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I'll Always Love You, No Matter What by weasleywizardwheezes101
Chapter 3 : Voldemort and the Secret
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Draco watched as Hermione rounded the corner. He turned to go down to the fighting on the main floor. “Wow, I’m gonna be a dad! I can’t believe it. And Hermione and I would have some beautiful children anyway.” Draco smiled at the thought of his son or daughter growing inside of Hermione at that moment.

            “I wonder what mom and dad will think when I tell them. Holy crap. They’re going to kill me. Okay, calm down Draco, you and ‘Mi will get through everything.”

            Draco ran down the stairs two at a time only to run into his Aunt Bellatrix at the bottom.

            “Draco! Where have you been boy?! The Dark Lord expected you, Crabbe or Goyle to report to him.”

            “Um, I got sidetracked. Can’t you just go report to him that Potter, Weasley and the Granger girl got away? He likes you better.”

            “Well, possibly. I’ll think about it. Now, you will come with me. We have mudbloods to dispose of.” Bellatrix grabbed Draco’s ear and dragged him out of the hall.

            “Aunt Bella! Let go! Please!? Where’s my mother? I need to talk to her right away!”

            You don’t need to talk to Cissy. I’m like your second mother. When have I ever lost your trust in anything?”

            Draco didn’t say anything, although he could think of about ten things that Bellatrix had done to lose his trust.

            “Actually Aunt Bella, it’s kind of personal, and I just wanna talk to my mom.”

            “Okay, whatever, the Dark Lord will not be pleased that you are hiding things from him.” Bellatrix let go of Draco’s ear and he ran off into the grounds of Hogwarts.

            Hermione was walking along the tunnel under the Whomping Willow with Harry and Ron. They walked on in silence. They had just watched Snape, their teacher of six years die a gory death. Even though they had hated the man, they all had a sick and sad feeling in their stomach. Hermione then spoke up.

            “Hey you guys?” Ron and Harry both looked back at her. “Would you guys still love me no matter what happened or what I did?”

            “Of course we would,” said Ron draping an arm over her shoulder the best he could in the vertically challenged tunnel. “We love you like a sister. I mean, even if you did something terrible, we couldn’t hate you.”

            “Even if I was pregnant?”

            “Well are you?”

            “Um…well…okay…I am.”

            “You’re only seventeen though! I mean, I think you went a little bit too far with that. But I mean, if you’re happy about this, then congratulations I guess. Who’s the dad?”

            “How ‘bout I tell you a little later okay?” Ron and Harry shrugged at each other and they continued down the tunnel.

2 Hours Later

            Hermione and Ron ran into Hogwart’s courtyard to see Harry and Voldemort standing across from each other: Voldemort holding the Elder Wand and Harry, Draco’s wand. Hermione stood between Harry and Neville in the crowd of people surrounding Harry and Voldemort.

            Hermione saw that Harry and Voldemort were talking to each other, but didn’t hear all they said, her mind was in a different place right then. There was then a flash of green light and a flash of red. Harry yelled “Expelliarmus!” and a millisecond afterwards, Voldemort yelled “Avada Kedavra!” Harry grabbed Voldemort’s wand just as he had yelled the killing curse. Voldemort’s snake-like eyes were wide with fear for the first time.

            The killing curse hit Voldemort and he wasted away into nothingness. All the Horcruxes were destroyed. Voldemort was gone. Struck by his own spell.

            Neville slapped Ron on the back and shouted with glee. He then gave Hermione a huge hug. Hermione looked around for Draco but couldn’t spot him anywhere. She got a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. “Where is he? What could’ve happened?” She looked around frantically, and there, she spotted a white-blonde mess of hair cutting through the crowd. She stepped past Ron and Neville and ran into the middle of the courtyard to meet Draco half-way. She flung her arms around his neck as happy tears fell from her face. Draco picked her up off her feet and swung her around. He dropped her and laughed. “Wow, pregnant women sure cry a lot.”

            “Oh shut-up…” Hermione grabbed a handful of his shirt and pulled him toward her to meet in a passion filled kiss. Draco hooked one arm under her knees and the other around her waist. He lifted her off her feet without breaking the kiss. Hermione bit his lip playfully as her fingers ended up in his hair.

            Draco set her down, then looked around at the people surrounding them. “Oh, I didn’t realize this many people were watching. Well, I guess this means no more hiding ‘Mi.”

            Harry ran up to Hermione and Draco and pointed at Draco. “Him? You chose him? He’s the dad of that?” he said as he pointed to Hermione’s stomach.

            “Yes, yes and yes Harry. I love him, that’s final, and we’re getting married this August.”

            “Only if…” Hermione scowled at him. “Only if I get to be the best man.” Harry smiled widely and patted Draco on the back and held out his hand. “Friends?”

            Draco took his hand and shook it. “Friends. Now about this wedding Harry, of course you can be my best man. Ron, Blaise and Neville can be the groomsmen. How ‘bout you ‘Mi?”

            “Well, Ginny will be my Maid of Honor and Luna my cousin Allana and my friend Amber can be the bridesmaids.”

            “Okay, it’s settled then. We’ll try to be married before we can’t find a dress to fit you.” Draco smiled and kissed his fiancé on the forehead.

A/N: Okay so please leave a review and tell me what you think of this story. I think there will be two more chapters. So hit the favorite button and reveiw. Love all of you!

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