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James Potter’s Greatest Wish by EmilyPotter2390
Chapter 7 : Secrets
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Chapter 7: Secrets

Lily’s P.O.V.

I woke before my friends and snuck over to Emerald and wrote a quick letter to James.
It said:

Last night you have to swear you will keep secret. Umm I need to know what you felt from our kiss last night just out of curiosity and I need you to promise on everything you love and hate that you will not tell a soul especially Sirius. Sorry…

From the one and only,


I watch Emerald sore off and laid back down until my friends woke up. We all ate breakfast and they headed home and I had another lazy day at home. It didn’t seem as long though because I had a certain boy floating through my thoughts. Nighttime came and I received my Hogwarts Letter and I was elected Head Girl. It just was amazing. My parents threw me a party that I was able to invite all of my friends too. I invited my gang. By the way we, as in Monique, Natalie, Tina and I, are known as the fab four by the school because we are the most sought after girls. This is because we deny just about everyone… we deserve true love. My girls bought me this three part jewelry set together that was sliver; sliver is my favorite jewelry color. It had a heart on the necklace, the bracelet, and the ring. It was so pretty. My parents got me an advanced Charms book. I think they sent the money to Dumbledore to buy me a charms book, but because Charms is my favorite subject, I did not care. It was an amazing night all the same. All thoughts of my awful experience were completely out of my head. However, a surprise came later and it best gift I got. It was from a 7th year boy who I might be starting to have feelings for was sent to my room for when I went to bed that night…

It was a large box of all of Honeydukes Chocolates, a bunch of Hershey’s Kisses, I am not sure how he got those, and a pair of gorgeous silver hoop earrings with a note that said

Every Hershey’s Kiss represents how I felt on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, count all those kisses up and they will tell you I loved it more than anything. I just wish we were actually going out and I could do that more often.

The earrings and the box of Honeydukes Chocolates are a huge congratulations on making Head Girl because I’m sure you did. I just received my Hogwarts letter and the weird thing is I’m Head Boy. I’m so glad we get to work together this year, but we also can share a dorm room. We would have separated rooms and a common room of our own. We can also go into the Gryffindor one also so please don’t be worried about me. I can live there if you want. I promise to be good if I stayed in the Head-room together. Congratulations on everything and I hope you’re feeling better and are still safe.

With lots of Love,

Kisses at midnight

I was so confused. He can’t have gone soft and be normal. Don’t fall for it Lily just enjoy your presents and bet he is back to his old self once we get back…

Dear kisses at midnight,

I like the code name idea we can send letters and nobody will know. Thank you so much for the chocolate and the beautiful earrings. By the way I felt the same way. I’m sorry but I’m not ready for a boyfriend right now, maybe soon, but not now. However, sharing the room might work to our advantage so we can steal kisses without lots of talk.

It’s weird you being Head Boy I have to admit. I always have said Dumbledore can be strange, but he always has his reasons. Any way I will see you at school. I can’t wait.

With lots of Love,

Secret Kiss

P.S. Act totally normal around each other until we are in the common room otherwise the whispers would be endless.

This is kind of romantic… but what would everyone say if we went out. The whispers would be endless but, then again I don’t know if I can live without that kiss. Well we shall see what happens at school…

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James Potter’s Greatest Wish: Secrets


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