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The Epic Fail of Lizzie Winchester by Summers_2008
Chapter 2 : Clueless Lizzie
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Things started out like most years, sorting feast, rules, then off to bed. It was just something that happened. After tonight they would let us sit where ever. Monday morning came to soon. I didn’t want to get up to get my schedule I just wanted to sleep in. I grudgingly got up ignoring all of the other girls in my room. The only girls in my house that I even talked to were on the quiddich team and they were both younger than me. Anyway I usually ignored them because they would either talk about how hot Teddy Lupin was and how they hated Vicky, or they’d gossip about this or that. This morning I found it exceptionally hard to ignore them they were talking about David. “Yeah I heard that David used an unforgiveable on Felix, not that he doesn’t deserve it, but it got David detention for a week.”



“Well I heard that David was defending Elizabeth’s honor,” I especially hated when they talked about me like I wasn’t there.



“Yeah aren’t they like dating or something.” That’s when I had enough.



“You all are morons, David punched Felix that’s all, and Felix was being an ass and got what he deserved. David and I are not dating. Now can you shut you’re fat mouths so I can get dressed in peace.” I said I turned back towards my wardrobe. I could feel them staring at me. I dressed as fast as I possibly could then headed to the great hall for breakfast. I never really ate breakfast but a piece of toast would suffice. I got my schedule from Professor Longbottom. I had double potions, charms, and transfiguration today then tomorrow double arithmacy, divination, and herbology, and then transfigurations again double DADA, and divination. I must have been crazy, though I only have charms then care of magical creatures. I start off my week crazy and then end on a without so much crazy. I didn’t see Vicky in the room nor did I see David. I didn’t really know where to sit. I had never had to sit with anyone else except on the first night. I was standing in the doorway staring at all of the tables when something hard hit me and knocked me off balance. I stumbled forward I felt two arms wrap around me to steady me. I looked over to see that it was Freddy Weasley.



“Sorry, love, didn’t see you there.” He said. He was the flirt of the Weasley family. He’d been declared the flirt when he was thirteen.  



“It’s alright Fred,” I said. “I shouldn’t have been standing here like a Zombie,” I said.



“Can’t find Victoire can you?” Freddy asked.



“No,” I said sadly.



“You can come sit with me,” He offered. I accepted when my stomach growled. I sat next to Fred and some of his friends. They were funny. And It took my mind off of everything that had happened the night before and over the summer.



“Well, I should probably get to class,” I said. “It was nice talking with all of you.”



“I’ll walk you to class,” Freddy offered. I shrugged and nodded. “Feel free to sit with us when ever.”



“Thanks Freddy,” I grinned. Freddy grinned he was never called Freddy ever just Fred but I kind of liked to call him Freddy. This was the first time ever that I said it to his face.



“You’re very welcome, Lizzie,” Freddy said happily. We arrived in front of the potions door. “You have a good class.”



“You too,” I said. “See you around.” I waved as he walked away. I stepped inside the class there was one seat open in the back. I took it thankfully the person sitting next to me was David. That’s when everything that had happened rushed back into my head. Professor Slughorn when over the same thing he did every year then let us get to work on our first potion.



“Where were you at breakfast?” I asked.



“I was in professor Longbottom’s office, he heard about what happened on the train, probably from Mary-Alice.” David said. Mary-Alice was Professor Longbottoms daughter she was a seventh year like us and head girl.



“That blows,” I said dropping an eye of newt into the bubbling cauldron. “How much trouble did you get in?”



“Well first of all I told Professor Longbottom my side of the story and then he gave me three detentions. So I got off easy.”



“You know what I heard that you got a week of detention,” I smirked.



“Where did you hear that?” David asked.



“I good eavesdropper never reveals her sources.” I told him.



Class had finally ended. David and I had been the first to complete our potion without incident. Someone blew theirs up. I was surprised to find Freddy outside the door waiting for me. “Hey Lizzie, David, good to see you,” Freddy grinned.



“Hi, Fred,” David said.



“Hey, Freddy,” I said. David gave me a funny look. “What are you doing here?” I asked.



“I thought you’d like to have lunch with me, the guys set up a picnic outside.” Freddy said. “David you can join us, I already invited Vic, she said she had to meet with professor Bones about something.”



“I think I’ll pass,” David said. “I’ve um… forgotten my book for charms and I can’t remember where I put it. It’s probably going to take me all of lunch to find it.”



“Suit yourself David, I’d like to have lunch with you Freddy.” I said. David left us at the door.



“So, Lizzie, what’s with the Freddy thing? Not that it bothers me or anything, actually I kind of like it you can call me Freddy when ever.” Freddy asked.



“I uh… Well I’ve been calling you Freddy in my mind since I met you,” I said. “Vicky said that you hated being called Freddy.”



“Usually I do, but coming from you it doesn’t bother me.” He smiled. We sat with his friends, most of them had brought girlfriends.



“Wait did you really invite Vic?” I asked. Not that I would think he’d trick me into a picnic date or anything. I just wanted to be sure that he hadn’t lied about that. Then again why would he ask David to join if he was trying to trick me.



“Yes he did,” Roslyn McGowan said. She was in my house.



“Thanks Roslyn,” Freddy said.



 We ate for about ten minutes and continued talking not about anything in particular. We were just enjoying each other’s company. Even though I kind of liked this I knew this couldn’t be how I spent every meal I would miss Vicky, and unfortunately I would miss David. Though the first quiddich game of the season was in a month; Ravenclaw vs. Hufflepuff. The game should be an easy win but I was going to prepare my team like I would if it were Ravenclaw, Gryffindor game. After lunch I headed to my next class. The rest of the day was mostly uneventful and rather dull. I totally thought about skipping dinner for fear that Vicky wouldn’t be there. Luckily for me though she was, I sat with her. “Vicky I can’t believe I haven’t see you all day!”



“I know I’m so sorry for that, and I have a really good explanation,” She said. I nodded for her to go on. “Professor Vector wants me to tutor some students and she wanted to introduce me to them and set up a schedule. I will miss very few lunches with you, if any at all. I set up most of it for after classes before dinner and Sunday’s when you’re usually doing your homework anyway.”



“Okay, good!” I said happily.



“So how was your lunch with Fred?” Vicky asked.



“It was pleasant,” I said.



“Pleasant? That’s all your going to give me?” she asked surprised.






“Fred fancies you!” Vicky said.



“No he doesn’t,” I said.



“Yes he does, here he comes now.” Vicky said.



“Good evening, Lizzie,” Fred grinned widely at me. Maybe Vicky was right. But come one he’s younger than me. Well that’s not really that big of a deterrent because the guy that I had a crush on in primary school was younger than me. But it was Freddy Weasley we’re talking about. Hogwarts flirt.



“Hey, Freddy,” I smiled. I felt Vicky tense next to me. But, Fred just smiled wider easing Vicky’s tension. “What’s up?”



“I was actually wondering if you would go to Hogsmead with me next time we go?” he asked.



“Uh… sure,” I said. I can’t just say no. No one really asked me to go to Hogsmead with them. Well Felix has tried but, he is a creep and I can’t just date a creep.



“That doesn’t sound like you really want to go with me,” Freddy said disappointment in his voice.



“Sorry, yes I would love to go with you. I was just surprised is all,” I told him.



“Oh, okay,” his spirit was renewed. “Well I’ll see you later,” he said sauntering off.



Vicky glanced at me and gave me a weird look. “What?”






“What’s wrong with Freddy, you were just telling me that…”



“You’re calling him Freddy?”



“Yeah, he said he liked it, well from me anyway.”



“Elizabeth Anne Winchester you are something else!” Vicky said.



“What did Fred want?” David said taking a seat across from Vicky and I.



“He just asked Lizzie to go to Hogsmead with him,” Vicky smirked.



“Oh,” Was all David said.

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The Epic Fail of Lizzie Winchester: Clueless Lizzie


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