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Bel in the Night by darkkid
Chapter 2 : Obsession
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Chapter Two


Weeks passed since I meet that strange girl with the startling eyes - Annabel - and suddenly I had a new routine. My mornings would start early, where I would shower and dress as quickly as I cold, then I wold leave the dorm before anyone stirred from their beds. I’d walk briskly through the commons and walk straight down to the Entrance Hall where Annabel waited for me. She was always so immersed with the structure of the castle, sometimes the ceiling or a wall or even something as simple asa candle, but she was never surprised when I came up behind her and softly tapped her shoulder. She would look at me with her smoldering eyes, smile, and then lead me to the Great Hall by tugging at the edge of my sleeve. We’d eat, and talk, and then when the rest of the gang came down to eat she’d drag me off and we’d walk around the grounds and talk some more.

Our conversations mostly consisted of her asking questions about me, usually about my family and why I didn’t enjoy their company. She was very interested in my family, and as the days went by and I found myself telling her more and more about them. Normally I’d avoid the topic altogether, but with her… with her I felt like I could speak my mind and not have to worry about being judged.

“What about your family?” I asked one foggy afternoon. “What are they like?”

“Oh,” she said with a sudden smile. “They’re dreadfully boring. You wouldn’t like to hear about them. Tell me, what is it like to live with people so involved in the Dark Arts? Do they practice dark magic at home?”

I shrugged. “I’d like to hear about you, Annabel.” I grabbed her hand, as I so often had done for the past week, and lead her to a snowless patch of yellowed grass underneath a slanted tree. “You’ve heard everything about me.”

She pulled my hand to her lips and softly kissed my fingertips while gazing into my eyes. My heart melted, like it always did, when her eyes met mine. My heart fluttered as she spoke. “I’m awfully boring. Your family, and you, Sirius, are so much more interesting.” Her purple eyes seemed to sharpen as she spoke. “Please tell me more about your life. I want to know everything.”

And suddenly I found myself speaking again, as if my lips had no control over what I was saying. I couldn’t have stopped even if I wanted to.

“I’m sure they do use that kind of magic at home,” I said. “But I’ve never been around to see it.”

“Tell me about your brother. He seems very peculiar.”


“Something is horribly wrong with Padfoot,” James said as he eyed his former best friend, who was being tugged away by the unusual blonde girl. He stabbed viciously at his eggs with his fork and watched as yolk spread across his plate like oozing blood. “He is obsessed with that girl! Who is she anyway? I’ve never seen her in classes or in the halls or anywhere at all until just a couple weeks ago.”

“I agree with you,” Remus said, shaking his head as Sirius faded into the distance. He poured pumpkin juice into his goblet, took a swig and swished it around his mouth before speaking again. “There’s something amiss with her. I just can’t place what it is. How is it that none of us has ever seen her before?”

“You’d think we’d be familiar with such a good looking gal,” Peter chimed in. He brought a spoonful or porridge to his mouth and swallowed it heartily.

“You’re certainly right, Wormtail.” James nodded vigorously. “I mean, I love Lily and all, but I would at least notice if there was another girl that was mildly attractive twirling through the corridors.”

“Mildly attractive?” Remus snorted. “She’s strikingly gorgeous and elegant, Prongs. She’s mesmerizing and astonishingly fascinating. I’d be crushing on her if she wasn’t so absorbed into Padfoot.”

“You’re admitting to liking a girl, Moony?” Peter teased.

“I merely said she’s good looking,” Remus cut in sharply. He dished a few portions of eggs onto his plate, his ears growing red from the accusation. “I never said anything about liking her. I actually dislike her very much. She’s done something awful to Padfoot, I just know it.”

“Like a love potion?” James wondered.

“Possibly,” Remus said. His ears found their natural color again as he became divulged in his thoughts. “It must be a powerful one. It looks as if he’d do anything for her, and the fixation sort of happened overnight. A love potion makes a lot of sense, actually.”

“What can we do to break it?” Peter asked.

“Well, we could make an antidote,” Remus answered. “But I fear we’d have to steal some supplies from Slughorn.” Remus reached into his bag and brought out his Potions book.

“Wait a minute,” James intermitted. “Why are you carrying around your books when class doesn’t even start up again until tomorrow?”

Remus shrugged. “I just wanted to make sure I had my homework finished. Now quiet down so I can find what potion we need.” He flicked through page after page for several minutes, sighing as each page turned up as useless as the last. Finally he closed the book roughly and slid it back into his bag.

“Well?” Peter tapped his fork and spoon together as he waited for an answer.

“It’s not in our Potions book,” Remus exhaled. “But I know it’s in that book I loaned Lily last month. We’ll have to wait until she gets back to get our hands on it.”

“At least she'll be back before the day is up,” James alleged. “Now how about you let me borrow that essay of yours, Moony?”

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