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Being A Fan by Woodrow Rynne
Chapter 1 : One Of Those Girls
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Chapter One: One of Those Girls 



"Give me my lip gloss BACK, Addison, NOW!"

"Just a second, Fiona—,"

"Just give it here, dammit. He's gonna be here any second. What will he think if he sees my lips like that?"

I wanted to tell Fiona that James Potter the second would hardly notice whether her lips were glossy or red or blue, for that matter, but I remained quiet. Nobody could say that to Fiona. Actually, scratch that. We could, but we didn’t. We liked being alive, thank you very much.

However, Addison, who was three inches shorter than Fiona, surprised us all.

"He wouldn't give a damn. Wake up and smell the coffee. He's already dumped you, Fiona. What makes you think that he'd ever take you back?"

Let us pause here, shall we? I think I should give you some background details about what is happening before you get caught up in the appalling and gruesome fight that occurred there-after.

I know what you're thinking. This girl character who is relating this story has friends like that. The bitchy, fan-girly type. RUUNNNN!

Before you do however, let me tell you. I hate stereotypes. I hate when people pin you to be something you are not, just because of the people you hang out with. When people assume that you're neither talented nor funny nor brave etc. etc. just because you are in Hufflepuff. When people think you're dumb just because you're blond. When people think that just because you happen to help run a group called 'We Love You, James Potter! Fan-club', I'm this crazy girl who stalks boys and should be locked in a loony bin.

For the record, I'm all of those things.

Not the dumb or crazy part. Yes, I'm in Hufflepuff. Yes, I'm blond. And yes, I'm one of those fan-girls that guys either seem to run away from or bask in their attention. And I'm proud of it.

I really don't understand the mentality of people these days. How is it wrong to show the subject of your affections that you care? That you love everything about him?

I'll tell you— it's not.

Fiona was what the anti-fan-club people described as the 'Resident Bitch' or the 'Queen Bee'. Fiona Vanderwall was what I described as 'the smart girl who gets everything she wants Potter'.

Addison was just like the rest of us- girly, in love with make-up and boys and having an appreciation for all things cute. Though, she had a fiery (which some people may call bitchy) underside that she rarely unleashed, and when she did, she did so foolishly, example NOW.

The rest of us, excluding Fiona, didn't deserve a name or a title, according to those anti-fan-clubbers. We were just these faceless people grouped together as 'fan-girls'.

Did I mention I hate being termed the same thing as dozens of other girls? Well, I did.

I was me. I was Jaycee Davies, I was a Hufflepuff and I was a fan-girl who was in love with James Potter.

Which brings me back to— the fact that James Potter was making his way towards where we stood from the opposite side of the corridor and that Fiona Vanderwall, head of our not-so-originally named fan-club, was about to explode.

Okay, let's get back to the intriguing scene at hand.

Nobody ever told Fiona to do anything. Or that she was wrong.

Which was exactly what Addison had done.

"Fiona! Guys!" I hissed, trying to postpone the foolish Addison's demise. Why did the tiny brunette have to do something so thick? "James is coming this way!"

That immediately made Fiona snap out of her Vicious Glare and Addison to finally look up from her compact mirror.

I quickly flattened my hair, though I had already arranged it in perfect curls beforehand.

Our eyes were glued to him as he sauntered past us flanked by his usual buddies, Fred Weasley and Liam Davies, my brother. My brother, who ignored me as if I didn't exist because he was ashamed of me at moments like these.

James glanced at us and sent his usual wink and grin. Fred sent us a flying kiss. Liam ignored us.

Cue the simpering smiles and giggles.

The charmed looks.

The swooning.

Like every time, I hoped that I would be the one that James Potter would choose to be his girlfriend. I would be the one who would walk with him with my head held high. I would be the one he would fall in love with.

I was optimistic.

I was positive, in fact. It had to be me, this time.

I was one of those fan-girls, because there was nothing else I could be. Not after that day.


Beautiful chapter image by hullo @ TDA :) 

A/N: Phew, another story! It was really difficult for me to write this, because I'm the exact opposite of the OC, and not at all girly. It was sort of a challenge to myself. I don't think there are many fics from a fan-girl's point of view :P

The chapter was really short, I know, but it's only the introduction/ prologue thingy.

I wrote this to get over my Writer's Block for my other fic. So, updates would probably be very slow, if anybody wants to read more.

Eh, yeah. That's all. Drop me a review, huh? :)

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