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Deteriorate by chocolate119
Chapter 5 : Idiot “Friends” and Ara’s Improving Mood
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Disclaimer: What you recognize isn't mine

Chapter 5: Idiot “Friends” and Ara’s Improving Mood



Once I had the guys properly awake and assured them that idiot James was okay, they decided to get dressed for breakfast, though it was almost noon.

I had suggested meeting them in the Great Hall, but this didn’t go over so well; they literally ordered me back to bed.

Probably because I finished off the suggestion with a coughing fit.

Rolling my eyes, I (unwillingly) left them to their showering, shutting the door behind me.

I made my way down the stairs to the common room (coughing all the way), and took a moment to groan and lean against the wall.

The worst part about being sick was that when I woke up in the morning, I was fine for about an hour, and then all the symptoms returned worse than ever. It was a nightmare.

I sneezed twice and groaned again, closing my eyes and touching my tender nose; I’d rubbed the poor thing raw last night, and it wasn’t going to catch a break today.

Damn, I hate my life.


I groaned.

I did not want to talk to people.

“Go away,” I didn’t bother to turn.

I don’t care who it is, I don’t want to talk to him.

“Ara.” The voice was closer, and I groaned as I realized who it was.

Only one person had fallen into the stupid habit of calling me that and had failed to return, despite numerous threats.

“What, Potter?” I sighed, not bothering to open my eyes.

I wanted to talk to him least of all because, frankly, I was pissed at him.

Yeah, that’s right, pissed; with the inflection.

Maybe if I was rude enough, he’d go away.

“You look horrible.”

My eyes snapped open and narrowed into slits.

Damn straight I look horrible! Shame, really, because no one would’ve noticed if he looked as horribly dead as he should, and would’ve if it weren’t for me!

Fucking prick.

“Alright, calm down!” he laughed, standing in front of me.

My eyes narrowed further.

“Someone didn’t get enough sleep last night,” he rolled his eyes, “Despite going to bed before 6:00.”

“I was up at 2:30 last night,” I glowered.

James raised an eyebrow. “So was I.”

“Well, I’m sorry if I didn’t sleep well,” I snapped, “You know, after watching half your idiot friends jump off the bloody tower, you tend to have nightmares about it afterwards!”
James frowned. “You were at the party?”



“When you were bloody jumping off the Goddamn tower!” I shrieked, hurting my own head even worse.

James’s eyes widened at that. “I did what?”

I raised an eyebrow. “What, Lucas didn’t get around to filling you in? Well, you jumped off the Goddamn tower!”

“Thanks for that, Love,” Lucas descended the staircase behind a shell-shocked James. “I was going to wait until after he got some food in him.”

I rolled my eyes. “Because it’s not quite as bad then, is it?”

“What’s with you?” Fred frowned around at James, coming down with Tristan.

“I hate you too!” I glared at the pair before spinning around on my heel.

I grumbled to myself as I held my poor head, shrieking in rage again as I heard Fred’s next words:

“Leap of Faith, then? How’d I do?”

Bloody idiots.

I swear to God, I’m not going to forgive them by the end of the day this time.

I’m not.

I mean it.


I stomped off up the stairs to my room and slammed the door shut behind myself.

Fuck!” I screamed, clutching my hammering head as the slam spiked the aching.

“Gosh dammit,” I glared furiously into the mirror at myself as my shrieking wasn’t helping matters at all.

Fuck my life.

“Please, Rina,” Callie looked up at me worriedly, “get into bed. You look so horribly sick; I don’t want you up again until I say so.”

I sent my glare at her instead.

I hate being sick. And I used to never get sick either.

And then I joined James’s team.

And bam! My immune system took a hit.

Probably because he had germs. Annoying germs that is.

Though, more likely because he had me out in the rain every Goddamn night.


“Rina,” Callie sent me her authoritative look; it was the one she used when she tried to act like my mother.

I was about to completely defy her, but then I began violently coughing again.

I grabbed my bed post, bent-double with a hand clutching my stomach as I continued to cough, dropping to my knees.

Well shit.

“Rina!” Callie flew across the room and dropped down next to me.

“Fine,” I attempted to assure her hoarsely before falling into fits of coughing again.

This was just the way I did it. When I got sick, I got really sick. It was absolutely terrible. Like being to hell and back; and then returning.

“Come here,” Callie got me up as I finally stopped coughing, pulling me back to bed. “I don’t want you leaving again, Rina,” she said as she tucked me into the covers.

“I’m fine,” I repeated, noticing the concern clouding her eyes as she looked me over. “This happens plenty.”

She frowned, glancing down at my flooded trashcan. “That’s what worries me.”

I rolled my eyes, pushing my hair back. “It’s because James has me in the rain all the time. I’m already easily cold in the first place. And the stress he adds to my life doesn’t help matters at all.”

She nodded, looking back up at me. “I swear that’s done. I hate seeing you like this.”

I sneezed and smiled slightly. “I hate being like this.”

“No doubt,” she returned the smile.

I nodded. “I mean, first of all, I look like hell.”

Callie rolled her eyes. “That’s your concern.”

“I mean, I’m covered in cold seat, my face is blotchy and red, my nose is like a fucking cherry, my eyes are terribly bloodshot, I’ve got massive bags under them, my lips are chapped from breathing through my mouth since my nose has become dysfunctional, and, just to be the whipped cream on top, my hair’s screwed up just for the hell of it,” I listed, shuddering as a chill ran through me. “I swear, this is my terrible karma for screaming at James all week. I mean, my voice is practically gone from the screaming along with the nasally from my Goddamn nose.”

Callie only shook her head, flicking her wand at my trashcan and emptying it.

I sneezed twice more and she frowned again.

“I feel like you need to go to the Hospital Wing.”

“No!” I cried, halfway through blowing my noise obnoxiously. “I hate the Hospital Wing.”

She sighed, watching me drop the tissue into the trashcan and reach for another one. “I don’t want to move you all the way down there, but I don’t like you being up here all alone, either.”

“I’ll be fine,” I insisted, sitting back in the bed.

I began coughing again however, body heaving as I clutched the blankets.

Fine,” I repeated once I’d reemerged as she looked down at me with more concern.

“You’ve never been this bad before.”

I shrugged, sitting back again. “I usually spend a night running in the rain, wake up sick, and then you make me stay in bed. This time, I woke up sick and had to play that match.”

Callie sighed, running her fingers through her hair. “I wish you hadn’t played; it wasn’t worth it.”

“Are you kidding me?” my eyes widened. “Of course it was worth it! We won! We’re leading in the standings!”

Callie sighed again. “Only because we had to do it for you and James; we couldn’t let you play for nothing at all.”

I smiled again. “Feeling the love.”

“And not sarcastically either,” she nodded, smiling with me again.

“But seriously,” I insisted. “Just leave me be; I’ll be fine. Just give me a book or something.”

Callie was frowning again, however. “Allison disappeared to hook up with some Hufflepuff, and I have to tutor some second years in Charms in a couple hours. And Rose has to get Austin through his Arithmancy essay. I don’t know how long you’ll be alone.”

I rolled my eyes. “Again with the I’m f –“

“But what if you need something?” Callie started again, becoming more anxious with each word, “I’ll be busy until after dinner and Austin’s hard work and you never know when Allie might resurface. What if –“

Callie,” I cut her off again.

“I’m moving you,” she decided, completely ignoring me.

“But I don’t want to go to the Hospital –“

“No, that’s too far,” she agreed, “I’m moving you to the boys’ dorm. Scorpius, Al, and Louis can keep an eye on you, and this way, Rose can be with you while helping Austin as well.”

I sighed dramatically rolling my eyes. Callie got too worked up too easily. She was going to be an excellent pediatric Healer. Pediatric meaning children’s, however; I am no longer a child.

(There’s a difference between acting like a child and actually being a child.)

“It’ll work,” she nodded, talking to herself now as she began bustling around the room.

“What are you doing?” I questioned conceding to her decision. She was still worked up over Leap of Faith and James, so I supposed I shouldn’t be too difficult on her.

“Looking for whatever you may need,” she answered, grabbing books and parchment and quills and ink.

“I’m not doing any homework,” I told her.

She frowned, glancing around at me.

“And the guys have that stuff anyways,” I added.

She sighed, but dropped what she had, and instead headed for the closet.

“They have warm clothes as well.”

“Alright, fine,” she went into the bathroom and returned with a box of tissues and picked up the book I’d been working on off my bedside table.

“Let’s go,” she turned to me.

I shivered again as I climbed out of the blankets, only just then realizing how warm it was in there, and joined her at the door, deciding against shoes. My green and purple dinosaur socks were fantastic.

When I entered the boys’ dorm, I was immediately attacked.

“I thought we sent you off to bed,” Louis frowned at me.

“You did,” I rolled my eyes, glancing over to Callie.

“I’m leaving her here,” she explained, stepping into the room and shutting the door behind her. “I’m busy with tutoring, Allie’s in a broom closet and Rose can’t help Austin if she’s in the girls’ dorm.”

“Great, I get to spend all day with sick Rina,” Austin made a face at me.

I sent him a glare. “I’ll cough on you,” I threatened.

He responded by sticking his tongue out at me, and I shuddered again as a chill ran through me.

“Come here,” Albus beckoned me over to his bed.

I smiled gratefully as he tucked me under his covers, and then went and dragged the blankets off Austin’s bed.

“I’ll be fine,” I told him as he began covering those over me as well.

“Shush,” he said, pulling the blankets around me tightly.

“She’ll be fine,” Scorpius assured Callie, who was biting her lip nervously.

“Yeah,” she smiled fleetingly and set the book and tissues next to me. She then proceeded to summon the trashcan over as well. “Good thing Scorpius is a neat-freak, at least,” she glanced around the relatively orderly room.

He shrugged, smiling. “I don’t like messes. So sue me.”

“It’s bloody annoying,” Austin made a face at his folded school shirts.

I rolled my eyes. “You’re an idiot.”

“You’re sick,” he shot back.

I sneezed and raised an eyebrow. “So?”

He shrugged. “I got nothing.”

I rolled my eyes again. I loved him, really, I swear.

“Am I the only one shocked that she’s not mad at us?” Louis spoke up suddenly.

“Yeah,” Albus frowned, turning to me as well. “You’re always mad after Leap of Faith.”
“For a bloody week at least,” Austin added, making a face.

I shrugged, sneezing again and glancing over to Callie. “For Callie’s benefit, I suppose. She’s gotta be okay with leaving me here. And besides,” I turned back to them and pulled the blankets closer, “when I got mad at James, Fred and Tristan, my head began pounding.”

“Karma,” Austin nodded seriously.

“I can’t wait until you get your karma for being so mean to me!” I snapped at him.

He only raised an eyebrow. “Rina, you are much meaner than I am.”

My glare darkened.

I’m not mean.

Louis laughed. “You’re horrible Rina.”

“No one would hang around long enough to realize that you’re relatively harmless if you weren’t so damn hot,” Albus added, nodding along in agreement.

“Wouldn’t have me at least,” Austin spoke up.

I rolled my eyes at him. He had a crush on me in first year.

It was annoying, really, but Rose had always insisted that he was cute.

I wouldn’t have taken the time to befriend the git if he hadn’t been friends with Albus and Louis who were Rose’s cousins.

Seriously, that’s the only reason I bothered with any of them in the first place.

I sneezed twice before I could come up with a snappy comeback, so I just let it go.

Just goes to show how sick I am, that I let it go.

 “Why don’t you lot just disappear to all the damn food,” I grumbled instead, leaning back into the cushions. I must say, Albus had an extremely comfortable bed.

My stomach growled and I frowned.

If I wasn’t allowed to leave, how was I supposed to get food?

I looked up to meet Albus’s amused eyes; he’d heard my stomach.

“Bring me something?” I asked hopefully.

He rolled his eyes. “We’ll have to house elves send something up,” he promised.

I grinned as the lot of them emptied out of the room for the Great Hall, Callie sending me a worried glance as she shut the door behind her.

The grinning didn’t last all that long, however, because I fell back into a violent coughing fit.

I groaned, falling back in the bed and closed my eyes.

This wasn’t going to be fun.

And I was right.

My Sunday sucked. Really bad.

Rose was trying to get Austin to pay attention to Arithmancy, which was a bit difficult for her because the pea-brain wouldn’t stop picking on me and my puffy face and terrible coughs.

So, of course, I responded with colorful language and loads of coughing and sneezing, which only made him laugh some more. This resulted in me screaming and ended with me and a migraine.

The rest of the boys had left when the shouting had started.

The migraine had resulted in a lot of my complaining, which Austin, for some reason, found to be annoying. Can’t imagine why.

He wanted to leave, but Rose refused to leave me alone, and in the end, she silenced me and I had to watch, pouting, as the pair got back to Arithmancy.

At some point, I suppose I fell asleep, because the next thing I knew, I was opening my eyes to find the clock next to Albus’s bed glowing 7:30.

“That was quite a nap,” Rose spoke, making me jump.

I coughed and sat up slowly, pushing my hair back, to find her curled up in Scorpius’s bed with a thick book. “Where are the guys?”

“Your joking, right?” she raised an incredulous eyebrow. “Dinner time?”

I frowned slightly. “Oh yeah.”

“You hungry?” Rose asked.

My frown deepened as I realized that I wasn’t. But then again, I always lost my appetite when I got sick.

“No,” I shook my head, “but have you eaten?”
Rose shook her head as well. “No, I was waiting for you to wake up. I sent everyone else off only five minutes ago.”

“You can go,” I told her, resituating myself in the bed, “I’ll be fine for an hour or so.”

Rose’s brow creased with concern as I coughed again.

“You sure?” she questioned skeptically.

“Yeah,” I assured, nodding earnestly.

Rose didn’t appear appeased.

“Oh, just go eat! I’m fine!” I insisted.

Rose shut her book slowly, still looking me over.

My renewed coughing fit didn’t help matters.

Fine,” I insisted again.

Rose finally sighed, dropping the book and getting off the bed. “Alright…”

“You’re a Weasley!” I reminded, “You have to eat; it’s what you do.”

She smiled slightly, rolling her eyes as she pocketed her wand. “I’ll hurry.”

“Take your –“ I cut off for a sneeze before finishing, “– time.”

Concern clouded her face again as she paused at the door, but I waved it off, reaching for a tissue.

“Don’t worry about it,” I told her after blowing my nose (rather obnoxiously) and dropping the tissue into the trashcan. I grabbed my book and opened it before looking back to my redhead friend. “I’m reading.”

Rose sighed slightly. “Well, you are fine when you’re reading.”

“Exactly,” I nodded, turning my attention to the book.

I heard her finally leave, but I’d barely made it five sentences when the door burst open again.

“I said I was f – Oh,” I frowned, finding not Rose, but James standing in the doorway.

“What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same,” he shot back.

“Callie,” I answered rolling my eyes, “Apparently, the girls are busy, and I can’t be left alone when I’m sick.”

“You’re alone now,” he pointed out.

“No, really?” I rolled my eyes again.

“No need to get sarcastic,” he shot back, entering the room.

“What do you want?” I asked him as he shut the door behind himself.

“The Invisibility Cloak,” he answered, moving to Albus’s trunk and throwing it open.

You’re going to cause mischief?” I did my best to sound appalled, which worked out since I really was. James didn’t get in trouble anymore.

Albus has it,” James pointed out, glancing up at me.

I shrugged. Fair point there. Albus never caused trouble.

“And it’s for Fred, actually,” he added, returning to searching the trunk.

Well, that made more sense.

“What’s he doing?”

“I don’t usually ask,” James responded with a bit of an amused smile.

That was wise, I suppose.

“You feeling any better?” he questioned me, pulling more stuff out of the trunk.

I made a face and narrowed my eyes at that.

Well, if I hadn’t gone out into the rain and wind to save his stupid life, I would be feeling much better.

I sneezed and reached for another tissue as he glanced up at me. “I’m feeling fantastic.” I blew my nose and dropped the tissue into the trashcan before dropping my head back against the headboard.

James rolled his eyes and reached into the bottom of the trunk, finally pulling out the light Invisibility Cloak. “A simple ‘no’ would suffice.”

“Oh, go to hell,” I snapped, glaring at the top of his stupid gorgeous head. Seriously, his hair was fantastic. It had a mind of its own and never lay flat, looking stupid all the time, but that’s one of the reasons he always looked so damn sexy.

See why he pisses me off?

It’s a pet peeve of mine when good looking people are so terrible.

No, I’m not a hypocrite.

I’m not terrible.

Arrogant, maybe, but not terrible.

“Right back at ya, Love,” James smirked up at me.

Not as terrible as bloody Potter.

“You’re terrible,” I informed him.

“Oh, I’m sure,” he chuckled, returning things to Albus’s trunk. “Like you’re just so fantastic.”

I snorted.

“What?” James looked up again scathingly.

I glared.

I just saved your life you great prat!

Way to treat the bitch that saved your fucking life!

And then people wonder why I dislike him.

“What?” he repeated, seeming to find my fury to be amusing.

I responded with another snort.

I then proceeded to cough violently, gripping the blankets and clutching my stomach.

Fuck my life.

I glanced up to see that James’s smirk had actually widened.

Yeah, that’s right: he was enjoying my pain.

Sick bastard.

“You’re a fucking bastard,” I told him through gritted teeth, pulling myself up in bed and clutching my head. I could barely move with the all over body aches consuming me.

“Oh, I am, am I?”

“Yes, you are!” I glared furiously.

It was his turn to snort as he slammed the trunk shut and stood. “Says the selfish bitch spending the day in bed.”

Says the selfish bitch that saved your fucking life!

My conceited self iss never going to let go of the fact that he owes me his worthless life.

Telling him would be insanely satisfying, actually.

“What was that?” James raised an eyebrow mockingly at my lack of response.

I gritted my teeth in an attempt to keep my mouth shut. There was a reason Roxanne and Molly had been threatening people, after all.

“I’m afraid I didn’t catch that.”

I’d actually opened my mouth to inform him of exactly what had gone down the night before when the door burst open again.

“Where’s the Cloak?” Fred asked, entering the room.

James tossed it to him and brushed passed him out of the room.


Fred glanced around the room in confusion, until his eyes found me.

“Yeah, Louis mentioned you were up here.”

I was too busy glaring at the door James had slammed shut to respond.

“What did you fight about?” he sighed, walking in and dropping onto the other end of the bed.

“You hear what happened last night?” I growled, still glaring at the door.

“His near death experience? Yeah,” he nodded.


“You told him?” Fred cried, eyes widening.

“No, you dolt,” I rolled my eyes, looking back around at him. “I probably would’ve though.”

“You can’t!” he reminded insistently.

“He’s got the nerve to call me selfish!” I cried. “I should’ve let him die if I’m oh so selfish.”

“Rina –“

“Shut up!” I glared.

“Look, I know –“

“I’m still pissed at you, too, actually, so get out!”

Fred sighed and took the Cloak, getting up from the bed. “Alright, Love. Feel better.”

I glared at the back of his head until he left.

And then I sneezed again and had to blow my nose.

Fuck it all.


I woke up Monday morning with another groan.

Fucking classes.


I’d padded back up to my own dorm around 9:30 the night before, when the boys had returned and started spiking my headache again, and I fell asleep as soon as I made it to my bed.

Callie looked across the room to me in contemplation as I sat up, rubbing my head.

“Can you go to classes?” she asked.

I shrugged, sneezing. “Might as well. If you tell the teachers I’m up in my dorm sick, they’ll send me to the Hospital Wing, and I refuse to go there.”

She sighed as Allison came out of the bathroom. “Alright, then get dressed. You’re going to need some food.”

I dragged myself out of bed, ignoring Allison, who told me I looked like hell.

Looking in the bathroom mirror, however, I discovered she was most definitely right. My hair was sticking out all funky, and the bags under my eyes had not yet disappeared. I sighed and threw my hair up into a messy ponytail before going about brushing my teeth. I was not in the mood for a shower, so I just layered on the deodorant (yes, I know, personal hygiene if ever) and then yanked my hair back out. I stared at the mess of curls for a moment, before begrudgingly running my fingers through my hair in an attempted to tame it. I couldn’t comb my hair because I’d end up combing out my curls, and then it’d be a frizzy mess. I gave up after a few minutes and just pulled it back up into a messy bun, a few tangled curls falling out all over the place.

I then tracked down my eyeliner and attempted to reduce the zombiness of my eyes, though I failed epically.

I left the bathroom still looking like the undead and shuffled towards the closet. I found the warmest looking blouse I could find and a skirt and quickly changed, only to be left shuddering and missing my sweats.

Fuck the school uniform.

“Sweater?” Callie suggested.

Now, there’s an idea.

I returned to the closet to find a Hogwarts sweater, but came out empty-handed.

Fuck my lack of doing laundry.

“Nothing at all, Rina?” Callie frowned.

I shook my head grumpily, grabbing my wand and bag.

“I’m sorry,” she followed me from the room. It seemed Rose had left before I got up and Allison had left while I attempted to fix my face (which was an absolute fail).

I grumbled in response to her.

“None of us have done laundry, or else we could’ve found –“

“Never mind,” I sighed, sneezing into my arm.

Seeing as they didn’t require robes anymore either, we barely had a few sets. Being winter time, we had actually worn them, but had yet to send them to the laundry. Inconvenient if ever. All my warm clothes were dirty as well, and, though this shirt had looked like it would work, it was doing a miserable job of keeping me warm.

I’m going to protest the school.

Why do we have to wear fucking skirts anyways?

They probably hate me.

I mean, they already made James the bloody Quidditch captain.

“Morning, Callie!”

Ugh, think of the fucking devil.

Callie’s face took on a rare expression of anger as she glared across the common room at the bastard Potter.

She was angry at him for getting me sick.

“What?” James joined us but blatantly ignored me.

Callie responded by grabbing my arm and dragging me past him to the portrait hole.


“We’re getting breakfast!” she snapped, shoving through the portrait.

I laughed slightly as she pulled me down the corridor. “I didn’t know Callie Mena had the capability of being angry at James Potter. She must really love me.”

“Yes, she does,” the dark-haired girl nodded.

I smiled as we headed down the stairs.

Passing the window, however, I noticed the leaves blowing around in the wind and realized that we had Herbology outside after Transfigurations.

And then I groaned as I realized Transfigurations was first.

Fuck Chang.

“Rina?” Callie frowned around at me.

I coughed slightly before facing her. “Chang,” was my way of explanation.



What was wrong with fucking Potter?

What, James?” she sighed, turning to face him as we stepped off the staircase on the fifth floor and headed down the hall to another staircase.

Leave it to Hogwarts to not have a direct staircase from the seventh floor to the ground floor.

I mean, seriously.

“Short cut?” he questioned, grinning and gesturing to a portrait.

I sneezed suddenly, causing James’s eyes to flicker over to me.

“Oh, I forgot about you.”


James,” Callie sent him a glare, “Go away.”

“What, she started it,” he pointed to me.

Right, I’m the one who jumped off the fucking tower.

“No, actually, you did.”

That’s right, Cals.

“Oh, really?” James raised an eyebrow. “And how’s that?”

You jumped off the fucking tower!

“Have you thanked her for the hangover potion?” Callie raised her brow right back.

No, actually, he hasn’t.

Now, I was even more pissed.

Fucking prick.

“Oh, please,” James rolled his eyes, “You probably made her give it to me. Or, more likely, snuck one from her box and brought it up yourself.”


“No, I didn’t,” Callie sent him a glare, “I thought she was going to sell it. She already gave the extras to Hugo and Conner, and I figured she had to sell at least one to pay for the ingredients.”

Shit, she was right! I’m broke!

Bastard Potter, getting himself drunk.

This was all his fault.

James blinked for a moment, but then shrugged. “She still started it.”

Oh, I’ll start something alright!

“For your information, Potter,” I stepped towards him furiously, “I’m the one that –“

“Arabella!” Callie rounded on me, “That is not necessary!”

“Why the hell not?” I shot back, crossing my arms.

“Because he’ll go jump off the tower again!” she cried, waving her arms dramatically.

I rolled my eyes. Sure, Potter may not take well to owing me anything and may not be happy with almost getting himself killed, but I’m pretty sure it’d teach him to stay away from bloody towers.

“What?” James frowned in confusion.

“Nothing!” Callie snapped.

I rolled my eyes again and grabbed her arm. “Come on.”

“Wait!” James made to follow.

“You better not tell him,” she mumbled so that he wouldn’t hear.

“Because then I’ll be jumping off towers again, as well, won’t I?” I rolled my eyes for the third time in a minute.

I do that a lot, actually.

“Please, don’t,” she looked worried again.

I smirked slightly, glancing over my shoulder to James, who was still following. “She says she would prefer for you to go die.”

“I did not!” Callie gasped, appalled as she whirled around to face James again. “I didn’t!”

“More or less,” I shrugged.

“Well, I didn’t mean –“

I cut her off with a sneeze. “Can we please just go get food?”

She looked me over worriedly again, and then sent James another glare.

“It’s all your fault she’s sick, you know.”

He only laughed. “She’s the one who begged to play.”

“I was sick before that!”

He shrugged.

“You made me run all those laps in the rain!”

“Maybe you should listen to me a bit more.”

“Like hell!” I glared.

James only sent me an eye roll and brushed past us, disappearing through a random wall, which I figured was another secret passageway.

I made a face at the wall before coughing and stalking towards the stairs and down to the first floor.

Callie rolled her eyes at me as well as she followed, but I chose to adamantly ignore her. She was just being annoying because, even though she was currently mad at him, she, for some insane reason, actually liked James.

As we joined Austin, Albus and Louis at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall, I looked back over to Callie to find that she was making eyes at Austin again.

I rolled my eyes at her, shaking my head as I turned to the food; poor thing was crushing on an absolute idiot.

She seemed to have a high tolerance for idiots, actually. She put up with James, after all.

Insane, I know.

I sneezed into my pancakes and managed to knock over the syrup I was trying to poor, which lead to me shrieking furiously again and glaring at my food.

“Rina,” Albus sighed dramatically at me.

“I don’t want to eat anymore!” I shouted. My stomach responded with a loud growl.


“You know, I just love you in the mornings,” Austin informed me, sarcastically, of course, as he reached over to pour the syrup over my pancakes.

“I don’t care!” I snapped at him. “I’m cold!”

“Didn’t do your laundry again?” Louis raised an eyebrow.

I answered with a glare and shivered again.

“You haven’t done yours either,” Callie reminded. “I was about to steal something for her, but then realized.”

“Gits,” I glowered at the boys, picking up my fork and gripping it forcefully as I began to poke at the pancakes.

“James and Lucas do their laundry,” Albus spoke up suddenly. “Hey, Lucas!”

I turned to find the blond, along with Fred, behind me.

“Yeah?” he glanced over.

“You’re not really that cold, are you?” Albus asked.

He frowned slightly in confusion, but Albus nodded towards me, shuddering and eyeing his warm looking fleece jacket.

Lucas laughed, and rolled his eyes, handing me the jacket.

I was so excited to put it on that I didn’t even bother to glare at him for rolling his eyes at my pathetic self.

“I love you,” I informed him smiling happily at the oversized sleeves.

“You are so bloody bipolar,” Fred said, rolling his eyes at me.

“Fuck off,” I glared at him.

He only shook his head and left with Lucas to join James and Tristan a little ways down the table.

“I hate Weasleys,” I pulled the sleeves of the jacket up slightly to uncover my hands and picked my fork back up.

“Thanks,” Louis rolled his eyes.

What was with all the eye-rolling?

I must be contagious.

Great influence, aren’t I?

I dug into my pancakes, ignoring the rest of my idiot friends, mood having improved ever so slightly.

By the time I found myself slouching in a chair in the back of Transfigurations class attempting to ignore Austin, who was poking me in the side, however, I was in a mood again.

“Come on, Rina,” Austin poked me again. “Smile.”

I glared at him.

“It honestly wouldn’t kill you to at least try.”

It probably would.

Another poke.

Another glare.

“This is not healthy, Rina,” Austin said.

“Being friends with you isn’t healthy!” I snapped back.

“I’m not the only one who thinks you need to improve your attitude, you know,” he said, ignoring my fury.

“Yes, I know,” I grumbled, staring at the blank blackboard in the front of the room. “Albus, Scorpius and Louis think so too. As do Callie and definitely Rose, and even Allison thinks so. Fred and Lucas think so, and so do Emily and Rachel. And most definitely James. And Jacob thinks so and Sophia thinks so too. Even my parents think so I bet, and they’re bloody dead.”

Austin didn’t respond, instead fidgeting with his fingers in his lap.

He was a boy and therefore incapable of dealing with an emotional girl bringing up her parents’ deaths.

They’d died two years ago when they were driving me home from Kings Cross station when I came home for holiday break. Mum was going to apparate to the station to get me, but Dad wanted to come along, so they drove; he wasn’t a wizard, so it was the only way. Mum had been against the driving idea in the first place because it was snowing and the roads were icy, and she’d been right.

My half-brother Jacob got to be my legal guardian after that.

Lucky for him.

(Not really).

Double lucky for his poor wife Sophia, who got stuck with me as well.

She claims she loves me, but really, with my moods?

Jacob was twenty-eight, and he thought he liked me as well, which is why he insisted on custody of me instead of Dad’s parents.

They’d loved his first wife, Catherine, and they really loved Jacob and his twin sister Julianne. But then he went and divorced Catherine, married my mum, and a year later, they got me as a granddaughter.

They didn’t like my mum, and consequently not me either.

Julianne was in complete agreement with them, hating my mum for being her stepmum and resenting me for being the product of her father’s relationship with another woman.

She’d always been a bit of a bully to me, actually. When her father died, however, she’d had just about enough. There had been a lot of screaming involved, and now she was gone.

Jacob had always liked me and Mum, and he hadn’t shared his sister’s sentiments, so when he tried to have a joint funeral for them, Julianne had been furious. When he refused to change his mind, she’d shrieked like crazy. When he decided I would be living with him, she’d left.

Poor Jacob didn’t even know where his twin sister lived anymore.

And the cherry on top was the sudden dip in my attitude.

Jacob and Sophia both insisted I try and be nice a bit more, but I hadn’t been able to like anyone other than their two-year-old daughter Julie in over a year.

It wasn’t my fault really.

I’d just finally had a little sense knocked into me; people really didn’t enjoy my company all that much.

Julianne had always insisted, and James could rant for hours about it. Rose made the fact absolutely clear as well.

And really, people sucked as it is.

I therefore did not feel Austin had the right to tell me to smile.

He doesn’t like me either, so he should go to hell.

Fuck you, Donald.

That’s right, I said it.



“Fuck you, Donald.”

Donald shut up.

Chang spent the entire class talking about something nobody cared about, and by the time class was over, my face hurt from scowling and glaring.

But, ‘course, I didn’t let that stop me.

I sniffled a bit as I yanked my bag onto my shoulder and stomped from the room, leaving fucking Donald to fumble around and tattle on my mood to the rest of my shitty friends.

Keeping in mind that I use the term “friends” loosely.

I may be a bitch destined to go to hell, but the lot of them would be joining me in the opposite corner.

The gits didn’t seem to understand the concept of keeping out of my life.

Honestly, did I interfere when Rose treated Scorpius like crap? Did I interfere with Allison’s whore-like tendencies? Did interfere with Callie’s ridiculous crush on Donald?


So why the hell did the lot of them feel the need to interfere with my lack smiling.

Honestly, it wasn’t even as if I was always in a bad mood.

It was only when I didn’t feel like taking the effort to be in a good mood.

Which was most of the time.

Not all the time.

Just most of the time.

I spent a lot of time being in a general bad mood glaring at my Fanged Geranium in Herbology class next, and I left with holes in my hands, blood on my arms, and in an even more foul mood.

I also had a hideous headache, so I figured the best way to relieve it and my cold was to spend lunch outside and away from people.

No judging.

Outside was quiet and relaxing.

I’d only been sitting under the beech tree by the lake for a whole five minutes, however, when some idiot decided to interrupt me.


And by idiot, I meant James Potter.

What are you doing here?” he frowned, standing over me.

I took the time to send him a glare. “Sitting.”

“But you have –“

“If you’ve decided to hold another practice, I refuse to remain on your team and will probably hit you,” I added.

“No practice, just,” he frowned, sitting next to me, “just, you’re still a little sick. Shouldn’t you be inside?”


He looked at me expectantly while I glared out over the lake.

I soon became annoyed.

More annoyed than I was before, I mean.

(Yes, it was possible as it turns out).

“What do you want?”

“You should be inside,” he repeated.

I sneezed. “So?”

James sighed dramatically, and I was pretty sure he was rolling his eyes at me.

“May I ask how you got your hands on my jacket?”

I frowned a bit in confusion at that, glancing down to the oversized sleeves I was clutching and then back up to his curious face.

“It’s yours?”

“Yes,” he nodded, raising an eyebrow.

“Albus made Lucas give it to me,” I answered him. “No one else has done laundry and I was cold.”

“I see.”


James had yet to leave.

I sighed dramatically and climbed to my feet, glaring down furiously at him. “How fucking difficult is it to say, ‘give me my jacket back, you thieving bitch’?” I questioned, yanking the sleeves off and ignoring the chilling air and my shiver as I threw the damn thing at him.

“I –“

“Fuck you,” I snapped into his bewildered face and marched back towards the castle.


James, being a Quidditch playing git, was quick enough to catch up with me.

Ara!” he repeated at my lack of acknowledgement, grabbing my arm and yanking me around to face him.

What?” I repeated in the same furious tone.

“I didn’t come looking for my jacket,” he said, seeming a bit annoyed.

Surprise surprise.

I seemed to be the most annoying person he’s ever met.

I gave the jacket back; what more did he want?

“Everyone’s worried,” he went on, “because Austin says that you –“

“Mind your own fucking business!” I grabbed my arm back and went to turn away again.

James, however, grabbed my wrist and pulled out his wand.

Before I had opened my mouth to question angrily, he’d pointed it to my fingers and stemmed the flow of blood dripping down my hands. I’d forgotten that the Geranium bites were bleeding.

I sent him another glare and pulled my hand back and stalked back up to the castle to find Donald and give him a piece of my mind.

Way to be a fucking tattletale.







A/N: I hope that I've resolved issues with the last chapter! I had to split the two up, actually.

But how do we feel about Rina's mood? Somewhat of a relief to get to know more about her? There are a lot of things that she's not willing to see or admit, so it takes a while to get to know even her, despite the fact that the whole story is biased in her point of view. Like I've rambled about in quite few reviews, every situation and character is seen throguh Rina's biased eyes, so things won't clear up for you (or me actually) until they do for her. I think I'm staying with Rina's view for the most part and figuring it out with her. I've got the main idea of what's going on, but I'm just as lost on the fine details as Rina. Not quite as bad as you guys, though, since I'm starting Chapter 9 ;P It's fun, I think, but I hope you don't mind being patient, because Rina really is a lot of drama. Her story is huge to her character though, so I'm hoping it explains a lot about her once you get through the next couple of chapters. It's interesting, I think.

Moving on...we had more James! I want to keep up with how we feel about him, so let me know. I'm working on his character, but I'm still unsure. I like Fred though! I feel it'll take a couple chapters for him to be more than a flat character, but I'm hoping this chapter hints at his serious side a bit. Austin's been established as a real person, I think, but I think he's a lot like Fred in that we haven't seen him serious yet.

And then there's Allison and Callie. They both have big parts in the story, I'm just not sure whose should go first, so I thought I'd hint at both. I'm leaning towards Callie's though, for the sake of the structure of the story.

I thrive on your reviews, and you know that you helped tons and I loved it when my response more than doubles your review :S

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