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Learning to Live by Star_Kid_Love
Chapter 1 : April 12th 2008
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A/N: For acrules 'Make me think Challenge' | Beta'd by the wonderful SeverusSnape15 xx


‘Congratulations Mr and Mrs Wood, you’re the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl,' smiled the Doctor, as a cry rang out in the delivery room.

To Oliver it felt like time had frozen, and he watched in slow motion as his daughter was whisked quickly to one side to check all was well. He turned his head to his wife who was resting her head on the pillows, crying with happiness; still squeezing his hand as tightly as ever. Oliver bent and kissed her. After waiting so long they were finally parents!

After the doctors checked over their little girl, she was rushed back over to Sarah’s bed and placed delicately into her arms. Sarah’s eyes filled with tears as, for the first time, she looked down on the face of her daughter.

Oliver surveyed their child’s face from Sarah’s arms and fought to hold back the tears of happiness, which were struggling to make an appearance. Real men don’t cry; he thought, but he soon dispelled the myth as the strong captain of Puddlemere United allowed the tears to run down his cheeks.

He was completely overwhelmed. There, resting in his wife’s arms was the most precious human being he had ever seen and she was all his. Admittedly he did have to share her with his wife, but he was sure he could cope with that. Oliver laughed to himself which, attracted the attention of his wife, who had been staring intently at their daughter’s face trying to commit it to memory in case she ever forgot what she looked like.

‘Would you like to hold her?’

Oliver nodded, a lump building again in his throat, blocking him from making any coherent sound. Gently, Sarah passed their daughter into his arms. He stared in wonder and amazement at every feature on her face, her huge blue eyes, tiny button nose and crinkly forehead. She had whisps of blonde hair on top of her head which from some angles made her ears seem big. Oliver cracked a large smile and declared to Sarah

‘She has my ears!’

'Yes, she has your ears'

She laughed and rested back on her pillow, closing her eyes and leaving Oliver to hold the little girl. He wandered over the now empty room and sat on the seat next to Sarah’s bed, taking great care not to drop the baby, something he was utterly afraid of doing.

‘Hey there little one,’ he said, looking at her eyes which were squeezed tightly shut, she flailed her arms in response and so he carried on talking ‘My name is Oliver Wood and I guess I’m your father. I am 28 and I am the captain of Puddlemere United quidditch team’.

The baby let out a small gargle.

‘What’s quidditch? Well first of all I have to tell you I’m a wizard’ he whispered the last word cautious the fact that the doctor might arrive any minute, his daughter wriggled her arms even more.

‘Yes you’re right – I can do magic, and you will too one day! Quidditch is a magical sport and there are seven players on a quidditch team. I play keeper, which is like the goal keeper in football, not that you need to know about muggle sport because one day … One day you’ll be the best chaser the Holyhead Harpies have ever seen, yes even better than Ginny Potter, and everyone will scream your name! When you have a name that is, personally I like Aine, my mother’s name.’

‘Aine is perfect dear,’ came the soft voice of his wife from beside him. Oliver looked up in surprise remembering that he was not alone in the room. Sarah had tears in her eyes and smiled up at his grinning face.

‘Really?’ He said enthusiastically.

‘Really!’ She replied laughing at his child-like face. Oliver looked down at his daughter. ‘You hear that! One day people are going to be screaming your name, Aine Wood! You’ll be the best the world has ever seen!’

‘She sure will dear’ Mumbled Sarah before drifting into much deserved sleep.

Oliver looked back at Aine in his arms, her blue eyes penetrating his.

‘Yes of course, how could I forget your mother? She is my life, like you are now. No … no she’s not a wizard, or a witch for that matter she’s what we magical folk call a muggle. Not that she’s any less magical to me’

Aine gurgled in his arms, and although she couldn’t have any idea what Oliver was saying he liked to think she was listening.

‘What job does she do? Well, Aine, your mother works for a travel company and was an air hostess before she fell pregnant with you! I guess we’re very similar in a sense, we both fly. One day I know you’ll be like both of us!’

Oliver ended his soliloquy and continued to star at his daughter, the lump building in his throat again. He couldn’t wait to owl his mmother and tell her the news, his team mates would be ecstatic and he would now be able to join in the baby conversations with his old friends. Angelina would coo over her he was sure! Katie would try and steal her, he would have to watch out for that! Aine would grow up with their children, go to school with them, her life would be amazing and he would make sure of that.

A nurse bustled into the room and smiled over at the protective way Oliver was holding Aine.

‘I’m just going to wheel your wife to a private room now sir, do follow,’

The room was not far away, and Sarah hadn’t stirred at all in the journey. Oliver placed Aine in the room’s cot and sat next to it, still holding her tiny fingers.

The nurse smiled and pulled the curtains before leaving Oliver to tell tales of the magical world, carrying on long after both the women in his life had fallen asleep.


A/N: This story will be jumping in time just to let you all know :)  A massive thankyou to BrightStar with her help in this first chapter and generally my third person writing! :D This was Beta'd by SeverusSnape15 (thank you so much!!) xx

Please Review and let me know what you think :)


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