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James Potter’s Greatest Wish by EmilyPotter2390
Chapter 8 : Hogwarts here we come…
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Chapter 8: Hogwarts here we come…

Lily’s P.O.V.

I wake up to get ready for our first day back at Hogwarts and I have a new nickname from a certain black haired boy whom I am falling for rather fast. My new nickname is Secret Kiss, romantic huh? It is so much fun to have a secret like this…

So I get ready for the train. I finish packing my stuff, put on my makeup, do my hair, and find the perfect outfit. It’s a jean mini skirt, and a t-shirt that said “Dancing Queen” and it was Green with Pink writing and I had flip flops and a belt to match. I went downstairs and was given proud looks from my parents, but of course Petunia shot me an infamous “you freak” look. I ate my breakfast and I walked outside with my stuff to meet my friends. We had helped each other pick out our outfits and we all looked awesome. We each had our hair and makeup just right and we each had a mini skirt and cute t-shirt to match. Monique and my T-shirts said something about dancing. Monique’s shirt said “Born to dance.” Tina’s shirt said “Do you believe in magic?” and Natalie’s said “Boys are a girl’s best friend…( and then written on the back) besides diamonds of course.” We all looked awesome and we knew it.

We met right behind Tina’s house a little into the forest because we were planning to aparate there. At the end of the summer we all had now successfully been able to aparate and we decided we were going to do it together so there are not too many questions. We then counted to three 1…2…3…go. ‘Pop’ and we all ended up a block away from the train station in an alley so it would not cause suspicion. We walked up to platforms 9 and 10 and casually leaned through to get to Platform 9 3/4. This is the last time I will be on this train to head back to school because I certainly wasn’t spending one of my favorite holidays with my awful sister. This was a sad thought to me, but I was far too excited to think of that now. I was so excited and I could not wait to see “Kisses at Midnight”. I wanted him to see me looking hot. I now realize yes I like him, just like, but I refuse to admit it… at least out loud.

On the other side of the platform I saw him and his buddies spot me and my friends. They walked over and we exchanged hellos. I have to admit I felt slightly strange around James. It was weird yet exhilarating that we could pull this off.

He then said “Hello Evans do you think you will give me a chance this year?” he said with a wink only I could see.

“In your dreams Potter” I smirked back.

He then said “Alright Evans and crew see you later, maybe sooner than you think.” He smiled and slipped a note into my pocket. I felt it slide into my pocket and I smiled inside all I knew was I NEEDED to find a bathroom so I could read it.

“Let’s get on the train girls.” I said.  

The girls followed me and then I told them I had to go to the bathroom and for them to find a compartment. I found the bathroom and slipped inside and read the note it said:

Dear Secret Kiss,

I like you’re nickname. It is really sexy. However, I was wondering could I have another kiss from my favorite Secret tonight maybe? I know it sounds stupid, but I really enjoyed the others. Let me know when we get into the common room alone. Well I will talk to you later then…

With lots of Love,

Kisses at Midnight



“Don’t Worry James you will get another kiss tonight I miss them already.” It is all I could think with a huge grin on my face.

I walked back to our compartment and realized with a reminder from Tina, Natalie, and Monique that I had to hold a meeting for the prefects. I changed quickly into my robes and I ran fast down the train. I arrived and heard “Well look who’s late little miss perfect our Head Girl Miss Lily Evans.” said James with a smirk.

“Oh be quiet Potter.” I replied.

We had the Prefect meeting which was according to James was ‘such a bore’ and while Professor McGonagall spoke to the prefects (I memorized that speech I heard it twice already) so I wrote James back a note which said:

Kisses at Midnight

Hey umm yea I would definitely like another kiss tonight in the common room and I am impressed how you can change from sweetheart to ass very quickly haha.

From the lovely,

Secret Kiss


After McGonagall was done then we were dismissed and I said “Wait James we have to get some things straight”. He looked confused, but walked back. He pulled down the shade, put a silencing charm on the door, locked it, and turned back had a look on that prepared for screaming. I smirk and said,

“Relax Romeo I just wanted to give you this,” I handed him the letter. “And this” and with that I gave him a kiss that made his knees melt and left him with his mouth open and confused. I turned back smiled and winked and left. “Wow” is what I heard him say as I left and I couldn’t help, but laugh.

I went back to the compartment where my friends were waiting and Natalie said “Lily I need to ask you something. Now out in the hall” and she pushed me back out of the compartment.

“I peeked into the meeting and I am wondering who were you writing the note too? And what did you need to talk to James about? And why are you smiling?”

“Ok the note was to nobody, I talked to James about nothing and I’m smiling because you are too funny when you are curious.” I said while laughing.

“Are you sure Lily? You better not be lying to me.”

“Yes I’m sure and I’m not lying”

“Ok” she said not convinced at all, “… then let’s go back inside”

We walked back inside, sat down then all of a sudden the train stopped. “What’s going on?” “Why did we stop?” was heard all up and down the train and then all of a sudden a magnified, horrible, menacing laugh was heard through the train and then all of the doors from the outside in were ripped off and tall figures in black robes came onto the train and there were multiple screams and several curses fired. Ok I’m sending a letter to Dumbledore now.


We are being attacked on the train PLEASE HURRY.



I sent that off with Emerald, my owl, and then I went with all of my friends and the Marauders to fire curses as quick as possible.

Before I could do anything though I got hit by a curse and everything spun and it quickly went black.

James’ P.O.V.

We were firing curses as quick as possible and we were doing great. Lily finally joined us and almost immediately…

“NOOOOOOO LILY!!!!!!!!!” she got hit by a curse and I don’t know what it was, but I know it made me want to cry.

She went down and we kept firing curses for a long time and slowly Death Eaters were going down. In the end the Death Eaters stunned multiple people and others had funny curses done on them. For example, jelly legs, etc., but there was one that we were not sure if she was dead, my Lily. I pulled her into a compartment to be alone with her. Nobody noticed because they were trying to reverse all the curses and take care of each other. I sat down next to her and looked around to make sure nobody was near or watching and I lay my head on her chest and cried “Lily please no, you and I were finally together I can’t live without you.” I cried and kissed her softly on the lips knowing full well that she could be dead. She had little pulse and she wasn’t breathing. I cried and kept kissing her forehead or her lips. A few minutes into my major break down I hear…

“I’m not going anywhere Romeo I just can’t move right now” she said.

“Wa… Lily you’re…you’re ok????” I whispered softly with tears in my eyes.

“I’m here can you carry me to the hospital wing though, I can only move my mouth.”

“Oh my god I am so happy you’re ok,” I picked her up and spun around, “to the hospital wing my princess.”

Lily’s P.O.V.

He has been kissing me and crying over me for quite a few minutes now and it’s so sweet, but I can’t move. Wait I think I can speak let me try…

“I’m not going anywhere Romeo I just can’t move right now.” I whispered. I was thrilled that I could talk.

He then picked me up and spoke to me, but his words were muffled I think he was still crying because I still couldn’t see and he brought me out of the compartment and ran down the train. I could hear whispers around us they said “What’s wrong with Lily?” or “Why is James being so nice and carrying her?” or “What’s going on with those two are they going out?” He apparated us to right outside Hogwarts and ran into the castle and I was still in his arms. I couldn’t move but I didn’t want to move either. I just could feel the muscles in his arms holding me and I could feel his abs through his robes. He is so strong. James got me up to the Hospital Wing finally and told Madam Pomfrey what happened and she said “Just sit with her James and talk to her to make sure you keep her awake at all costs until I am done with the potion”.

“Yes Ma’am” he replied.

“Lily you need to stay awake sweetie”

“Lots of people saw you carrying me I heard their whispers.” I whispered.

“That’s ok nobody suspects a thing they can’t once they found out what happened to you they won’t care. I promise you.”

“Ok if you’re sure”

“Is she still awake James?” came the voice of Madam Pomfrey

“Yes” we both replied and we laughed about it too.

“Ok then here is your potion Lily, please open your mouth,” I did and she poured it in it tasted horrible and I quickly spit it back out, “Eww that was gross!!”

“Well what did you expect Pumpkin Juice?” Madam Pomfrey said.

“You’ve said that to me before too is that like a catch phrase” James asked slyly.

“No it’s just something the healer before me said and I was in here a lot so I sort of picked it up I guess” she said.

“I CAN SEE!!!” I yelled

Madam Pomfrey and James start laughing, which I can’t blame them for either, and soon I was laughing with them. After, with lots of persuasion James and I got Madam Pomfrey to let me go. When we walked to the Great Hall for dinner there were a lot of stares. We realized we missed the sorting, but that really didn’t matter. When I found a seat my friends immediately yelled “Are you alright?!!”  

“I am fine” I said.

“How did you get to Hogwarts?”


“With some help” and the Headmaster stood up thank goodness. He did his usual speech and let us all go to our dorms. As the speech ended I smiled at my once again savior. 

James’ P.O.V.

“Wow Prongs she smiled at you. What did you do that I don’t know of? What haven’t you told me?” Sirius said accusingly.

“Nothing, chill out Padfoot”. I said with a laugh.

Once the feast was over Dumbledore made his usual announcements and then he said “We are also going to have a Christmas Ball on December 10th so you will need dates and this will be planned out by the prefects and our Head Girl and Head Boy. They are James Potter and Lily Evans and if you would be so kind I would like to speak to you both in my office later.”

So then the feast ended and we walked up to Professor Dumbledore’s office silently, we were too embarrassed after what had happened today. We said the password together “Licorice Wand” and we walked up the stairs together. We opened the door and walked strait to Professor Dumbledore’s desk. James then said “You wanted to see us professor?”

He replied “Yes I did. First I would like to know from each of you EVERYTHING that happened on the train and one warning I will know if you are lying so you need to say everything so we can discover what happened and what saved you Lily.”

So we told him EVERYTHING and Professor Dumbledore said “You’re amazing James, you saved Lily. I have never heard of a curse acting like that before”.

He looked over his hands with his piercing blue eyes and we knew to be silent because he was thinking. He then said, “We I am not exactly sure how that happened, but on another note. James, Lily I’m sorry, but your Head rooms will not be ready for a week so you can say goodbye to your room mates and prepare to move into your Head Boy and Girl room together.”

We smiled and left and went right to bed. As I lay down I smiled thinking of that black haired boy who seemed to be my knight in shining armor. I wish we had our dorm room because I was looking forward to that kiss.


A/N: I have so many more chapters written and I am dying for reviews!!! Plus, huge shout out to my favorite reviewer Padfoot_The_Author33. Please keep reading!!!

Love, Em

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