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Miss Weasley by leannemariesnape
Chapter 1 : Mrs. Potter
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So, the day has finally arrived. I can't explain to you the loss that I will be feeling at the end of the day. My beloved daughter, it is the time in your life when you finally leave me for another man. I had hoped that this day would never come, but deep down, I knew it was inevitable.

I've watched you grow up surrounded by having the expectation of being the first female in our family for generations. A pressure that, I believe, you handled exquisitely. I remember the first time I met you. I was at St. Mungos, with all of your brothers, waiting to see you. I was expecting to see another little boy to add to our family. 

When the time arrived, Uncle Bilius managed to remove me from your brothers clutches. As I walked into the room, I heard Molly squeak "it's a girl, Arthur!" I was nervous. So nervous. Why? Because I worried I would let you down. I had experience with bringing up boys, but a girl? What if I messed up? But then, I saw you. You had a tuft of orange hair and those dark chocolatey eyes, exactly like your mother. My nerves were forgotten.

At that moment, I promised you something, Ginny. I promised that you would always be able to come to me for anything. I promised you that I would not judge. I would do my best for you, love you unconditionally. A promise I hope you think I have done, and something I hope to continue to do, even if you no longer really need me.

At the age of two years old, your character began to truly develop. I remember vividly you asking your mother, for example, why you could not stand up to use the toilet, like all of your brothers. I know it makes you cringe everytime I talk about it and I can see you, in my mind's eye rolling your eyes and tutting, but it never fails to make me smile.

For your fourth Birthday, I bought you a bracelet. Do you remember it, Ginny? It was gold and had stars carved into it. You wore it every day. Even at bath time. As you grew, the bracelet became too small. It was cast aside. Forgotten. Well, not by me, Ginny. I used a shriking charm on it, and I wear it on my little finger, so you are always with me.

I watched your love of Quidditch blossom. It was destined to happen, since all of your brothers were Quidditch mad. Especially since you doted on every one of them and wanted to be like them in any way possible. Boys, being boys, didn't want to let their little sister play. But even at a young age, you were smart. You waited until your brothers were not around, and used their brooms to fly during the daytime. I watched you from the Burrow, the few times that I was not working at the ministry. You seemed to have a natural talent for flying, and I was sure that, maybe, one day, you would make a brilliant Quidditch player.

Then, at the age of ten years old, your destiny was seemingly decided. On September the first, 1991, your brother, Ron was in your words "leaving you" to go to Hogwarts. Much in the way you are going to be leaving me. On that day you met a skinny, bespectacled boy. Do you remember him, Ginny? I was working, so I wasn't there, but the amount of times that you recounted how you had met him over the subsequent twelve months, made me feel, almost as if I had actually been present.

Your first year of Hogwarts scared me though. You had been posessed by He Who Must Not Be Named. I know you don't like to talk about it, so I wont go into detail, but, who saved you? None other than that skinny bespectacled boy. I remember to this day the look on your face when you found out it was him who had saved you.Somewhere between embarrassment and excitement. I always wondered whether that would ever come to anything, and well. Here we are!

You grew older, and I watched you grow into a firey, brave, smart young woman. One day, I forget which, Ron informed me you had a boyfriend. It saddened me. Firstly, because, I always thought I'd be the first to know if you had a boyfriend, but secondly, because it meant that the process of you leaving me was about to begin. Leaving your silly old Dad behind you.

I then found out you had moved on and were in a relationship with that boy. Which one? None other than the boy that, I daresay, you had loved since the age of ten. I watched him break your heart. I know you are not the kind of girl to cry, but I could see in your eyes that you were broken by it. Yet, you knew it was better for both of you. You moved on, and you helped us to defeat the darkness, that was so prominent. I never thought the day would arrive when I'd gleefully tell my co-worker that you were doing your best to cause trouble at Hogwarts, but, it did.

You helped me with losing Fred. I love your brothers equally as much as you, and I felt as if my heart would burst without Fred. I know you were grieving too, but you helped me to see I needed to be brave and be there for my other children, which I know Fred would have wanted. That is a reason you are my perfect little girl. I love you because when you are near, the whole world is meaningful.

You became captain of the Holyhead Harpies. I've never told you this, but when you flew out, on the first day of being captain, I almost cried. You flew out, your red hair flowing behind you, and mouthed "love you" to me.

And now, here we are. For two hours and fifty eight minutes more, you are a Weasley. I'll be giving you away to the bespectacled, skinny man that I know you are perfect for. The selfish part of my mind is telling me to hide you away, and stop you marrying him, because then you will stay my little girl forever. But I know that's not fair. I can see you are happy with him and he is happy when he is with you.

Miss Weasley...Mrs. Potter, thank you for bringing an inexplicable amount of joy to me. Thank you for dealing with my pride. You will always, deep down be my princess.

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