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The Name of the Game by churro12
Chapter 1 : An Introduction of Sorts
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  “JAMES POTTER, IMMA FRIKKEN’ KILL YOU!” I shouted, annoyed more than I ever thought I could be at that stupid, arrogant, mean, stupid… JERKFACE! Merlin, I’ve been forced to be near him so long that I’ve come dangerously close to his maturity level. But anyways, on with my murderous stampede.  I searched for him with, excuse my lame song reference, the Eye of the Tiger. And yeah, maybe I will go a little Rocky Balboa on him, it’s not like I haven’t been wanting to for more than five and a half years now.

 “Lily, love, it’s not nice to give death threats to good looking men such as myself, no matter how killer you may find my looks,” I jumped at his voice, I hadn’t thought of the possibility that he was right behind me.

I turned suddenly, my fists clenched and ready to go crazy all over his face. Wait, what was I doing? I suddenly realized two reasons that violence

1.     Because he wanted a rise out of me, and


2.     Due to my extreme lacking in the muscular area, and his extreme… um… non-lacking, it would just make him feel all macho if I tried and hit him.


Okay, let me explain a little here. My name is Lily Evans and I’m close to the end of my fifth year here at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I absolutely love this school, mostly because it’s my only escape from the chaos that is my home life. And then, there’s Potter. It’s like he lives to make my life a living hell. For example, the stupid prat had the nerve to write in big letters on the common room wall, “LILY EVANS SECRE TLY LOVES JAMES POTTER.”

“Potter, what you did was stupid, arrogant, and, quite frankly, made me want to shank your face,” I told him, trying not to let that oh-so-Lilylicious temper of mine take over, but I couldn’t even make it through the sentence without a violent comment.

He was now smirking at me, eyes sparkling, and I instantly knew what was coming. “Lily, dear, what’s your mother’s number? ‘Cause I wanna give her a call and thank her for giving me you.”

I rolled my eyes. His eyes always sparkled when he was about to come onto me. Those pretty hazel eyes, shame they had to be put into the face of a bum like Potter. Although, the face isn’t too bad looking itself… Wait, what?


Did I just kind of compliment James Potter? Well crap. I know THAT’S never going to happen again, even in just my thoughts.

` “Lily? What’s wrong? Why are you looking at Potter more murderously than usual? Did he touch you? Where did he touch you?! Let me get a doll so you can show me where he touched you…” My best friend in the entire world, Ella Moor, asked me. She was five feet six inches tall with wavy blonde hair down to her shoulders, blue-green eyes, rosy cheeks, and had most dramatic personality of anyone I’ve ever met, and I’ve met Sirius Black. She was born to be an actress, and she was fearless enough to pull it off.

Potter gaped at her, “What do you think I am, some kind of creeper? I would never touch Lily without her consent,” He looked at me with a sudden grin, “So how ‘bout it, love?”

I practically gagged, “Come near me and become a woman!”

His eyes got big and he put his hands up in surrender.

I exhaled, trying to calm myself, “If those horribly untrue words on the wall aren’t gone by dinnertime, I’ll tell everyone about what happened at that party you had. Understood?”

He quickly nodded, knowing exactly what I meant, and I turned and walked to the girl’s dormitories with a small smirk on my face.

There, I found my other two best friends Cassie and Melanie.

Cassie Callor was, well, quite honestly, one crazy chick. She was probably the weirdest person I’ve ever met, with curly long brown hair that was always in her face, and chocolate brown eyes. However, thick-rimmed black nerd glasses always shielded those chocolate brown eyes, even though she could easily wear her contacts. But those glasses were part of what made her Cassie Callor.

Melanie Barrett is absolutely the MOST stubborn person in the world, including me. If you get into an argument with her, she will literally not stop until you either give up or she claws your eyes out. She has jet black hair to her shoulder blades, and electric blue eyes. Her skin is like porcelain, and it works with her natural red lips to give her the whole “Snow White” look. Though she may look like a princess, she certainly doesn’t act like one, she’s more like a verbal warrior.

I didn’t realize Ella had followed me up to the dormitory until I heard her footsteps behind me. Not caring if my best friends saw my temper tantrum, I leaped head first onto my four-poster bed and screamed into my pillow at the top of my lungs. Mel and Cassie immediately knew my problem was with a certain messy-haired Marauder, it always was.

Melanie sighed, “Why don’t you just snog him already? That’ll relieve the sexual tension between you two.”

I sat up and looked at her in horror, “SEXUAL TENSION? The day the word sexual is used to describe Potter’s and my relationship is the day that Cassie gets over her fear of plastic bags.”

Ella smiles, “Mel didn’t say anything about James Potter! This, of course, means that either you like him, or you have ESP.”

Cassie nonchalantly nods and looks up from her sketches to say, “I used to have ESP, but then my mum got a new cable plan.”

We all instinctively ignored her remark, knowing there was no point in reacting. She shrugged and continued to draw. I grabbed a water bottle from the small cooler I kept under my bed and took a sip to cool off after being furious at James. Not only is it hard work, but for me it’s a full time job.

Ella looked up suddenly and said, “Oh, and Lily? When you stay at my house for a week this summer, make sure to go to my new address.”

“Okay. I know you gave me the address, but where is it?” I asked in between gulps of water.

She looked suspiciously like she hadn’t wanted me to ask that question, “Well, you know that party at James’s house I dragged you to?”


“Well, um, right next door,” She squeaked as a pillow flew by at rapid speed, narrowly missing her face. I always was a bad aim.

“Hmm, I was sure she’d spit out that water she was drinking when El told her,” Melanie said as she handed Cassie some money, “But I’m still betting that the week next door to Potter will make her realize her undying love for him.”

I was glaring daggers at Melanie. If looks could kill, she’d literally be dead, “You guys are such… meanieheads! You’re all against me! That’s it, I’m going to live under Melanie’s bed,” I flopped onto the ground and army-crawled under the bed.

I heard them all sigh as they lay down on the floor next to the bed, pulling up the sheet so they could see me.

“Lils, you can’t live under there forever. It’s a fire hazard,” Ella tried to coax me out.

“Yeah, come out,” added Cassie.

I look at them with narrowed eyes, like a snake found in its… snake hole? “I will come out when you admit that Potter is a butt-face and that there is absolutely nothing between us except maybe in his imagination.”

Melanie shrugs, “Well it’s a lost cause then,” as she gets up and sits on her bed, right above me.

Ella glares up at Mel and then looks back down at me with a softer expression, “Okay, honey, if you say there’s nothing there then there’s nothing there.”


“And… Potter is a butt-face.”

I make a satisfied “hmph” noise and crawl back out from under the bed to lay on mine.

“Okay, well I’m super hungry. You guys want to come with me down to dinner?” Cassie asked.

We all nodded and mumbled in agreement as we walked down the stairs. Lucky for Potter, the words on the wall were gone. When we reached the Great Hall, I made sure to glare at Potter as evilly as I could. Of course, Ella wanted to sit by the Marauders. For some strange reason, she actually enjoyed being around them so our little group constantly had to put up with their presence. Although, hanging out with the four troublemakers has definitely made us the “It Girls” of the school, to the point where we were now known to some as The Maraudettes.

“Oi, Prongs! Evans is giving you the stink eye,” said Sirius Black, the one Marauder that was just as bad, if not worse, as Potter.

Potter flashed me a flirtatious smile before loudly replying to Black, “Yeah, I know she’s staring at me. She just can’t take her eyes off this hunk of a man.”

I roll my eyes, “Potter, you’re no man; you’re just an immature little boy. And as for being a hunk, just cross your fingers and keep hoping.”

“OOH BURN!” Peter Pettigrew shouted unnecessarily, before Potter promptly gave him the finger.

Cassie giggled at Pettigrew’s outburst. She had a weird sense of humor.

Potter glared at her, and said, “Callor, you’re freakin’ crazy,” which, of course, just made her giggle more. She always laughed when people called her crazy, which was often.

I rolled my eyes at him for the hundredth time today, “Potter, if anyone here’s crazy, it’s you.”

Oh no. There goes that sparkle in his eyes. “It’s true, my love. I’m downright crazy for you.”

James’s POV

I laughed as me and the guys joked around in our dormitory after dinner. We were teasing Peter right now, as usual.

“C’mon, Wormtail. It’s obvious you got the hots for Callor,” Sirius pointed out.

Peter blushed a bright shade of scarlet, “I just think Cassie’s nice is all.”

Remus laughed, “She’s crazy! She once called me Sue for a week straight. You just like her ‘cause she laughs at your jokes.”

“No! She’s actually always nice to me, unlike my supposed ‘best friends’.” He made air-quotes with his fingers.

I smirked at him, “So you DO like her?"

Peter grunted, obviously annoyed that we’d tricked him.

Sirius sighed, bored with the conversation. “Who are you guys gonna take to the end of the year dance?”

Remus shrugs, but Peter says, “I’m going to ask Cassie.” And, of course, it’s not a question as to who I’ll ask.

Sirius grins and says, “Alright then, I say we each take a Maraudette. Prongs and Wormtail will ask Evans and Callor, and Moony and I will decide between Moor and Barrett.”

So Remus flips a coin, heads is Ella and tails is Melanie. It lands on heads.

“I guess I’ll take Moor,” Says my werewolf-buddy.

Sirius shrugs. “Barrett’s pretty hot.”

I chuckle at them and roll my eyes, and can’t help but hope that when I ask Lily this time, it’ll be different.



Lily’s POV

     I sit down to play Truth or Dare with my best friends. We were bored, so we figured it was a good way to pass the time.

     “Okay, Melanie, truth or dare?” Ella asks.

     Mel thinks for a second then answers, “Truth.”

 Ella rubs her hands together evilly. “Which Marauder would you least like to date?”

She barely hesitates before saying, “Probably Pettigrew.”

Cassie frowns, “I like Peter. I think he’s sweet.”

Melanie rolls her eyes, “The only reason you like him is ‘cause he’s the only male in the entire student body that doesn’t think you’re a total psycho.”

The girl with the glasses shakes her head, smiling while biting her bottom lip, one eyebrow raised, “No, I like him for him. He’s nice. Yeah, he’s nice.”

Ella is already bored with the topic, “’Kay, Mel, your turn.”

Melanie thinks for a second before looking at me and saying, “Truth or dare?”


“I dare you to say yes the next time someone asks you out.”

“But Mel! You know who it’s going to be!”

She gives me a stern look, and I know that I have to do the dare.

We continue to play the game, but I wasn’t really paying attention after that.



James POV

I straighten my collar, check my breath, and flash a smile at myself in the mirror. This just so happens to be the fine Thursday evening that I plan on asking Lily Evans to the dance this Saturday. Of course, she’ll probably say no, especially after what I wrote on the wall today after classes. But, then again, I have a strange feeling that tonight will be different.

I walk down the stairs, and I can feel fireworks in my stomach when I see her, as usual. Her wavy red hair is back in a ponytail, and every time she moves her head it bounces a little. It’s mesmerizing.

“Hey, Evans!” I call to her, and I see the irritation on her face when she sees me. Just before I could throw one of my lines, she got that look she always gets just before I do. It’s like she knows somehow.

“Y’know, Evans, if you were words on a page you’d be fine print,” I say with a smirk.

She sighs, “What do you want, Potter?”

I give her my best smile, that sideways one that always makes the ladies melt, “Would you bring me the joy of going to the dance with me?”

She mumbles some profanities under her breath, something about Melanie Barrett, before groaning and replying with a sour expression, “Why, yes, Potter, I will go with you. But no hugging, no kissing, no staring, don’t even touch me except for when we’re dancing. Got it?”

My eyes go big with excitement and surprise as I nod in compliment with her requests. I feel a huge grin on my face; I just want to share with the entire world that THE Lily Evans actually said yes to the infamous James Potter. I suddenly realized how foolish I must look and I turn my grin into a cool half smile, “Alright, Evans, I’m glad you feel that way.”

She rolls those beautiful greens eyes; she does that a lot, and says, “By the way, Potter, if I were you, I’d stick with the grin. That half smile thing isn’t really working for you,” and with those words, she was off, leaving me gaping with astonishment and utter happiness.



Lily POV

I sat grumpily on the couch surrounded by my friends, still grumbling to myself in anger. I can’t believe that I’m going to the dance with James Potter, all because of stupid, stubborn Melanie who can’t seem to give up on the thought of my liking Potter, even though it’ll never happen. Sure, Mel is usually right about everything, but I know for a fact that she’s wrong this time.

Potter was currently sitting on the opposite side of the common room with Black and Lupin, obviously having already told them in detail about how I agreed to go out with him. What a girl.

Speaking of the Marauders, I suddenly noticed Pettigrew walking down the stairs, a determined look on his face, eyes set on Cassie. He was almost definitely going to ask her, and she would say yes. They had a weird relationship, she likes him because he sees through her craziness, and he likes her because she sees him as more than just the friend of James Potter and Sirius Black. We never expected them to like each other, such an unlikely pair, but once we all realized they did we instantly knew they were perfect for each other. By we, of course, I mean The Marauders and Maraudettes.

As he approached her, she sensed his eyes and looked up from her drawings. She did that smile she does where she raises one eyebrow and bites her bottom lip, a smile the rest of us could never master. He finally got up to her and inhaled, his small eyes unusually large.

“Hicassieiwasjustwonderingifyouwantedtogotothedancewithme?” He got it all out in one breath.

She smiled big and nodded. What she did next shocked everyone in the common room.

She leaped and tackled Pettigrew, making him fly back onto the couch behind him while she kissed him multiple times. We all just stared, unsure of how to react. Peter seemed pretty happy about it.

Apparently, Sirius then saw an opening to come talk to Mel. He’d silently walked all the way over, and was now leaning on the couch talking to her.

“So, listen Barrett. I was thinking that since James and Lily are going together, and apparently Peter and Cassie are going together, would you maybe want to go to the end of the year dance with me?”

Melanie shrugged, “I guess. No one else has asked me, well no one I would potentially go with has asked me, so sure, you can take me.”

Sirius gave her a sly smile and a wink before swaggering back over to his friends. So that’s why so many girls go out with him, he pretends he’s not a git. Smart.

I think I’ve caught on by now as to what’s going on here. Lupin is probably about to walk over here and ask Ella now.

And here he comes.

“Hey, Ella, since all my friends are going to the dance with all your friends, you want to go with me?”

Ella sits up straighter, which of course means she’s about to get theatrical, “Hmm… Well, Remus John Lupin, you think you can walk over here and ask me to go to some kind of a social shindig just because all my friends have dates with all your friends? Do you really pity my pathetic little life so much as to the point where you find it necessary to ask me because I don’t have a date? Well, news flash, you don’t have a date either. And neither did any of our friends a half hour ago, which of course means there’s no way you could possibly pity me for such a ridiculous reason. And by the way, no matter what you may say, my life is neither pathetic nor little, so never call it that again. Because I am a strong, passionate woman, and I can go to the dance with whoever my heart may desire. And because my heart currently desires no one, I conclude that yes, I will go to the dance with you.”

He looks like he’s about to argue with her, as he does seem to enjoy arguing, he simply waves it off and replies, “Okay, I guess,” and walks away.

So, as I previously figured out would happen, each Marauder is taking a Maraudette to the dance. Which I never thought would happen, since, well, I guess I’m a Maraudette.

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