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When Lightning Strikes by octoberose
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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This year was going to be awesome. Yes, I am certain to have to suffer through a few headaches from her shrill voice, but it’s a worthy sacrifice for the cause of making Anaya Malfoy’s life absolute hell. I think I’ll start by bewitching her pillows to feel hard as rock.

However, putting up with her bossiness might sour the deal a little. And the fact that she thinks she knows everything. Yes, that’s sure to cause more than a few headaches. But seeing the indignation on her face, after I show all of the 7th year Gryffindor boys pictures of her underwear drawer will make my future headaches all better.

“You better wipe that mischievous look off of your face, right now Sirius Potter. I already know what you’re planning. I better hear that you are being respectful of Anaya, or I’ll have McGonagall strip you of your title so quickly your head will spin!”

I have no clue how my mother ALWAYS knows what I am thinking but it has proved to be a very annoying talent of hers. Very annoying indeed.

“Don’t give me that look. I am itching to refresh my howler skills”, she said as she passed the bowl of mashed potatoes to my little sister, Lily.

“Oh mother, what makes you think you’ve lost your talent for yelling. You practice everyday.” I said smugly. My mother dropped the bowl.

Ten minutes later I found myself in front of the toilet, throwing up huge, slimy slugs. You’d think I had learn better than to talk back to mum by now.

“You brought this on yourself, mate.  I’m even thinking on calling McGonagall on the account that my son must be a dunderhead to say something like that to Ginny Weasley.”, my dad said as he leaned against the lavatory doorframe. I groaned in response.

“And don’t you dare ask me to lift it. I don’t want to be walking around with bat ears for a week.”, he added unnecessarily. I hadn’t been planning on asking him for help. I hadn’t been planning on talking at all, for whenever I open my mouth another slug comes out.

But he is right, I am a dunderhead. I don’t know why I say the things I say. Even if its not what I’m actually feeling, I have this inner capacity to be an absolute arse. Actually, I blame my parents for it. From what I’ve heard, Sirius Black was no saint. However, you couldn’t tell my father that.

Names hold destiny, and I think I inherited a bit of Sirius Black’s utter disregard for social rules. At least the simple ones like: be polite, follow school rules, don’t snog a girl and then forget her name. That sort of thing.

Others, namely Anaya, say that I act the way I do because I have a false sense of entitlement because I am Harry Potter’s son. That couldn’t be any further than the truth. If anything, being the Chosen One’s son leaves me with mighty huge shoes to fill. Shoes that I am terrified to wear, or even attempt to fill.

I was shocked more than anyone else to be named Head Boy. I was also more pissed than Anaya. I had spent six years intentionally building up a horrendous reputation.  I did not want to be the Golden Boy in my school, constantly in my father’s shadow.

No matter if I had followed every stupid school rule, studied the longest in the library, or won the most duels in Dueling club, I would never ever, beat saving the entire Wizarding World at the tender age of 17. So, soon as I first stepped foot on the Hogwarts Express, I had decided that there was no point in trying to. I might as well have fun with my seven years. And I have.
Not to say I haven’t had any regrets. The day I taunted Amaya for no reason first year was unforgivable. But so was telling all of the Gryffindor that I wet the bed. Seriously, it was ONCE!

I have no justification for it. Amaya and I had held out for a mere two weeks, the house peer pressure being too much for our fragile childhood friendship. Before she had walked over, some of the older boys had been teasing me about being ‘sweet with a bushy-haired snake’. I had denied it of course, not wanting to be a social pariah. And when she came over, I had to continue my ruse.

If she had burst into tears and ran away crying, like any other girl would’ve done,  would have taken it all back. But no, she had to go and fight back. She always had to have the last word. And when she smirked, that vindictive little smirk (the one she had never, ever aimed at me until that moment), I knew our friendship was over.

I’m pretty sure she cried over it that night, like I did. And the next morning I had intended on apologizing anyway, but she had already immersed herself snugly in the venomous snake pit. Lost to me forever.

Our years since that day were filled with arguments and hexes. It should have been easy to ignore each other, it was a big castle after all. But somehow our paths seemed tangled, no matter how much we tried to tear them apart. So I had figured, if she was going to always be around, I might as well have some fun with her. And so our rivalry began.


“Have I ever told you your room smells like sunflowers? What kind of bloke’s room smells like sunflowers?”

“Shut up, Scott. Would you rather it smell like old pizza boxes and dirty laundry?” I replied as I flipped lazily through my summer homework. It was two days before school started and the first time I had looked at the useless stuff.

“Actually, yeah. Cause that’s what a normal bloke’s room smells like.”, Scott replied while lounging lazily on my blue futon and looking up at the ceiling.

“No, that’s what your room smells like. And you are by no means a ‘normal bloke’”, I countered. “Im through with this. Honestly, this is stuff for a third year. I am bored from just staring at it.” I admitted as I shut the book on combining Advanced  Potions and Arithmancy.

“Stuff for a third year? That homework took me days to riddle out!”

“Are you denying that your talents are on par with a third year’s” I replied. His answer was throwing a pillow at my head. “Don’t get violent, Scotty. It’s what the ignorant do.”

“I don’t know, Siri. While my grades might be that a third years, your mother could vouch that my talents far exceed that in other areas…”he replied suggestively. My answer was throwing the book at his head.

“You’re such a prat!”

The atmosphere died down for a few minutes after we both had a laugh.

“So I heard Malfoy is Head Girl this year. Tell me it ain’t so.”

“It’s so. But what did you expect?”

“I don’t know. She’ll be the first Slytherin Head student since her father. I think she’s gonna rule with an iron fist. Thankfully, Hogwarts will have you to keep the balance.”
“I don’t think even I could balance out her tyranny. As prefect, it’ll be your duty to tell the children to duck for cover when she roams the halls.”

“So, are you still in love with Sheryl?”

“Who?” I had no clue who he was referring to.

“Your girlfriend. So, obviously not.”, he said as he caught the blank look on my face. I was unaware that I currently had a girlfriend. I thought I had cut ties before summer break with all of my ‘conquests’.

“So, then you wouldn’t mind if I had a go with her.”, he noted. Scotty liked to bridge any awkward opening, actually any introduction of a conversation, with the word ‘so’. He used the word so often, that the guys and I had nicknamed him ‘So-so Scotty’.

“Nah. That is if she’ll let you get anywhere near her” I smirked.

“Are you kidding me. With my budding good lucks and ‘cute’ Scottish accent, I can have any girl in the school that I want.” Scotty said confidently. I snorted in reply. “So, you think there is some bird I cant have, yeah? Well, name one that wouldn’t fall for my charm!”, he challenged confidently.

“That’s easy, Anaya Malfoy”, I answered.

“Even though she hardly counts as a girl, I’m sure Id have no trouble with even her after a few days of convincing”, he said smugly.

“Right, a few days? Try an eternity of convincing. Anaya wouldn’t touch you, even if you were the last book on the shelf.”

“So, is that a bet?”

“Wha…no!” I said shocked. How did that twist of conversation happen?

“Scared, Potter?” he teased.

“Not for me. For you, if Anaya ever found out we were even having this conversation.”
“So you are scared. You’re supposed to be a Gryffindor. Where’s your courage? You have nothing to lose but a few Galleons. Why not?”

Something about this situation left a empty feeling in the pit of my stomach. However, I knew there was zero chance Anaya would let Scott within twenty feet of her. So, logically it was a harmless and lucrative bet to make.

“Fine, you’re on. You have to get Anaya Malfoy to date you before Winter Break. If she invites you to Christmas Dinner at the Burrow, then you’ve officially made her fall for you. She’s dated other blokes before, but she has NEVER invited them to the Burrow. However, after you fail at this momentous task, I shall be collecting 20 Galleons from you.” I informed him confidently.

“I wonder what I’ll buy with your 20 Galleons. Possibly a new broom. My Nimbus has been feeling rusty as of late.” Scotty replied smugly.


I had packed my homework in my carry-on bag, intending to take care of it while on the train.  The last hour had been filled with my mother’s tears and redundant ‘good-byes’. After I promised her six times that I would write every week, not every month, I was finally allowed to board the train. Lily, who was facing the terror and excitement of her first year did not escape mum’s grasp so easily. She had boarded the train at the very last minute before departure.

“Sirius, I am going to find Zac so we can sit together.” she told me as she passed my signature compartment.

“Okay, kiddo. And tell me if any of the older students bother you.” I said, a rare show of consideration on my part.

“I can handle myself!” she replied sassily and stomped off. I could only laugh. What was I thinking? If anything I’ll have to comfort anyone who dared to try a cow my little sister. Like mother, like daughter.

I settled into my compartment and started to pull out my homework when my friends came bustling in.

“SIRI! Or shall we call you Head Sirius. Or Serious-Head!” greeted Bailey Nash.  Samuel Hobbs and Scotty filed in next. The last person to arrive was Spencer Longbottom.

“So, I was just telling the fellas here about our little bet.” Scotty said as he placed his arms behind his head.

“yeah, this year is going to be awesome! I can’t wait to see how many times she’s gonna hex you just for staring at her for too long.”, Samuel said while snickering.

“Speaking of staring, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her in the station today. I don’t know how she got so fit from staying in the library all day.”, Bailey admitted.

“Can we please not talk about Anaya? You know, how I feel about it when you guys talk about her like that. Then she corners me, and guilt-trips me into telling her…” Spencer said while reading an issue of the Quibbler.

“You better not tell her about the bet or I’ll…”, threatened Scotty.

“You’ll what?”, Spencer asked heatedly as he put down his magazine. The compartment had quieted. Spencer, while very quiet and affable, was also the best duelist in the school. “ I have intentions of ‘snitching’ on you, Scotty. But you better not hurt her, or I will have to step in.”, he warned.

“Warning noted.” Scotty said dismissively and folded his arms stubbornly. “However, you’ll do well to remember who set you up with your own girlfriend, Longbottom.”

“I’m bored with is conversation. Have you guys seen the last match against the Cannons?”, Bailey interrupted. It was a welcome interruption.

I tuned out the guys conversation, blazing through my elementary homework and thinking reflecting on the school year to come. I could already foretell the drama I would face in the future, giving me premature headaches already. However, if one positive thing could be said about this school year, it’s that it is guaranteed not be boring.


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