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Poison Ivy by KateRhodes
Chapter 6 : The Black Panther
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The afternoon class was Defense Against the Dark Arts. I loved that class. The only thing I found rather annoying was the fact that The Marauders were in it as well. I had almost all my classes with Sirius arrogant bastard Black and his friends. We walked in the room and I was surprised to see Walter Reed standing with Professor Dung. He was one of my father’s good friends, a well known Auror.

-“Who’s that?”- Lily asked.

-“He’s Walter Reed, an Auror from the Ministry”- I replied softly. She looked at me.

-“How do you know?”- Rhea inquired as we sat. The room was arranged so that there were no desks, only chairs in a semi circle.

-“He’s friends with my father”- I informed them. They nodded in understanding.

-“Everyone, please take a sit!”- Professor Dung said. I sat between Lily and Rhea.

-“What do you think he’s doing here?”- Rhea whispered in my ear. I shrugged my shoulders to let her know I had no idea.

-“Mister Reed is here today because the Ministry wants to check on how the school is doing, so his presence should not alter our class in any way”- Professor Dung explained. I heard some whisperings, but didn’t really pay attention. I knew Walter, he’d come with us on one or two occasions for a short holiday and was always coming in and out of my dad’s office for business. He was single, his fiancé had died from a bite of the Black Tarantula a really rare and aggressive plant. The girl was researching the properties of its poison and got too close. The bite was fatal.

Anyway, I was not listening to the Professor because I knew that Walter had not come to check how we were doing. There was a reason. A good reason, that is, not this Ministry check bullshit. One of the things that I had learnt by spending time around my father when he worked was that Aurors did not travel in vain, wasted time or took orders from anyone other than their direct manager.

-“Pair up!”- I had to pay attention to that because everyone stood up and moved around the room. Shit, I missed what it was we were practicing today.

-“Miss Ivy, please, come over here”- Walter said. I looked at him and raised an eyebrow but did as told.

-“What are you doing here Walter?”- I said loudly enough for only him to hear.

-“That, my dear Naomi, is for me to know and you to wonder”- he replied. I smirked.

-“Sure. Whatever, what are we doing?”- I asked.

-“Not paying attention, were you?”- he replied, half smiling. I chuckled.

-“I was too busy wondering”- I said nonchalantly. He laughed loudly, causing a couple students to look our way.

-“Your father sends his regards”- he said.

-“I will write this week”- I replied flatly. He nodded and then looked over the top of my head to the class.

-“Who is the best dueller in the class, Naomi?”- he asked. I looked oddly at him. What?

-“What? I don’t know, shouldn’t you ask Dung?”- I inquired. He was still scanning the room.

-“I want to know who you think is the best, that’s all”- he said. Of course there was a reason I did not answer the first time he asked. The best dueller was, of course, my dear Sirius Black. He and Potter were simply amazing. It was kind of hard to decide who was better, but there was something about Black that had made me think of him first. I think it was some leftover darkness, inherited from his family. He was more aggressive.

-“Sirius Black or James Potter, I can’t choose”- I replied. I was highly curious now as to what Walter’s real purpose was, especially since I did not fail to notice that his eyes flickered with anticipation when I said the names. Of course, he knew what my answer was going to be.

-“Black, Potter, come here, please”- he said. They looked confused at first, but approached us. Professor Dung was explaining the pairs what to do so almost everyone was busy trying to get whichever spell it was right. I still had no idea what today’s class was about.

-“It wasn’t us!”- Black said as soon as they arrived. Walter chuckled.

-“Of course”- he replied, smiling.

-“What are we doing here?”- Potter asked, curious.

-“I’m taking a DADA advanced class and I am choosing my students”- he informed us. I looked at him profusely surprised.

-“You’ve got to be kiddin’ me”- I complained.

-“No, I’m not”- he said, calmly. I groaned slightly. I did not want to be in a reduced DADA group with Black and Potter. My idea of torture was way too close to what the previous sentence involved.

-“Potter, tell me two people you think should join the three of you in my class”- Walter said. Potter glanced at him, clearly confused.

-“I… I don’t know… Remus, yeah, Remus should definitely come… and…”- his eyes travelled to where Rhea and Lily were practicing for a split second before he faced Walter again –“And Peter, Peter as well”

-“What?”- I blurted. Peter was good, yes, but Lily was better than him! Besides, since when did Potter miss a chance to have Lily close to him?

-“Remus and Peter”- he replied. Walter nodded.

-“Very well”- he raised his voice –“Remus and Peter?”

-“Yes, sir?”- Lupin replied. Walter motioned for both boys to join our little rendezvous. They came quickly, happy to be reunited with Black and Potter. I swear to God, those four shower together. I’m sure.

-“Black, you too, choose two people”- Walter asked him.

-“Rhea”- he replied without thinking. Then he shook his head furiously –“No, not Rhea. Ehmm…”

-“Why not? She’s bloody amazing”- I snarled. He looked at me.

-“Yes, she is. But I do not want her involved in this”- he replied way too softly.

-“What? What are you…”- it hit me right there and then. The real reason Walter was here. The reason Potter had not mentioned Lily, same reason Black was not choosing Rhea. Walter was here to recruit us. He was going to ask us to join the Order upon graduation. The boys did not want to put the ones they loved in danger. How these boys knew about the Order, I had no idea but I was sure they did.


It felt weird. For the first time in my entire life I felt a lump in my throat, a feeling I was not used to. I was confused and scared at first, but then I found myself wishing someone cared for me the way Black did for Rhea or Potter did for Lily. I wished there was someone other than my father who would not want to put me in danger no matter what. I felt lonely. I cursed loudly in my head. Hogwarts was making me weak. This did not happen to me. I was Ice Queen for Merlin’s sake. I hardened my soul even more, filling the hole where my heart would have been if I had one with coldness and indifference. I did not want to feel sad. I did not want to feel lonely. I did not want to feel at all.


-“Ivy, you okay?”- Lupin asked me. I snapped back to reality to see the faces of all five men staring at me oddly.

-“Fan fucking tastic”- I sneered. He looked a little taken aback, but it wasn’t the first time I was rude to people so I guess it didn’t surprise him much.

-“Yeah, I guess”- he shrugged slightly.

-“You cannot keep them out of this”- I said, looking straight into Walter’s black eyes. His face lit up with surprise.

-“What’s the matter?”- he asked. Oh, he had not understood. Right.

-“Lily Evans and Rhea Sun are amazing witches, very capable and fast learners. They should be in your class, however; Black and Potter won’t pick them because they care for them. They want to keep them out of this”- I explained.

-“I can’t risk Rhea’s life”- Black said, angrily. Walter looked at them.

-“Is this true?”- he asked.

-“Of course it is!”- I snapped, offended. They nodded.

-“Well, boys I think it’s not up to you to decide if they want to be a part of this or not”- Walter reasoned. Potter shot daggers at me.

-“Exactly. They deserve to be given the choice. Come on, Lily’s skills put you two to shame”- I said. That wasn’t completely true, not when it came to dueling but still, she was damn good and so was Rhea. And I was so not up for extra classes with this lot alone.

-“Let’s ask them, then”- Walter added.

-“If anything ever happens to Rhea I will make sure you pay for it”- Sirius snarled at me.

-“Sun, Evans, come over here, please”- Walter said. Black and Potter glared at me, but I did not care. They didn’t understand. Keeping them out of it was more dangerous than letting them fight. I would have explained that to them but I realized that I did not care what they thought.

-“What’s the matter?”- Rhea asked when she was close enough.

-“You’re being promoted”- I said. If looks could kill, Potter and Black would have had me dead that moment.


It was Friday, thank goodness. I pushed the door to my room open and dropped my bag by my bed. I was exhausted. We had had a particularly intense Potions lesson to finish the day. I took a pack of cigarettes and opened the window, sitting on the edge. It was forbidden, of course, but I did not give a shit.

-“That’s bad for your health”- Rhea said, coming in the room.

-“I don’t care”- I replied without looking at her. She sighed.

-“What are you up to tonight?”- she asked, sitting on her bed.

-“Not much. I think I’m gonna go for a walk”- I replied, absentmindedly. I wanted an evening for myself and myself only. I needed them every now and then, especially when I felt my shell was becoming weaker and I had to rebuild it.  

-“Are you okay?”- she questioned. I looked over my shoulder at her, raising an eyebrow. She needed no answer –“Right. You’re plotting or scheming or something… how stupid of me to think you actually felt bad”

-“How stupid of you to think I felt, period”- I retorted.  

-“Why are you like that? I’m sure you can be warm and nice if you want to”- she said.

-“And I’m sure you can jump off the Astronomy Tower if you want to”- I replied, flatly. She chuckled.

-“You amaze me. In two weeks I have not seen you be sad, upset, happy, worried or anything similar to a true emotion. Sure you worry about your minions doing the right thing and you are happy when you get back at Narcissa… but those are not real emotions”- she explained. Why was I talking about this?

-“Listen, Rhea, that’s how I am. I don’t do feelings, all right? And I’ve been behaving myself here ‘cause I’m new but there’s an evil bitch in me dying to get out… so don’t annoy me”- I warned her.

-“I know. You don’t notice but sometimes you’re too mean to people when you talk to them. The other day you told that girl, Lizz, that until she got herself a brain she could not be anywhere near you. You hurt her feelings and I am not okay with that”- Rhea said. I looked at her and sighed. Honestly, asking a girl to go get a brain was ridiculously mild, yet Rhea was trying to lecture me on not hurting other people.

-“I can’t be nice all the time to everyone. Be happy I am nice to you and Lily, that’s the most you’re gonna get”- I took another fag from my cigarette. How I loved smoking.

-“Are you not scared the minions will run away? I would leave you immediately if you treated me like you do them. Actually, I would probably not put up with you at all if it wasn’t for my sister”- she said. I knew it had taken her a lot of effort to say that to me, she probably thought I was going to be hurt or worried. I laughed coldly.

-“For heaven’s sake, Rhea. That’s why they are minions! The crueler you are, the more they crave for your attention. There are no such things as nice Queen Bees. Queens are queens because they are sexy, naughty and bitchy to the right extent”- I explained. She was about to complain when Lily shut the door behind her that very moment and smiled.

-“And how much of those are you?”- she inquired, laughing.

-“I am the sexiest thing you’ve ever come across. And naughty beyond your imagination”- I replied.

-“Sure you are the sexiest, you gotta teach me how you do that”- Rhea murmured, forgetting our little face to face.

-“What about bitchy?”- Lily asked.

-“Let me just say you two are the luckiest chicks alive because you have become my first mates on board… and I kinda think your okay”- I said, tossing the cigarette away and stepping back in the room.

-“She said she’s only nice to us”- Rhea explained. Lily understood.

-“I… I have a friend in Beauxbatons. I wrote to her last week and she just replied this morning. Hell, Naomi, if what she told me is true Lucinda Hollis was a little kitten next to you. Glace, right?”- I was surprised she had a friend in Beauxbatons, as far as I knew she did not have much contact with the magic world outside Hogwarts. Anyway, I smirked at the mention of my old nickname.  

-“I told you I could do this. It’s what I do best”- I took my cloak and walked towards the door.

-“Wait, you’re leaving?”- the red head asked. Rhea nodded.

-“Yes, I’m going for a walk”- I said, shutting the door behind me.


Hogwarts grounds were peaceful. I figured that most the people would be with friends, chilling or probably playing chess or reading, or whatever it was that normal people did on a Friday evening on the Scottish Hills. I was annoyed. When I was in Beauxbatons, Fridays we could go out. I missed Paris, the smell of a busy city, the noise of muggle cars taking people back home after work and the sight of tourists staring at monuments in awe. I walked across the quidditch pitch and in the opposite direction of the house of the grounds keeper. His name was Hagrid and he was the biggest man I had seen in my life. The Forbidden Forest stood in front of me, threatening and silent. The branches of the trees pointed at me, standing out of the asymmetric line its border was. I took a deep breath, enjoying the smell of fresh grass and humid wood. It was relaxing. Boring, but relaxing. Lily had explained that it was dangerous to enter the forest because it was home of many creatures. Centaurs, unicorns and all sort of magical animals lived hidden in the heavy flora. I looked around once more to ensure no one was looking, my secrets were mine and mine alone. I was not the one to share them with anyone. Not even my father.


With another deep breath I focused on my body. The transformation process was not difficult but it only worked if I was fully aware of every inch of myself. Slowly, I began changing. My legs stretched backwards while my back arched and my fingers shortened. My nails grew and my long dark hair disappeared. I felt my ears standing out, pointy. My nose developed and my eyes adjusted to the darkness, allowing me to see much better than before. I felt my muscles, my strength, and my speed. I had chosen a black panther because I found them extremely beautiful, dangerous and sly. Once in my animagus form, I jumped in the forest and ran.




The door shut behind Naomi and I looked at Lily. We had been friends ever since First year but as James began to annoy her she grew a little distant to me. I couldn’t blame her, I hung out with the Marauders a lot and they were hard to handle. For everyone else, at least. Lily was brushing her hair absentmindedly so I took my potions book and tried to study a bit. After ten minutes, I shut it. It was boring. My thoughts wandered back to Naomi. God, it was difficult not to think about her. I realized that was the reason she was so amazing, so… suitable for a Queen Bee. There was an air of mystery around her that captivated you. I had been watching the people and the younger girls were already trying to copy her, to be like her. And she wasn’t even done with Narcissa yet. She was more than beautiful, she was elegant, she had style. She was intelligent, bright. You could almost see sparks flickering in her eyes as her thoughts came one after the other with the speed of light. But she was also cold and distant. I wondered why and how she’d ended up in Gryffindor. Sure she was brave, nothing could scare her off… but I knew she was not loyal. Or maybe she was, we would never find out because she had no one to be loyal to. Now that I thought about it, she was brave. It took a hell of a lot of courage to be like she was. Loneliness was not for the cowards and I had never met anyone as lonely as Naomi. And I mean really lonely, not the type to hide from people but the one to be always surrounded yet never really accompanied. So she was brave, that fit into Grryffindor. Back to the loyalty bit though, I figured she could be. She was loyal to herself, more than anyone else I knew. Besides that, you needed to have feelings for someone in order to be loyal to them so… yeah. I guess she would have fitted in Slytherin if she did not hate that wealth and blood status crap that much. Whatever, she was here and the hat was never wrong. Whatever its reasons.

I did not know if I liked her or not. She made it so hard to be warm with her. It felt as if she didn’t want it, or worse, as if she didn’t need it. I had noticed that something had changed since yesterday afternoon. Her eyes were harder, as if something had clicked inside her head making her grow even colder. I was confused and intrigued by her; I wanted to know why she was so… different.


Thinking about Naomi meant thinking about Sirius, too. The way they kept trying to annoy the other was hilarious. Everyone could see they didn’t mean to really hurt the other, they just loved their fights so much they couldn’t help it. I had never seen someone amuse Sirius so much besides Remus, Peter and, of course, James. I had to admit that I was slightly jealous. I was the only girl Sirius ever paid attention to. I was their little sister and they trusted me, I planned some of their pranks with them and I was always well informed of their whereabouts. But I had never seen Sirius talk to me like he did to Naomi. Okay, yes, so he looked like he was about to murder her but I knew better. Suddenly, I wanted to be with him, to remind him that I was always going to be by his side no matter what.

-“Lily, I’m going to find the boys, do you want to come?”- I asked her. I knew she wouldn’t want to join, but I always asked anyway.

-“Ehm… what are you going to do?”- she said, looking shyly at the floor. I was surprised.

-“I don’t know, just chill I guess”- I replied. She looked thoughtful for a second.

-“Yes, I’ll come”- she said. Then she stood up. I stared at her blankly. Had Lily finally decided to give them a chance? Wow.

-“Okay”-I muttered, still too shocked to say anything coherent. We both walked down towards the Common Room. It was packed. I scanned the room and found The Marauders sitting close to fire. Remus and James were playing chess. Peter watched the game; Sirius seemed to be lost in thought. I took Lily’s hand and approached them.

-“Hey Rhea, how’s it going? Do you have plans tonight? We’re planning on…”- James trailed of as he looked up. Then he saw Lily. I love James’ face when he sees Lily. He brightens up so much he looks like a little kid the morning before Christmas. How cute.

-“I’m good. Lily and I were bored, so we thought we’d come join you guys”- I explained, leaving out the plans for the evening. I was sure they were not what Lily would find “appropriate behavior”. Remus and Peter looked at us, well, at Lily.

-“Of course, sure, ehm… do you want to play?”- James asked her. She was fidgeting, clearly nervous. I threw myself on Sirius, bringing him back to reality. Lily, after a moment of hesitation, smiled shyly and sat with Remus and James.

-“I’ll watch you play until you’re done. Then, maybe, I’ll play”- she told them. They nodded and resumed playing. I could feel James’ nervousness and, what’s more important, Lily’s. Thank Merlin my prayers have been listened and this girl is finally giving in. I turned my attention to Sirius right in time to stop him from going to La la land again.

-“What’s wrong with you?”- I asked him quietly enough for only him to hear.

-“Nothing, why?”- he replied. I raised an eyebrow. He seemed deeply disturbed by my gesture. What’s wrong with this boy?

-“Right”- I said –“You can’t fool me Sirius Orion Black, so spit it out”

-“I’m okay, I swear. Just tired”- he said elusively.

-“Sirius, come on, it’s me! I know you and I can tell there’s something lurking your mind”- I was not going to give up. I knew Sirius liked to keep things to himself but I had only seen him so distracted once or twice in all our years together. The first time was when he was planning on running away. The second time was when he found out Regulus had decided to join the Death Eaters.

-“I can’t tell you Rhea, I’m sorry”- he said. I looked at him, worry beginning to grow in my stomach.

-“Is everything okay? Are you in trouble? Is it Reg?”- I asked him in a whisper. He shook his head.

-“I’m not in trouble and Reg is fine, as far as I know. It’s something else, but don’t ask because I can’t tell you”- he said. I knew he was not lying so I just shut up. I knew he’d come to me when he felt ready. We stayed there for a while just enjoying each other’s company in silence. I could not help but wonder what it was Sirius kept thinking about. If it wasn’t Regulus and he was not in trouble himself… it obviously wasn’t James or Remus or Peter because the three of them were all right… what could it be?

-“YES!”- I looked up and saw James smiling widely. He had beaten Remus and now he was going to play against Lily. I glanced at Remus and saw the corner of his lips threatening to twitch upwards. He had let him win. Remus is too nice, I swear. He’s like the kindest person I’ve ever met. I am pretty sure he feels he has to be. Because, you know, to make it up for… his… condition.

-“Okay, so… I play against you now?”- Lily asked. James nodded happily and they began the game.

-“I am tired, so if you don’t mind I’m gonna go read in the room”- Remus said. We waved goodbye and he disappeared up the stairs.

-“Rhea?”- Sirius asked.


-“Where are your other friends?”- he questioned quietly.

-“Meg is with Dom somewhere, Lorena, Silvia and Odette are doing their nails and Jo… I have no idea where Jo is, to be honest. But I bet she’s stalking someone to bring information to Naomi later on… oh… oh… Sirius”- I understood immediately. As soon as I said her name, I realized it was Naomi Sirius was thinking about. I remembered he had apologized to her and… it couldn’t be, right? I mean, I love Sirius and he’s the best friend you could ever ask for… but he’s a womanizer. Literally, he has a new girl every weekend and half the time he forgets their names. Like I said before, I am the only girl he’s ever paid attention to – but that’s only because he doesn’t see me that way.

-“What?”- this time his voice was a little higher. Is he nervous?

-“Sirius Black, I am no fool. Why do you want to know where Naomi is?”- I inquired. He looked scared. Oh my God. He is actually nervous. Just like when we broke that window at Mr Potter’s and he caught us.

-“No… I don’t… just… Rhea”- he pleaded. Wow. Okay, there’s something really weird going on here and I have no idea what it is but if there’s something that melts my heart is Sirius’ grey eyes.

-“She’s out. She said she was going for a walk on the grounds”- I informed him. He looked confused.

-“Alone?”- he asked.

-“Yeah, as far as I know she hasn’t been on a date with Josh yet or has anything planned any time soon”- I said nonchalantly.

-“Oh, yeah, I… well…”- he looked at the chimney and I felt terribly sorry for him. Why? Don’t ask, I have no idea. I guess I feel overprotective of him, same as he is overprotective of me.

-“Sirius, do you fancy Naomi?”- I blurted before I could stop myself. He looked at my shaking his head violently.

-“NO!”- his reply was way too loud. Half the people in the common room looked our way so I just laughed loudly, pretending to be joking with him. Rhea and Sirius making noise was something everyone was used to, so they were back to their own business in no time.

-“Keep it quiet, love”- I said, trying to lighten the mood. He smiled.

-“I do not fancy Ivy”- he said. He wasn’t lying this time either. Oh, I do not understand anything then.

-“Why would you want to know where she is and if she is alone then?”- I asked, letting him see that I was utterly confused.

-“I… there’s… I can’t tell you. Not before I tell her anyway, okay?”- he looked at me in the eye and, of course, I gave in.

-“Just don’t get yourself in trouble Sirius, I like Naomi, she’s a cool friend… but she’s as cold as ice. You do not want to get involved with her, trust me”- I warned him. He didn’t reply.




I got back to Gryffindor Tower close to midnight. The fat lady in the portrait complained when I said the password, but she let me in. I had been lucky, no patrols had found me coming back passed curfew. I stepped in the common room silently.

-“Sneaking in passed curfew, Ivy?”- I froze in panic for a second but all my body relaxed immediately. I knew that voice.

-“What are you doing here, Black?”- I asked. He chuckled.

-“You are not easy to scare, are you?”- he smirked. I walked towards him. He was sitting on an armchair. He looked like he had gotten up five minutes ago. Irritatingly enough, he looked gorgeous with his hair all messy.

-“Don’t tell me you were waiting for me to say ‘buh’ because that’s too lame even for you”- I retorted.

-“I couldn’t sleep”- he replied nonchalantly. I stared at him –“Come here, sit”- I raised an eyebrow so high I thought it’d get lost in my hair.

-“I would say I’m sorry you can’t sleep, but I really am not and since it’s not my problem I don’t feel obliged to keep you company, so bye”- I said turning away and walking towards the girls dorms.

-“Ivy, I just want to talk. I won’t bite, promise”- I heard him groan from behind. It sounded more like a plea, poorly disguised in something between a yawn and a growl. The noises Sirius Black could get out of his mouth were worth a scientific study, I was sure it took years of practice to master them.

-“Why?”- I asked, turning slowly. To be honest, I wasn’t tired at all. I could stay if I wanted to. The problem was that, for some odd reason I could not understand, I really wanted to stay and talk to him. So I wasn’t going to.

-“You are the most interesting thing that’s happened to Hogwarts since The Marauders came here, I am tired of old faces so I want to get to know the new one”- he explained, half smirking. Was he trying to be flirtatious with me?

-“Then I’d become another old face, and we don’t want that, do we?”- I said sardonically. He chuckled.

-“What are you so afraid of?”- he asked. I looked straight into his eyes. He had just asked the only question I could not answer. I had been thinking about it since Rhea had said he had never apologized to anyone but me. It bothered me because I was curious and curiosity was usually a dangerous thing. It could lead to catastrophe.

-“I am not afraid of anything”- I replied coldly. It was partially true. The only thing I was scared of was losing my father. I used to be afraid of going to bed because I’d have nightmares of the night my mother had been slaughtered, but I drank dreamless potion now – I had an addiction to it to be honest.

-“I don’t believe you”- he said. There was something playing in his eyes that disturbed me deeply. He looked at me as if he knew more about me than I thought and that, too, was dangerous. Had this guy been stalking me or something? He didn’t look like the stalking type, but you never knew.

-“Okay, let’s say I sit and talk. What would you want to talk about?”- I questioned carefully. He smiled.

-“I’d let you choose”- he replied. I thought about it. If I left, he would know I was afraid of something. If I stayed, I would have given in to this weird desire to talk to him. It was better giving in to my own temptation than letting him know I was scared, so I slowly sat in front of him.

-“You live with Rhea”- I said. It wasn’t a question, and he knew it.

-“Yes, I ran away from home”- he informed me. I did not try to hide my smile. If there was something I approved of was getting as far as possible from families with psychotic tendencies and the Blacks were one of the worst.

-“That’s good”- I replied approvingly. He smirked.

-“You do have a problem with pure blood families, don’t you?”- he asked. The curiosity in his eyes was disturbing.

-“I am pure blood myself. I do not have a problem with them as long as they don’t have a problem with anyone else”- I said, bored.

-“Why are such a defender of the muggle borns and half bloods?”- he inquired. I had never talked to anyone so desperately interested on what I had to say; anyone with a brain, that is. The minions lived for my words, but they didn’t count.

-“I do not like injustice”- I replied coldly. The truth was that I blamed all Death Eaters for my mother’s death. She had died because she was about to approve a new law that allowed muggles married to witches or wizards to read our books and study History of Magic. My mom thought it was a good way of bringing both communities together and it would also make mixed marriages easier if muggles could understand our world better.

-“It’s personal”- he said. I looked at him. I glared at him, truth be told. Now I was panicking. How had he seen beyond my barriers? I was a hundred percent sure that it was almost impossible to read anything from my face expect for what I wanted you to read.

-“No, it’s not”- I spat. I wanted to leave right away, but it would have proven him right so I had to stay.

-“Have you ever thought about shaving your hair off?”- he asked. At first I thought I had heard him wrong. I expected him to push the subject of my vendetta against pure bloods further, so I was not prepared for such a twist. When I understood the full meaning of his words I couldn’t help it. I burst out laughing.

-“Are… are you… are you kidding me?”- I asked, still caught up in a fit of laughter.

-“You’re gonna wake up the entire tower”- he joked, smiling. I managed to regain control and looked at him.

-“What was that for?”- I questioned. This boy was weird, but he sure was fun.

-“I do not want to scare you away. I understand you don’t want to talk about personal stuff, I don’t want to either. My things are mine, your things are yours. I shouldn’t have asked that, so I had to fix it”- he informed me. I liked that. Not that I would ever tell him, of course.

-“Smart boy”- I conceded.

-“So we can like… talk, civilized conversations I mean, as long as we don’t try to unravel any secrets, right?”- he asked carefully. I raised an eyebrow and tapped my bottom lip with a finger while thinking.

-“Only if I were to run into you by accident and when no one else is around, or vice versa”- I said, half smiling.  

-“Cool, works for me”- he said. I nodded.

-“I’m going to bed now”- I said, standing up. He waved.

-“Night sweetie”- he said. I kept walking till I got to the stairs and then glanced over my shoulder.

-“It’s Naomi for you”- I spat as coldly as I possibly could. His eyes narrowed slightly before he smiled. I walked up the stairs and got in my room.


Saturday morning. I opened my eyes and yawned slightly. The sun was up and shinning. I realized it was probably one of the last times I was going to see the sun in a couple months. It upset me immediately, putting me in a terrible mood. I looked around me and saw Meg talking to Jo quietly. Lily and Rhea were not in the room.

-“Meg, Jo, morning”- I said. They looked at me, a little scared.

-“Did we wake you up?”- Meg asked, worried.

-“No”- I replied. They looked relieved.

-“How are you?”- Jo asked, smiling.

-“Sleepy and annoyed”- I buffed. Meg smiled.

-“Do you want me to bring breakfast for you?”- I shook my head.

-“No, it’s fine. Where are Rhea and Lily?”- I asked.

-“Quidditch tryouts this morning. They’re starting in fifteen minutes or so. Rhea’s on the team so she has to go help Potter decide and I think Lily went with her”- Jo explained. Hm. I liked quidditch. Not playing, but watching.

-“Why are you guys not down?”- I got out of bed and levitated my stuff to the bathroom.

-“I do not watch quidditch”- Meg said, blushing.


-“I got hit by a bludger when I was a first year. Put me two weeks in the hospital wing. I have a phobia now”- she replied, blushing even more.

-“Ahm”- I replied and stepped in the shower. I took my time to get ready, but hurried up anyway. I wanted to get down to the pitch. I put on my black leggings and a long top by Miss Sixty, a huge belt and my black Channel boots. I said goodbye to Meg and Jo and went down to the grounds.

-“Are you going to try out for quidditch Ivy?”- I heard someone say behind me. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Mike, the hot Slytherin that had been Narcissa’s date to the party last weekend.

-“Do I look like I am?”- I retorted. He chuckled and speeded up until we was next to me. We walked together only because I couldn’t be bothered to quicken my rhythm.

-“No, high heels and makeup are not Quidditch equipment”- he said. Oh my God, this boy is ridiculous.

-“Thanks for stating the obvious”- I said, coldly.

-“Ehm, you’re welcome?”- oh dear. I bet Barbie’s Ken had more brains in his plastic head than this bloke.

-“Sure”- I said. As we approached the pitch I saw Potter standing with Rhea, Black and two more boys. I guessed they were Gryffindor’s team. Lily was with them, but I knew she did not play.

-“So, if you’re not trying out, what are you doing here?”- Mike asked me. I sighed, annoyed. Too early for interrogation.

-“I like the sun”- I replied.

-“Oh, that’s nice. I like the sun, too. It’s good for… hmm… well, I’ve heard it makes you feel happy”- he informed me.

-“Aha”- Lily spotted me and waved. Thank you –“I gotta go”

-“Sure, bye! Nice to meet you”- he yelled at me as I walked towards my red head friend.

-“Making new friends?”- Potter asked when I arrived. I raised my eyebrow.

-“That bloke’s got the IQ of a rock, I doubt he can be classified a human being, let alone a friend”- I retorted. To my surprise, he and Black started laughing.

-“They will always laugh if you say something mean about a Slytherin”- Rhea said, chuckling. Apparently she found my remark funny, too. Great.

-“I didn’t mean to be funny, I was just stating a truth as big as the castle”- I said. Lily smiled.

-“Still, he’s a Slytherin and you phrased it nicely”- she said, sweetly. Oh dear, why is everyone is such a good mood today?

-“Whatever”- I waved my hand. Lily smiled.

-“So, why did you come down?”- Rhea asked.

-“I like Quidditch”- I said flatly. She looked excited.

-“You do? That’s great! I am chaser for Gryffindor, same as John and Lewis”- she motioned for me to look at the two blokes standing with Black and Potter –“James is our captain and our seeker and Sirius is the best beater you’ll ever meet”

-“If his head explodes it’s your fault”- Potter said. Black stuck his tongue out for him. How mature.

-“We need a new second beater and a keeper”- Rhea informed me excitedly. I nodded. I glanced over a where the other students were standing. All Quidditch teams had divided the pitch into equal spaces, there were tryouts for all four houses today.

-“I didn’t know you liked brooms”- Black said, coming closer. There was a second meaning to that sentence that I did not want to bring to the surface, so I pretended I did not catch it.

-“I don’t like brooms”- I sneered. That was a lie, but he did not have to know that.

-“Too bad, it would be nice to give you a ride sometime on mine”- he winked at me and I glared. Honestly, I spend so much energy in giving Black the evil eye a day that I could eat chocolate muffins and still be skinny, he makes me burn – in the bad sense.

-“You wish”- I replied coldly.

-“Padfoot, come here, we’re about to start!”- Potter shouted. Black smiled and left me with Lily.

-“What’s going on between you two?”- she asked. I looked at her.

-“Nothing”- I said flatly. She smiled.

-“Yeah, right”- I heard sarcasm in her voice and, for some reason, it annoyed me.

-“Sarcasm will give you wrinkles, Lily”- I said. She looked surprised.

-“Oh, excuse me. Am I not allowed to be sarcastic now?”- she questioned, half smirking.

-“Oh, yes you are. But don’t come crying when you look like McGonagall”- I retorted. She laughed. After that we didn’t do much talking. The tryouts were interesting; there were quite a few good players for our team. I could see Potter would have trouble deciding who to pick. I saw Charlie Wells, the girl who had been Lupin’s date to our party, trying out for goal keeper. She was fast and had amazing reflexes.


Lily and I were waiting for Rhea to be freed from her Quidditch duties outside the changing rooms. The tryouts were over, now it was the team’s meeting to discuss what they had seen and then Potter would have one day to make a decision. I was beginning to get annoyed; patience was never one of my strengths. I sighed loudly and crossed my arms.

-“Bad mood I see”- I turned around and saw Josh approaching me. I half smiled at him.

-“What do you want, Ripley?”- I snapped.

-“We’re having a little gathering tonight, you know, some music, a couple butter beers… wanna come?”- he looked at Lily and added –“Your friends are invited, too”

-“Sure, sounds like a plan”- I said without even looking his way. I was just not having a good day.

-“Meet me in the main hall around ten this evening, don’t get caught”- he winked. I smirked.

-“See ya”- I turned around again and I heard him walk away. Lily looked anxious.

-“Are we really going to go?”- she whispered. I looked at her and raised an eyebrow.

-“Why would we not? It’s a Saturday and I don’t want to waste it in my room reading Transfiguration books or whatever it is you guys used to do before I came”- I sneered. Okay, I understood Lily was Head Girl, but she could be a little boring sometimes.

-“Hey, we do have a lot of fun… and we go to all ‘gatherings’ except for Slytherin ones”- she informed me. I moaned.

-“Come on, don’t start with the whole House rivalry thing, that’s for The Marauders, not for me”- I said. She looked thoughtful.

-“You know, Slytherin parties are usually a disaster”- she said.

-“Why? I’m sure Josh knows how to entertain people”- I retorted. She looked at me a little startled by my comment.

-“Oh, well, The Marauders like to pull pranks on them all the time”- she said. Oh, I understood.

-“Then it should be even more fun”- I sentenced. She looked somewhere between curious and afraid, but she could not say no to me, so we were going.

-“Okay, but help me pick my clothes”- she agreed.

-“Sure”- Rhea came out of the changing rooms and we walked back to the castle. I let Lily inform her about our plans for the evening and, to my surprise, she did not oppose them. By the time we got to our room, I was in a slightly better mood. Rhea had told me that, although Black and his lot liked to kill Slytherin gatherings, they were usually quite wild – butter beer was not the only forbidden substance that went around. Besides, I knew Narcissa would be going and none of us could wait to have another cat fight. It was just too much fun.


I was in the library. It was quiet and silent, just how I liked it. I had decided that, since I was having fun that evening, it was only fair that I got some work done on the afternoon. I was half way through a charms essay when I saw Penelope and Letty hiding behind a particularly tall shell. I couldn’t help my own curiosity, so I slithered as silently as I could and stood on the opposite side, trying to listen to what they were saying.

-“I don’t know Letty, I really hate the girls’ guts”- Penelope said.

-“Listen, you don’t like her ‘cause she’s taking all we have away from us, but if we befriend her then everything will come back”- Letty said anxiously. I smirked. This was wonderful news.

-“Narcissa won’t be happy”

-“I don’t care! For goodness sake, Pe! Narcissa’s finished! She has been trying to come up with something to stop that Ivy girl from taking her place and we are still waiting for that great idea to come”

-“That’s true… but she’s a Gryffindor”

-“So what? I researched her, she’s pure blood so it’s not like we’re mingling with scum or anything. Besides, she’s rich as hell”- Ugh, thanks. Really important qualities, pure blood and rich.

-“Yeah, I kind of figured that one out myself. Did you see the Channel boots she wore this morning?”- I had no idea they had been down to the tryouts. Then I remembered Amy was on Slytherin’s quidditch team. They had probably been there with her.

-“The girl’s go style, she knows the rules. Her minions adore her, you’ve seen them and they don’t get into fights. Grace and Narcissa are arguing half the time”- Letty said matter of factly.

-“But her second is that mudblood, Evans”- Penelope sneered. I wanted to punch her right there, right then.

-“I know… but if we do well enough we can become her seconds”- Letty added. I frowned. These girls do think too high of themselves.

-“I don’t know… Besides, she won’t take us. I mean, we’re with Narcissa. We can’t just approach her and expect her to say ‘yeah, sure, join me’”-Penelope sounded hesitant. I figured they both wanted to be with me but didn’t really know how to do it. I thought about it. Taking Penelope and Letty would be Narcissa’s downfall; it would mean that I had won. But I would never make these two seconds, not over Lily and Rhea. And I didn’t like them the slightest bit, truth be told.

-“Let’s do something, like… I don’t know, tell her when Narcissa’s going to try to prank her next or something”- Letty suggested.

-“You mean like, prove that we want to change sides?”- Penelope asked.

-“Yep, if we do something that helps Ivy rise and we do it publicly she’ll know we want to be with her”- Letty explained.

-“Yeah, you’re only forgetting one point here”


-“Ivy does not really need our help. Have you not noticed? It comes to her naturally. She is a leader. She is beautiful, she is smart, she’s elegant, she’s got style and she is charming”- Penelope said. I smirked –“But she is also a great Queen Bee because she can be mean and bitchy yet people don’t care that much. Everyone wants her attention… and it’s getting worse. She’s got a small army at the moment but it’s only been two weeks. I bet you by this time next week half the school will be trying its best to get in her good terms”

-“You’re right. That’s why we have to make sure we arrive first”- Letty said. I had heard enough. I retreated to my sit and resumed working. I knew the game they were playing. Long term scheming. I rolled my eyes at the thought of having Letty and Penelope in my lot. It was going to be a royal pain to have those brats around but oh well, revenge’s best served cold and I had to play dumb so I would have to put up with it.


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