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Too Little Too Late by StEpH_M
Chapter 2 : Parting Gifts, Goodbyes and Tears
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Again everything you recognise belongs to J K†Rowling, so Hogwarts... Not mine! *cries*
All OC's are my own creation so please respect.

By the amazing Lucie Longhorn @TDA

So killing someone and hanging myself completely failed. Believe me, Iíve tried, but my mum decided it was a good idea to hide all the rope in the house. Seriously, it is so cheating to read peoplesí minds, especially when the person in question has a really bad temper, that tends to make them want to smash things and light things on fire.

Apparently Iím not allowed to go to this lovely boarding school thatís very very far away from my mother. Damn her to hell. See, mum says that going to the boarding school is a waste of time and wouldnít be going towards anything that I will be doing in my oh-so-boring life as an adult. Personally, I think itís her way of saying, ďYouíll be my servant forever, so why bother to go to a school where you can choose to be an auror or healer?Ē... You know what? I think Iíll be a Death Eater; it seems entertaining enough. My first victim: MY MOTHER!

Iím kidding; I am really bad at following orders. Mischief is more my thing, and payback comes after I get caught by a whole range of teachers... Yes, drives mother insane.

Donít you dare start mentioning itís my fault she hates me...

I mean, itís not like I mean to be a troublemaker. Okay, maybe I do, but Iím not the one that gets me caught. Itís my god damn lankies that canít hide for shit. I love them to bits but they get me in so much trouble that I now know how to make the principalís coffee perfectly (pretty depressing I think, but it gets me out of the most trouble if I make him his coffee before our ďlittle chatsĒ).

See my lankies....

Well, theyíre my best friends, pretty much.

Thereís Danny, with his shaggy, golden surfer-boy hair hanging just above his shoulders and his tanned and toned body from the excessive surfing we do together. I had a crush on him at one stage of my childhood. Yeah, they were sad times, donít know what came over meÖ incestuous thoughts towards my non-biological brother... I think I shot myself about 10 times.

Next we have Clarissa, my best friend who also happens to be really shy around everyone but the awesome group of friends she hangs out with.

Yes, I know, Iím completely up myself... You know what? BITE ME.

She has wavy brown hair, and resembles a fairy because sheís so tiny. Her pale skin offsets mine perfectly, making us look almost normal. Emphasis on almost. I love her to death even with her quirky nature and her extremely large appetite.

There is also Madison, my brunette surf buddy. We go out almost everyday to surf. Tall, thin and I must add going out with a lifesaver, lucky girl. She is a freaking psycho when it comes to mechanical stuff. She has fixed my computer so many times that I think I owe her a billion favours; sheís the only person that gets the favour card. The rest of them; itís just too dangerous.

Finally thereís Ben, my other best friend. Iíve known him forever and heís like a brother to me. I had another best friend like that but he moved away.

Ben has brown hair that he constantly straightens for the fun of it, and always wears a hat and skinny leg jeans. He is the most caring guy I know and is over-protective of me, mostly in a good way, because he knows Iíll kick his arse if he tries to push it too far. Heís my freaking protector and I donít know what Iíd do without him.

So that about sums up the friends I have at my school. Theyíre my best mates since prep which only happened because we all decided to gang up on the teacher so that we didnít have to do anymore work in class.

HEY, writing our names was really hard... I mean come on: MATILDA ALEXANDRA DAE... Who makes a 5-year-old write that?

Ever since then, we have all been seriously close. So imagine their reaction when I told them I was going to boarding school in the UK. Letís just put it this way: they were not bloody pleased. Ben was close to smashing the window again, but thatís because he has emotional problems. He really needs to see someone about that.

Then there was shy little Clarissa who cried... Iíll admit I almost cried when she ask who was going to watch out for her at school in our Ďadvancedí classes. I wanted to run over to her and hug her, never letting her go. But I had to stay strong, for everyone and myself. I couldnít break down. I was the strong one in most of their eyes, I wouldnít let that change. They counted on me and I would never let them down. They are the most important people in my life.

As a farewell gift to my life in Australiaówell at least till Christmasówe decided to give my school as surprise: one to remember me by and that would keep me in their minds and in the schoolís gossip for years to come.

Iíve always wanted to be famous.

So this big planÖI mean itís only a little muck-up, nothing too big: Just the principalís car on the famous entrance fountain so everyone can see my work, and my personalized flag so everyone knows it was me who did it. Ok, so it is big, but I want to be remembered!
You may wonder how people will know it is my flag, and in turn know that I was the one who pulled the elaborate prankÖ Well, this isnít the first stunt Iíve pulled at this lovely academy; on the contrary, it is like the millionth stunt. As Benís mum says, ďYou know you have been in the principalís office too many times when you know how to make his coffee for himĒ. Yes, Benís mum is my example; my mother just yells at me and throws breakable glass and sharp objects at me. Well, I always remind her that I also know his favourite cake and sweets, so obviously Iím well acquainted with the principle.

From now on Benís mum is going to be referred to as mum and my mother... Bitch no. 1
YES, I hate her that much.

So yeah, the 27th of August, my last day at school in Australia. We prepared the little (massive) stunt last night around 2 in the morningÖbecause there was no way we could explain to the staff why there was a crane at the entrance to our school. The only problem we had was locating the principalís car. This, after breaking into the hall of records, wasnít that hard to do.

We found his garage, which, weirdly enough, is on school property. Does he ever leave? We proceeded to steal his car and bring it to the front entrance where our evil stunt commenced. It took two hours to get the car perfectly aligned in the place we wanted it and another hour for Maddy to Ďfixí the car so that water trickled out the lights and the bonnet of the car. By 5 we had finished and bailed to Benís place so we could get ready for school.

ďMatilda, weíre gonna miss you so much,Ē Clary said as soon as we got through the door of my house. I canít believe it, sheís crying again! Damn, this girl is going to crumple my composure.

ďYeah, is there any way you could maybe move the school here? You know, so I can actually see you, oh I donít know, ever?Ē asked Ben.

ďOf course Ben, Iíll just go to Hogwarts and ask if they could please move the school closer to the deranged bitch no. 1 so that you can see me more... Hmm, yeah, you know what? Donít think so. Why donít you move with me?Ē I stated as I turned towards the stairs and my room as tear began to leak from my eyes. Damn it, stupid people being sad about this British thing. I canít handle thisóthe last person who I cried about left me without a word. I will not cry again. NOT EVER!

ďIím going up stairs to get changed.Ē I said as my voice began to break. Everyone else was talking, crying or in Maddyís case searching Benís fridge for food, so, in other words, no one notice my fading toughness, or so I thought.

I went up to my room at Benís house and closed the door, then walked over to my wardrobe and pulled out my uniform and chucked it on my bed. The last time I would ever wear it, with its shades of blue and grey. Tears trickled down my face at the thought. Am I really leaving my life here behind to go to a school with the person who left me 3 years ago? What was I doing?

I didnít hear the door open or close, or the person walking across my room, till they had embraced me in a hug from behind.

ďShhh, it will be ok Mattie, you'll be fine and Iíll always be right here for you. You just have to say my name into that mirror I got you for your birthday.Ē A heavily masculine voice said softly in my ear. A voice that always comforted me; it belonged to a person who truly would come in the blink of an eye if I asked. I knew I relied on him too much but I just couldnít help it, I needed him. He helped to piece me back together when I lost my other best friend.

ďBen, Iím scared, not only of going to this school for wizardry, but what if I see him? He just left and never bothered to contact us, I donít know if I could handle going to school with him. Iím meant to be the strong one but I donít know how I can be if heís there.Ē I stuttered while tears now flowed down my face, like a tap that couldnít be turned off, which happened every time I thought of the boy who left 3 years ago without even an explanation, just an affectionate kiss on the forehead. One swift goodbye and we never heard from him again.

ďIt will be ok, I swear if he makes you cry I will be there in a flash to take you in my arms and hug you till youíre able to stand by yourself again, till youíre strong and you can go back to being the bubbly person you used to be,Ē Ben soothed me with his words like he always did.

He was there for me, just like the boy used to be: we used to be inseparable, the three of us. That was until he left around this time to go to the UK. I cried for days on end when he did and the entire time Ben lay with me on my bed hugging me and protecting me. I still cry now and then, and every time Ben is there to protect me. I donít know if I can do this alone.

ďThink of it this way, if all else fails, hide behind your cousins Wood or Avery.Ē Ben muttered, I could feel him smiling into my neck. The other two other men in my life that would take a killing curse to save me. I guess I did have people to protect me, I just hoped that I wonít need them to protect me.

And so for the rest of the night on my last day at St. Bridges academy, Ben hugged me on my bed, breathing down my neck, whispering sweet nothings in my ear, and kissing me on the forehead until I finally fell asleep for the two hours that remained before school. I will miss this part of my life, there is no doubt about that.

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