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Infinity by In The Shadows I Dwell
Chapter 1 : Mine
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It was a blistery cold day like many others in London as Fred Weasley stepped from the bustling street into a nearby café. He quickly drew in his umbrella placing it beside the door as he walked into the store, as the rain continued to patter gently against glass windows. It was an unnaturally quiet day for London, there was usually more people rushing to get their coffee fix before the lunch break was over and the final few hours of the work day started. Despite this, he was alone in the store he often came to of a lunch time. There was not even an employee behind the counter. He quickly removed his scarf and placed it upon one of the empty chairs moving towards the counter looking for any sign of life within the building.

He heard footsteps rushing down the staircase which lead to the upper level of the café and Savannah, the young girl who worked there of a Tuesday rushed forward with a book in her hand.

“Sorry!” She apologised, “I got a little carried away sitting upstairs reading.”

“That’s alright, Savannah.” Fred replied with a smile,

“Fred!” She cried clearly recognising him from his voice, “I hardly recognised you with those ridiculous clothes on, are you going to a fancy dress party?”

“Something like that,” He replied with a smile, looking down at his bright green robe ensemble, he had forgotten to change them for the usual suit combination he wore when among the Muggles when he had left the store earlier.

She stepped behind the counter and pulled her apron on once again tying her long red hair out of her eyes, “The usual I presume?” She asked quietly.

“That would be perfect,” He replied.

She quickly set to work preparing his coffee as Fred flicked through one of the books which lined the walls of the building, although he could not make much sense of it. It was a lovely little café and the perfect place to come and escape from the pressures of the wizarding world. The staff were friendly, Savannah in particular. She had only begun working here several months ago but already she had struck up a friendship with him, not to mention she made the best coffee of all the staff. Fred could not help but notice how pretty she was. Although it was an unusual beauty, delicate but strong at the same time, her bright blue eyes always looked as though she was smiling, even when it was not the case and Fred could not help but be intrigued by this girl.

She sat his cup of coffee in front of him, placing her own in front of the seat opposite him; she rushed behind the counter and brought back two plates’ one with several biscuits on it and the other with a large muffin sitting atop the shiny white porcelain. Fred smiled; she never failed to surprise him with the odd treat or two when he came in and she had the time to give him something a little extra. Her parents owned the store and she essentially worked here as a favour to them, she did as she pleased despite coming across as seemingly serious.

She reached over and flicked the book he was reading over to look at the cover, smirking she walked over to the shelf and reached behind several of the books and pulled one forward.

“It helps if you’ve read the first one.” She said handing over the book,

“Who says I haven’t?”

“Your facial expressions and general confusion gave you away. I’m sure it would help if you actually knew who the characters were before you start reading about their final adventures together.”

“You’re the expert now?” He asked,

“I’ve always been the expert, Fred.” She replied with a smile.

“If you are the expert you say you are, what am I thinking?” He asked with a smirk thinking of the store – something beyond even her wild imagination,

“You want to know if I’ll come out for dinner with you this evening, and the answer is yes, Fred, I will go to dinner with you this evening.”

Fred smiled to Savannah, although it was not exactly what he had been thinking it was equally as pleasant. For the past week he had been playing with the idea of inviting her to dinner although often his mind got the better of him and stopped him for fear of embarrassing himself. Now they were alone and it was clear that there was no embarrassment to be had around Savannah, it was as though she could be himself so comfortably around her and need never fear of her judgment. Her smile was infectious and he could not help but notice the way the light in her eyes only seemed to grow when she smiled.

He turned his wrist over to glance at his watch, he was several minutes off being required at the store, he would Apparate the instant he could manage it in order to have just a few moments longer with her.

He reached over and brushed his fingers upon her hand, “I have to go back to work, but I’ll be here at six to collect you and take you to dinner, okay?” He asked gently,

“How splendid, I look forward to it Mr Weasley,” She replied in sophisticated tone, “and don’t worry about paying for all of this, it’s on the house.”

“Why thank you, Miss Martin, your generosity knows no bounds. Also wear something fancy; this will be a night to remember.” He replied grabbing his umbrella as he walked from the door and onto the cold street once again.


“You can’t expect me to believe this rubbish, Fred?”

“Sav, it’s true. I can prove it to you.”

“I don’t want you to prove it, Fred! I want you to tell me it’s all a lie, that magic doesn’t really exist and that you haven’t been lying to me all this time…”

“I can’t, Savannah, because it’s true and I wish that if it made you happy it were not, but it is and it’s who I am, I can’t change that…”

“You tell me some ridiculous story that’s supposed to make everything between us alright again? How old do you think I am, Fred? Five?” Savannah cried grabbing her coat from the hanger beside the door; there were tears in her eyes as she grabbed the door handle before her.

“Savannah, please…”

“Don’t ‘please’ me, Fred. Don’t. For too long I’ve put up with everything, you working strange hours in a store I’ve never been allowed to see, with your brother I’ve never met and now you’re telling me you’re wizard? I don’t know what to believe any more, Fred…”

He walked up to her and took her by the waist gently and drew her towards him to look in her eyes, “Believe me, Savannah… Please believe me…”

“I can’t, Fred!” She screamed knocking his arms away, “I can’t believe what you’re saying!”

“Why?” He cried, “Why can’t you believe me?”

“Because, it means you’ll never love me! I’m nothing like you…” She cried, the tears spilling from her eyes down her pale cheeks.

She reached forward and opened the door, running outside the house and into the darkness outside. She fumbled about in her coat pocket for her car keys with very little luck with only the street lights to guide her. Her tears were blurring her vision, in her frustration she threw her bag aside and sunk to the ground beside the small car. She did not care how pathetic her neighbours would think her to be if they saw her, all she cared about was the fact that her heart was breaking.

She felt an arm wrap around her and the feel of Fred’s body sliding beside her. “I’ll never stop loving you… No matter what…” He whispered.

“I’m nothing special, I’m just a plain, non-magical girl, and you’re an extraordinary, magically gifted boy… How could you love me?” She replied,

“I’ll always love you, Savannah. You’re not plain, you’re an extraordinarily beautiful young woman, and your magic lies not in any physical magical powers, but in the way you’ve captured my heart. You may not be a witch, but you’re the best thing that’s ever been entirely mine…” He whispered drawing her close and pressing his lips gently to hers.


Savannah waited silently in the living room of the house she and Fred shared. She clutched the ring he had given her days ago – his ring, in her hand as tightly as she could. The tighter she held it in her hands, the less anxious she felt. He had left many hours ago to defend his family, friends and what was once his home but now there was no-one defend her. She still found it all awfully confusing, she could not quite get her mind around all the fact that he was not like her at all. But she loved him, no matter what. The tears poured silently down her cheeks as she waited, something felt so dreadfully wrong. Her heart rate had slowed as though it was tied to his. Her breath was catching in her throat as she struggled to breathe with each passing moment, the air becoming more and more thick as she struggled to draw in her next breath of air.

The clock in the corner of the room ticked loudly, and with each second that passed her fear for the life of the man she loved grew.

The doorbell rang loudly through the house, startling her. She leapt from the couch and ran towards the door; the corridor seemed longer than she ever remembered, miles longer in fact. She unlocked the door quickly and wrenched the door open, her heart leaping when she saw the man standing before her. She recognised his face, his hair and his strange robes but this was not the man she loved.

“George?” She asked softly noticing his missing ear, “Where’s Fred?”

She quickly reached over and flicked the porch light on, George’s eyes were red, his cheeks puffy. Something was missing in his eyes, it was as though the laughter that had consumed much of he and his brother’s life had been drained, leaving nothing more than an empty void.

Something had gone terribly wrong.

“G…George… Where’s Fred?” She repeated her voice cracking as she spoke.

The man before her burst into tears at the second mention of his brother’s name and fell to his knees a crumpled mess upon the ground. She staggered backwards, the world slowed around as though time too had stopped for this moment, the very moment she could feel her very heart tearing in two. She too fell to her knees in the doorway of their home, the tears streaming down her face. She managed to crawl forward reaching for George and wrapping her arms around him she allowed her grief to claim all control her body. She felt his arms wrap around her gently but there was nothing that could be done to comfort either of them, they had lost something too great.

The death of Fred Weasley had taken something from the both of them; neither would ever be the same again. What was gone was irreplaceable and unnameable. He was Fred; no-one could ever fill his place. He was Fred and no-one else, and that accurately summed up everything he was and everything he would ever be. Although each liked to think that he was theirs, he was no-one’s alone. He was many things, he was a twin, a son, a brother, a businessman, a first love and now he was gone, the painful infinite realisation of death their only comfort in these dark moments.

Author’s Note: This piece was written based upon Taylor Swift’s – Mine, from her Speak Now album. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Infinity: Mine


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