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Bloody Git! by 010193
Chapter 1 : Don't Nag!
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It's not that I hate being Head Girl or anything. It's not that I can't handle the extra responsibilities that come along with it. I don't mind the private dorm with the magnificent bathroom and the adjoined common room with the large fireplace and the big comfy couch. I don't mind any of this the slightest. I mind the fact that, though I get all of these luxuries, I have to share them.

Now you may call me a hypocrite and call me selfish and tell me to shush up. But I have to share all this with someone who doesn't understand the concept of sharing. When I opened up my letter before school started and received my badge, I imagined sharing a common room with Remus Lupin or maybe Amos Diggory. I mentally prepared myself for both. I knew both would let their highly annoying friends come over. And I knew I couldn't complain because I would want my friends to visit as well. Both boys were respectful, though. I wouldn't have to worry about it getting too noisy because both could handle it.

And though Remus frequents the Head dorms, it is not him that I have been pleasantly sharing the dorms with the past month. James Potter. Mr. strip my Quidditch clothes and leave them in the common room. Because having your own room isn't enough, is it? You must leave your things in the common room as well, yes? All my things are neatly in my room. Why shouldn't his belongs be the same?

"I swear to Merlin, James Potter, that if I have to move your bloody clothes one more time…" Lily started up once more, using her wand to let the dirty clothes from the ground. She'd made the mistake of once touching the clothes. And she hadn't made that mistake again. She flicked her wand and the clothes hit the door and slid down to the ground in a pile. She left the threat empty. She knew he's leave them scattered around the common room the next day anyways. And she was certain that he had a whole trunk full of Quidditch attire anyways. "I ask one thing of you, Potter, one thing. Please clean up after yourself." She spoke as she neatly piled a bunch of Quidditch magazines into a pile. Could one tell that Lily even lived here? Probably not.

"You really ask more of me than just cleaning up after myself." James said, using his foot to kick the clothes into his room. "You ask that my friends not make too much noise, no firewhiskey in the common room, not to walk around in the nude… shall I continue?"

All really were things that Lily didn't think she would have to establish. She thought that one wouldn't do such things out of respect for each other.

"I still don't object if you'd like to walk around in the nude though. It'd be a refreshing sight from Peter's bum in the morning." He shook as if he were trying to get the image from his head. Lily grimaced. She really didn't think that he had a problem with nudity in an all boys dorm.

"Honestly, Potter. How does your mother put up with you?" She asked, shaking her head.

"I mean, she yells at me just as much as you do. And I ignore you both the same." He shrugged, "She wants me to depend on myself and not so much on the house elves. But it's rather hard when you go to bed with a messy room and wake up to a clean one."

That would be nice, thought Lily, waking up to a clean room without having to put any effort into it. "She's right, though. You've got to learn to do stuff yourself and not others."

"You're cleaning up after me." He put it blunt, jumping over the back of the couch and lounging with his feet on the coffee table.

"I'd rather not have to sit next to your smelly Quidditch clothes, Potter."

"Reckon you don't know what a man smells like. " He puffed out his chest as he spoke. "I'm positive you've yet to date a real man."

"Not true." She responded without missing a beat.

"Lockheart is a pompous git, Diggory is a bigheaded git, and Fenwick is just a bloody git in general."

"That's rather bold of you to be judging others when you're hardly a catch yourself."

James sat up from his lounging position on the couch to look at Lily, who had her hands on her hips and a scowl on her face. "I never said I was perfect, Evans. I just was merely stating the fact that you could find someone much better than any of those gits. You really need to find someone who isn't just looking for a good shag."

"Oh, because you're not? What was Vane doing in your room yesterday? And you were out awfully late the other night. Heard you stumble in right before sunrise."

"Not like it's any of your business, But Vane and I-"

"I don't bloody care what the two of you were doing. I was trying to prove the point that you shouldn't be so quick to judge other guys when you're the bloody same way!"

"Am not! I have plenty of respect for women."

"Oh, I'm sure you do, Potter."

And within seconds both were yelling, at the same time, and neither really could recall what was being said. This happened quite often between the pair. It always came down to whom could really keep going to longest until one turned on their heels and left the room.

"You're going to make me miss dinner." Lily declared, marching straight out the door. She'd let him have this one. Considering she could hardly recall what had started the small war in the common room. Ah, yes. His dirty clothes.

"I just don't get it. Is it selfish of me to want a clean common room to come down to?" The topic had carried all the way down to the Great Hall, and whether her friends liked it or not, it was what they were discussing.

"Think of the compromises he has to make, Lils. You're not the easiest to dorm with. And we had to actually share a dorm with you." Alice Prewett shrugged. She was a very blunt girl. But Lily respected that she was honest with everyone.

"Think about it, Lils. You like everything in order. You have to shower as soon as you get up. You like to study at night without a single noise. You even go to bed at almost the same time every night." Marlene McKinnon listed off the many charming qualities of Lily. Charming girl, she was, but Lily had to resist the urge to jump her across the table. Lily wasn't that difficult to room with.

"So I'm sure he's complaining about you just as much as you complain about him. Could you imagine your roommate nagging you constantly?" Alice asked.

"Yes." Mumbled Marlene, receiving a sharp jab in the side from Alice.

"Ignore her, Lily." Alice continued. "Just cut him some slack, yeah? Maybe you'll find yourself less stressed when you don't have to worry about every single incorrect move he makes. I mean, after all, it's not just your common room."

She hated Alice. She hated Alice, Marlene, and Dumbledore. She really hated him. Who the hell would give James Potter any sort of recognition such as Head Boy? She thought he was bonkers enough to give Prefect to Remus. As brilliant as the boy was, he still had a bunch of nutcases as friends. So obviously something was wrong in his head.

"I've got practice after the meeting tonight so I have to leave a couple minutes before it ends, 'kay?" James Potter had squeezed himself between Lily and the poor first year that was seated beside her.

"You tell me this before every meeting, Potter. I get it, you have to leave. You don't have to tell me every time." She replied emotionless as she stirred at her potatoes with her fork.

"I know, I just feel like if I don't tell you, you might go bonkers on me." Without giving her time to respond, he was back at the other end of the table with his own friends.

"He's right, Lils. You would probably make a scene at your meeting if he just left."

She hated Alice with a deep burning passion.

The meeting had gone well. They had discussed having a Hogsmeade trip before Christmas hols. That was a couple months away but Dumbledore liked to know this stuff ahead of time. They also reworked the patrolling schedule because some of the prefects couldn't seem to keep along long enough to patrol even half of a floor.

Ten minutes before the meeting ended, James slipped out, and the meeting continued on. They wrapped up and that was the end of that. The meetings were never anything to be excited about. They went the same every week.

And now Lily was relaxing on the couch with a book in her lap next to the warm fire.

The door cracked open at exactly 9:30, the same time it did every other night, as James Potter trotted though with his broom stick over his shoulder. He preferred, now that he had his own room, to keep it with him instead of in the broom shed. Though the bloody thing always ended up against a wall in the common room.

He leaned it against the wall closest to the small table. All while taking a peek at Lily to gather her reaction. How long until she yelled and told him to put it in his room?

Lily took a deep breath. Alice told her to relax about it. Not to nag. Maybe she would try this method out for once.

He started with his shirt, ripping it over his head and throwing it on the rug. Lily said nothing. Her eyes were back on her book.

His pads were next. He tossed them even farther on the rug. Was he trying to gage a response, she wondered.

His pants were the last to go. And he was standing in the common room in just his boxers.

One would think that an almost naked James Potter would bother her. Not just because he was rather in nice shape but because… well, he was almost nude. But she'd gotten use to James Potter and his boxer shorts after the second week of school.

He stood motionless, still waiting to be yelled at. "So I guess I'll just go shower… "


"I guess I'll just leave my stuff here…"


"On the rug. And not in my room…"

Still nothing.

"Perhaps someone will clean it up for me…"


James rocked on his heels. Was that all?

"Just don't take too long 'cause I'd like to get ready for bed soon."

"Right. Gotcha'." Was the last she heard as he departed up to his room.

Lily let out a big sigh as soon as he was out of sight. It was like the dirty clothes on the floor were calling her name. Begging to be placed at the bottom of his door. She couldn't though.

Lily Evans wasn't allowed to nag anymore.

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