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Saving James by ACx
Chapter 7 : The Head Dorm and Secrets Revealed
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CIby AtomicPanda@TDA


slowly the portrait flew open…

I gasped loudly as the dorm slowly came into view. It was like nothing I had seen in the castle before. The inside of our new common room looked exactly like the living room of a small cottage.

Two squishy couches sat facing each other across from a large fireplace. A small table sat under the window and three doors led off of the one room. The first, straight opposite the portrait hole, was clearly a bathroom. The two other doors where the ones that interested me the most. Both of the doors were totally different but I instantly new which one would be mine.

I pushed past James, and as I got closer to the door notice a small golden plaque on the door. Head Girl: Jenny Phoenix it read. A small scream escaped my lips and James looked at me like I had gone totally mad.

I gently pushed open the door and made my way inside my new bedroom. Another scream escaped me as I took in the scene before me.

At one side of the room, a four poster bed with Gryffindor hangings stood between two mahogany bedside tables. On one of the walls next to the bed, a large window took up the space, a mahogany desk and large squishy chair sitting in front of it. Directly opposite the bed, a large mahogany wardrobe and chest of drawers sat against a wall decorated with wallpaper covered in a golden and red pattern of vines with flowers coming of it. Next to the door was a full-sized mirror.

It was perfect.

Composing my face, which had the look of a kid in a candy shop, I stepped back into the common room. James had disappeared, so I turned to the bathroom door.

Inside looked like a slightly better version of the prefects bathroom. A swimming pool sized bath dominated the centre of the room and at each side of it sat cubicles which read Head Boy and Head Girl on each door. At the end of the room were two more door which I new would be toilets with private sinks.

Leaving the bathroom in a daze, I flopped down onto one of the couches and let out a contented sigh. Just then James emerged from his bedroom, the same look of amazement on his face.

“It’s great,” he said to me, before dropping down onto the other couch. I grinned at him. “This is what I always imagined my parents house would look like,” I said half to myself- half to James.

James looked at me oddly, then in a sympathetic voice whispered, “Why do you never talk about them? What happened to them that’s so bad…?” he trailed off, his eyes questioning.

I had never told anyone at Hogwarts about how my parents had died, and now looking at the kindness and curiosity written over James’ perfect features, I suddenly wanted to tell my story.

“I never talk about my parents because they died when I was six,” I started off. James’ face faded away and was replaced by the pictures of that final night as I told my story, “My mum had been able to see visions of the future and in the days of Voldemort, even though she was only 15 or so at the time of his death, was wanted by death eaters everywhere. So she had left school and went into hiding with my grandparents, keeping her visions a secret from the world. When your dad killed Voldemort, my mum went back and completed school. Everyone had forgotten about her power-or so she had thought. She met my dad, they got married and a few years later I was born. And even though Voldemort was dead, my mum still panicked that I would be taken and used against her. Because she knew that the surviving death eaters-the ones that fled the country- were still out there, waiting for there chance. The night before she died she took of her locket and gave it to me. She said it had a special kind of magic that would protect me.”

I took a break from my story to look at James. A look of horror mingled with a burning curiosity was on his face. Then I continued “the next night a group of men wearing death eater masks turned up at the house. The demanded my mum told them how to bring back Voldemort. When she said she didn’t know, they told her to use her visions to find out. But she refused. They killed her first and when my dad started to fight them, they killed him too. Then they turned on me, the little six year old girl crying for her mummy and daddy. I even remember looking at the man as he raised his wand, hearing the curse, seeing the green light.. But it didn’t work, and the locket did. The man was killed by his own curse and the rest of them fled, leaving me alone with my dead parents. I cant even remember how long I was there, just that I kept crying and shaking my parents- telling them to wake up. When I was eventually found I was nearly dead from starvation and basically heartbreak. You know, I’ve never taken off this locket or told anyone this story. I don’t even know why I’m telling you…”

I finished off my story and looked at James pleadingly, tears trailing down my cheeks . I didn’t want him to think I was mad or that I wanted his sympathy, just to understand how hard it was for me to live a life where the only (or at least the clearest) memories of my parents were the ones of their deaths.

James was looking at me oddly, a mixture of emotions written on his face. He kept moving his mouth, as if to form a question, then faltering. Eventually he looked up. “How can you live with that in your head? And those death eaters do they still exist? Do they want you?”

I stared at him for a second and then answered half truthfully. “ I don’t know if they still exist, and even if they did why would they want me- apparently I have failed to inherit my mothers skills.” I laughed lightly. Of course I didn’t know if the death eaters were still around and if they were, then yes they might want my help, but I doubt it. Revenge seems more fitting for them.

Soon after James got up and went to his bedroom. I stared at the door wondering why I had told him so much, then lied to him when he’d asked a perfectly simple question.

I got up and headed to bed, in a daze as I pulled on my pyjamas. But snuggling down into the warm sheets made me forget about everything I had just said, and the only thing I was capable of thinking was what time would I need to get up in the morning…


A/N- well here’s the new chapter! Sorry it took so long , computer problems…

Anyway, I’m not really that happy with this chapter, but let me know what you think. Do you think Jenny should have told James about her past? What do you think will happen next? Do you have any questions for me? Please leave a review and let me know what you think!


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