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The Week I Was Pregnant by Ronsgirl29
Chapter 3 : Wednesday
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STILL TUESDAY (but it’s almost Wednesday!)

“Rose, this is one of the most important decisions of my life!” Annie exclaims, throwing clothes madly around the room.

Before being rudely interrupted, I was attempting to meditate and figure out how to deal with this whole Scorpius issue that has arisen. But it seems that someone has decided her problems are more important.

I roll my eyes, dodging the flying fashion rejects, “Puh-lease, I would hardy consider picking an outfit for a party as a life changing choice.”

Annie is my best friend, and a bit over dramatic at times if you can’t already tell. Naturally, since I’m a red head, my best friend has to be a beautiful blonde. And my other best friend, Paprika, has kickin’ brunette locks. Thanks to our different hair colors, our group is very diverse. My fiery hair supports my fiery attitude, Annie’s blondness qualifies her as our lovable slag, and good old Paprika’s hair is as brown as the bookcases she frequently searches.

Everyone knows that your group of closest friends should cover the full hair color spectrum.

“But, this isn’t just any party, this is a super-secret Hufflepuff drinking party,” she insists.

“Annie, there’s a super-secret Hufflepuff drinking party almost every week. And in a day from now there will probably be another party, closely followed by more partying a day or so after that.”

I’m not even exaggerating. For some reason, there is honestly a party happening at least once every week. It doesn’t even matter if we have class the next day, we nextgen-ers just love to party so much that we throw caution to the wind!

Though, for as many parties as we throw, there only seems to be a few different types of shindigs ever happening…

Let’s make a list, shall we? Lists are my favorite!

Types of Hogwarts Happenings

1. Super-secret Hufflepuff drinking parties (as demonstrated above)

I know the ‘puffs have a rep for niceness, but man can those badgers handle their Firewhiskey!

2. The Slytherin Only Extravaganzas, even though you often find that the room is filled with Gryffindors as well

These are often of the masquerade variety. Nothing like a masquerade ball to get the drama flowing! I swear, one little piece of fabric on the eyes and I wouldn’t even be able to tell my own mother apart from the crowd.

3. Gryffindor Post-Quidditch game celebrations

Even if our team doesn’t participate in the game, the celebration after always seems to take place in our common room.

4. Ravenclaw Study Parties!

Never actually been to one… The only person I know that has is my cousin Lucy, and that’s just because she is the world’s biggest dorkburger.

“Do you think it’s weird that our school seems to have a ridiculous number of parties, and each one seems oddly similar to the previous ones?” I muse.

She takes a moment from shifting through clothes to ponder with me. “Hmm… Nope,” she concludes.

I shrug, “You’re probably right.”

We dig and dig through the clothes, but to no avail. After another ten minutes she is all but ready to give up, “Ugh! I’m never going to find a cute enough outfit to impress Bobby Bobbington. He’ll probably think I’m socially awkward, or worse, he’ll think I’m ugly!”

My eyes widen in shock, “Wait, did you say you were going with Bobby Bobbington? Oh my Merlin, that boy is so fit! This really is the most important decision of your life!”

We throw ourselves back into the search, until we come up with the prefect outfit for her. Strangely enough, it was the outfit she had picked out in the first place.

She quickly changes and gives me a hug, “Thank you so much, Rose. We got it just in time, too! Bobby should be coming to meet me in the common room any minute.”

“And what time would that be, exactly?” I ask, starting to worry that I may have been ‘meditating’ for a bit longer than I thought.

“I told him to get me at twelve,” she says.

At her words, my face goes pale. Or, I suppose the more correct thing to say is that it becomes paler, which up until know I didn’t even think was possible, considering I am the pastiest person on the planet.

Annie looks at me with concern, “Hun, you’re looking greyer than the Grey lady. What’s wrong?”

“I’m supposed to be meeting Scorpius right now; he sent me an owl after dinner. Oh, for the love of Merlin, why can’t I ever manage to go places on time?”

She grabs my arm and steers me to the door, “Well, I can’t answer that one for you, but I can kick your butt out the door and tell you to get your ass to the Room of Requirement A.S.A.P.”

I thank her and head down the stairs, but about half way down I remember that I didn’t really say goodbye. Where are my manners this evening! “Bye, Annie. Good luck, hope things go well with Bobby. I’ll probably stop by the party after talking to Scorpius. See you there, yeah?”

“Rose, I don’t know if that’s a good idea…”she trails off, causing a confused and slightly hurt expression to cross my face. “A mother to be really shouldn’t be having alcohol!”


She sends me a wink, “Only joking!”

I roll my eyes, already heading out the portrait hole.


WEDNESDAY (technically)

Silently, I creep through the corridors on my way to the room of requirement. It is 12:06 A.M. and I should really be there by now. Maybe I could move a little quicker if my blood knees would stop shaking, it’s like my legs are convulsing or trying to dance without my consent. It’s as if I’m nervous or something…Which I’m totally not! I mean, I didn’t even do anything wrong.

Although, what if he thinks I’m the one who started the rumor in some desperate attempt for attention? Or, what if he’s angry that I didn’t talk to him right away about the whole ordeal? Then there’s the whole issue that part of the rumor is that the baby isn’t even his… He’s sure to be pissed about that!

But I’m not nervous. Trust me.

I stealthily reach the sixth floor in record time, despite my gyrating appendages. However, it turns out all the sneaking wasn’t really necessary, because I literally saw no one in the halls. Not a prefect, teacher, or anyone! It’s so convenient.

I walk back and forth in front of the tapestry, thinking of a place where I can have a nice and nonviolent conversation. After the third time a small door appears, with ornate designs carved into the wood. I tentatively turn the brass knob and walk in.

The room is very cozy, with a large armchair facing a blazing fire. I see an inviting bookshelf as well, but no Scorpius. I guess I’m not the only one who’s late.

“Nice of you to join me, Rose,” an ominous voice whispers to me, seemingly out of nowhere.

I jump so high that I probably break a world record.

“What the bloody hell! Who’s there?” I shout.

Slowly, the armchair swivels around, revealing Scorpius. He’s tapping his fingers together in a rather evil way. May I repeat, what the hell?

I gape at him for a while, vaguely resembling a fish out of water.

He waits for me to reply, but I’m so weirded out by his odd behavior that I physically can’t. I think I might permanently be stuck as fish girl.

“Speechless, I see? Well, I was feeling a bit speechless as well when I had to find out I was going to be a father from that tosspot, Eileen Wood.”


Shut up.

Did he just…?

Nah, he couldn’t possibly…

Holy bologna.

That little git actually believes the rumors!

Out of all the things I was worried about happening, him thinking the rumor was true never even crossed my mind!

I snort and roll my eyes, people honestly believe anything.

He looks gobsmacked, “Rose! This isn’t something to just roll your eyes at. You should have told me as soon as you knew! There’s so much we need to do, and I’m so not ready to be a father!” he says, now out of his chair and rigorously pacing. “We need to get you prenatal care, figure out where the baby will live, tell our parents… Oh Merlin, telling your dad. Rose, I’m not ready to die either!” he says with a look of horror.

“Then I’ve got good news for you, buddy. You won’t have to be a father or die any time soon!” I say with false enthusiasm.

Scorpius appears thrown off by my response, taking a moment to let my words soak in before saying anything else. After what seems like an eternity, he articulates the brilliant statement of, “Huh?”

I give the poor git a pat on the shoulder. He’s actually a very bright student, but he has the unfortunate handicap of being a male, which keeps his brain from ever truly functioning properly.

“Scorpius,” I utter slowly. “There’s no possible way I am carrying your child. We haven’t ever done the laundry, if you know what I mean.” I say with emphasis.

He gives me another confused look, “I don’t see what laundry has to do with any of this.”

Double facepalm

If there’s one thing that boys generally get, it’s sexual innuendos. But I guess my dear Scorp is just one of a kind.

I rack my brain for a way to say this without being too blunt, “Um, okay. How do I put this delicately? If this was a baseball game, you’d still be on second base.”

He sinks deeper and deeper into his confusion, “What the devil is baseball?”

Okay, now I’m frustrated.


He finally gains understanding of what I’ve been trying to tell him, but instead of appearing relieved, he seems to be slightly hurt.

“Oh,” he whispers, looking down at the floor. “Right, forgot about that. Well, good luck with everything, I hope whoever the father is makes you happy, Rosie.”

Now Scorpius bears striking resemblance to a sad puppy. A sad puppy that has been kicked and I’m the one who has kicked him. Only monsters kick puppies!

I try to start and explain that he has just misunderstood me, but he ignores me and walks out of the room.

Great, so not only does my boyfriend believe I’m pregnant, but he also thinks I cheated on him to end up that way.

I need a Firewhiskey.


I sulk in front of the fire for a little while before I decide I might as well go hit up the ‘Puff party. Scorpius might be there so I can explain things, or at least I can get a little drunk.

By the time I arrive to the Hufflepuff common room (password courtesy of my lovely cousin, Molly) the party is in full swing. Simply walking into the room lifts my spirits a tad. You see, I’ve always loved their common room. With its comfy seating and all the yellow, it just brightens my day! If I hadn’t been sorted into Gryffindor, I definitely wouldn’t have minded being a badger.

My spirits, however, drop dangerously low again when I lay eyes on my ex-boyfriend, Charles Huffington the Third. Yes, I thought it was funny that a Hufflepuff had the last name Huffington as well. His cousin, Carl Slythers, is in Slytherin, which I find even funnier.

He sadly sees me as well and moseys on over to have a little chat. “Rose, this is a lovely surprise! I wasn’t expecting to see you here tonight.”

“Why? Because I’m supposedly with child at the moment?” I snarl at him.

“No, I’m surprised because if there was a nasty and untrue rumor about me going around I probably wouldn’t show my face. But you’ve always been a brave one,” he says with a smile.

Hey, maybe he’s become less of a git since we last talked. After all, it has been quite a while. We broke up at the beginning of 5th year; people can change!

“Bravery or sheer stupidity, I haven’t really figured out which yet,” I say, returning his smile.

“Well then, come join us for a drink. You have to be brave and stupid to take some of the stuff Fred just mixed up,” he says pointing to a group of Hogwartians all surrounding my loon of a cousin Fred.

Oh, I can just imagine Fred’s face seeing his ‘knocked up’ cousin out partying. “Um, I think I’ll pass, but I really appreciate the offer. It was nice seeing you, Charlie!”

“Nice seeing you too, Rose.” He gives me a wink before sauntering back to his friends.

Now I remember why I was so annoyed by him, he does things like sauntering. And before he was moseying! But at least he believes me and not the rumors, so a point for Charles Huffington!

I walk away from their group, making sure I’m nowhere near any of my relatives. I feel a need to get a bit intoxicated and I don’t want to have to deal with any of their badgering. Ha, Hufflepuff pun.

“Garcon! Bring me a Firewhiskey!” I say in a perfect French accent (trust me) to a group of fourth year boys to my right.

They stare at me like I’m crazy. “The only crazy ones here are you lot for not getting me my bloody drink!” I snap, and one of them scurries off to grab me one.

Good boy. Knows what’s good for him.

After my drink has been fetched, I settle into a particularly comfy looking chair. Usually someone I know pops up out of nowhere with something interesting to say, so I might as well just wait.

“Hey, Rosie! Did you know a giraffe’s tongue is a blueish blackish color?” Paprika says popping out of nowhere as I predicted someone would.

I think for a moment, “You know what? I did not know that. Thanks for telling me.”

She sits down in the chair next to me, “No problem, I live to spread my knowledge. So, how’s your day been?”

“Stressful,” I say letting out a deep breath. “Having everyone think you’re knocked up when you’re not is even worse than it sounds.”

Her hand reaches over and grabs mine, her tan skin such a stark contrast to my pale tone. “Don’t worry hun! Everyone will have something new to talk about soon. For example, I heard Eileen Wood only makes the Quidditch team every year because her dad pays off the team captain.”

“No way! Where did you hear that?” I gasp.

“Nowhere, I just made it up. But it will give the gossip hounds something else to talk about,” she says with a devilish wink.

I start to laugh; full on hysterical laughing. Whether it’s from all the pent up stress, or the Firewhiskey I just chugged, I’m not sure, but I just can’t stop laughing! And it must be contagious, because Paprika is cracking up along with me.

“What’s so funny, ladies?” Annie asks, walking up to us with a drink in hand.

I look over at Paprika, “Oh nothing, just Rickie being her crazy self.”

“Well,” she says, “If you think she’s funny, you should really come with me to the Ravenclaw common room; Scorpius is putting on a real show!”

“What do you mean?” I ask with a raised eyebrow.

She sets her drink down and grabs both of our arms, dragging us through the throng of Hufflepuffs, “Just come on! You’ll see when we get there.”

“What about Bobby, won’t he wonder where you’ve gone?” I say, not at all appreciating being man-handled.

She rolls her eyes, “I ditched him. The tosser had the nerve to call me Amelia, his ex-girlfriend’s name. Apparently I was just a very hot rebound.”

“That’s a shame,” Paprika adds in. “He’s a real looker!”

She sighs, “I know, it’s a pity.”

She pulls us quickly until we reach the Ravenclaw tower, and I’m rather anxious to see what Scorpius could possibly be up to.

Luckily, as we are approach the door, a ‘Claw is on their way out way out so we don’t have to answer one of those bloody riddles. Good thing too, because Rickie and Annie are probably too drunk and I suck at riddles.

We enter the room and it looks completely transformed from what I remember. The tables have been set up in an almost café-like manor, with a single stool set up at the head of the tables, resembling a stage area. And sitting on that stool is none other than Scorpius, who is reading… poetry?

A spot light illuminates his face and he beings to speak. He’s dressed in head to toe black, including a black beret. Where the bloody hell did he get a beret from?

“I call this one Red-haired Heartbreaker,” he whispers, his voice magically enhanced to be louder.

“Roses are red and heartbreakers are too.
They treat you no better than the gum under their shoe!
I loved a rose once, and I got pricked by her thorn.
I thought she loved me too, but now I’m left to mourn.
I shouldn’t forgive her for breaking my heart, but hating her is a task I could never start.
Because even though I may seem sour, in my heart, she will always be my perfect flower.”

He bows his head, the spot light turns off, and the crowd of students being to snap.
So, Ravenclaws don’t only have study parties, they have poetry slams too! To be honest, I can’t say I’m surprised by this.

I turn to my friends with a wide-eyed expression. I’m not sure if I should feel insulted or flattered. He did just read a poem about how I treated him like crap, but that perfect flower line was rather redeeming.

“Guys, what do I do?” I beg in desperation.

“Go talk to him, obviously! Look, he’s heading that way,” Annie says, pointing to Scorpius as he makes his way out of the room.

I chase after him but the dim lighting in there makes it difficult to see. I nearly trip over random tables several times, and by the time I’m in the corridor Scorpius is heading around the corner and out of sight.

“Wait, Scorpius!” I yell as I trail behind, forgetting that it’s probably three in the morning and I shouldn’t be screaming.

He must have heard me because he comes back around the corner, putting us face to face.

There’s an awkward moment of silence before I finally say, “I heard your poem.”

Even in the poor lighting I can see he’s blushing, “Oh, well, it was a bit of a last minute thing.”

I smile slightly despite myself; he looks so adorable when he blushes.

“Scorp, you need to know that you misunderstood what I said earlier,” I say.

He gives me a confused look, “You clearly pointed out that someone who isn’t me is the father.”

Guilt surges through me knowing that the hurt in his voice is my fault, “Love, I didn’t mean it like that! What I was trying to say is that neither of us have done it, so there’s no baby at all. But I promise that if my imaginary fetus did exist, you’d totally be the father! I love you to pieces, even if you write negative poems about me.”

He stays silent at first and I begin to fear that he might not believe me, but just as I’m getting worried he throws his arms around me in a huge hug.

“That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me,” he replies with a goofy grin. “And here I was worried you’d gone off and gotten impregnated by another man!”

I give him a little shove, “I would never cheat on you, I love you too much, doofus.”

He pulls me back in for an even tighter hug, “I love you too, my little ginger!”

I laugh heartily, “So how long have you been a poet? I think Red-haired Heartbreaker could be a real hit!” I joke.

He gives me a playful dirty look, “Oh, hush up. I was in an emotional state! Besides, you should consider yourself lucky to have a man who’s so in touch with his emotions.”

I grab his hand and lace his fingers in mine, “I think I’m very lucky indeed.”

He walks me back to the Gryffindor tower, giving me a goodnight kiss before he goes.
Maybe this week will turn out okay after all.




A/N: Here's chapter 3! I'm sorry for any typos, I wanted to get it up as soon as the queue opened so my editing is rather pitiful. Hope you enjoyed!

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The Week I Was Pregnant: Wednesday


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