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The Resistance by nitenel
Chapter 1 : Chaos
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Ana Lucia Cortez was truly worried for the first time in her life. She had learned a month ago that Voldemort was dead and Harry Potter was in a coma. The blast from when Voldemort’s body exploded had all but leveled Hogwarts. Many Death Eaters and defenders alike had perished.

And now things were starting to fall into place. The surviving Death Eaters had quickly regrouped and Bellatrix Lestrange had declared that she was their new leader. Their ranks still huge they had gone to the Ministry to officially take it over.

The remaining defenders had fled the burning castle and set up headquarters in Godric’s Hollow. The most recent report was that Minerva Mcgonagall had taken temporary control of the Order after Kingsley Shacklebolt’s demise at Hogwarts. Potter was in a deep coma and there was little hope that he would survive. The situation was bleak.

Dementors swarmed throughout England, sucking the souls out of any unlucky person that strayed across their path. Godric’s Hollow was really the only Dementor free location in England. Refugees, driven out by the Death Eaters, trickled in daily.

Muggles had realized what had happened too and learned of the existence of the wizarding world. In a controversial move, Hermione Granger had addressed the muggles through the radio. As in every war, there were those that supported evilness, though

The Death Eaters had realized the usefulness of muggles and allowed muggles to join their ranks. They were considered second-class citizens but it was safer than being on the other side. However, there were those who had joined the Order at Godric’s Hollow. The muggle prime minister had been killed and Samuel Porter had been hastily declared the muggle leader.

Outside of England, the outside muggle world remained ignorant. They had been told that a civil war was taking place and any outside interference would not be tolerated. But, the outside wizarding world was aware of the situation and was not taking sides. If they sided with the Death Eaters they would be seen as evil and if they sided with the Order they would suffer the wrath of the Death Eaters.

Ana was a 25-year-old witch, having graduated Hogwarts eight years ago. She had done exceedingly well in Defense Against The Dark Arts and had joined the Aurors immediately after school. She rose quickly through the ranks and became good friends of Nymphadora Tonks.

She hadn’t been present at the Battle of Hogwarts because of herself being in hiding. When Voldemort had unofficially taken control of the Ministry, she had gone into hiding. Now that there was an open resistance, she had surfaced and joined the Order at Godric’s Hollow.

This is where the story begins of the retaking of England and the role Ana Lucia Cortez had to play in it.


“Do you hear something?” asked Joe Davis, a muggle who had been assigned to Ana’s squad.

Right now, her squad was on the eastern edge of Tiverton at the outermost boundary of the Order’s territory. Any further east was defined as enemy territory and unsafe. The safest area was Godric’s Hollow where there was little chance of an enemy attack. The rest of the small territory defended by the Order was still considered as safe, but still dangerous.

“Nothing,” said Ana.

Fidgeting, she rubbed her gun nervously and looked around carefully for any movement. It was unlikely that there was no Death Eaters out there, watching them.

She turned to her squad. “Be on alert. Load your guns. Magi: Cast shield charms”

They nodded as they loaded up their guns and swung them towards the distance gloom of the enemy territory. Ana pulled out her wand and cast shield charms around the squad.

Suddenly, she heard a metallic click behind a bush that was a good ten feet away. She said quietly, “Do nothing. Pretend you heard nothing. When I stop talking, nod and walk back into the village. When I say now, drop down behind shelter and start shooting at that bush.”

They all nodded and started walking back into the village. Chancing a glance behind her, she saw a shadowy movement behind the bush and yelled, “NOW!”

The squad dove behind what cover they could find and started shooting at the shadows that had appeared suddenly. A steady stream of bullets shot towards the Death Eaters. She smiled jubilantly and shot a few rounds at the enemy.

A shadowy object dove at them from the sky at them. It latched onto Davis and pressed its mouth against his. After a few seconds, the Dementor let go of him and he fell to the ground, his eyes blank. Then it turned to her.

Ana’s mother fell to the ground, the life leaving her eyes. With a shocked cry, she ran at a Death Eater who just laughed cruelly and shot the Cruciatus Curse at her.

Ana cursed and shot a patronus at the Dementor with her wand and it flew away, defeated. She glanced around at the battle and was shocked to see how many members of her squad were on the ground.

Casting a strong shield charm, she pulled out a walkie-talkie. She pressed the channel she wanted. “This is Cortez. I’m encountering a strong attack in Quadrant 2A and am requesting immediate backup.”

“All Quadrants are under attack right now Cortez. We have no extra reinforcements,” a crackly voice said over the radio.

“Understood, Tonks” Ana said.

“Don’t take any unnecessary risks, Cortez. If you have to fall back, get to the town square,” the voice said.

“Copy, ” she said, putting away the walkie-talkie.

She shot more rounds at the oncoming Death Eaters. By now she was the only one left standing. Making up her mind quickly she dove to an unconscious witch and grabbed onto her arm. With her wand, she made her weightless, and threw her over her shoulder. Then, she crawled over to an unconscious muggle and repeated what she did.

Ana did this for five people before disapparating to the town square, where a makeshift infirmary had been set up. She gave the people to the nurse that was the nearest to her.

She walked over to the command tent where a small crowd of people had gathered. Pushing her way through, Ana made her way to the tent and walked into it.

“Ana! You made it!” exclaimed Andromeda Tonks.

“I did,” Ana said. “What’s the situation?”

Andromeda sighed. “All squads have pulled back to a three block radius around this square. I’m waiting for further instructions from Godric’s Hollow.”

“They can’t possibly expect us to hold out any longer?” she asked incredulously.

“Who knows what’s going on?” said Andromeda tiredly. “It’s chaos everywhere. All the other border cities have been attacked and Taunton has already fallen.”

“We have to fall back and form a new line,” Ana said grimly.

“I have to wait for orders,” Andromeda said firmly.”

“How many men do we have fit for duty?” asked Ana.

“Around fifty,” Andromeda admitted. “We have wards up, so we can hold up here for a while.”

“A while?” snorted Ana. “There are hundreds of Death Eaters closing in around us. We are undermanned and there are no reinforcements.”

“The wards will hold,” snapped Andromeda.

And with that, she waved Ana away to outside her tent. She stomped out angrily and to the infirmary. She walked in and sought out the nurse who she had delivered her men too.

“How’re my men?” she asked tensely.

“They’re holding on,” the nurse said. “But they need to get somewhere safer. They need to be at a real hospital.”

Ana nodded grimly and left the infirmary. She headed back to the command tent before changing her mind and walking to a bench and sitting down. She sat down and closed her eyes.

It had been a long day and it would be another long day tomorrow. Hopefully, reinforcements would arrive soon and the situation would improve.

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