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Susie Q, Where Are You? by SiriuslyNot
Chapter 4 : 4. I'll Be Right Back
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Chapter 4: I’ll Be Right Back

“It was a lovely speech, Susie,” Sirius said, as he untied his tie. “I’m sorry I missed the beginning, though.”

I glanced at him from the bed, watching him undress. “Why were you late, anyway?”

“The Auror training went on longer than expected,” he sighed, shaking his head. “I’m just going to be glad when it’s all over, you know… James is one lucky S.O.B, you know – I wouldn’t mind lazing around on a beach somewhere with the person I love the most…”

I tried to smile, as he crawled into the bed next to me, kissing my shoulder. “Yeah…” I said quietly, staring at the wall. “I’ve been thinking…”

“Uh-oh,” Sirius said with a grin, resting his jaw on my shoulder as he peered at me. “That’s not good.”

“We should go on a vacation, you know,” I said, shrugging his off, as I turned my back to him. I couldn’t have him look at me as I lied to him, coloured up some fantasy that would never come true.

“A vacation?” Sirius said, and I could hear the frown in his voice. “But… the timing—“

“I know, I know,” I cut off, as he wrapped his arm around me. “I realize the timing is sucky, and all, what with your Auror training and my little project—“

“You call convincing Rita Skeeter to take you back a ‘little project’? Seriously?” Sirius chuckled.

“We’ve never been on a vacation, though,” I murmured quietly, as Sirius waved his wand, making the lights go out. “Just saying.”

Sirius sighed in the dark, pulling me closer against his chest. “You know I would never deny anything from you… and when you pull that tone with me…”

“Just imagine,” I started, closing my eyes. “You, me, and a warm, sunny beach… somewhere on a nameless island…”

“You naked,” Sirius said, grinning. “I wouldn’t mind that, you know.”

“So? What do you say?”

“When do we leave?” Sirius whispered in my ear.

“Tomorrow, if you want to,” I whispered back, blinking away the tears.

“Fine by me,” Sirius laughed, kissing my neck. “G’night, Susie Q.”


“You know what?” Sirius whispered after a moment.


“I love you,” he said, and I felt his smile against my neck. “Very much.”

“I…” I began, and turned around to face him for the first time. “I love you too.”

“And to think how long it took for me to hear those words for the first time,” Sirius teased, bumping his nose against mine. “You stubborn girl…”

“Well, you were a real charm-troll back then,” I huffed, resting my cheek against his chest.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s just sleep before you regret this!” he muttered, holding me in his arms. “And tomorrow, we’ll go on our little vacation – just you and me!”

I remained silent for a moment, before I pulled slightly away from his embrace, and gazed up at him. His eyes were closed, and his lips slightly parted, and he looked so peaceful, so… innocent. I carefully touched his cheek, and watched him frown slightly. He slowly opened his eyes, and blinked a few times in the dark, before his eyes found me.

“Susie?” he mumbled sleepily, and I smiled at the confused look on his face.

“Don’t tell me you were already asleep,” I said, my fingers tracing his handsome face.

He looked at me in silence, before clearing his throat. “Well, not anymore, that’s for sure,” he said with a grin.

“How flattering, Mr Black,” I said, kissing him slowly.

Sirius pulled away, and smirked. “I can’t help it that my body reacts at your touch!”

“Oh, I’m not complaining,” I whispered, kissing him again.

Sirius growled against my lips, easily rolling on top of me. I helped him pull off his shirt, as his hand already explored under my shirt. With another easy move, it joined his shirt on the floor. Sirius’ lips trailed down my neck, as I gazed up at the ceiling in wonder.

Would this really be the last time I would feel Sirius like this?

As the insane thought crossed my mind, I squirmed under Sirius, and after much struggling, straddled him instead. He gave me a surprised look, as I breathed heavily over him.


“Shut up, Sirius,” I said, and grabbed his face as I kissed him hard.

His hands pulled me closer to him, as he suddenly sat up. Neither of us seemed tired anymore, even if the day had been exhausting in so many ways. My hands went through his hair, trying to get his lips closer to mine.

“Susie…” he gasped, his arms tighter around me.

I would miss this too – I won’t deny it.

It felt like my limbs had been pulled out, as I lay there, clamp with sweat. It took me a moment until I realized that Sirius was holding my hand. He gave it a gentle squeeze, before kissing it, and pulling me to him. We were still gasping for breath, and his breathing was like a cool summer breeze in my hair.

I closed my eyes, enjoying these last moments of utter bliss. I knew that if I didn’t do it tonight, I would never be able to let go.

I was such an addict.

I remained awake, as I listened to Sirius’ racing heart slowly calm down. His breathing steadied, and soon enough, the silent room was filled with his quiet and peaceful snoring. I stared at our hands, still entwined, as I slowly squirmed away from his embrace. I had only managed to sit up in the bed, when suddenly, he pulled me back again, his face only inches form mine.

“Where are you goin’?” he mumbled sleepily, his eyes closed.

I watched the small frown between his brows, and bit my lip. “I’ll be right back,” I whispered, kissing him carefully.

“Mmm’kay,” he said, smiling against my lip.

I watched him for another minute, waiting until he had fallen back asleep again. I carefully let go of his hand, letting out a quiet sniff.

“Goodbye,” I whispered, as I hurried to dress.

I grabbed a small bag, throwing in only a few things, as I silently left the bedroom. As I reached the kitchen, I saw Felix sitting on he table, giving me an accusing look.

“Felix,” I said, as I grabbed a piece of parchment, and started writing. “You take care of Sirius, okay? Got it? And don’t let him give you away to anyway, okay? You just stay put, and… and…”

“Meow!” Felix meowed, and I looked up to see Felix look at me with big, round eyes.

“I take that as a yes, then,” I said, giving a small peck on Felix’s head. “You’ve been a great friend, Felix…”

I had it all planned out. I would leave Sirius, just disappear, and never look back again. He would try to find me – which I hoped would pass soon – and then hate me for the rest of his life. He would probably think that I was just dragging him along for fun, until I got bored of him, and moved on. Eventually, he would be happy again.

Just as his mother had promised.

And what about me? Well, I would find my own happiness, too… eventually.

Atleast I had a ‘project’ that would keep me occupied for some time.

I rolled the parchment into a scroll and handed it to the owl sitting in the corner. “There’s no address on it,” I apologized to the owl, as I tied the letter around its leg. “But… I’m sure you’ll be able to find Emelie Jolie, right?”

The owl flew out through the open window, as I gave the apartment one last look.

This was it; my last goodbye.

And with that, I walked out through the door, not looking back.

~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~

The only reason I'm updating with TWO chapters is simply because THIS ONE was so damn short xD Kidding! I jsut wanted to treat you awesome readers for something nice :) Even if the chapters weren't so nice :( Kind abroke my herat to write them, to be honest - good thing there's KitKats, right? xD Oh, and for those who wonder where I come up with these plots and dramalines... well, I watch too much tv, "Days of Our Lives" and such xD They're hilarious, serious!

- Lily xxx

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Susie Q, Where Are You?: 4. I'll Be Right Back


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