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The Epic Fail of Lizzie Winchester by Summers_2008
Chapter 1 : Best Friend?
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I nearly missed the train again this year. It happens every year. It’s ridiculous. Thankfully, though, it’s my last year of school. I meandered through the corridors dragging my heavy trunk behind me I could never remember the shrinking charm. My parents were both muggles and didn’t really understand. They love me though which is good. They just go with whatever I tell them. I seriously could tell them that I’m taught how to turn a marker into a person by a toad and they would believe me. I’m lucky though. I’ll explain that later though.


I found Victoire Weasley in a compartment by herself. She was my best friend and had been since we met; even though we’re in different houses. She was a Gryffindor –most Weasley’s are the only exception so far is Molly who ended up in Hufflepuff- I was in Ravenclaw. She was smart and loyal and that why I loved her. Her long blonde hair made me jealous though. Then again she’s part Veela; I have a weird mix of black and dark brown hair. She looked absolutely dazed when I walked into the compartment. She didn’t even notice me. “Vicky!” I was the only one besides her boyfriend Teddy Lupin that could call her that. She still didn’t notice me. I waved my hand in front of her face it was almost as if she couldn’t see it. “Vic, your hair is on fire,” I told her nonchalantly.



“That’s wonderful,” she replied.



“So I decided that I’m going to quit school and Join a circus.”



“Have fun,” She said.



“Victoire Weasley, do understand what I’m telling you?” I asked her.



“Lizzie! When did you get here?” Vicky said now fully aware that she was no longer alone. “How was your summer? You went to Russia right?” I had indeed gone to Russia I’d spent most of my summer there. I don’t speak a word of Russian but I’ve family that lives there and we were visiting. In all honesty it wasn’t really that great of a summer. So to answer Vicky I just made a noncommittal noise. “that good huh?”



“I had to spend most of it with Ivan. He’s a creep; he wanted to take me out on a date!” I said. Ivan was tall skinny and had super bad acne and all he talked about was how amazing Soviet Russia had been. I shuddered at the thought of him touching me. He’d tried to kiss me the third day. I had to beg my father to let me go out on my own for one day.



“I’m sorry you had a terrible summer but on the bright side this summer it’s you and me and whatever we want to do!” Vicky smiled. We had planned for the summer following our seventh year we’d spend it doing whatever it was that we wanted. Like if we wanted to go to Italy we’d go. Or whatever my parents and set a lot of money aside for me to do this as well as Vicky’s parents. They set money aside for all of their kids.



“So what’s with your dazed and confused thing you had going on a minute ago?” I asked.



“Teddy stopped in to say goodbye,” Vicky said. This explains a lot. The door opened and the captain of the Gryffindor Quiddich team, David McAllister, was standing in the door. Let’s just say we have a love hate relationship. Remember how I mentioned that I was lucky my parents just accepted the fact that I was a witch, well David’s parents detested him. They hated it. They were so religious that they thought he was the devil. When we first met he was in a compartment all by himself and Vic and I needed a place to sit so we sat with him. He didn’t talk for most of the ride until Vicky asked me about how my parents felt about me being a Witch. She had grown up knowing I hadn’t really. David was shocked and then told us about himself. He was a friend sort of well for the most part except when we’re playing quiddich; I’m the captain of the Ravenclaw team. I was last year as well. Lucky for me I don’t have to do any tryouts David on the other hand has to find a replacement chaser since Teddy left. “Hi David,” Vicky smiled.



“Hello Victoire and Elizabeth,” he always called me by my full name I preferred Lizzie but he never would call me it.



“David,” I said trying to be polite he won the quiddich cup last year and rubbed it in my face. David smirked. “Don’t smirk at me! This is my year; I will win the quiddich cup.” I told him.



“So, this summer I spent with my cousin Mel, she’s the only one who didn’t freak on me about being a wizard she’s actually older she let me stay at her flat which literally is three blocks away from Diagon Alley.” David said.



“You suck!” I glared at David.



“For once David, your summer was better than hers.” Vicky laughed.



“What?” David said smirking again.



“I hate you Vicky!”



“I love you too,” Vic smiled. “She spent all summer with her… what is Ivan’s relation to you third cousin?”



“Ivan is my cousin’s son, so he’s my second cousin.”



“Yeah, Ivan is apparently a creep,” Vicky said effectively wiping the smirk off of David’s face.



“He tried to kiss me,” I shuddered. “He was so gross.”



“I’m so sorry,” David said.



“You better be McAllister.” I said. “I’m never going back to Russia ever again! ever!”



“That’s too bad, darling that’s where I wanted to take you for our honey moon!” Henry Felix said from the doorway. He was a Slytherin. He was also constantly asking me out and generally sexually harassing me on a daily basis. I usually ignored him or tell him off. He still can’t take a hint.



“Get lost Felix,” I said. “I’m not in the mood.”



“I can get you in the mood baby,” he said. I rolled my eyes.



“She told you to get lost creep so get lost,” David said.



“What are you going to do about it mudblood!” Felix said.



“Okay that’s enough,” Vicky stood up. “Get out Henry,” she always tried to be nice so she called everyone by their first name. “Lizzie is not interested and never has been so I suggest that you leave immediately and leave her alone.”



“Eliza is definitely interested.” Felix tried to tell her I gagged at his nickname I hated being called Eliza. “She’s just too embarrassed to admit it.” David then punched Felix in the face. David had never hit anyone in his life and he was now hitting Felix with all of his force.



“We asked you to leave Felix! Then you act like Liz is interested in you when she obviously is not. She’s obviously got higher standards. Liz would never date anyone like you.” David said. He didn’t call me Elizabeth!



“And she’d date someone like you?” Felix said. David paused and his face turned red.



“Liz is my best friend and she can make decisions for herself about her love life. She can date whoever she wants.” David said. Felix finally left. I sighed. “I’m uh… yeah…” David mumbled something then disappeared.



“What the hell was that about?” I said confused. “Did David just call me his best friend?” I spent a lot of time with David but I wouldn’t call him my best friend. We’d never even hung out outside the school year. I’ve spent a few summers with Vic but David was never there nor did we even write each other. Heck I didn’t even know where he lived.



“That’s what stuck out to you?” Vicky asked like I was missing something.



“Well I noticed he called me Liz,” I said. Vicky rolled her eyes. “What?”

“Never mind, I’m not going to be the one to tell you. I’m going to go check on Albus, James was freaking him out earlier,” Vicky said leaving. What the heck am I missing?

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The Epic Fail of Lizzie Winchester: Best Friend?


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