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Eliza Prat by ANP
Chapter 16 : Epilogue
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I hope your summer vacation is going well, I sincerely hope that we can all get together multiple times this summer and for the rest of our lives of course. You see I’m on a little vacation with my family (yes including the Headmaster), and won’t be back in another week. Albus came along for the trip, he hasn’t run away yet. I think I may marry him soon. Certainly if little Oscar has his way we will, he’s found a new best friend. Albus is great and Dean approves, says he’ll give a personal tour of the Gallery when we get back. I’m excited; maybe you and your darling sister could come along.

I’m sure you’re wondering where I’m vacationing, and when I tell you I will also answer a question that’s been bugging you since we met in first year. We’re in Canada, in a little town called North Bay to be specific. We’re staying at the place where I grew up actually. It used to be a place for abandoned and orphaned children but is now a bed and breakfast.

I’m going to let you in on a secret. I thank the heavens everyday hat I was abandoned at this place. Does that sound awful? It isn’t though. If I hadn’t, Judy the witch who discovered me never would have written a letter to Neville, Neville never would have introduced me to Dean, I never would have gone to Hogwarts to meet you and the others, and I never would have found Albus. I’ve spent seventeen years searching for something, I’ve learned that that something was a home. While I found a little piece of it when I met Dean, it took my friends to teach me that home is where the heart lies. I’ve found my home, my peace. Thank you Alistair for being my friend.

I’ll be happy to answer the rest of your questions when I see you next,

Love your dearest friend,

Eliza Prat

In a small Scottish village where, unbeknownst to the Muggle community, a lot of Wizards called home, Alistair was laughing rather loudly and joyfully for no apparent reason. He had let the piece of parchment fly out of his hand to be carried by the wind into some distant meadow.

A young girl with a face full of freckles, her hair falling out of two pig tails ran into the small cottage. “Ally! What are you laughing at?!” She demanded with a pout on her face.

When Alistair smiled at his little sister, she ran into his arms to sit on his lap. “Stop pouting or the boggles will get yeah. I was just thinking of my dear friend Eliza.”

“Who’s she?” Suzie said curiosity filling her eyes.

“You haven’t heard of Miss Prat?” He waited for her to shake her head. “Well she’s only the most powerful witch of our age!” Suzie gasped, enthralled by her brother’s tale. “And you know what else missy? She has the most beautiful; heart, and she’s my best friend.”

Suzie rolled her eyes, hopping off of Alistair’s lap. “You’re ridiculous, come pull the carrots up with me.” She took his hand and pulled him out the door into the small garden.

Alistair complied willingly turning towards the shinning sun, the direction he assumed Canada was and wondered what Eliza was doing, and what she would do in the years to come. He was glad that he had met her.

Eliza walked down a familiar rocky path to a familiar beach. She paused to watch the man standing in the lake bare foot. His jeans were rolled up and his baggy shirt was flapping in the wind, a large straw hat covering black hair.

Eliza smoothed her cotton dress and adjusted her own straw hat and walked as quietly as she could in the water to stand beside him. She leaned on his strong shoulder, her glasses going a little askew, and sighed contently.

“It sure is beautiful Eliza.”

“Yeah, I spent a lot of time on this beach.” Eliza reflected.

“The house you stayed in was really nice too. I almost wish my childhood was as interesting as yours.”

Eliza laughed a little, “Your father is Harry Potter, it doesn’t get more interesting than that.”

Albus grabbed her hand and replied, “But that was his life. This is mine.”

They stood quietly for a little longer staying out over the lake, watching the waves. They turned around when they heard crunching along the rocky path, Dean had come to join them. He slipped his shoes off and waded out a little farther.

“We’ll be heading back to the cottage in a bit for supper. Oscar crashed half an hour ago.” Dean mentioned, stretching his arms out.

At the end of school, Eliza had mentioned that she wanted to visit her birthplace, to show Albus around. Dean had mentioned it to Neville, and they had made a family trip out of it. Luna and Ralph would be coming for a day tomorrow. The twins were somewhere in South America again.

It was the perfect family trip, and Albus had fit in perfectly, Oscar loved him. They had made sand castles and chased butterflies all day. Eliza had also had time to start writing, there was something about the atmosphere that just made everything a little clearer. School was over and Eliza had been at the top of the class, with Rose in a close second. She had more friends, a wonderful family, and Albus.

It was a perfect ending to begin the rest of her life.




Haha, I hope everyone is satisfied : ) I know I am. I feel like the letter at the beginning was a homage to me favourite character. I really enjoyed writing as her for that bit.

I realized halfway through this chapter that it might seem a little weird that I chose Alistair to be the percipient of the letter. I sort of came up with the idea for this epilogue while writing chapter 10. Out of her friends, he was the only one that was persistent to know where she was from. And I think that other than Rose, he was the closest to her in Gryffindor. Does that explain it?

Thank you for reading, I really mean it from the bottom of my silly heart. What an adventure it’s been writing about Eliza Prat, a character though up during a sleepless night.

Don’t forget to review ; )

|Miss Chris|

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Eliza Prat: Epilogue


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