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The World According to Triple Chocolate Ice-Cream by writergirl8
Chapter 46 : Always Knew
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  “I don't think I can do this.” Hermione said, turning to Ron and looking at him with wild eyes.


“Why?” Ron asked lazily, flipping a page in his Quidditch magazine.


“What if they get mad at us?” Hermione asked in a pleading voice. “I mean, we've been together forever, and they didn't know. We didn't tell them. What if they all react like Ginny?”

“They won't. They want us together too badly. And they won't take it quite as personally.”


Hermione turned back to the mirror with the same worried look and checked over her outfit. She was wearing a white button down collared shirt, the kind men usually wore. It was buttoned almost to the top to reveal a navy blue tank top underneath. As a bottom she was wearing a navy blue skirt. It was short, and it rose up whenever she spun. She couldn't wait to shove her adorable outfit in Ginny's face. She'd probably say something like,


“See Ginny! I can dress myself.”


Then again, Hermione didn't want to be sassing anyone tonight. She needed everyone on her side for this dinner. Although she wasn't willing to take off her engagement ring (despite Ginny's pleas), Hermione was sure no one would realize she and Ron were together. He'd made her promise that she would be the one to announce that they were engaged (he was going to be the one to drop the bomb that they were back together) and in turn Hermione had made him promise not to 'accidentally' trip her and force her to sit on his lap. Although he was probably going to be doing that anyway.

“You have to wear such a short skirt?” Ron asked Hermione, bringing her out of her thoughts.

“Ron, it's not shorter than the place my fingertips reach when I put them on my legs!” Hermione said, looking over the skirt again with frantic eyes. “Why? Is it too short? IS IT?”

“No... sweetheart, calm down. It's fine. I was just teasing you.”

“Not the right time, Ronald!” she moaned, dropping onto the bed with a frustrated sigh.


“Hermione, love, what's the problem? You told me that furniture shopping for the new house would make you less nervous, so we went. But I think you're worse.” Ron said, crawling over to her and massaging her shoulders.

“I know. It's just that... well, I can't help feeling guilty. Like we did something bad by not telling them.”

“Hey, it was your idea.” Ron said, shrugging. Hermione whirled around.


“Not helping!” she growled, falling back onto the bed and messing up her recently brushed-out hair. Ron inhaled her perfume, then fell back with her. He looked at her, and she looked at him. Their noses were so close they were touching.

“It's going to be fine. You'll see. Everything works out in the end.”

“When's the end?”

“Tonight. Everything works out tonight.”

“How is tonight an end?” Hermione asked, her eyebrow raised. “Isn't it a beginning?”

“In a way, every end is a beginning. Isn't it?”

Hermione's mouth dropped open.


“Ron. That was smart...” Hermione started. Suddenly, her eyes lit up. “Oh my god. You genius! You total, absolute, complete genius!”

“Er- thanks. Why?”


“You just solved the Robinson case! YOU SOLVED IT! I know how to win now! I FOUND A LOOPHOLE!”

She kissed him on the lips, and Ron, still shocked, kissed her back with his eyes open.


“I don't get it.” he said, watching Hermione leap off of the bed and run into the room that was her office.

“I have to do some reasearch- I'll be out in a half an hour!” she called as the door slammed shut.


She emerged an hour later with her shirt eschew, her hair a mess, but her grin lighting up her face. Ron, who had been expecting this, wordlessly handed her a hairbrush. Her smile somehow widened as she started yanking it through her hair. When she was finished, she uncharacteristically threw it onto the couch, then handed Ron the floo powder pot. After giving him a quick kiss on the lips, she opened the door and headed out. They weren't traveling to the Burrow together because they wanted to be able to tell the Weasleys after dinner, when everyone was together instead of in separate areas of the house. And arriving together might give that away. Ron left first, throwing powder into the fireplace and shouting his address into the air. Soon, he had spun out of the fireplace and into the kitchen. After giving his mum a hug, Ron headed into the living room, where Bill and Fleur were doting over Victoire. Suddenly, there was a loud crack, then a knock on the door. Mr. Weasley hurried over to it, then opened it to reveal Hermione.


“Hi, Mr. Weasley!” Hermione said, giving him a hug.


“Are you ever going to start calling me Arthur?” Mr. Weasley asked, his eyes twinkling.


“Um... probably not. But I have time to practice.” Hermione said, catching Ron's eye and grinning. Mr. Weasley grinned too. Then Hermione headed into the kitchen and gave Mrs. Weasley a hug, before grabbing an apron and starting to wash lettuce. Ron loved watching Hermione cook, so he walked over to the kitchen to 'chat with his mum'. Hermione had this adorable look on her face, because she always had to concentrate really hard on her recipe. After the horcrux hunt, Harry and Ron had not been able to stop teasing her about her lack of cooking skills. It had annoyed Hermione so much she had started practicing and even gone as far as to take a cooking class. Cooking was a skill that Hermione had earned, and she still had to work hard at it.


“Hi, mum.” Ron said, sitting down on a chair. He turned to Hermione. “Granger.” he added, nodding in her direction. Hermione let out a loud laugh, covered it as a cough, then turned away to hide her broad smile and red face.


Not Granger for much longer, actually.

“Ronnie, isn't there a new auror working at the office?” Mrs. Weasley asked, taking the lettuce Hermione had just handed her and putting it into a bowl. “Hermione, could you be a dear and stuff those raviolis?”

“Of course, Mrs... Molly.”

“Mrs. Molly? Nice compromise.” Ginny said, coming into the kitchen. She sniffed. “Mum, you made brussel sprouts! Again!”

“They're good for you, dear.” Mrs. Weasley said.


“But no one ever eats them!” Ginny protested. “And they're making me feel nauseous! Oh, Hermione, is that stuffed raviolis I see?”

“Yes, Ginny.” Hermione said patiently.


“Well, that sauce is very valuable. I hope you don't spill anything.” Ginny said loudly, before laughing at her metaphor and prancing out of the kitchen.

“Why is it that she always acts like a silly little girl around her brothers?” Mrs. Weasley asked, shaking her head. “Although, Hermione, do try not to spill the sauce.”

“No worries, Molly. The sauce is safe.”


Finally, dinner was ready. The whole family walked back and forth from the kitchen to the backyard, bringing things out of the house. The delicious scent of Mrs. Weasley's cooking consumed the area, and everyone was dying to start eating. Ron and Hermione sat down in the last seats left at the table, right next to each other.

“Ron, Hermione, there are just two platters left. Would you mind bringing them?” Mrs. Weasley asked, suddenly looking up.

“Oh. Sure.” Hermione and Ron said, walking back up to the house. They went to the kitchen and grabbed a plate of freshly grated cheese and the salad bowl. Just when they reached the door, Ron stuck a hand out to stop Hermione.


“Sorry about the Granger thing earlier.” he said, grinning lopsidedly at her.


“It's okay,” Hermione said, and Ron leaned down and gave her a long kiss. Suddenly, the door swung open, revealing Bill. Hermione and Ron jumped away from each other, and Ron quickly wiped Hermione's lip gloss off of his mouth. But he wasn't fast enough. The whole family had seen them kissing, and were now staring at them with a very shocked expression on each face.


“I... what?” George was the first to break the silence.


“Okay... I guess right now is as good as anytime.” Hermione muttered under her breath to Ron. They motioned for Bill to sit down, then they all walked to the table together. Ron and Hermione stood up at their seats, and Ron cleared his throat.

“We're back together.” Ron said, looking out at his whole family. “We've been together since the Hogwarts reunion.”

The whole family was staring at them with shocked expressions on their faces, all except for Ginny, Harry, Mr. Weasley, Angelina and Fleur.


“Oh, and we're also getting married, but that's just, you know, pffttt.” Hermione added quickly, waving her hand nonchalantly.


Now Mr. Weasley, Angelina and Fleur were looking blank as well, and Harry and Ginny were looking as though they were thoroughly enjoying themselves. Then, George stood up and started jumping up and down.


“I KNEW IT!” he screamed, his eyes wide.


“YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED?” Mrs. Weasley suddenly shrieked, frightening George into falling down. “Oh my god, little Ronniekinz is getting MARRIED! And to Hermione! Hermione Granger! Can you believe this Arthur? Ron and Hermione are getting married! Hermione Weasley... oh, it sounds so good! When did he ask you?” Mrs. Weasley asked.

“A day ago, November tenth...” Hermione started, but her excited mother-in-law to be didn't pause to listen to her answer.


“Hermione, Hermione, you can get the dress that Betty designed you! Oooohhh, the ring! Let's see the ring!”

“Yes, let's see it!” Fleur echoed, smiling. Hermione, smiling shyly, raised her hand to show everyone. Then she realized that there was no ring.


“Oh my god. Ron, it's gone!”


“Er- what's gone?” Ron asked, looking momentarily confused as he turned away from Bill, who was shaking his hand happily.


“My ring!” Hermione cried, her face contorted into a look of terror.


“Your... no!” Ginny cried, getting up immediately.


“Let's just try accio?” George suggested. He raised his wand high and said it. Nothing happened.


Hermione sat back down in her chair, the glory of the moment gone by the loss she was about to endure. Everyone was silent. Suddenly, Fleur stood up and clapped her hands.


“Ve veel find zee ring. George, Angelina, take zee bathroom. Beel, Arthur, Molly, ve veel get zee kitchen. Percy, Audrey, Harry Ginny... you veel take zee living room. Ron- search the outside area zat Hermione has been walking along. George and Angelina veel come help you ven zey are done vith zee bathroom.”

“What's Hermione doing?” Harry asked as he and Ginny moved along.

“Let her grieve, 'Arry.” Fleur said gently, before running off to the kitchen with Bill. Hermione had never seen anything so comical. Ron was waving his wand and muttering to himself, trying to find the ring in the yard. Other than that, all of the Weasleys were on their hands and knees, trying to locate the diamond. George and Angelina had long ago gotten sick of the search, and were merely snogging in the bathroom, but other than that everyone was working hard to find the infamous ring. But an hour later, it was still missing, and Hermione was beginning to lose hope. Sadly, she called all of the Weasleys back to the table, where they, defeated, sat down and began to eat the food that Hermione had just warmed with a spell. There was a chorus of, “I'm sorry, Hermione,” And then everybody sat back down to eat. Hermione sat there miserably, thinking about the gorgeous ring that she would never see again. Ron looked at her with troubled eyes, then back at his food. Suddenly, he dropped his fork.


“Why is it so important to you? It's just a ring. You didn't loose me!”

All of the ladies at the table dropped their forks and downright glared at him.


“Well, I'm just saying, if it's about the money... well, it doesn't matter. We can get a new one.”


Hermione looked miserably at the ground. She wanted to tell Ron that it wasn't just the fact that the ring was perfect, it was the fact that it was the ring he had given to her, and surprised her with. The ring that had felt warm on her finger the first time he put it on, no matter how cold the silver metal actually was. The ring that she had already gotten used to wearing. The ring she had already started to love. Instead she clamped her mouth shut and grabbed his hand under the table. She didn't want to talk at the moment. She wasn't in the mood for him to make her smile, like he always did. He clutched her hand as she handed it to him, and he held on tight. A few minutes later, Audrey broke the silence.


“Would anyone mind passing the stuffed raviolis?” she said to the general table. Suddenly, Ginny sprung up, her eyes sparking.

“The raviolis, that's it!” she cried, clapping her hands together. “Hermione, didn't you make the raviolis?”

“Er- yes?”

“And did you take the ring off before you did so?”

“No...” Hermione said, comprehension starting to dawn on her.


“The ring is in the ravioli!” Ginny yelled triumphantly. “Okay, everyone grab two.”

Everyone grabbed a ravioli and eagerly started digging through it. Two minutes later, Ron shouted 'ha!' and jumped up.

“I GOT IT! I GOT IT!” He roared, his smile lighting up the yard. He turned to a shocked Hermione and slid the ring onto her finger.

“The third time?” Hermione said, but no one understood it. Mrs. Weasley jumped up and ran to hug Hermione.

“We'll go get your dress tomorrow, Hermione.” she said, holding on tight to her son's fiancée. “Betty will be thrilled.”

Then she turned back to Arthur and gathered both him and Ron into a hug, before Hermione had the chance to tell her that she'd already told Betty.

“Hermione Granger...” she whispered. “I always knew.”


Down the table, Harry and Ginny's hands found each other. Ginny winked happily at Harry, and he leaned over to whisper something in her ear.

“Do you think this is a good time to tell them your pregnant?”

A/N: Yes, as many of you have predicted, Ginny is, indeed, pregnant! Good job to those of you who saw it coming. I'm so sorry this chapter took such a long time, but the validators took a well deserved break and I'm glad they got some time off. So to those of you have been patiently waiting, this chapter is dedicated to you and I do hope you'll review to tell me what you think of the Weasley chaos. 

By the way, I wanted to ask a favor. I'm thinking about recording one of my stories for a podcast, and I want to do a one-shot. I was wondering if any of you had a favorite? It would be great if you could tell me! Also, I have three more coming, called Trigger, Her Own Fairytale, and Of Love and Lambs, so if you want to hold out until you've read those that's fine too. Thanks for the reviews guys, and I hope you like this! ~writergirl8

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