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The Things I Need to Say by adorably cute
Chapter 3 : What to Wear
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A/N: Wow, thanks to everyone for reading and reviewing. Glad everyone likes the story so far!

Disclaimer: I only own the OCs. JKR owns the rest.

She’s got her hopes up,
got ‘em up to there,
wondering what to wear
“What to Wear”-Taylor Swift

Dom’s trying to curl her eyelashes with her wand when I come out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel. She, despite having been out of the shower for a good 15 minutes now, is still wrapped in her towel, in front of the mirror.  I laugh, as I reach into my make-up bag, pull out my mascara bag, and toss it over to her.

“You are a lifesaver.” She says, catching it one-handed. She had been moaning about how she left her mascara at home for the entire day. Luckily, her mom had agreed to send it.

I search through my closet, trying to find something to wear. I settle on a shell colored, floral printed tube top (a la Free People), dark wash skinny jeans, and super high heeled, black peep toed slingbacks. I throw the clothing I plan on wearing on my bed, pick up my wand, and go to work with my hair.

Dom tells me to straighten my hair tonight, so I do so, quickly with my wand. Next comes, painting my nails, and I choose a sweet pink that matches the pink in my top perfectly. The nail polish dries as I decide which make up to wear, and I keep it simple, with some mascara, eyeliner, and lip gloss.

I finish changing and turn around to find Dom looking beautiful, as usual. She’s dressed simply, in dark wash skinny jeans (similar to mine), a plain, tight, black lace trimmed tank top, and red high heels.

We stand in front of the mirror, looking into it, both of us cocking our heads toward each other.

“Good to go?” I ask.

“Good to go.” She confirms and we walk out the dormitory door and downstairs.

The party is already in full swing. I see people that I know definitely aren’t in Gryffindor and then a ton of people I already know. Dom snickers as she sees James shake off Arielle and make his way over to us.

“Could you go cover up more?” James asks his cousin, not bothering to greet us.

Dom blinks once at him. “I have more clothing on than every girl in this room.” She pauses, thoughtfully. “Well, except for maybe Austin.” While her top has straps and mine doesn’t, my top is a bit longer. I guess it evens out.

James looks around the room. “Yeah, go put more clothes on.” He says. Dom rolls her eyes and brushes past him, headed for the bar, where Luke, Nick, and Scott are. James turns and focuses on me. “You clean up nice.” He tells me, with a smirk on his face.

“You’ve seen me “cleaned up more than you’ve seen me not,” I remind him.

James laughs. “Very true, New Girl, very true.” He puts his arm around my shoulders and guides me over to the bar, pointing out different people as we go.”

“That’s Lorcan Scamander,” James says, pointing to a blond boy, about my age, waving something in the air away with his hands. “Yes, he always acts like that.” I can’t help myself; I laugh.

“And that’s Andy Macmillan. Quite possibly the most pompous person I’ve ever met.” James says, pointing to another guy. “He’s in our year, and trust me, he always puffs his chest out like that,” Before I can even laugh, James is telling me about someone else. “That girl there, dancing on the table, pretending to be drunk, is Jess Chang. Her mum went to school with my parents, and supposedly, even her mum is unsure of who her father is. “I wince, just as we reach the bar.

The three boys and Dom are laughing at something. Upon looking over where they are, James and I discover that it’s not something that they’re laughing at; it’s someone.

James and I burst into laughter as we spot a blond kid popping and locking on the dance floor.

“Oh, Lysander.” Luke wipes tears away from his eyes.

James leans over to me and whispers in my ear, sending a shiver down my spine. “Lysander Scamander, twin brother of Lorcan Scamander. Equally as weird, in a totally different way.”

I laugh and turn to Nick, who’s behind the bar. “What do you have?”

“Everything.” Nick says. “Wizard, muggle. You name a type of liquor and we have it.” My eyes widened.

“You plan on getting falling over drunk and sleeping around tonight?” James teased.

“And so what if I am?” I say to him, then ask Nick for a shot of tequila.

James snickers. “Nothing, I might have to write to your brothers though, tell ‘em Saint Austin can no longer work.”

I make a face at him, then pick up my shot and pour it into my mouth.

“You are the only person I have ever seen not make face on their first tequila shot of the night.” Nick told me, clearly in awe. “Here, watch.” He poured and passed Scott a shot, who picked it up and knocked it back. It was clear, he was trying not to make a face, but after a few seconds, he grimaced. We all laughed.

Dom grabs my hand. “Dance?”

“Dance.” And we take off to the middle of the dance floor.

It’s pretty late now and everyone is definitely feeling the alcohol they’ve had. James is off with some blonde, Luke is with a brunette, Scott is with a Hufflepuff sixth year and Nick is telling off the boy that was dancing “too close” to his younger sister. Dom is on the dance floor with her cousin and James’ brother, Albus, dancing crazily.

“What’s a pretty girl like you standing here all by herself?” I look to my left and see an absolutely gorgeous guy. I mean, this guy was beautiful. Sandy, blond hair, brown eyes, tall, and muscular, he was pretty much anything a girl would want in a guy.

I raise my eyebrows at him. “And wait, let me guess. You took time away from your busy schedule to come over here and make sure I was ok.”

He nodded and shot me a smile. “Of course. I can’t just let a girl stand here by herself; it is, after all, a party.”

“Of course not.” I say sarcastically.

He laughs. “I’m Rian.”

“Austin.” I put my cup down to shake the hand he offered.

“Care to dance, Austin?” Rian asks.

“Absolutely,” I answer, and he pulls me to the dance floor. Dom’s eyes are wide as we pass her and Albus. I look at her confused and she doesn’t acknowledge me, only nudges Albus, who stops dancing, looks over at me and Rian, and drops his drink on the carpet, eyes as wide as, if not wider, than Dom’s.

Rian twirls me quickly and as I come back in, I put my arm around his neck.

“Everyone’s staring.” I remark.

“They’re just jealous.” Rian brushes it off.

“Of what?” I ask.

“That we…” He trails off and looks around us. “That we are the best looking couple here.”

“You totally just made that up.” I accuse, giggling.

He shrugged. “So what if I did? It doesn’t make it false.” I roll my eyes as the tempo slows and he pulls me closer.

It’s then that it hear it. Those opening chords; I cringe. Rian looks at me. “I…I’m sorry. I…I have to go.” And I pull away and go running up the stairs to the dormitory, leaving poor Rian in the middle of the dance floor, looking super confused.

I’m sitting at breakfast in the Great Hall, holding my pounding head, when Dom comes up to me. “Rian Davies?” She practically screeches. I wince and groan, slapping my hands over my ears. “Oh,” Dom seems to remember something and hands me the little bottle in her hand. “Never-Fail Hangover Cure.” She whispers.

I nod, and hold it up toward her, silently thanking her, before drinking it all. Slightly cherry flavored (Yuck!) but I start feeling better almost instantly. “Ok, I’m good now.” I tell her.

“Good.” Dom says, sitting down. “Rian Davies?”

“He’s gorgeous.” I tell her. “But he probably thinks I’m crazy.”

Dom rolled her eyes. “He doesn’t think you’re crazy.”

“I ditched him in the middle of the dance floor.” I say, helping myself to some food, now feeling like I can stomach it.

Dom’s eyes go as wide as they were last night. “Why?” She practically whines.

I bit my lip, wondering how to say this, finally deciding on the truth. I tell her everything, about my parents, and my dad, and the song and my reaction to the song, every time.

Dom wraps her arms around me when I finish. “Well, we’ll just have to talk to him another time then.” Her blue eyes sparkle, and I’m honestly kind of worried, but before I can say anything, James, Luke, and Nick sit down with us.

“Where’s Scottie?” Dom asks.

“Bed.” Nick says. “He took a Hangover Cure and he still feels like shit.” We all wince; each and every one of us has been in that position before.

“Let’s do something today.” James suggests. “This time next week, we’ll have homework and Quidditch, we don’t have anything today.”

“It’s beautiful outside.” Luke adds.

“How about we go out by the lake?” Dom asks. “We’ll go change into bathing suits after we eat and head down. Wake Scottie up and see if he wants to come.”

 Nick laughs. “Oh I’ll wake him, but I doubt he’ll be right down. Maybe this afternoon. At like 3. Once he can get his arse out of bed.”

“Come on Austin!” Dom exclaims, for I’m in the bathroom changing into my bikini. She, having beat me up to the dormitory, had gotten into the bathroom first, and was now grilling me to hurry.

“Ok, ok.” I say, adjusting the straps on my bikini top. It had been a while since I had wore this one, and the straps weren’t where I wanted them to be. “I’m ready, are you happy?” I walk outside of the bathroom and over to my bed.

Dom whistles. “Maybe Rian’ll come out by the lake today.” She wiggles her eyebrows suggestively. She’s got on a green and white striped halter bikini top on, that’s got a silver brooch-type thing where the two triangles come together, and a plain green bottom.

“Red is definitely your color.” Dom muses as I reach into my wardrobe and pull out a pair of Hollister jean shorts and a plain white cami.

“Thanks,” I tell her, looking into the full length mirror on my door, before pulling my clothes on over my plain, red, string bikini.

I turn around and find Dom dressed similar to me, also wearing short jeans shorts and a plain tank top, hers orange.

“Let’s gooooo.” Dom drags out the last word.

“Okkkkk.” I reply and we make our way out of the dormitory, down the stairs, out of the tower, down to the entrance, out the doors, and to the lake.

“Scott still sleeping?” Dom says, as we meet James, Luke, and Nick by the lake. Those three are ready to go, wearing only their bathing suits, their shirts in a pile nearby.

“Yep,” James says and Dom and I start pulling our tank tops off. “And he told us not to worry about coming in for lunch. He’s going to stop off at the kitchens on his way down and grab some food.”

“You know where the kitchens are?” I say, eyes wide.

My four friends exchange looks. “We know where everything is.” Luke says, but doesn’t elaborate and I don’t ask.

“So, who’s rea…” James trails off, finally actually looking at me.

“Like what you see?” I tease him, walking over to him. He smirks at me, but doesn’t respond, which makes me nervous.

Next thing I know, he’s picked me up, bridal style, and he’s running toward the lake. Meanwhile, I’m freaking out, screeching, “JAMES, PUT ME DOWN! PLEASE!” He slows down, but doesn’t stop. “James, that’s the lake, James, put me down.”

“Down?” He asks.

I nod, “Down.”

James smirks. “Well, alright.” He drops me down and now I’m wet. When I asked him to put me down, I hadn’t realized that we were in the lake. I stand up, completely soaked. To his credit, James did look slightly worried as I walked toward him.

“Oh James,” I say, reaching out and hugging him. I pretend to lose my balance, and he pulls me up, turning us around. He looks uncertain, as I lean into the hug more, but wraps his arms around me in return. As quickly as possible, as with all my strength, I push him backward and he lands in the lake. “Water’s pretty nice, isn’t it?”

James pulls me down and soon the two of us are laughing as we push each other under, splash each other, even spit water at each other. It’s not long before Dom, Luke, and Nick are joining us and soon we’re in a full-on war.

Dom and I are lying on the grass, soaking up the sun, while the three boys are still horsing around in the water. I had brought my iPod out, along with the iHome, put the charm on it to allow it to work in magic, and were taking turns choosing songs. Dom chooses Taylor Swift’s “I’m Only Me When I’m With You” and the two of us jump up and start dancing, ignoring the looks people are giving us.

The song changes, but Dom and I don’t stop dancing. We dance, pulling off crazy moves, for six or seven songs before collapsing onto the ground, arms spread out.

No sooner have we done that, Scott comes out, carrying a boatload of food with him. He’s giving us a look that clearly says he thinks we’re crazy and just rolls his eyes as he sits down, along with James, Nick, and Luke.

The six of us immediately start eating. “I didn’t even realize how hungry I was.” Dom comments.

“Time flies when you’re looking ridiculous,” James teases his cousin.

Before Dom can respond, sandy-haired, brown eyed, gorgeous looking Rian Davies comes up to us, accompanied by a guy with light brown hair and hazel eyes. “Hey Austin,” He greets me. “Dom,” She waves. He nods at the boys. “Boys.” James scowls at him and the other three don’t look too friendly either.

“Hey Rian,” I say, ignoring the boys. “How are you?” I ask politely.

“Well we’re actually a little disappointed,” His friend butts in before Rian can answer. Rian starts massaging his temples, clearly worried about what will be said. “You see, a third year told us that there were two hot girls outside, dancing in their bikinis.”

“Afore mentioned third year failed to mention just how beautiful these girls really were.” Rian adds, smiling charmingly.

“Please, keep the compliments coming,” Dom says. “You’re doing wonders for my ego.” She cocks her head, almost challengingly, and looks at Rian’s friend.

James opens his mouth, probably to tell Rian and his friend that if they make one more compliment to Dom, then it’ll be the last compliment they ever make, but Dom silences him with a glare. He gets up and goes down into the lake, quickly followed by the Luke, Nick, and Scott.

“May we sit?” Rian asks.

“Sure,” I say, and Rian and his friend sit down and face Dom and I.

“So, this Derek,” Rian says, gesturing to his friend.

“They’re best friends.” Dom informs me.

“Hi, I’m Austin.” I smile at Derek, who laughs.

“Oh I know,” He says. “You’re all this guy could talk about.” He lightly punched his best friend’s arm.

I blush as Rian rolls his eyes. “Just ignore him. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

“Ok, “I laugh. Rian hasn’t acknowledged my moment of stupidity last night and I’m grateful.

Silence. Rian plays with a piece of grass, Derek drums his fingers on his leg. Dom’s picking at her cuticles and I’m drawing pictures into the patch of dirt next me.

“Great weather we’re having, isn’t it?” Derek says weakly, but it’s enough because we all start to laugh and conversation begins to flow.

A/N: Welll?? What do we think so far? Drop a review and let me know!

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