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Disgusted by academica
Chapter 12 : Dearly Beloved, Dearly Departed
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Author’s Note:

This will be the final chapter of Disgusted. It has been an absolute joy writing this story. I can hardly believe my little idea has already gotten over 2,000 reads, and I am excited for others to stumble across it and read it in the future. Thank you for remaining so devoted to Lucy and Severus, and ultimately to me. I am planning more Lucy and Severus to come.

This chapter is dedicated to all of the people who took time to read through each chapter, especially those who decided to keep reading once they’d finished chapter one, then chapter two, and so on. It is dedicated to the readers who were kind enough to leave a review, an event that absolutely makes my day every time it happens, and especially those who faithfully reviewed each chapter as it was posted. Finally, this chapter is dedicated to the individuals who liked my story so much that they added it as a favorite, and especially those who were so convinced that I might come out with something else worth reading that they added me as a favorite. I am truly flattered, and I hope I will not disappoint you.




The gown had only cost twenty-five Galleons in the end, but it was perfect.


Lucy stared into the mirror before her, making last-minute improvements upon her appearance. Her straight blonde locks hung freely down about her shoulders, and her makeup did just enough to accent her natural beauty without overwhelming her delicate features. The off-white dress, however, was clearly the center of the picture. It was strapless with a simple sweetheart neckline, and it fell smoothly to the floor, just long enough to cover up Lucy’s plain white flats. The outfit was embellished with an elegant white belt and silver buckle, which accentuated her small waist, and the tiny pearl pendant about her neck.


This was the second time she’d worn the necklace. The other time, she had put it on while standing before a smaller mirror in her dormitory. It looked better with the wedding gown than with the shorter black dress she’d paired it with on that occasion.


Amending the will was the first thing Severus’s mother had done when her son told her about the engagement. She was too thrilled to wait to add Lucy to the family. A month later, she was dead.


Eileen Victoria Snape. E. V. S. The gold engraving on the pearl betrayed its original owner. It had been the only thing left to Lucy in her future mother-in-law’s will. It might well be the only thing ever left to her in anyone’s will. Severus, on the other hand, had received a tidy sum of five hundred Galleons, his mother’s potions book, and a reason to abandon his father for good.


Officially, the investigation was still open.


Upon returning from the funeral, they had closed their eyes and chosen a date from the calendar, both fingers landing haphazardly on June 13th, a Saturday. It was a week after graduation. Lucy remembered smiling to herself and thinking about Narcissa. She was on schedule after all.


Over the next few months, Severus paid for a seamstress in town to design and build a one-of-a-kind gown for his bride-to-be. While Lucy was busy working out those details, he concentrated his efforts on finding a small but adequate flat for the two of them to share. Secretly, he took money from his wages at the Apothecary to upgrade the plain wedding band she’d picked out to one sprinkled with tiny diamonds all over. When he offered to use the rest of his inheritance to pay for them to invite their few remaining friends and have a nice group meal after the ceremony, she gently declined. They had been alone the entire time; why should it change now?


The city clerk was very busy in June. The only available slot was at eight o’clock. They took it.


In the main room, Severus waited nervously for Lucy to appear. Part of him wondered if she’d gotten cold feet and ran for it at the last minute. The rest of him knew her too well.


As he waited, he noticed that the hall was accented with beautiful white lilies. It was ironic, considering that they appeared to be standard here, that he loved lilies more than any other flower. After all, they had always reminded him of his Lily. Now, though, he automatically compared their delicate, unblemished beauty to Lucy. He imagined her walking through the double doors, radiant in all white, and instinctively plucked the blooms from their container.


Just then, the doors opened, and he saw her.


She offered him a soft smile as she trailed slowly down the aisle, the clerk coming in behind her. A wisp of blonde hair fell gently into her face, and he caught a flash of the expensive diamond on her left hand as she brushed it away. His heart dropped deliriously into his stomach.


“Hey.” She said softly.


“Hey.” He managed, pushing the bouquet lightly into her hands. As he let go, he blinked briefly, just long enough to tell Lily goodbye in his mind. Farewell, love. Hope you’re as happy as I am.


“Thank you.” She smelled them gingerly. “They’re perfect.” The symbolism was lost on her.


“Are we ready?” The clerk interrupted.


They faced each other, staring into each other’s eyes, barely able to concentrate on the vows they were supposed to make to one another for life. Severus agreed verbally to be with her until death, jarring her to the realization that it was now her turn. She listened carefully to the clerk, letting it sink in that she was now responsible for being a partner to Severus, and then she said, “I do.”



Not so far away, the Potters were throwing a belated graduation party for their son. A large portion of the recently graduated students in Gryffindor House were present, and Mr. and Mrs. Potter were currently milling about their home in an effort to meet each and every one of James’s classmates in person. James had taken the opportunity to sneak out to the back garden and enjoy a pint of Firewhiskey with his best friend, another Gryffindor graduate.


“I’ll miss Hogwarts, I think.” James said, taking a swig and passing it to Sirius. “You?”


“Oh, I don’t know.” Sirius took too large of a gulp, forcing it down. “I think it’s high time I moved on to bigger and better things, you know?”


“I suppose.” James sighed. “Listen, you can stay here as long as necessary, mate.”


“Don’t get all sappy.” Sirius said bitterly, his brown eyes darkening. “I’ve been here for almost two years. I need to go out and find a flat of my own. Besides, how am I supposed to convince the next cute girl I meet at the bar to come home with me if I still live with you?”


“Oy, love, you’ll have to excuse my roommate, his mum hasn’t come ‘round to do the laundry yet, but she’s making dinner at seven…” James mocked, sending them both into chortles.


Inside, Remus excused himself as he bumped lightly into James’s mother, who was on her way with Mr. Potter to interrogate Peter about his future aspirations. Being careful not to spill the two glasses of punch in his hand, he crept upstairs, where Lily was perched on the roof next to the open window that led into James’s room.


“Here.” He said gently, offering her one.


“Thanks so much.” She took a small sip. “You know I would have gone down to get it myself, but there are just so many people… the attention…”


“I know.” He said with a smile. The brilliant square-cut diamond, which had resided on Lily’s left hand for barely a week now, was impossible to miss. Every time during the past week that she’d run into old classmates while out and about in town, the girls had swooned as a group while the boys made crude but well-intentioned remarks about the wedding night. He took a sip from his own cup, leaning back against the house and gazing at the stars. “You set a date yet?”


“God, no.” Lily laughed. “If I have my way, it won’t be for a while. We’re just so young.”


“I don’t know.” Remus looked down sadly. “Things are getting awfully serious, you know, with his people running around and causing chaos. It might be best not to delay matters like these.”


“Don’t worry, Remus.” Lily smiled at him. “We’ll just wait until the world seems as bleak as it could possibly be, and we’ll have it then, just so everyone will have a reason to celebrate.”


He nodded, brightening a little at her attempt at humor. “You going to invite them?”


Lily didn’t have to ask whom he meant. “I guess we’ll see how well I know them then.” She said with a sigh, looking down at the ring again. Lucy had been the first person she’d wanted to tell.



“Do you wish we had invited people?” Lucy asked.


The newlyweds were perched on the edge of the pier, watching the ships unload their cargo in the harbor. Lucy held her shoes and the bouquet, which was beginning to show signs of wilting after having been out of water for so long. Her new husband was holding their marriage license.


“No, I don’t think so.” Severus said after a minute. “I think it was good, just this way, just us.”


She nodded in agreement, looking down at her hand, which now boasted not one but two beautiful white gold rings. “You shouldn’t have.”


“Hmm?” He shook his head, physically clearing his mind and moving his hair out of his face simultaneously. He had been so busy gazing up at the stars that he hadn’t even heard her.


“The ring. My wedding band.”


“It was nothing. This one goes better with your engagement ring.”


“The other one would have been fine.”


“Yeah, but Mum didn’t leave me all that money so I could get you ‘fine’.”


She laughed softly. “All right, have it your way. Yours is just still so plain.”


“I like it that way.” He met her eyes. “In case you forgot, I work with my hands.”


“Oh, I haven’t forgotten.” She smirked at him, her blue eyes lighting up playfully. “In fact, when we get back to the flat, the first thing I want is for you to mix me up something strong.”


“Oh, really, that’s the first thing you want?” He asked, causing her to giggle.


They looked so normal, sitting there laughing together. Lucy had completely forgotten about the ugly black mark on his arm, at least for tonight. Now, all she could think about was getting to their new home, kicking off her shoes, and beginning her newly blissful life. Her role as a housewife and mother, which she had always dreaded before, now seemed ideal to her. Maybe she just needed to find the right man with whom to share that life, one who would let her take off her fancy dresses and expensive shoes and get earthworm juice on her skin from time to time.


It was so perfect that she almost wanted to cry. Then he kissed her, and all she wanted was him.

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