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My Baby Boy by Jane_Volturi
Chapter 1 : My Baby Boy
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My baby boy.

My precious precious baby boy.

I won’t blink.

I won’t breathe.

I won’t move from your side until you wake up.

Because you will wake up.

You have to wake up.

You can’t be dead yet, you just can’t be. Any minute now, my baby boy, you’ll open your eyes and see me here beside you. You’ll grin at me and crack a joke; a stupid, childish, immature joke about this whole, ridiculous scenario and everything will be alright again.

Everything will be alright again.

Mummy’s here now, and everything will be alright again. You’ll see…any minute now, everything will be alright again.

Wake up my baby boy, you’ve been sleeping  for a while now; you’ve been sleeping long enough.

Sleeping long enough my baby boy, you’ve been sleeping for a while.

They’re trying to tell me that you’re dead. Silly silly people are trying to tell me that you’re dead, but they’re just being silly my baby boy, they’re just being silly. It’s far too late in the night anyway; no wonder you’re so tired.  I’m tired too… so is George and Ron and Percy and Ginny and everybody else,  We’re all so very very tired.

Sweetie. Sweetie, open your eyes for mummy now. Open your eyes for mummy sweetie.

I’m staring at you now. Your eyes are closed but you’re smiling. I’m sure you’re smiling. That must mean that you’re alive… because dead people don’t smile, they don’t smile. You’re just having a good dream, but now it’s time for you to wake up. It’s time to wake up now my baby boy. It’s time for you to wake up.

But you’re not breathing. You’re not breathing!

Open your eyes. Open your eyes for mummy and breathe. Just breathe and open your eyes for mummy.

Come on now my baby boy, don’t do this to me. Don’t do this to mummy sweetheart, don’t do this to mummy!

I’m holding you tightly in my arms baby boy; I’m holding you close to my heart. Feel the beating of my heart baby boy and just wakeup….just wakeup!


Please baby boy just wakeup!

We’re all waiting for you to wakeup. I’m waiting for you, daddy’s waiting for you, Bill’s waiting for you, Charlie’s waiting for you, Percy’s waiting for you, Ronald’s waiting for you, Ginny’s waiting for you…George is waiting for you my baby boy – George is waiting for his twin brother to wakeup.

Don’t do this. Please, don’t do this. Not to us. Not to me. Please…don’t do this! Don’t go. Not now. Not yet. This isn’t supposed to happen; not now…not like this.

Mummy loves you very much baby boy; mummy loves you very very much. We all love you very very much…so you can’t leave. You can’t leave!

Just wake up! Just wake up and breathe for me. Just wake up and breathe for mummy baby boy.

If not for me then for George. You need to wake up for George because he can’t lose his twin brother, he just can’t!

Fred…my baby boy…just wake up!



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My Baby Boy: My Baby Boy


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