his voice, he wasn’t commanding her he was begging her. She took a step towards him.


He recoiled from her, his expression hard and cold. “I’ve got to go.”

She watched with a heavy heart as Draco walked away, his legs carrying him out of the Library hastily. He felt so guilty but he had to do it, no way would his father let him have anything to do with Hermione Granger. A Malfoy couldn’t be seen with a Mudblood, it just didn’t happen.

Times such as this is when he hated his last name, he didn’t even understand why he was so…fascinated with Hermione. Maybe it was because she was so different from the other girls in his acquaintance; perhaps it was just a morbid curiosity that meant nothing. She meant nothing…he just didn’t like seeing her hurt and it killed Draco to know that he was the cause of that hurt sometimes.

You’re in a dangerous place Draco. Get out of it now. A voice sounded in his head, sounding very similar to his father’s voice.

He cleared his throat and put a calm and cool expression on his face. As he made his way to the Slytherin Common Room, walking further and further away from the one girl who would cause him so much trouble.


Animagi is a highly skilled…

Don’t think about him. That blonde ass hole with the mood swing issues.

Allows the Wizard to transform into an animal at will…

Don’t you even dare.

Various Animagi forms must be recorded…


“Fuck!” Hermione shrieked and jumped, spilling ink all over her parchment. She growled and looked up at a smirking Blaise. “You absolute prat! Look at what you did!”

He rolled his eyes and sat down on the chair next to her. “Don’t get your knickers in a twist.” He pulled out his wand and cast a non-verbal spell, the ink was siphoned off into his wand leaving the parchment clean except for the first few paragraphs.

“I could have done that myself.”

“But I got you, didn’t I?” he asked with a large, goofy grin. Hermione snorted.

“What is it with you Slytherin’s today? Finally discovered that there’s a Library in this school?”

“You Slytherin’s?” Blaise repeated. “You saw some others from my house?”

“Oh…Er…Urm…” Hermione stammered. Was she supposed to tell him that she’d had an argument with Draco Malfoy or not? She finally decided that Blaise didn’t need to find out, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. “Yeah, just some 2nd years fascinated about the Levitating books.”

“Well, we Slytherin’s are easily amused,” Blaise winked. “So what you doing up here, holed up like some homeless tramp?”

“I do not look like a homeless tramp!” Hermione cried in outrage.

“You kind of do ‘mione. You look like you stole your robes from someone who eats 10 meals a day, have you been rifling through the Slytherin laundry and stealing Crabbe’s uniform?”

Hermione blushed as she shoved the sleeves of her robe up her arm. “My mum said I’d grow into them, so shut it. Besides, our uniforms aren’t supposed to be stylish. It’s a uniform.”

“But it’s kind of hard to tell you’re a girl, Granger.”

“Ouch Zabini! That kind of hurt,” Hermione said and shut her book and put her parchment away. “Now, what are you doing here?”

She asked that question to two Slytherin’s in one night, but she didn’t really want to think about the first Slytherin at the moment.

Blaise shrugged. “I didn’t see you at dinner, so I figured you’re still pissed off at Weasel. He did look pretty down at dinner though; I think it’s time you forgave him.”

“Am I hearing right?! Did Blaise Zabini order me to apologise to a Weasley?!” Hermione teased and lightly shoved Blaise’s shoulder, who rolled his eyes in response.

“Actually, I advised you to apologise and I brought you this from the Great Hall out of the kindness of my heart.”

He produced a bottle of pumpkin juice from his bag, Hermione took it gratefully.

“You’re so thoughtful.”

“It’s part of my charm you see, girls fall for it all the time.”

“Oh please, those girls have nothing but air in the space between their ears,” Hermione snapped sarcastically. “Besides, I can bet a good few galleons that you don’t even like half of them.”

“You always take the fun out of things Hermione! But yeah, I don’t particularly like a lot of them but some are pretty fit so they’re a good shag-…”

“Ugh! You have such a vulgar mind, but then again, I shouldn’t really be surprised since you’re a Slytherin.” Hermione narrowly dodged Blaise’s hex, she flicked her hair over her shoulder. “But I’m curious, would you actually ever date any of the girls that follow you with such passion?”

Blaise arched a brow at her sarcastic tone but cleared his throat. “Dating is out of the question, but sex isn’t.” He smirked as Hermione cringed, but continued on. “I would consider dating other girls though, ones who don’t follow me that is.”

“Really?” Hermione perked up, and then an idea came to mind. “How about you pick 5 girls you’d like to date, and I’ll tell you who’s good for you.”

“Since when have you been in charge of who I date?”

“Since you became friends with me, now tell me your list!”

“Okay but only if you do it with me.”

Hermione hesitated, she hadn’t expected him to turn it back around on her. She really did think Blaise deserved someone who was good for him, guys tended to be exceptionally blind when it came to finding the right girl so she thought she’d help him.

“Fine, but no funny business,” she warned him with a light glare, he grinned.

“Hey, I wasn’t the one who suggested this.”

“Yeah, yeah. So tell me who the fifth girl is.”

Blaise answered almost immediately. “Ginny Weasley.”

Hermione’s mouth dropped open. “What?! As in the Ginny Weasley dating Harry Potter?! My best friend, Harry Potter?!”

“What? It’s not like I’m going to have an affair with her, but if she was to dump Potter I would definitely be in line to dating her. She’s pretty hot and I’ve always liked a feisty girl, plus she’s a red head.”

“What has that got to do with anything?”

Blaise winked mischievously at her. “They’re supposed to be great in bed.”

Hermione shuddered, it was bad enough to hear from Ginny about what her and Harry get up to, but with Blaise…it just involuntarily put disturbing images into her mind.

Choosing to ignore his remark, she blinked and sighed. “Wow, that was really unexpected. I’d have thought she’d be your first choice, Ginny’s gorgeous.”

“Yeah but she’s with Potter and there are other girls Granger.”

 “Okay, so fourth choice?”

Blaise answered just as quickly again. “Louisa Milton.”

“The Hufflepuff?!” Hermione squeaked. What was with Blaise’s choices?

“Yeah, she’s cute.”

Louisa Milton was a small girl of 5 ft 2, her dark brown hair was pulled back into an immaculate French plait and her glasses framed her olive green eyes. She was just so…innocent. Hermione knew the types of girls Blaise hooked up with, Ginny and Louisa were not those girls.

“Wow. You’re kind of surprising me Blaise, I thought you would have picked someone else to be frank.”

“Like Pansy or Daphne you mean?”

Hermione cringed; she wished she didn’t say their names. It just made it sound more horrible than it actually was, it was like he was accusing of her accusing him to be only after girls with boobs and a nice ass. Though to be fair, Ginny did have all of those things minus the fact that she doesn’t judge people based on their blood and she dresses normally.

“Kind of, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, my track record isn’t exactly clean. I’m not proud to say this but girls like Pansy are Daphne are easy and keep me busy for a short amount of time, but they’re never a long term thing. I don’t think I could settle down with someone like Pansy.”

 This was new to Hermione, she’d always thought that guys preferred girls like Pansy. Pansy was a slut but she was a stunning one, she could have been a successful fashion model in both the Muggle world and the Wizarding world. Pansy had an amazing bone structure, legs that seemed to go on for miles and a figure every girl desired.

“That’s really deep Blaise. So, who’s your third choice?”

His third choice didn’t surprise Hermione, it was another Hufflepuff girl. Samantha Price, she was your typical blonde beach babe. She was like the Baywatch version of Pansy; you would have found Samantha doing photo shoots on the beach in skimpy bikinis whilst Pansy would strut down catwalks in the latest couture designs.

The thing was though, Samantha was nice. Hermione had Ancient Runes with the girl and she was lovely, they always laughed and talked during the lesson.

“So, second?”

Blaise rested his hand on his chin and gave an odd smile. It was a cross between a real smile and a smirk.


Say what?!

“Huh?” Hermione grunted unintelligently, bringing her thoughts back to Draco who’s uttered the exact same word some time ago. Blaise shrugged.

“You Granger are my second choice for dating in school,” Blaise explained slowly. “Does that bother you?”

Hermione swallowed, her mouth suddenly dry. She wasn’t used to handsome guys like Blaise thinking of her that way, except for Viktor Krum and Ron who was handsome in his own unique way.

“K-Kind of. I’m just surprised really. Are you sure you mean me?” Hermione asked in a high voice, checking again.

Blaise laughed. “Yes Hermione! You are my second choice.”

“But, why?”

“Well Hermione, you’re actually kind of hot,” Blaise admitted in slight embarrassment. “And you’re funny, smart and down to earth.”

Hermione blushed and almost hid behind a book, she was acting like how any girl would react after being complimented by a good looking guy.

“Thanks Blaise.”

“If you’d actually get a new set of robes, people would actually see you have a good figure.”

“And how would you know what my figure is like?” Hermione asked worriedly. She didn’t remember showing Blaise her body at any point in their friendship.

“Hermione, it’s me you’re talking to. I can tell you what bra size you are without actually having to look at the tag, so I can tell if you have a good figure or not.”

“Thanks Blaise.” Hermione’s cheeks were flaming hot, she hoped he was only saying that and he didn’t actually know what bra size she was! That would be incredibly embarrassing.

“Anytime Hermione. Just flaunt what you’ve got; if you do you’ll have a queue of guys outside your room.”

She rolled her eyes. “Whatever. So you ready for the big finale? Who’s your number one?”

Blaise actually looked nervous; he rubbed his palms on his trousers before answering in a low whisper, “Luna Lovegood.”

Hermione would have laughed had Blaise not looked deadly serious and genuine. Hermione put her hand on top of his and looked him in the eyes.

“Luna Lovegood?”

“Don’t sound so surprised,” Blaise snapped acidly. Hermione smiled and squeezed his hand.

“I’m sorry it’s just that was really unexpected Blaise, I didn’t know you were even on speaking terms with her.”

“Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood were moved to our Defence Against the Dark Arts class. Professor Kingsley partnered me with Luna.”

Luna?! They were on a first name basis?

“And…you started talking?”

“Yeah, she’s just so…different.” Blaise paused before laughing at his own words, Luna Lovegood was very different. “She makes me laugh and she’s really pretty, especially when she smiles.”

Hermione gave him a large smile. She would absolutely approve if they did date! Luna was an absolute darling, she was strange but she was kind, brave and sweet.

“Blaise, if you want to date Luna then there’s nothing stopping you. Now that I think about it, she did ask me about love a few days ago. Now I get why she did.”

“She did?” Blaise asked hopefully, Hermione nodded.

“Yes. I know this is jumping to conclusions, but I think she might have been talking about you. Voldemort’s gone; Luna’s a pureblood so there’s no shame in dating her. So what if she’s loopy? You’ll never get bored of her and if you’re Slytherin friends make fun of her, then they’re not very good friends are they? Ask her out, there’s a Hogsmeade trip this weekend. Don’t let this opportunity pass.”

Blaise gave her a wary look but took a deep breath. “Mind putting in a good word for me before I do ask her?”

“I’d be more than happy to,” Hermione said with a smile. “Who knew Blaise Zabini would ever be attracted Luna Lovegood.”

“Hey, it’s not like we wake up saying to ourselves ‘I’m going to like the weirdest girl in school’,” he said with a loved up grin. “It just kind of…happened, you know?”

Hermione wanted to say she did but she honestly didn’t. She checked her pocket watch.

“Oh we better go; Madame Pince is closing the Library in 10 minutes.”

Hermione tried to stand but Blaise pulled her back down. “We haven’t discussed your top 5 yet!”

She shrugged and began to walk away from him. “Tough, I guess you’ll never find out who they are.”

Blaise narrowed his eyes. “Liar. You don’t even have a top 5 do you?”


“Bloody hell woman! Don’t you ever think of guys?! Like, at all?”

Hermione looked away, she’d only been thinking of one guy lately. It bothered her every time that flash of blonde hair and ice blue eyes entered her thoughts, he plagued her mind every night.

“I’m sorry, I should really stop thinking about passing my N.E.W.T’s and getting a good job so I can have more free time to think about guys I may never see again,” Hermione replied sulkily, she hurried past Blaise and began to march out of the Library. She could hear Blaise running after her.

He caught her shoulder and gently spun her around. “Don’t get angry, I was only joking. Now I believe we came to an agreement that if I told you my top 5 girls then you’d tell me your top 5 guys.”

“I don’t have a ‘top 5 guys list’ Blaise.”

“Are you lying? Is it because I’m your number five, four, three, two and…one?”

Hermione rolled her eyes. “How do you walk through doors without getting your head stuck? I’m surprised you aren’t a hunchback carrying that large head of yours.”

“I’m serious Granger! Tell!”

“Would you drop it! We’re almost 18! We’re not 6.”

“Actually, I am 18 Granger and as you’re elder I believe you owe me this juicy piece of information.” Still Hermione remained silent, in all honesty she didn’t really have a top 5 guys list. She didn’t believe in dating someone solely based on looks, it was shallow and stupid.

Plus, her mind barely drifted from the essay titles and homework due dates. She rarely thought about love and guys but she’d always had a fantasy, similar to the story of Pride and Prejudice actually.

“Night Zabini.”

“Hold up!” he ran ahead and blocked her way. “You’re not getting away that easily. How about I give you a list of guys and you tell me if you’d date them or not.”

“But this is so childish Blaise!” Hermione complained, Blaise put his arm around her shoulders and sighed.

“Loosen up a bit Hermione! It’s only a bit of fun.”

“Holy fuck…”

Hermione gasped and pushed Blaise away who stumbled but quickly regained his footing. Hermione cleared her throat, thankful that the Hogwarts corridors were dim since she was blushing madly. She was sure her head looked like a floating tomato.


Ginny Weasley crossed her arms and smirked at the two whilst Hermione fidgeted under her strong gaze, Blaise looked somewhat comfortable. Then again, he was probably used to people staring at him.

“Now I understand why you haven’t been coming to dinner.”

Blaise sniggered but Hermione blushed an even darker shade of red and began waving her hands frantically.

“No! You’ve got it all wrong; Blaise and I met at the Library-…”

“Please Hermione, I don’t want to know where you and Zabini get your freak on,” Ginny cut in with a small laugh.

Blaise was chuckling as he began to walk towards the Dungeons, to his Common Room. “I’ll see you ladies later. Hermione,” he bowed then faced Ginny. “Weasley, it’s not as bad as it seems.”

Ginny waited till Blaise was out of sight and hopefully out of earshot before she stomped to Hermione with her eyes wide.

“What was that?!”

An hour later…

“So…you and Zabini were playing a game?”

“If you prefer to call it that, then yes,” Hermione confirmed, the two girls in the Heads Common Room on the couches. Her voice felt strained after having spent a full hour explaining in full detail to Ginny what had happened with Draco and Blaise.

Ginny nodded, impressed. “Well then…check you out; you’re in Blaise Zabini’s top 5.”

“Yes, but so are you,” Hermione pointed out in a ‘duh’ voice. Ginny rolled her eyes.

“I’m fifth; you my dear friend are second.” Ginny shook her head, appalled. “You don’t get how big that is do you?”

“Not really,” admitted Hermione. She pulled out her quill and began to write out the title to her Arithmancy essay.

“Honestly ‘mione, hundreds of girls would kill to be in your position.”

“Of course they would. Who wouldn’t want to be with the handsome and amazing Head Boy?”

Hermione literally groaned at the sound of that voice, plastering a small and forced smile on her face she turned to look at Cormac.

“You’re back early, from your meeting.”

Cormac’s fan club – which was quite large but not as big as Draco’s – had asked him to attend one of their fan meetings. He’d even worn his fanciest dress robes to it!

Cormac sat beside in between Hermione and Ginny, he put his arm over Hermione’s shoulders and smirked at her.

“Aren’t you pleased to see my handsome face again, My sweet Hermione.”

Hermione’s face puckered in anger when she saw Ginny’s laughing body, Cormac was completely oblivious as usual.

“Y-Yeah, we can plan what we’re going to say at the Prefect’s meeting tomorrow night,” Hermione said through clenched teeth.

Cormac then rested his hand on Hermione’s knee and gave it a squeeze. “I shall see you tomorrow my sweet, I need to get some beauty sleep.”

Both Ginny and Hermione watched Cormac head up the spiral staircase to his dorm and when Hermione heard the door slam shut she turned her entire body to Ginny, who was smirking at her.

Ginny wiggled her eyebrows. “Cormac too eh? ‘Mione, you cheating on Zabini? Sort it out girl!”

“I would rather become a lesbian than have anything sexual to do with Cormac.” Hermione picked up a pillow and swatted Ginny. “And Blaise and I are just friends so I am not cheating on him.”

“I just find that hard to believe though! He looked like he cares about you!”

“It’s because we’re just really good friends. He’s like Harry to me.” Hermione had been close to saying Ron’s name too but they weren’t on very good terms at the present moment, she was still too angry at him and he was being a coward for not apologising already.

Besides, Hermione knew who Blaise truly liked…

“I wish you’d tell me who he chose to be his number one person to date, I bet it’s someone who’s really pretty. I get why you won’t tell me because it’s Zabini’s thing to tell, but I would not mind knowing.”

Hermione buried her face in her Arithmancy book. Blaise’s number one girl was pretty but in a unique way that made her stand out, a girl that even Ginny Weasley would not have suspected in being in Blaise’s top 5 list.

“I’ll ask him for you.” Hermione’s stomach rumbled loudly, she cast a sideways glance at Ginny. “I’m not hungry.”

“You didn’t come to dinner and I know you haven’t been to the kitchen yet. Would you and my stupid brother please just be friends again so we can all eat dinner in the same place at the same time?!”

“It’s not that easy Gin. Ron and I haven’t been getting along well lately, and I just can’t get over the fact that he was going to call me a Mudblood. If Harry hadn’t stopped him…”

Hermione trailed off as her fists clenched in rage at the memory, it was still fresh in her mind as if it had happened earlier in the day rather than 2 weeks ago.

Ginny sighed. “I know. It’s just; I miss hanging out with you! I love Harry but sometimes I want to talk about other things than Quidditch and how many holes my socks have, which they don’t by the way. I want to talk about girly things!”

Hermione suppressed a giggle. Harry and Ron did manage to find the most peculiar topics for conversations; she’d once walked in on them talking about their washing routine in the mornings.

“I’ll come down when Ron apologises, it’s about time he grew a backbone.”


Hermione took a seat in the Head Girl chair. She remembered coming into the Prefect’s Meeting room for the first time some time ago, the table was made from the finest marble and it was incredibly well polished that she’d caught Cormac looking at his own reflection.

The table was shaped in a circle with eighteen large chairs. Two were for the Head Boy and Girl while the other sixteen were for the four House Prefects.

Cormac yawned and put his feet up on the table. “What time does this thing finish?”

“It hasn’t even started! As Head Boy and Girl, we should always arrive earlier than the other Prefects. Didn’t you read the guide Professor McGonagall gave us?” Hermione asked, a frown setting upon her features.

“Who needs that rubbish?”

The door creaked open and finally the sixteen Prefects from the four houses entered. The Ravenclaw Prefects were: Rebecca Campbell, Cyril Mather, Tom Worthing and Luna Lovegood. They sat together with their back’s straight and eyes attentive except for Luna, who gazed dreamily into the corner.

The Ravenclaw Prefects were followed by the Hufflepuff’s: Susan Bones, Hannah Abbott, Ernie McMillan and Zacharias Smith. Hermione raised an eyebrow at how snooty Zacharias Smith looked, she knew that Smith had always fancied himself being Head Boy. To be honest, Cormac and Zacharias were as bad as each other!

Hermione gave a small wave to the Gryffindor Prefects who entered next: Ginny and Ron Weasley, their famous red hair could be spotted from anywhere. Ron cast an awkward glance at Hermione who kept her face expressionless, she was making him do the work for a change. She was sick of having to chase him.

“Hey ‘mione,” Neville greeted her, a Gryffindor Prefect along with Dean Thomas.

“Are the Slytherin’s late again?” Zacharias asked. “They hold up these meetings, some of us have stuff to do!”

“Oh yeah, like what?” Ron voiced. “Clipping your toe nails Smith?”

Despite herself, Hermione giggled silently. She was angry with Ron but he always did have a funny sense of humour.

She leant into Ginny. “How’s Harry?”

“He’s fine. He’s doing some Transfiguration for Byrne and Defence for Kingsley.”

Hermione was about to answer but a shrill voice interrupted her.

“Someone open a window, the stench of Mudblood is giving me a headache,” Pansy said as she pinched her nose, a Slytherin Prefect. Daphne Greengrass – another Slytherin Prefect – laughed.

Pansy always said it and it was getting old.

Ginny jabbed Hermione in the side and signalled her head to the door, her ginger locks swaying with the movement. Hermione looked to see that Blaise entered the room, the female prefects – except Hermione – all had dreamy expressions cross their face but that was nothing compared to what they did for the Prefect behind Blaise.

“He is so good looking,” Rebecca, the Ravenclaw Prefect whispered.

Draco cleared his throat and ran a hand through his hair before taking a seat next to Pansy grudgingly, for the briefest moment, Hermione’s eyes locked with Draco’s.

The moment ended too soon because Hermione blinked and broke the eye contact within 2 seconds, she whispered to Ginny and then passed papers around to the Prefects.

Hermione looked at Ron who was to her far left, who kept peeking at her through the corner of his eyes. Blaise, who was to her far right, was trying hard not to pay too much attention to her but the occasional grin was thrown her way, Cormac who unfortunately was directly next to her was forever trying to get her attention by touching her arm or whispering too close to her ear so that the warmth of his breath crawled all over the skin of her neck. And Draco…it was just plain awkward and she avoided looking his way at all costs. It was difficult since he sat directly across from her, she was thankful for the distance the round table put between them

Hermione shifted uncomfortably in her seat, feeling caged by the guys surrounding her.

Oh boy. This is going to be a long night.


Update up! I hope you liked it, and the Blaise/Luna pairing. I just think they're cute together haha :P

Sorry if this chapter seemed like a filler but I promise you it's not as useless as it seems :L

I hopp you enjoyed. Please, please review! Let me know what you all think :D 

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