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Riley's Boy by a_star
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5
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I really had no idea how long I'd been sitting out there by the lake until Gabby and Susie appeared out of the darkness and sat down on either side of me bringing the mouthwatering scent of fried chicken with them. It was like I came out of a kind of trance and suddenly realised that I was starving, freezing, and really rather uncomfortable- I had no idea that my bum could hurt that much from just sitting without having fallen down first. Susie cast a warming charm around the three of us and Gabby put a big plate of fried chicken in my hands. This is why I love them; they always know exactly what I need to make me feel better. After I'd eaten way too much of the delicious chicken Gabby started to speak,


“Riley, what happened? I thought you went to tell James about last night but you've been gone for a whole day, you missed dinner and we all know how unlike you that is.” I smiled at her words but it even felt fake so I can only imagine how it looked,


“I did tell him but when I got to him he was already speaking to Evans and she crushed him once again. Afterwards I told him that it was me at the ball and he went crazy and started yelling at me and telling me that everything was ruined and how it was all my fault.” By the time I had told them this much I was in tears and finding it hard to get the rest of my words out, “And then he told me not to talk to him anymore and stormed off.” Gabby wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close to her, it surprised me that it actually did make me feel a little bit better to be held like that.


“It'll be okay Riley, he'll come around. In fact he's probably sitting up in the common room beating himself up over shouting at you, or he's looking for you. Come on, lets go back up to the common room and get warm, that warming charm is starting to wear off and I'm pretty cold.” I smiled again at her attempt to make me feel better but shook my head,


“If he was looking for me this would be one of the first places he would come. He doesn't want anything to do with me now.” We went back up to the common room and the marauders were there in front of the fire, in the good squishy armchairs talking and laughing like nothing had happened, like James hadn't just lost one of his best friends.


I couldn't stand it and went straight past them and up to our dorm, the girls took longer to get up there and I was already in my pjs and curled up in bed by the time they joined me,


“See I told you, he hates me.” Susie, who had been quiet up until this point, spoke up,


“Well can you really blame him?” I saw Gabby shoot her a look, that I'm pretty sure I was meant to miss, it was a look that said 'what the hell do you think you're doing?' I was just shocked that my usually supportive Susie was taking James' side in this rather than being there for me when I needed her,


“We've been friends for six years, he should know by now that I would never do anything to intentionally cause problems for him with Evans.. despite how wrong for him I think she is. I've only ever tried to help him to win her over, who was it who convinced him to stop asking her out in front of everyone and embarrassing her? Oh yeah, that was me.” This time Gabby made no attempt to hide the look she threw at Susie, this one was telling her not to respond but Susie either didn't read it right or didn't care and really wanted to get out what she was thinking.


“Well, he knows what you think of Evans and that you don't think he should be with her so maybe he thinks that you finally decided to do something about it rather than just telling him what you think.” I couldn't believe what she was saying to me, how could she think that James thought that little of me that he would believe I would intentionally do something like this. “I mean if you had just told him before then the thing with Evans wouldn't have happened and he'd probably be off in a corner of the castle with you instead of in the common room with the marauders telling them all about how you betrayed him and shattered his chances with Evans. That's how I see it and that's probably how he sees it too.”


“You think I did this on purpose? You think that I let him go off and get his heart stepped on by Evans again for fun?” Susie shook her head,


“No, of course I don't think you did it for fun and you probably didn't do it on purpose-”


“Probably!?” Susie just carried on ignoring my interruption,


“but I do think that in some part of your subconscious you thought that once Evans had broken his heart you could tell him that you're the one he had that wonderful evening with and he would be so pleased to have found out who it really was, one of his best friends no less, that he would fall for you and forget all about Evans.”


I didn't want to listen to anymore of her theories and told her so before grabbing my wand for the bed side cabinet and leaving the room. The marauders were still downstairs and James and Sirius looked up as I practically ran past them with the same looks of distaste on their faces and Remus started to stand to follow me but Sirius shook his head signalling that it would be a bad move.


When I was through the portrait hole I realised that I didn't have anywhere to go, it was after curfew so it would be risky to go too far so that ruled out just going for a walk because I wasn't in the mood to deal with Filch. After standing outside the Fat Lady for about ten minutes I remembered about a room that James showed me, the Room of Requirement he called it, that would be perfect; I would be able to stay in there for the night and make some sort of plan about what I was going to do next.


It took me a few tries to actually make the room work and the door show up, the room that I got was a replica of my bedroom at home, my favourite room in the world. I went to my bed and started to think. I didn't know what I was going to do, I had lost my best friend and the boy I loved all because I couldn't admit that he had hoped I was someone else at the ball.


By the time I had come up with what I thought was a good plan, well it was more of a vague idea of what would make things better, it was already getting light outside so I crawled under the covers and went to sleep, hoping that the next day would be better than the previous one.



I didn't wake up until lunch time, I decided to go down to lunch before going to find Gabby and Susie because I would need energy before trying to make things right with Susie. I felt bad about storming out the way that I did, she was right about what James was probably thinking and I shouldn't have gotten mad at her for telling me that, even if it wasn't something I wanted to hear.


The girls were up in the common room, something I was very thankful for because I didn't want to have to hunt them down before apologising and asking for their help. They both went very quiet when I walked over to their table, waiting to see what I was going to say before they said anything themselves, which was promising because they weren't the types to keep things in when they wanted to say something, they were giving me the chance to say my piece first. “I just wanted to say that I'm sorry I stormed out yesterday, I over reacted when you were just telling me what you thought..” Susie looked like she was just going to go back to what she was doing but Gabby delivered her a swift elbow to the ribs so Susie smiled at me an motioned for me to sit down.



“So I'm assuming you have a plan to win him over again?” I nodded in agreement,


“I'm going to get Lily to fall in love with him...” Gabby's eyes just about bugged out of her head and Susie's mouth fell open in shock.


A/N: I know this isn't a good chapter but I've been staring at it for so long that a. it feels like my eyes are going to fall out and b. I have no idea how to make it any better.. so I shall apologise profusely and beg of you to give me some tips in a review :) 

Also, the story is availalble on as well and the updates will be a lot quicker as there isn't a queue.. so you could check it out there if you want to see it sooner :P

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Riley's Boy: Chapter 5


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