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Son of Potter vs son of Bellatrix by magicmuggle01
Chapter 7 : Welcome To Gryffindor Tower
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When Stephen stepped through the archway that separated the portrait entrance and the Gryffindor common room, he had the chance to look around, and he could not help but gasp at what he saw.

The room that he and MacGonagall had stepped into was gigantic. He saw a large number of armchairs and settees dotted around a large roaring fire. Looking up towards the ceiling he found that he saw a darkened sky with stars. MacGonagall had noticed Stephens gasp of amazement explained.

'The ceiling has been magically altered (just like the great hall) to show the sky outside, which at the moment is night time. And the room has been enlarged using magic to accommodate all the students in Gryffindor House. But please let me introduce you to some of your fellow Gryffindor's’. And approaching the fire (where several people were seated) MacGonagall first introduced Stephen to the eldest person. ‘This is James Potter who is a fourth year student I believe you've already met? And the next two are his brother and sister Frederick and Hermione; they've just started their first year. And this is Ade who is also a first year and is from Nigeria. People, this is Stephen, he arrived just after the train but has been ill and kept in the hospital wing until he was well enough to join you. Well Stephen I'll leave you in James's capable hands and let him tell you what's what at Hogwarts. Goodbye for now and I will know doubt see you at some point in the morning.' And with that MacGongall turned and walked out through the portrait entrance.

James rose up from the armchair he was sitting in and walked over to Stephen. He held out his hand and said.

'Hi, as Minnie said my name is James it's good to see you again.'

Stephen took James hand and shook it, at the same time saying 'Professor McGonagall said that we've met before but I cannot remember where. Maybe you can refresh my memory.'

'But please, never mind that for now (taking Stephen by the arm) 'Well it was in this room two or three nights ago, you appeared out of nowhere, and I must admit that you gave me quite a shock that night. by the arm and leading him to a corner where they could talk more privately and started speaking in a low voice) MacGonagall has filled me in on most of the details about you, since I was the one who saw you suddenly appear out of thin air. I have been sworn to secrecy, so don't worry about me saying anything about what I saw.'

Stephen looked a bit relieved at this but at the same time still felt a bit apprehensive due to the strange environment that he had landed himself in. When T.I.M. had jaunted him here, he'd never expected anything like this. Now he was unable to telepathically link with any of his friends outside this building, but for some reason he could establish a telepathic link with the person that he'd been sent to find.

'Can I ask you one question?' Stephen asked James.

'Sure fire away' he replied.

'Why do you call Professor MacGonagall Minnie?'

James laughed at this and said 'It's because of her first name. Her name is Minerva and since the first three letters are Min, we call her Minnie, but only to her back. Nobody would dream of calling her that to her face'.

Frederick, Hermione and Ade had noticed the movement towards the back of the common room, and the hushed whispers that were taking place and wondered what was going on with their brother and this new boy. The three of them looked at each other and (almost as if they could read each others minds) vowed to get to the bottom of what looked like a mystery.




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