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Recipe for Disaster by The_Dark_Side_Gal
Chapter 1 : Chapter1= add 1 celeb to a mix of students. Mix well
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A/N: Its my first HPff and so please review and give me all your criticism.



Disclaimer: I dont own any HArry Potter it all belongs to the fantastic JK Rowling XX


"You are Miss Hermione Granger, right?" some cute podgy first year queried as he waddled up to me. He looked about eight instead of the eleven years old at which you start Hogwarts, school of wizards and witches and all things magically AWESOME!!


"Yeah I am sweetie, what's the matter?" I smiled softly at him and he blushed and ducked his head.

 "Mr... Professor I mean Dumbledore wants you straight away," he mumbled.


"Okay, thank you" I rumpled his hair as i grabbed my bag and walked away to Dumbledore's study.





"Gum drops" I said clearly to the griffin statue outside the stairwell.

"A pleasant surprise awaits you Miss Granger." He squawked at me as he rotated to let me through the downwards spiralling stairs leading me to my awaiting future.


"Miss Granger, just on time. Let the excitement begin." The all-too-familiar voice chuckled as I closed the door behind me. Dumbledore's study was as warm and welcoming as ever and as I glanced around I saw his eyes twinkle in the roaring fire which swamped the room in delicious heat. I greeted his smile with a small grin as he gestured for me to take a seat next to the stranger. Wait... A stranger? In Dumbledore's office? I glanced to my left, where the stranger was sitting. It was a he, and a very cute he too. And then something clicked.


"Oh My Merlin" I gasped as Jake Lourane smiled at me. It was like looking at a picture and I had the greatest urge to touch his face and move his adorable cheeks about just to check it was him. Jake Lourane is a movie star. A movie star, a singer, a presenter, a dancer and been voted hottest male alive for 3 years in a row. He is very sweet and always visiting sick little girls in hospitals who want to meet their hero before they... sleep


"Er... Miss Granger, as you may know this is Mr Jake Lourane. He will be graduating from Hogwarts with your year." Dumbledore interrupted my lack of breathing and I blushed. Jake chuckled softly as he heard me take a deep breath.


"What do you need me for Professor?" i smiled weakly at him as the oxygen flowed back into my blood.


"I need you to make sure that Mr Lourane doesn't land himself into trouble with his... status. I know that you and Mr Malfoy are on equal terms after your trouble and you are always most helpful Hermione when I need you most" Professor Dumbledore laid his chin on his folded hands as he propped up his elbows on his desk. I blushed again as Dumbledore used my first name.


"How do i know he is prepared for the advanced magic?" I asked, as, well, he is famous and probably didn’t have time to learn magic tricks on the sets of his AWESOME movies.

"I have been tutoring him during his breaks on the movie set myself and he is well advanced, almost up to your stage Miss Granger." Dumbledore smiled softly at me as he tilted his head so his sky blue eyes froze me over his half moon glasses.


"I need you to produce a new identity for our celebrity during his last few months in school education. I also need you to just be a helping hand to him but I am sure you would do that any way even if i didn’t have you looking out for his welfare." Dumbledore continued.

"Er excuse me sir but as unfriendly as this may seem I am quite capable of looking after myself" Jake spoke up quietly. I widened my eyes at his timidness but as i did he glanced at me and winked. I rolled my eyes at his adorable acting. I always was a fan of Jake Lourane's work but with him acting right by me, in my real life scenario was more than I could comprehend, and i shook my head in disbelief.


"You're turning me down Miss Granger?" Jake glanced at me, and i could see the sadness reflect in his unique eyes.

"No I am not; i am just trying to get my head around the fact that i am going to be graduating with THE Jake Lourane... I mean... you're huge in the muggle world and well..." I trailed off. Now let me tell you, if I told Harry or Ron that i trailed off in the middle of a sentence they would laugh and say that's impossible. But this guy, he just did something to me.


"Well if we are done here then I must rush off and sort out your... excuse for being secluded for most of the year" Dumbledore clapped his once in that annoying grown up way which means-you don’t-get a-say-and-probably-didn’t-from-the-beginning-anyway. He then disappeared in a puff of red and gold sparkly smoke and left me to get acquainted to the movie star which now stood across from me.

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Recipe for Disaster: Chapter1= add 1 celeb to a mix of students. Mix well


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