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Playing House with Malfoy by DMlover
Chapter 5 : A Family Outing
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AN: FYI I made some changes to the story. So for those of you who have been following this story from the very beginning and had already read chapters 1-9 I susgust taht you reread from the beginning so it doesn't get confusing for anyone.
AN: I don’t own anything from Harry Potter.


                Hermione reluctantly climbed into bed next to Malfoy, suddenly extremely shy. The bed was huge and she couldn’t keep back the sigh of comfort as soon as her body made contact with the soft pillow mattress. She sunk into the softness, forgetting for a second that she was still in the same bed as Malfoy.


                How could he be so cruel and make her sleep on the sofa, when they had this? How could she be so stupid and weak to let him do that? She should have fought back, but it was too late for that now. She got the bed…along with him in it, but then again that was her doing as well, since she wouldn’t let him sleep on the sofa tonight.


                Trying to push it all away from her mind, she just let the soft mattress soothe her aching joints and muscles. There was a mountain of pillows behind her, most looked to be for decoration only. She tossed the little foufy ones to the ground and took the larger ones and piled them in a line in the middle of the bed. Creating a barrier between her and Malfoy.


Draco watched her silently, arching an eyebrow at her amused. “Are you afraid I’m going to molest you in the middle of the night or something?” He smirked.

Hermione glared at him and continued to build her wall of pillows between them.


“Don’t worry Granger I wouldn’t touch you if my life depended on it.”

                She didn’t want to point out that he’s already touched her loads of times, just causal touches, nothing remotely sexual. But still touching nonetheless.


“Just go to sleep Malfoy.”


“Gladly.” He turned on his side facing away from her and reached out and turned off the lamp on the night stand coating the room in complete darkness.


                She wasn’t finished arranging her little fort, but she had enough to keep him on his side of the bed and for her to stay on her side. She lay down, sinking further under the covers. She lay perfectly still. She could already hear Malfoy’s evenly breathing. What was it with men? They can fall asleep just like that.


Hermione was exhausted but now she felt wide awake. She kept sneaking glances over at him. She could see his striking white blonde hair against the pillow, but other than that he was an indefinable lump under the covers. He was probably sound asleep by now without a care in the world.


She couldn’t fall asleep, because she was oddly nervous. She had never slept with anyone before, never had to share a bed with anyone. And she never imagined that the first person she would ever share a bed with would be Malfoy. She let out a sigh that ended up a lot louder then she intended it to be.


“Just close your eyes and go to sleep Granger. You’re so tense I’m afraid if I roll over you’ll shatter into a million pieces.” She heard Malfoy mumble, still facing away from her.


                She didn’t say anything, completely embarrassed that even in his sleepy state could still easily read her like a book. She rolled over on her side, facing away from him and shut her eyes. It took some time but she finally managed to fall asleep.


                Hermione could see the warm daylight seeping through the windows as she slowly opened her eyes. She wanted to rollover and stretch lazily. But immediately realized that that wouldn’t be possible. There was a warm, hard body pressed up against her back. A warm, hard, very…um aroused male body to be exact.


                She felt one of Malfoy’s legs nestled snuggly between both of hers and his other draped across the top of her ankles. His arm was wrapped around the front of her body. From the steady sound of Malfoy’s breathing, she was sure he was still asleep, but his body certainly wasn’t.


                His arm shifted slightly so that his hand cupped around her breast. She hated to admit it but the contact felt…wonderful. Part of her wanted to snuggle back against him, wanting him to touch her more. But the other part wanted to get out of his hold before he woke up or before she did something stupid to embarrass them both.


                Beneath the heat of his hand over her breast, her body, against her will began to react as well. Okay, she needed to get out of this bed now! Shifting her weight slightly, she took hold of his wrist and tried to move his arm away. It was like trying to lift a bolder. His arm didn’t budge, but his fingers flexed against her breast. She closed her eyes again, trembling slightly. His touch shamelessly felt so good.


                She had been focused on her education, trying to prove to everyone that just because she was a muggleborn didn’t mean she wasn’t as good, smart, or talented as any pureblood witch or wizard. She never put any effort in trying to start a relationship with anyone or even attempted to causally date, unless you counted to the Yule Ball with Krum, and she didn’t. She barely ever acted in any harmless flirtation; she didn’t even think she knew how to flirt. For her it was always school, career, then relationships, marriage and family.


                But this wasn’t school. There was no one else to focus on or talk too. It was just her and Malfoy stuck together in this crazy situation. With no rules or guidelines to go by. And whether her body wanted to or not, she couldn’t start anything with Malfoy. She needed all of her energy to take care of Crissy and this baby growing in her belly and focus on getting back to the past.


                With regret, she got a stronger grip on Malfoy’s wrist and attempted to pull away his arm. He moaned her name softly and pulled her tighter, pressing his hips against her bum. Her pulse raced and she wondered if he was only faking sleep. But the soft snoring told her that he was truly out. The name he mumbled wasn’t Granger but Hermione. He had never once called her that…well except the other night when they had dinner with Pansy and Blaise. For some reason that gave her a great deal of satisfaction.


                She shook his arm as best as she could, considering it was wrapped around her like a metal band.


“Malfoy, wake up.”


                He still didn’t release her, if anything he pulled her closer still, she felt the tip of his nose grazed along the back of her neck, then she felt his lips against the sensitive skin below her ear. He wasn’t kissing her; his lips were just there softly against her neck. His warm breath tickling her overheated skin.


                As if on cue, Crissy started crying from her nursery. Hermione was able to turn her head enough to see a baby monitor sitting on top of the dresser.


“Hmm?” She heard Malfoy murmur against her skin.


                She froze, this was the part she was dreading. The part when he became awake enough to realize what he was doing. Malfoy came awake with a start, releasing his hold on her breast as if it had burned his hand.


“Uh?” He rolled away from her, almost falling off the edge of the bed.


“Morning.” She mumbled lamely, not looking at him.


                She sat up and crossed her arms over her chest self-consciously, not because she was embarrassed…well she was for herself as well as for him. But mainly crossed her arms so he wouldn’t notice her body’s reaction to him. Still not looking at her he pulled back the covers and got out of the bed.


“I’ll go check on Crissy.” And left the room without a single glance in her direction.


                After he left the room, she let out a breath that she didn’t realize she was holding and fell back against her pillow. So much for creating her barrier of pillows to separate themselves. She looked around the room. Some were at the foot of the bed; the others were on the floor. She definitely didn’t remember removing them in the middle of the night. And someone would have to purposely move them to be on the floor.


                Through the baby monitor she could hear Malfoy talking to Crissy, trying to soothe her. A horrible thought came to her. If the baby monitor had been in here the entire time, did that mean he would have heard her when she went to Crissy in the middle of the night and sang to her? It was in the middle of the night, so maybe he was asleep and didn’t hear her. She could only hope. She went ahead and took this opportunity of being alone in the bedroom to go ahead and change for the day.


                Draco was having the best dream ever. That was until he found out that it wasn’t a dream whatsoever. Unfortunately she was right there to witness everything, not only witness but feel everything too. Damn-it! What the hell was wrong with him? He was openly groping her in his sleep. He couldn’t even put the blame on her, since she remained on her side of the bed the entire time and he was the one to rollover in her space while he practically held her prisoner in his arms. And if it wasn’t humiliating enough as is, he was painfully turned on from the whole thing. And she knew it.


                Thank Merlin; she hadn’t said anything about it. Although he didn’t necessarily give her anytime to, since he bolted out of the room as soon as his head cleared up enough to realize what was going on. His heart was beating rapidly and his hands shook. He reached the nursery and willed his body to cool down before he opened the door to check on his daughter.


                He wasn’t about to deny the fact that Granger had been the center of his dreams as of late, but he never wanted her to find out about it. He didn’t know what it was about her that attracted him. Ever since he’s known her, he’s been taught to hate everything about her, and anyone else like her…muggleborns. And because of that he’s never paid attention to her, just automatically put her in the category of people he should hate.


                If he was being honest, Granger was a better witch then some of the purebloods he’d known. Not only was she talented in magic, but she was also smart. Since the war ended the hatred between purebloods and muggleborns ended. Though there were still some who couldn’t change their way of thinking…like his father for example. He would probably never think of muggleborns or half-bloods equal to purebloods. Draco always went along with that thinking to please his father but as of late he’s been trying to change his thinking. To think for himself instead of what others expected of him.


                He no longer feels hatred towards muggleborns, but sometimes there would still be some prejudice between them. He was trying to be a better person, but sometimes you can’t just change everything overnight.


                Crissy would be a half-blood, not a pureblood like himself and his family…yet he didn’t care. He loved her because she was his, it didn’t matter what kind of blood ran through her veins…and Granger was her mother, a muggleborn.


                His father probably had a heart attack or something when they got married. He wondered if his parents ever accepted the fact that he married a muggleborn instead of a pureblood. Despite the fact that Granger was not only a muggleborn, but also one third of the golden trio. Were they even involved in their lives…in Crissy’s?


                He still didn’t know why or what it was about Granger that drew his attention. Since he arrived here, he had been chalking it up to the fact that she was the only one who knew what was going on, and she was the best shot of finding a way to get us out of here. But now, there was something else going on, brewing under the surface that he couldn’t quite put his finger on.


                If he hadn’t known her for the past 8 years and didn’t know she was a muggleborn, then he might have found her attractive. Although she wasn’t the kind of woman he normally went for. He usually liked them tall, blonde and well-endowed like his latest conquest Astoria Greengrass. Merlin that had been a mistake. She had everything going for her on the outside, beautiful, rich; pureblood…his father would have loved her. But she was as dumb as a doornail, absolutely devoid of all brain cells and annoying as hell. She wouldn’t leave him alone.


                Granger was nothing like her, the complete opposite. Yet somehow he was drawn to her. She definitely grew out of her awkward stage and filled out in all the right places. And unfortunately he knew just how perfectly she had filled out. He felt his face heat up, great he was blushing, just like she does so frequently.


                Shit, he probably scared the hell out of her, with how forward his body had been. If he was correct in his assumptions he would bet money that she was still a virgin. Unless she had been shacking up with Potter and Weasley behind closed doors. The thought of that made his blood boil, but he refused to admit that it was jealously that he was feeling.


                In his defense he was asleep; if he were awake he would have never touched her like that without her permission. He might be an ass towards her most of the time, but he wasn’t cruel. He ran a hand over his jaw which was covered with a new growth of stubble and walked into the nursery.    


                Hermione walked into the kitchen, heart beating. Was she supposed to act like nothing happened? Just pretend everything was normal? She didn’t want to be the one to bring it up, so maybe she shouldn’t say anything. Taking a deep breath she walked over to the refrigerator. Deciding not to say anything about earlier this morning she reached in and grabbed a jar of pickles. Then went over to the stove to put the tea kettle to boil.


                Draco sat at the table feeding Crissy and not looking in her direction. Okay then, so they were just going to pretend it never happened, she thought. She opened the jar and took a pickle out and bit into it. Savoring the sour crunch, she shut her eyes while a moan of delight escaped her lips.


“How can you eat those things? And for breakfast of all things?” Malfoy’s words brought her out of her brief love affair with pickles.


She glanced over at him as he was eyeing her pickle jar in disgust, she shrugged. “I think it has something to do with being pregnant, you get bizarre cravings for foods you might not normally eat on a daily basis. Like things that are salty, sour or spicy.”


“Right well, lucky you.” He said sarcastically, turning his attention back to Crissy.


                She continued to eat her pickles as the silence stretched between them. Once Draco fed Crissy the last spoonful of applesauce he cleared his throat.


 “About this morning I…”


“Don’t worry about it. It’s already forgotten.” Hermione said cutting him off.


                Even though she wasn’t being honest, she hadn’t forgotten she could still feel the heat of his touch on her skin as if his imprint branded her.


He nodded looking uncomfortable. “Right well, it won’t happen again I promise.”


                She nodded feeling oddly disappointed. Part of her wanted it to happen again. She wanted him to touch her more and often. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat. The more time she spent around him, the more tempted she was becoming to this foreign attraction towards him.


Changing the subject she decided to switch the conversation to a more neutral topic. “Do you have practice today?” She asked him.


                Maybe that’s what they needed some time apart. Spending so much time together was clouding their judgment…or at least hers. Things had been going surprisingly well between them, up to this point. Probably because they didn’t spend every waking moment together, since he usually had practice from about 9:00am to 5:00pm every day. If they did spend every second together then they would probably be at each other’s throats …or ripping each other’s clothes off. Hermione’s face flared up, where had that thought come from? What was wrong with her? She was feeling…needy, was the only way to describe it.


“Are you okay? You’re not going to get sick are you?” Malfoy’s question brought her back to the present.


“Huh? Oh, I’m fine just had too much to eat or something.”


                She got up trying to distance herself as far away as possible from him. She went to the refrigerator to put her pickles away.


“So do you have practice?” She asked again.


He got up taking his dirty dishes to the sink. “No, not today. I don’t have practice again until next week.”


Her shoulders slumped; great she would be spending all day and all weekend with him. Just when she needed space, she was going to be stuck with him.


He looked over at her. “So, what exactly do you do all day here anyway?”


She looked around their home and shrugged. “Well I look after Crissy and play her. Then when she goes down for a nap I start to…”


“Wait don’t tell me. You study?” He looked over at the pile of books still sitting at the end of the dining table.


She shrugged and glared at him, how many times had they had this conversation? “Those books are there for us for a reason. One of us needs to make sure we’re not doing anything wrong.”


He held up his hands. “Easy there tiger, no need to get upset. I was just messing with you.”


                She rolled her eyes. She was acting ridiculous; one minute she was all hot and bothered being near him and the next she just wanted to smack him.


                A tapping sounded at the window. They both turned their heads to the sound of a large gray owl, the same one from the other day stood at the window ruffling out its feathers. It held two envelopes and a copy of the Daily Prophet in its beak. Draco walked over and collected the mail from the bird. He gave it an owl treat before shutting the window as the owl flew off.


Hermione walked over to him to look at the letter. “It’s from Pansy.” He said indicating to the pink envelope in his hand, he handed it to her.


Hermione pulled out a single card and looked at it. “It’s an invitation for tomorrow night. Their having an informal engagement party. I thought they already invited us to this last night.”


“Mmm, that’s Pansy for you. She loves to throw a party. And when she does she likes to go all out with fancy invitations and all.” Draco said. “This one is addressed to you.” He told her as he handed her the letter.


Mrs. Malfoy,


This is just a remainder that you have a doctor’s appointment this upcoming Tuesday at 2:00 o’clock with Doctor Tink. We look forward to seeing you again.




The nurse staff at St. Mungos


“It just a letter reminding me I have a doctor’s appointment next Tuesday.” Hermione told Draco as she went over and wrote the time and date down on the calendar. 


                Hermione didn’t want to be cooped up in the house all day and she thought about taking Crissy either to the park or the zoo while Draco was at practice. But since he didn’t have practice today, her plans were ruined. Unless he wanted to go to the zoo with them? She sent a letter to Candlewick by owl two days ago explaining in detail their situation and if she had any idea how to get them back. But she hadn’t heard anything since then and she didn’t want to spend another day waiting around for her letter to arrive.


“Do you want to go to the zoo today with me and Crissy?” She asked him already expecting him to say no.


“The zoo? Why would we go there?” Draco asked.


“It’s fun, educational and you can easily spend the whole day there walking around looking at all the animals. My parents used to take me to the zoo all the time when I was little and I loved it. Crissy might be a little too young to understand everything but she will probably still have a good time.”


“Isn’t it all the way in London?”


“Yeah, but it’s not that far a drive from here.”


“Drive? You mean in a muggle transportation vehicle? It would be so much easier to just apparate there.” He told her.


“I don’t want to risk apparating Crissy anywhere we don’t know if she likes it or not. Besides driving isn’t as horrible as it sounds. And if we take the car then we can take along her stroller.” Hermione said taking Crissy out of her highchair.


“This sucks,” he mumbled.


“Oh don’t be such a baby. It’s not going to kill you to spend a couple of hours at the zoo.”


“It’s not the zoo that I’m talking about. It’s that we have to go there in that deathtrap muggles call a transportation vehicle.”


“Why Malfoy, it sounds like to me that you’re afraid of a measly little car?” He sneered at her. “You fly a thousand feet up in the air on a stick of wood every day. How is that not a deathtrap? At least cars have seatbelts.” She muttered.


                While Draco showered and got ready for their outing, Hermione went about the house putting together a diaper bag for Crissy as she sipped on a cup of ginger tea. Once everything was all set she sat at the table looking through this morning’s Daily Prophet. She looked up when he entered the kitchen. He was wearing a soft looking white t-shirt and jeans that were probably made to look worn and faded. They were well fitted but not tight enough that it looked like second skin. His hair was still wet at the ends and he still had stubble along his jaw and chin, which gave him a bit of a dangerous look.


                It was the most casual he had ever looked. And that didn’t include seeing him in his boxers, which had been numerous times now. But this was the most casual she had ever seen him, especially when they were about to go out in public. And for once he wasn’t wearing black on black like he usually did. Oh bugger, she was staring at him again, she needed to stop doing that. One of these days she would probably start drooling after him if she wasn’t careful.


“What is all of this for?” he asked gesturing to Crissy’s overflowing diaper bag on the table.


“It’s for Crissy.” She said reading the last article in the prophet to cover up the fact that she was staring at him earlier.


“And she needs all of this? For the zoo? What could she possibly need that takes up that much space in a bag?”


Hermione rolled her eyes at him; sometimes boys could be so thick when it comes to this kind of stuff. “It has extra diapers in case she needs changing, bottles full of formula and juice along with extra snacks to nibble on in case she gets hungry, toys in case she gets bored, an extra set of clothes in case she gets dirty, her blanket, sunscreen, a hat, a pacif…”


“Okay, okay I get it, sorry I asked.” He muttered. “Are you ready to go or not.” He asked sounding agitated.


                Without responding she got up and looped the bag over her shoulder and grabbed Crissy from her playpen. Then headed towards the garage. Draco shuffled behind her still sulking over the fact that they had to use muggle transportation.


                Draco followed Granger out into the garage and stared in horror at the vehicle they were taking. It looked like a tin can that could easily be crushed. He seen muggle vehicles before, but never in his life did he ever think he would ride in one.


And to his utter delight they not only had one, but two vehicles. One was a small, sleek black one, that looked should he dare say…sexy though he would never admit it to her, while the other one looked big and boxy but with rounded edges. He much rather take the black sexy one then this red monstrosity, at least the black one had style. But Granger was already loading Crissy into what she called the van and who was he to argue.


He walked over to one side and opened the door to get in, but Granger stopped him.


“Nuh uh, you get in the other side. I know for a fact that you don’t know how to drive a car.” She told him while she was busy strapping Crissy into a special seat in the back.


                He looked inside to see what she was talking about. The side he was about to get into had petals on the floor and a circular wheel sticking out from the front. This must be where you operated the vehicle to get it to move. Shutting the door he walked to the other side and got in. Using magic would be so much easier; all you had to do was give a flick of your wand and bam. Muggles liked to make things so complicated with all their buttons, switches and knobs on everything.


                He almost felt like he needed to start taking notes when Granger tried to explain to him the other day what the purpose of the television was and how it worked, and what each button on the remote did and what functions they served.


                Granger finally got in on the other side and pulled out a key and put it into a slot next to the wheel, like it was no big deal.


“You know how to drive this?” He asked.


“Of course. Why wouldn’t I know how to drive this?” When he didn’t answer her she sighed, “My dad taught me when I was fourteen or so, even though technically I wasn’t legally old enough to drive then. But it made getting my license a lot easier since I already knew what to do.”


                He just nodded since he didn’t quite know what to say to that. Of course she would know how to drive this thing. She was a muggleborn after all and didn’t grow up surrounded by magic all the time.


“Put your seatbelt on.” She told him.


He arched an eyebrow at her. “My what?”


“Your seatbelt.” She looked at him waiting to do as he was told. “The strap hanging behind you by the door.” She told him when he didn’t move.


He picked it up with two fingers, still not sure what to do with it.


“Take the strap and pull it across your chest and take the metal tab there and put it into the buckle by your hip.”


He still didn’t have the foggiest idea what the hell she was talking about.


“Here like this, watch.”


She unbuckled her own seatbelt, and put it back so it was hanging by the door, so she could show him step by step from the beginning. She took the strap again and pulled the top part diagonally across her chest and buckled the metal tab into the buckle at her hip. She was telling him the steps on how to do it, but he was completely distracted when the strap of the belt pulled tightly against her breast and nestled in the middle between them, that he didn’t hear a word she said.


It reminded him that earlier that morning he was touching her there, and found that he really wanted to do it again. She was small but firm and oh so warm and they fit perfectly in the palm of his hand.


“Malfoy are you even listening to me?”


Bringing his thoughts back to the present and stared blankly at her, “huh?”


She rolled her eyes and huffed out a sigh. “Here I’ll do it.”


                She leaned over and grabbed the strap, which was now in a twisted tangled mess from him. This motion caused her head of curls to get right in his face. Since she wasn’t looking at his face and focusing on getting the bloody strap to buckle in place, he took this opportunity to inhale the exotic jasmine scent that seemed to always cling to her hair and skin. She wore he hair up again and he could tell from this angle that it was being held in place by a single clip. It would be so easy to take the clip out and let her hair fall to her shoulders. He lifted his hand to do just that when she pulled away.


“It’s like strapping in a child.” She muttered going back to her own side of the car.


Distracted by her comment he put his hand down and looked over at her. “Hey I heard that.”


She looked at him and smirked. “Good.” Then went about shifting down a lever and slowly backed out of the garage.


                He was completely mesmerized at how naturally driving this vehicle came to her, it was like she wasn’t even thinking about it. And not once did she flinch as another car pulled up beside them or cut in front of them. She knew exactly when to stop and when to go and how fast to drive. He at least admitted to himself that it was absolutely ridiculous that he was afraid to ride in this thing.


                And unfortunately she was right, even though he would never tell her so, about flying being much more dangerous. And he was actually becoming quite fascinated by the whole driving thing. Making him want to do it himself, although he would have to learn first. And since Granger got all annoyed by the seatbelt thing, he was willing to bet that she wouldn’t want to teach him this.


                They drove in silence with the radio playing some song that he wasn’t familiar with, although Granger was, since she kept humming along to it. Needing something to do, he reached over and pushed a button, changing the station.


“Hey, I was listening to that!” she protested.


He shrugged. “So? I want to listen to something else.”


“No change it back!”


He ignored her and kept flipping through the stations. He really didn’t care what they listened to or if it was a station that she chose. He just didn’t like the silence between them; or rather he liked it too much. It was too comfortable, like they were some old married couple, completely content to share a space together without talking. It kept making his mind wonder off back to that morning and what would have happened if he didn’t roll away from her. And other random fantasies that involved her. He needed her to be annoyed or mad at him, so he could have some normalcy back in his life.  


“You won’t find any wizard stations on here if that’s what you’re looking for.”


“I figured. I just couldn’t listen to that crap you call music a second longer.”


“It’s not crap.” She muttered.


                Good, she was starting to get annoyed. He turned to a station that had loud thrashing music. He couldn’t tell if the person was singing or just talking really fast. He heard a lot of “yo, yo, yo’s” and the words “thug,” and “gangster” were thrown about, along with lots of bleeping noises. Personally he hated it the moment he heard it, but he received a deadly glare from Granger. So mission accomplished.


                He leaned back in his seat and crossed his arms, looking out the window and smiling to himself. It only took seconds for her to turn off the radio all together.


“That’s not appropriate for Crissy to overhear.”


                They were once again driving in silence, only this time it was an annoyed silence…on her part as opposed to the comfortable kind they were having before. He knew it was childish but at the moment he didn’t care, he just wanted things to go back to normal between them, which meant then pissing each other off.


                Luckily they arrived at the zoo and Granger was focusing on parking the car. Once parked he unbuckled his seatbelt and opened the door. Before he could even think about stepping out, Granger launches herself over his lap. He shot his arm out around her waist, afraid she was about to take a nosedive into the pavement below. But she just laid there over his knees with her bum up in the air; one of her hands clutched the handle of the open door while the other was painfully digging into his forearm.


It took him more than a second to realize that she was vomiting outside his door. Not out her own door, but his. He had no choice but to let her finish, since she was practically on top of him. And he couldn’t move without moving her. He started to awkwardly pat her on the back, although it didn’t really occur to him at first that patting someone on the back when their vomiting probably wouldn’t be the most soothing thing. Since you usually pat someone on the back when they coughing or choking or to burp a baby. He started to rub her back instead, but kept his touch light. He didn’t want her to think he cared or anything.


She kept at it for another minute or two. He couldn’t possibly think of what else would be left in her stomach, since all he saw her eat were those damn pickles. He only risked looking once and decided that that had been a mistake. Once she finally finished retching up her breakfast she just laid there on his lap, muscles limp, like her body just needed to rest. She was breathing hard, skin clammy and she was trembling all over. He debated whether or not he should ask if she was okay, even though clearly she wasn’t.


“You couldn’t have done that outside your own door?” He knew the moment that comment left his lips he would regret it.


                Her grip loosened on his arm and she wiped her mouth on the back of her hand then burst out crying. Hot, heavy tears and hiccupping breaths and all. He immediately felt like a complete asshole. She managed to sit up so she wasn’t lying across his lap, but sitting on it instead. Her face was pale and she wouldn’t look him in the eye, clearly embarrassed.


“I’m…I’m so…sorry…your door…was open….and I…I panicked…or something…I didn’t mean too…it came out of nowhere.” She sniffed trying to stop her crying by wiping her tears away as fast as they appeared.


“Don’t worry about it Hermione. I probably would have done the same if I were in your position.” He said softly.


She looked at him kind of funny. “I didn’t get any on you did I?” she asked shyly.


“No you didn’t”


                She was still sitting in his lap wiping away tears. He reached in the back seat to grab Crissy’s diaper back. He pulled out one of her empty bottles and got his wand out.


aquamenti” clean water shot out of his want filling up the bottle .


He handed it to her, “Thanks,” she accepted the bottle and took a sip, swishing the water around in her mouth then leaning over to spit the water out on the pavement.      


                She must have finally realized that she was still in his lap because she immediately scrambled back over to her side.


“We can go back home if you’re not feeling good.”


She shook her head. “No, I’ll be fine in a second.”


He used his wand to clean the pavement off before stepping out of the car. They put together Crissy’s baby stroller and got everything set up then finally enter the zoo.


Crissy was having a blast. She kept wanting to see the animals, so Draco ended up taking her out of her stroller and held her in his arms so she could see better. They were watching the monkey’s when he heard Hermione gasp beside him; she tugged on the sleeve of his shirt.


“Look!” she said excitedly. “They have fried pickles!” she squealed and went over to the vendor to stand in line leaving Draco and Crissy with the monkeys.


Draco rolled his eyes and shook his head, but couldn’t help but smile, he turned to Crissy. “This is going to be a long day.”


Crissy squealed and clapped her hands together. “Mon-ke.”

AN: I hope you like this chapter again to remind everyone. I made some changes so if you haven't already you might want to reread from the beginning starting at Chapter 1. As alway I love getting feedback so please read and review and tell me what you think.


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